Monday, December 24, 2007

The gypsy flies from coast to coast; Knowing many, loving one, bearing sorrow, havin’ fun

So this is Christmas, and what have we done?

I've done alot it seems the last couple days. I spent Saturday and Sunday in Montgomery with my lovely girlfriend, who can occasionally, on rare occasions, be a bitch but I love her regardless. And before you guys and girls jump down my throat, you should know those are her exact words and even she suggested I make it the subject line! I thought that a bit much, and besides the bitch part is not true.

I would like to take the time to tell the good people of the Coweta County Roads Department they suck. And fix that car swallowing hole in front of the QT on highway 34, it nearly got me. I'm not completely convinced parts of my transmission are still littering the road to PTC from an encounter with said gaping void.

Now, to more festive things, It's technically Christmas Eve now, and I'm feeling quite festive. I have the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on TV (does anyone know if you have to be Mormon to be in the choir?), and I have a cold glass of Sweetwater Festivus Ale! And my stocking is hung by the chimney with care.

I have already received wondeful gifts from Susan, the best of which was seein her face when she opened hers. That makes me happy that she approved.

So, for now its laundry and productive things before mom's big breakfast on Christmas morn and the dreaded drive to Louisville that afternoon. ANd for the first time in years, I have no shopping that needs to be done on Christmas Eve! I may go to a mall just to watch the flock of men meandering in such foreign territory looking for that perfect, or just adequate, gift for their wives and the chaos that ensues.

And nwo that 2007 is coming to close, its almost that time we reflect on the past year plan for the one ahead. Don't worry, I'm going to do that now. I have a lot of down time in Kentuckiana to do that later. But I think it may be the time to launch my presidential bid for the 2012 campaign. Apparently it's never to early to start such things. And possibly plan for what resolutions I'm going to make, then totally fail to achieve. I have yet to touch foot on Africa or learn to play the guitar. But those are both candidates for 08. If not Africa, jsut some traveling, and I'm damn well getting Susan a passport and dragging her with me. If its only to Canada but she's leaving the country!

So, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and hope for everyone to stay safe while traveling. I've seen an above average number of wrecks on the roads this year and reminds me how much we risk just driving. Everyone please careful.

I also know that the subject line is not the exact words from the song, but I changed one to make it more appropriate to me.

Friday, December 21, 2007

First, the airing of grievances

First, the airing of grievances
Current mood: ninja
It's 4 days to Christmas and I'm almost completely done shopping. One more item to picj up, and then after that.. wrap it up! 'm bck home in beautiful Metropolitan Peachtree City, and once again squeezing a ton of activites into a short period.

This morning I did my great good Christmas deed, Rushing Grace to the airport to make her flight. Everyone seems to be leaving town today. I go tomorrow, always a littl behind as usual. But yes, after her stressful morning, We got Grace sent off.

I also tried to get Jersey sent off, but as of the last report her plane was delayed because the mechanice wasn't signing something. Good times!

Other than that, not much happening, I discovers yesterday my brother and I are giving mom the same gift fo christmas. So she has 2 of them. At least its an item one can have two of and not be too strange. I guess great minds do think alike, or we both arrived at the same conclusion that mom has almost everything so theres a very limited selection of gifts.

I have just finished wrapping most all the gifts, and noticed that all the items currently wrapped up are for females. Susan, Grace, and the nieces. Guys just don't tend to buy things fr otehr guys. Well, not completely true, I did pick up a couple items for the roommates. I think I may have grown up a little. I remember being a child and thinking it was so great tog et all the free toys. Now, ost my enjoyment comes from getting things for the people around me, and hopefully bringing a smile to their faces. So i suppose I've come around to beleiving that it is better to give than receive.

However, I don't want anyone to get the impression I don't enjoy receiving Christmas presents!!!

Other than that, I want everyone to have a safe season on the airways and highways.

And for those people out there who are bent on the political correctness, I want to say Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakuh (though its over), Joyous Kwanzaa, and a Happy Festivus!

Later Kids!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Yes, if my friends jumped off a bridge, I would do it to.

I tend to watch a lot of Seinfield and Friends episodes these days. Which I find amusing since I never watched Seinfield when it was on network TV during the first run episodes, And Friends was sporadic a best due to my job at the time But I do enjoy those episodes. After this past weekend's shopping expedition and following extravaganza at the TanJoe Manor, I kind of felt I was living in some bizarre mix of these two shows, only without having crammed days worth of time into 30 minutes. Not that we didn't try.

A lot of the things that we end up doing either gravitate around chilling around one persons apartment or result from a random phone call, or more often text message, that beings "Hey, whatcha doing?" And from there it can either be a 5 person shopping trip, for what I still don't know, or being made to pretend I'm Santa Claus in the hopes of inspiring good behavior in 1st graders.

So, I wonder if I'm the only one in the world who gets to be part of a odd and eclectic group of people like I have accumulated as friends. We all seem to have some minor neurosis and odd behavioral quirks, and how we don't break down into fights and/or tears more often I don't know. But I do know I have a hell of a lot of fun with them. Even if it's only proving I have masterful knowledge of useless stuff in an obviously biased battle of the sexes trivia game, though I must acknowledge Kats incredible wealth of useless information.

UNfortunately, this period of my life will end, and I'll grow further form this group, as with other groups of miscreants i once associated with, hopefully only to join another group of random people who for some reason just seem to click in that time and place. Luckily we have Myspace and email to keep people apprised of whats happening in our lives long after our group has been spread in the wind to the 4 corners of the earth. And we can occasionally reminisce with each other over the distnce about the random events and adventures that we may have shared... trekking the streets of Allentown PA looking for a liquor store (at the age of 16) and skunk encounters, trips to PI with Jose Cuervo, playing randomly invented card games in steerage, french fry fights in the living room, playing catch in the back of an empty MD-11 while cruising over the North Atlantic, and seriously, who drinks the Gold Rush out of Corona's???

So, if the the writers of those sitcoms we tend to hover around had ever hung out with me, we'd have a hell of a show in production. ANd I could not work chasing down phone numbers for fire fighters in Madras, India or trying to determine the difference between a RAIL and SFL. I plan to keep in touch no matter where we all end up, to the best of my abilities.

On a more mundane note, for the first time in a long while, I flew into some really crappy weather coming home last night. Low clouds and about 3/4 mile visibility. After a 45 minute wait to get the paperwork to say the dent in the wing was OK, we experienced an airborne tour of Southern Indiana for 25 minutes, not that it mattered, we couldn't see through the clouds. Only to burst out of said clouds 300 feet or so about the ground in rain and mist. And the most interesting part, it was one of the smoothest landing I've ever experienced. Of course, that could have been because the pilots didn't touch controls (figuratively speaking, their hands were on them but they weren't manipulating them) but let the plane do the landing all by itself.

If you've never watched a plane fly itself, its kewl... I recommend it. I've also started Christmas shopping, yes I know.. way early. And I got my mom's gift, which is usually the hardest thing to come up with. This year's challenge... Susan.

And just so its clear Susan, I love you more!

Time to find track down some dinner.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Oh the weather outside is frightful..

Oh the weather outside is frightful..
OK, so I think Grace has a valid point, when have I ever kept a new years resolution. And unlike the past airlines I've worked for, brown isn't going to only serve South America for a month or so then give it up. Not a true "fly-by-night" company I'm used to working for. So, looks like PTC for the weekend.

But only because I can drag Grace out christmas shopping with me :-D.

So I normally don't rseort to Christmas tunes for subject lines, but since it is actuall snowing outside right now, I thought it appropriate. And I'm feeling very winterish with my peppermint mocha and snowy weather... and b snowy I really mean some flurry action. Still, thats more snow then I saw all last year.

Other things that are amusing me right now.. theres a guy 3 tables down with an HP laptop and an Apple sticker on it. I think he's confused. And some (catholic?) schoolgirls just walked out, complete with the plaid skirts. The funny part is, they had sweat pans on under them. That sorta defeats the point of the uniform. Maybe it's time for the Catholic church to recognize short pleated skirts on teenage girls is 1) feeding a perversion and 2) ridiculous to expect when its 30 degrees outside.

Thats all I got for today.

Should I stay or should I go now!

I have found myself with a long weekend ahead of me, and I've sort of been kinda down about it, mainly due to not seeing Susan. It'll be 3 weeks separation, and thats the longest we've been apart and it sucks (sorry for my lack of eloquence). I've managed to arrange transportation for the weekend in the metro PTC area, and then I started thinking at work. I had a lot of downtime tonight and my mind was running rampant with random thoughts. And then it came to me...

I had one real resolution for 2007. As the year is running out, I've managed to not complete said resolution. For those of you who don;t remember, go back about 100 blogs and find the January ones. Or I'll just tell you.

There are 7 continents on this planet. Six of them are readily accessible, Antarctica being the odd one that doesn't really have a booming tourist economy or regularly scheduled air service. Of the 6 remaining, I have set foot on 4. My goal was to hit th other two. I have not.

So, the opportunity to at least complete 50% of the gal is lying ahead of me. I could jump out after work and head south, Ecuador or Colombia are real possibilities. The big hold up currently is finances. And that I don't get to hit Buenos Aires like I wanted, and would settle for Guyaquil or Bogota. Bogota has a current advantage as there's a Hard Rock Cafe there, with a pin to add to the collection.

SO my loyal readers, any ideas. Run up some credit card bills on hotels and venture to the equator or head home for Taco Mac and Tanya's Birthday. Such Choices...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

This is real -- this is now, This is a freak show baby anyhow

hings that have happened that make me happy:

I was invited to a birthday gathering at the TanJoe Mansion. I ordered the CD and DVD of the Atlanta DMB concert, and should come in a week or so... with bonus disc! The challenge will be watching it a trying to find our little blanket party that was happening. I had a yummy Peppermint Mocha... always good for Christmas time and cold weather. Susan emphatically relays that she loves me and misses me... while I'm not happy that she is missing me (ie I'm not there with her).. but its nice to be missed and loved (you can vomit now Grace). And I finally found DM ringtones for my phone. I've been thinking about a new ringtone and this is great timing, and half the prices of those ghetto fabulous ones on T-Mobile. Though I wouldn't mind hearing "I'm gonna make it rain (make it rain), they say you the man (you the man)" everytime my phone rings.

And i found some old tunes from the apst i vaguely remember but have had the lyrics stuck in my head for over a decade. From the time when my girlfriend was in kindergarten. Then the horns kicked in, and my shoes started to squeak.

Otherwise, looks like I'm spending this weekend in Kentuckiana. I've been very industrious in looking for places to live come March. The decision looks like tis boiling down to do I want to live outside of town for cheaper or in town for slightly more in a place with slightly more character.

Thats about it. I haven't had many good ranty blogs lately, is this what happens when you get happy? I'm thinking of taking a venture to the dueling piano bar in Lullvull this weekend... hrmmm. WIsh I had some company... anyone?

I've also started reading a book by the people who started the Lonely Planet series of guidebooks. It's interesting to think some one could set off from London to Sydney with only $500 or so (it was 1972). And they were driving! Well, most the way. It brings back memories of my youth when I thought quitting the job, running away, traveling the world living out of a backpack, and leaving it all behind was the life I wanted.

Ok, so I still want that sometimes. Have I grown to old and comfortable and set in my life to try that?? I hope not. Maybe I should refrain from travel books. Or if Susan would get a passport we could do it, and free load in Ryan's company paid hotel rooms around th world. I may be on to something... even though Ryan seems to be going native in AUH... he may try to suicide bomb me. Praise be to Allah, the streets will run red with the blood of the infidels... and all that crap.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

See, you and me have a better time than most can dream, have it better than the best

Words words words...

I hope everyone out there in blogland had a lovely thanxgiving. I did! Though plans didn't work out as initially envisioned, I did get to see the family, and I brought Grace along to share in my misery. She made quite the astute observation that my mother is trying to kill me with food. The sheer abundance of culinary delights was ridiculous. So much so a good amount of it is chilling in my fridge in PTC. Hopefully the roommates are killing it.

And then Susan came! Just in time to finish helping me supervise Grace cleaning her room. I almost feel guilty about my near total lack of help. Almost. But I feel I as an inspiration to her to organize her room. Then again I tend to be delusional.

At any rate, I had a lovely weekend with Susan, doing a whole lot of nothing much. We did manage to venture to Taco Mac... and no my jacket isn't in yet. I mean seriously, $2000 and I can't get a jacket by winter? We also took the tour of IKEA, complete with cinnamon rolls at the finish. Those swedes really know how to organize 273 square feet of space. They also know how to herd people through a store full of furniture and crap thats slightly amusing. And the last kick to the wallet, the aroma of fresh cinnamon rolls wafting from just beyond the checkout area.

And they are yummy!

And then I had thanxgiving part duex at the home of the fabulous Holby Family. Grace decided to repay me for dragging her to my family. Unfortunately there was nearly the underlying drama, and thus entertainment, that comes with family dinners at the Dees family manor. But it was delicious and Grace does have quite a fun family. I find it funny, that for years and years I've referred to her parents as "Mom" and "Dad", a long running joke that a former coworker and I had running... vying for Grace's hand in marriage. Of course neither of us had actually met her, and since meeting her we've reconsidered. (I love you Grace!)

Now, I've gone and fallen for her cousin, and have to re-adjust to the Aunt Mary and Uncle Frank nomenclature. Easy enough.

Now, I'm back in Lull-Vull. A pleasant-ish flight on a browntail, arriving just in time for winter. its cold. Seriously, I don't like cold. I'm a tropical type of guy. And for those of u still interested, there are new cell phone pictures from the Boeing 767 cockpit area. And it's back to work after almost 6 days off. I'm feeling very much out of the groove and disjointed topped with an extreme lack of enthusiasm. I'm very much missing Susan, missing all my friends, and missing leaves on trees. And even my family a little bit. It's getting harder and harder to squeeze everything and everyone into the 2 days I'm home. I'm sure I'll adjust in due time, but after the long weekend, its not going easily.

And one more thing, I have great roommates in PTC. Living with an annoying person makes me appreciate them that much more. Its kinda like when you go to visit some one and you're not quite completely comfortable in their house, surrounded by their stuff. It's much like that, only add that the person is not much for conversation and doesn't know it, thus continuous to converse with you way beyond the point where you've started the number of times he says "dude" in one sentence (12 I think is the record).

I know i'm not perfect, I just hope I'm not as annoying to others as he is to me. And if I am, please tell me!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I’ve been a wild rover for many a year, And I spent all my money on whiskey and beer

I decided to spend this weekend up her ein Louisville. With the thinking that since I'm coming in a homeward direction on Wednesday I could just hang up here and relax. I was very much happy to find out the roommate here was going out of town for the weekend. So I'm luckily "home" alone. Let me tell you I have made the most of it. I was asleep at 6 pm on friday after work. And after a brief interlude of consciousness and flritation with the idea of going out for food and drink, I realized that more sleep was a better idea.

Yes I know, I'm old and lame all the sudden.

But Saturday sort of made up for Friday's lameness. I decided it was about time I find out where things to do in Louisville are. That took about an hour. Most of the time I spent riding around the downtown area and a small foray into Indiana. I cn say I located a few places that have potential for outings, should anyone ever come visit. I also took in the Hard Rock and picked up the required pin. And fulfilled a request for a friend, which involved me drinking a Hurricane for breakfast. Yum, just what a growing boy needs.

The real interesting part of the evening started with union meeting (which on the way to I had to make a quick stop at an Irish pub here in Lull-vull, continuing my Irish Pub tour of the world), The meeting was held at a bar (nice) and the unon was gracious enough to provide an open bar for the members (very nice). Afterwards, I was invited to go out with some of "the guys" and have food and drink.

And thats where I learned a lot about the co workers. It was interesting just observing the people. Kinda like watching monkeys interact at the zoo. There seems to be some romantic interests between a couple of fellow dispatchers. And one at least is married to some one else. Yay of office flings. And in the midst of a heated game of darts, one persons inner angry drunk came out. Resulting in most of the group being asked to leave the premises. That should make work more interesting as the object of his assault was another dispatcher. So it seems I've walked into a fairly dysfunctional groups of closet alcoholics and adulterers. Apparently I'm going to do well here as I can at least keep up beer for beer, but I've given up adultery. And its been long time since I went on a 12 hour drinking binge, and I felt the effects. SO I suppose I'm jut going to have to do it more often.

At least I got out and I'm making friends. It seems that a lot of people have a lot of opinions about the roommate here. None of them seem to be positive. No that I was trying to buy love, but I did treat a few of them to a round at the second bar of the evening. In the past when walking into a new working environment, the FNG was always looked upon favoaby if he at least offered to buy a round or pitcher. Well, goofball missed his opportunity. And then his attitude when he came him sealed the impression.

I luckily seem to have made a positive impression with a few of the people who will be instrumental in my training. And that makes me happy.

Otherwise, the rest of the weekend has been daydreaming about Susan (and thats where Vrace throws up in her mouth a little). I can't wait til Wednesday, and the Thanxgiving excitement to follow. And I'm doing something I know is insane and not very bright... I'm attempting to non-rev over thanxgiving weekend. Wish me luck!

Hope everyone is doing well and I'll be back in the ATL area on Thursday. I can feel the travel bug sneaking up on me again. A need to see a foreign culture and try their beer. And now I have some one I really want to take with me... if only she had her passport :-P.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

They got a place down Kentucky, Right down near Ohio, Where you can watch the planes at night

First let me thank everyone for the birthday wishes. It's nice to hear from everyone, and a special thanx to everyone that came over or went out to celebrate with me. Granted we didn;t have oe o the legendary wild nights I'm known for, but it was fun to revisit the Tavern or have everyone just come by the apartment. I did get treated o several meals, one of which was Grace and Jersey slaved over a hot stove for minutes to prepare for me!

It was a great long weekend with great company. I hated to see it end. But alas, I'm back in Lull-vull slaving away. Well, not at the moment but tomorrow I will be. And by slaivng I mean sitting there bored.

At any rate, its been so wonderful having Susan up in ATL the past couple weekends. She eems very much into visiting the sprawling metropolis that is Atlanta. Well, comparative to the gump, it is a sprawling metropolis. It's very nice to have a fresh set of eyes to explore the city with, and we've visited a few places that I've never been or its been years since Ive been to. Seriously, the last time anyone went to Fernbank was probably on a field trip in elementary school. We even took the standard field trip stop at the varsity for a FO.

Kinda sucks I'm moving away from there soon. I'm just starting to enjoy living in Atlanta again. Though I was disheartened to find Buckhead has ceased to exist, at least in the form we all knew and loved. The main thoroughfare of bars and clubs have all been leveled, ostensibly o make way for condo's that no one I know an afford. Why do they have to tear down my youth? Its sad to see the Makos and Tongue and Groove missing, and worst of all.. No more Fado's!! They took my CU first, now they've taken it all... bastards!!!!!

I suppose I'll have to find new places to go partying in the city now. Or since I've seem to relocated, find places here period. And that being said, I'm sorta thinking a CU trip may be in order for the new year, hopefully when money is a little more readily available. And maybe we'll let Susan see drunk party guy Jamie that walks into walls

I'm not sure if I'm making it to Georgia for this weekend, may stay up here and look around for cheap beer. Should be exciting. We'll see what turns up.

So can it be my birthday again this weekend?

Friday, November 9, 2007

I’m too tired to think of clever subjects

So, here I am sitting in the brown cafeteria in Lull-vull waiting for a 4 AM plane ride to the ATL. And since I have some time to kill and a wireless network link, I thought I'd bust out a blog. ANd I had a great idea about some subjects to cover earlier.. and as usual lost it.

Maybe if I ramble for a bit they'll come back to me. I'm feeling a bit under the weather today. I think it may be a cold trying to take root. The drungs I bought earleir seem to be helping out. And I'm partially happy that fall has arrived in force. I like the color change and the cooler weather.

I did get a nice surprise at work, one of my coworkers and fellow Manual Revision Specialists brought me a gift bag of candy. A completely unexpected and pleasant surprise.

All of you remember the roommate I keep complaining about up here? Well, turns out it seems the people he normally works with don't much care for him either. We switched shifts for a couple weeks and it seems most the people I speak to want it to be a permanent swap. Which works for me, well after the holidays it will work better. Maybe we'll swapp afer New Years if he's up for it.

SO these last souple of weeks have been more bearable and pleasant. And today being my birthday I expect to be showered with gifts when I return home. Or not.

But at any rate I'm just happy to have a seat home.

In the great realm of coincidi (thanx for the word Grace), theres been a lot of random reminders of LT Hines. You can search some recent blogs for more info on the man, the myth and the legend that is named LT. He was always ready to offer his most inspirational quote... "Adapt, Improvise, Overcome". Of course he stole that from a Clint Eastwood movie.

Well, the other day I was reading an article in a company newsletter about some recent issues at the hub caused by severe weather moving through. And one of the operations managers attributed the success in dealing with the delayed operatiosn to the ability of the people to "adapt, improvise, and overcome". I laughed out loud. The people next to me stared. It's a wonder a drug test didn't follow.

Well, as if that wasn't odd enough, guess what movie was on this morning when i turned on the tv? Yup... the one with Clint in his gruffest voice spouting "Adapt, Improvise, overcome Marine". Again, a smile crossed my face. Maybe some one is trying to tell me to listen to him.

Well, That pretty much covers everything I can think of for the moment. Except I feel like annoying Ryan.. who's suffering in a 4-star hotel in germany, with his rented BMW. I'm still waiting on my sheet and towel outfit...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This is the time, this is the place, so we look for the future

I went to a gathering Sunday and while here had a nice conversation with thegreat LT Hines. ANd amongst the other conversation, some of qhich was disturbing, he asked me about the job. And he made some rather insightful observations, especially for some one wih a 6th grade education.

Essentially he asked about the job, and my contentedness. And he asked a rather simple question... is this what you want to do? Well, not forever. ANd then his advice, look around the room an see if theres anyone you want to take their job... and wher eyou want to go upwardly. And I sorta did that yesterday. I found nothing. I'm gonna keep looking.

But I also know this position is temporary, a means tog et some where else. And like another wise one said, its when a person stops wanting to grow and learn is when they become uninteresting. I'm paraphrasing, but I think that was the gist. And if not, its still a good view.

SO now, as always.. the question is what do I want to do with my life? I find that being contented for the most part with the other aspects of life has made my insightful and angry rants less frequent. But its a great change.

Back to my point, I'm off to be brown for the afternoon. Let's see whom i want to get fired and replace.

And then party like a rockstar this weekend!

Yes indeed, anything you need for about $500

Yes indeed, anything you need for about $500
Current mood: optimistic
OK, due to scheduling conflicts and a familiar obligation, looks like there's going to be a gathering t the Casa Del Tres Hombres on Saturday night. I suppose its a quasi birthday experience for me. But no feel the need to bring gifts, just whatever you may want to drink. Depending on the desires of those atttending a feild trip may be undertaken. We'll see.

SO everyone free your calendar and come on over.

Otherwise, I'm back up in the 'ville. And apparently theres a rap song about the place. I heard it on the radio coming home (and its not the one I stole the subject line from) Not very inspired. But I suppose its a start.

I'm sure many of you have observed some of the pictures from the weekend. Yes, thats me in my priest get up. And no one was struck by lightning. Though I was momentarily worried driving to work in a thunderstorm this afternoon. I must say I saw the hottest little maid. Gorgeous!

Well, thats it. I hope everyone is having a good time. later!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Emanicpate yourselves from mental slavery

OK, just to make the queen happy. I had a greta time saturday taking the bikes out with Cha's. We stopped by Sheri's place and visited and then onward to Warm Springs and a ride through the FDR State Park. It Was agorgeous day, and its the right weather for biking. You can weather all the leather gear and not die of heat.

Happy now? :-P

I don;t really have much to talk about. I did earlier but I forgot what the great blog subjects I thought of last night and this morning. And that really bugs me. Today is friday for me and I was thinking of busting out of work tonight at 1 am and heading to the ATL. But in the name of preservation of life (mine mainly), I think I'm going to come home and get a little sleep and leave early in the AM.

Plus in day light i can see all the pretty leaves.

Otherwise, nothing much is going on in my world, I'm very much looking forward to the weekend, an theres potential for a FedEx party on sunday, we'll see. And thats about all I know. I don't have strange dreams or moral quandries. Life seems to be going very well. And for that I'm thankful. I am enjoying the fall weather. THe lack of repressing heat is very nice.

And i've been listening to a bot of Bob Marley lately, so I'm very much in the mood for running away to the beach and smoking the ganja (like i have ever done that). And programming note, the Amazin Race comes back on Sunday, so look for new vacation ideas. And the Atlanta DMB concert is being released as a DVD and CD.. buy it! Maybe you'll see me!

I do apologize f I leave anyone out of my blog entires. I find its hard t fit my social life in Joeja into the 2 or 3 days I'm in state, and it hard trying to do everything I want to do with everybody. I'm trying, and if I seem rushed or have double booked an evening, please understand.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I’m flying ’cross the land, tryin’ to get a hand

Just some randomness in my mind I thought I should share. I just saved alot on my car insurance... ok, that almost true, it wa smy motorcycle insurance and it went down by $10 a month. But I've always wanted to say that.

I had a good weekend, thanx to the help of my friends and my lovely Susan. Saw a few old co-worker buddies Saturday night and the new version of B-52's. The new place is not nearly the same as the old one. It lacks that certain "you could really break the crap we have and e won't notice" ambiance. The new place is almost too classy for our airline refugee group.

I did manage to get out of there with a persoanl best on the bar tab... this time it was cheap. ANd Grace came away with 3rd place in the costume contest. So she actually made money. I on the other hand made a fool of myself dancing, but It was fun.

On Sunday I made it down for a quick visit to Susan, and the Montgomery zoo. Apparently theres a baby rhino, and it a big deal. OK, so is cute and all, but I still am partially to the lions and tigers and bears (oh my). But I do njoy the time i get to spend with Susan, she really is awesome.

I also discoverd that its faster to drive from MGM to SDF than from PTC. I think this ma have had a little to do with the lack of traffice between BHM and BNA. But it was nice and for the first time I could leave the cruise control set for the majority of the drive.

ANother revelation was that apparently Alabama doesn't have gentlemen's clubs. I was struck by this as i neared the state line to Tennessee and notice an unusual amount of advertising for such places. Theres like 5 on the first exit. Of course, I have visited such establishments in the past, and for the most part I can do without. But, I must say, I was tempted to stop at "Big Jim's Boobie Bungalow". Mainly out of curiosity as to what a boobie bungalow looks like and then to smite "Big Jim" for coming up with such a stupid name. And then I noticed that these places were in the middle of nowhere, and I suddenly had images of banjo playing stippers with no teeth, who jist left their day jobs at the waffle house to come make some extra money. No thanx. I have standards.

IN other news, I have to report that the Savannah trip is off. I'm in a bit of a financial crunch at the moment, and it seems I'm not alone. Intead I'm thinking of just an outing in the metro PTC or Atlanta area. Or we could stay in and just make our neighbor hate us. I'm tasking my social secretaries (Susan, Grace, and Jersey) to submit ideas by the end of the week.

I did find one redeeming factor of the Kenuckiana region this morning. I needed to replace the beer I drank that I didn't buy. SO i stopped at the Liquor Barn. Now, imagine a liquor store the size of a Publix. It's huge, and they see to have about everything there. A huge assortment of Wines on several aisles, and on the next one an large assormtnet of cheese and crackers to go with the wine. ANd beer from many nations (though no Victoria Bitter) Theres much potential there.

Well, I'm off. I'm working afternoon shifts this week, and I must say its much more pleasant to wake up naturally than to the sound of an alarm. Stay tuned for info on any brithday gatherings. I do apologize for the lack of the SV excursion. I know many were really looking forward to it, as was I. We'll find some trouble to get into though.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some of its magic, some of its tragic, but I had a good life... all the way.

Since I have time and a stable internet connection (thankyou Starbucks) I thought I'd turn out a quick little note. I'm feeling much better this week. I think it has alot to do with the wonderufl weekend I had, the amazing girl I love, and that the financial crunch has lightened up a bit. I still have to come up with ways to pay for the Savannah trip, and ar tags. but It should be relitively ok. I'll figure something out, I always do.

I would also like to take moment to apologize to Cha's. I had no idea I had overlooked such a momentous day and humbly ask for your forgiveness. I'll make it up to you next time theres a Brown opening. You too can be screwed by the TWU.

Its cold and rainy here, fall/winterish weather. And it sorta makes me smile. Not that I don;t enjoy summer and sun, but its time for a change of season. Plus the rain washes some of the dirt of my car. Unfortunately its been raining steady for 2 days now and creeks runneth over. I'm trying to send some of the moisture south. I would hate the idea of my friend down there running out of water in 90 days.

Otherwise, I'm in a better mood overall. And as always I look forward to the weekend. ANd the next and the next.

And for the aerosexuals, and just plane curious. Put some more "jumpseat" pictures up. These form a DC-8 (N819UP for those who like registration numbers), a plane that was produced before anyone reading this was born. But it gived u an idea where i sit.

Well, I can see my battery life is running short and I'v got emails to write. Congrats to Joe and Tanya (now officially TanJoe in the eyes of the law) on their nuptials. And also congrats to Chrissie for her recent engagement.

And last but not least, way to go Grace on her skill full avoidance of the bride's bouquet. You would have thought it was on fire the way she kicked it way :-)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Looking for greener grass

What a great weekend. I really do miss living full time in the Atlanta area. Something that hit me this weekend. And to be air, I haven't given Louisville a chance to shine, but I can't imagine it being the great place that the ATL has the potential to be. Not that its the city so much, but that I have the coolest friends here. Unfortunately I'm not around much to be in contact with everyone.

For instance, life in the bachelor pad here is like party every weekend. Weekends theres always people here and always seems to be a social event. Again, I haven' given Louisville a chance. But the job isn't making it easy. I'm very bored there and my glimmer of hope that I would start the process to become a qualified brown dispatcher has been extinguished. Thank you TWU. And now I just feel I'm wasting my time. And while some of you may feel that sitting around all day doing nothing and getting paid for it is a dream job. And I admit, its not bad in the beginning. However after the third month of mostly staring at screens and reading the same manuals for the third time.. its kind of miserable. I can only surf so much internet (they monitor it) and I can't bring a book to read.

Then again, maybe they will give me something to do if I start reading books in the office.

Oh well... we'll see what comes about. I suppose f I have to I can grin and bare it nd just live for the weekends, when Susan visits and the impromptu cocktail parties happen. How much time do you have to give a situation to improve before u exercise escape options?

Anyways, I had a great weekend. Th Tanjoe wedding was fun, Everyone all dressed up is nice to see. And spending some time showing Susan the "big city" was great. Hanging out with the doomed.. i mean groom, was fun.

OK, well, enough groaning, I'm off to star packing for the return to Kentuckiana. Joyous Joyous Yay!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Be wary of those who believe in a neat little world because its just f!@ing crazy

Be wary of those who believe in a neat little world because its just f!@ing crazy
The only thing I can say about today is, my head is in a completely different time zone from my body. I know in the past I've said i wanted to run way from it all and move to some tropical island and be lost to civilization. Well, I feel almost the same way again, except I don;t quite want to elave it all behind. I want some elements around to em to come with me. Well, mostly the friends. Susan of course has to run away with me, and Grace and Jersey and TanJoe and even Adam and Jon. I can;t go with out Darci.

I guess the moral is, that one thing is really keeping me happy right now. And she's amazing for doing so. Hopefully things will birghten up soon. Its just a money crunch and a stressed work relationship. And then the potential of moving so far away from everyone. Its a long drie, i know. I pondered all this on the way up. ANd i didn't get the car in emission passing condition, so its going to have to come back down soon.

And i understand now how Grace gets some time, it would be grat to spend 7 consecutive nights in the same bed... This commuting is getting old.

Thats all for tonight, later loyal fans.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

And some have sailed form a distant shore, and the company takes what the company wants

This is a quick one. But lets cover the important events. I'm thoroughly disenchanted with my union, who has held up my training, thusly pushed back any raise i would get by 6 months. Thanx for looking out for me!

But, I really can't bothered with that crap, since Susan is near and we're enjoying the weekend, even though she feels a little under the weather. But i'm doing my best to take her mind off it and make her have fun.

Thirdly, the house I had picked for Savannah was booked (damn them). So, we're looking at these now... this one and this one. I'm kinda leaning toward the second one for economic reasons, but the first one seems to be convenienter (yes i made that up) to everything. But we'll see what comes back from my inquiries.

Otherwise, Ryan is trying to still convince I should move to Abu Dhabi (he wants me around between his weekend trips to Malabo and Katmandu... he's really getting away from it all), Charles is leaving for a cruise and I hate him for that, and its freaking cold in this starbucks. So I'm off. Oh, and I put wedding pictures from last weekend if anyone's interested.

Monday, October 8, 2007

I want to run, I want to hide, I want to tear down the walls that hold me inside

I don't have much of anything interesting to say. I'm all about getting through week. I'm halfway through the work week, and it's been pretty good. Of course having a half a day on Monday doesn't suck. I am going to need to take a new look at my budgeting as things are running tight this month, but thats mostly due to one time expenses with the car... damn emissions tests and tags!

Otherwise, life is great. The weather has turned slightly fall-ish here in Kentuckiana, and the its a lovely clear day. I'm chilling at the Starbucks enjoying a coffee drink and watching the sun go down. If only I had some company. So, i think its decided that we're getting the first house in SAV. SO, come one and all for the festivities! SO anyone who's interested let me know It promises to be fun times.

I don't know if I put this out last week, but I was actually sluffing around at work last Friday... well, I was actually busy most the day. However at the point that this story happens, I had just began sluffing. At any rate, one of the senior brown dispatchers was having an issue with Russia and we all know the Russians are real assholes when it comes to overfly rights. And Mike.. we'll call him Mike as that is his name, was dealing with that. Mike is also the training guy for international desks and has been letting me do a few of his releases when I'm bored. Very kind of him. Anyways, next thing I know Mike walks over and is like "Hey, can you do these 3 flight plans for me real quick?" Woo hoo, validation of my existence at UPS. That made me happy Friday.

No one, however, can relate that story to my roommate. It seems that no one is really wanting to train him because of an attitude conflict. And I feel almost bad that I've been shown all these neat features and tricks with different systems and he hasn't. And I've been asked not to tell him that people are training me. Oops. Let this be a lesson, personality counts.

Theres a proposed training schdule for us, hopefully it will work out and I can get some interesting stuff to do. Is it sad I think learning aircraft systems interesting?

Well, thats enough rambling for the evening. I've accomplished my goals at the Starbucks... and time for $2 pint night.

no catchy subjects tonight..

Random thing:

I had a great weekend. It was awesome and exciting and fun. I got to spend time with Susan, hang out with the remainders of my former harem, visit Taco mac, and have a lovely lunch with Jersey. ALl in 2 days. It does suck that I had to fly to Orlando to get to Atlanta, but I made it and was greeted at the airport by a hot young thing that I'm crazy about.

I manage dto get half a day off today and took care of some much eneded, although slightly expensive, errands I'd been putting off. The oil changed, new windhsield wiper blades, screen cleaner for the laptop, and I reported a credit card lost (long story, don't ask). The stupid question fo the day goes to the card company, who after asking what state i lost th card in, I was aksed where I lost it. I so much wanted to say if I knew where I lost it, it wouldn't be lost. But it seems everything is in order.

I also went to check out a couple of apartment type places around Kentuckiana. And while one was very nice and AMLI-esque (the pool had a water fall built in, and plenty or potential to keep the drunken, naked swimming tradition alive), the other ws some lofts in the downtown area. By downtown area I mean projects. Yeah, i didn;t even go talk to the people. On the upside, there was a Long John Silver's right in front. That's a major perk. SO the house hunt continues here. In due time.

Well, it's off to relax, I've been lacking in the sleep department of late and I hope to remedy that... though I'm not complaining. I've been kept up for very good reasons.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I have been around the world and I have seen your love.

Ok, this may be a bit esoteric or just plane out there (pun intended as you will discover). So, Brown announced this week they are retiring their older 747's by the end of next year. And to just give you an idea, these are what is known as the "classics" or in the office as the "whales". Anyways, Boeing is currently building UPS brand new (with that new airplane smell) 747-400. The older ones are the -100 and -200 variety.

Before i get into this too deep, look at the bottom for links to places I'm checking out for staying in Savannah... still accepting interest.

SO, lets pick one of these airplanes and just ponder the history shall we. This has the potential to get a bit thick with airplane talk, so bare with me. Lets look at one particular plane, N682UP. This airplane was delivered to the original customer on April 27, 1971. That makes it older than all my friends (even Jonathon). Originally operated by the airline that set the pstandard for all airlines, Pan American World Airways, as N654PA, and named Clipper White Wing. The airplane was the 110th Boeing 747 produced (the latest one UPS received a few months back, N570UP, is number 1388 off the assembly line).

While in the service of Pan Am, I just get this (possibly over romantized) images of this airplane plowing the skies around the world. No airline today has the worldspanning route system that Pan Am once operated. This airplane carried people across the oceans for places like Hong Kong, Sydney, London, Bangkok, Rio, and other places that only saw American flags that were painted on the tail of this plane. And this in the day when flying was a treat. It was an event you were expected to dress for. They had piano's on the planes in a lounge. Gourmet foot.. in coach!

Well, tat lasted apparently till about 1977, with the Clipper White Wing was renamed Clipper Pacific Trader and converted to a freighter. No, god only knows what she carried (and still carries) in her holds. And again, Pan Am still operated a far reaching network. Eventually, she was renamed Clipper White Wing (Pan Am named every plane a Clipper).

So, by 1983 Pan AM ended its cargo flying and she was sent to fly the skies for another aviation pioneer, The Flying Tiger Line. Tigers can trace their lineage back to pre WW2 days when Gen. Claire Chenault and his volunteer pilots fought the Japanese on behalf of the Chinese. Now after the a war ended, a few of the aviators cam back to California and bought some surpluss airplanes and started flying cargo. Eventually they became "Legends in Air Cargo" and with the motto "Anything, Anywhere, Anytime".

So, now this lady, registered N817FT, is flying even more exotic stuff to even more exotic places... Tehran, Bombay, Singapore, etc. And again, around the world she flew in the polished aluminum shine that Tigers left their planes in (removing paint saves weight and allows more cargo to be carried). And in those colors she operated until 1989, when Tigers ceased to exist and taken over by another well known airfreight company... Federal Express. She was re-registered again an was known as N626FE. Now, she left the purple fleet before I got to load her full of even more random crap. The only 747's i loaded at fedex were full of Seimens fiber optic cables and then much alter 270,000lbs or so of cigarettes.

In 1991, she was sent to wear brown and re registered N654UP. ANd for the past 16 years she's been to the orient and back. Toured Europe a little, and finally spends most her time flying the friendly skies of the US. Occasionally she gets out of the country and visit the old stomping grounds.

And that brings us to the current days, where she will fly till around March 15th (beware of the ides of march). After almost 40 years of moving people and their stuff, most likely flying troops home from Vietnam (and unfortunately flying many there that didn't return), flying supplies to both Persian Gulf Wars. Whisking family's away to exotic vacations, or even solo travellers to backpack around Europe. And most recently, delivering all those things you ordered from Amazon or Old Navy.. and just in time for Christmas.

See, i told you this one would be odd. Its almost sad that in a year from now, most of this airplane will probably be relegated to holding your beer or cokes as aluminum cans. I may try and take a jumpseat ride on one of these last 9 airplanes (all with similar histories) before they're sent to the scrapper... or if lucky they'll be picked up by another cargo carrier.

Anyways, for some pictures.. go to this page

Otherwise nothing new to dwell on, this week is going so slow. Its because I'm very much looking forward to the weekend, and seeing Susan. I'm also checking around Savannah for places to stay. I kinda like this one and this other one.

Just some ideas... and looks like it could be cool. OK, thats enough ramblings for tonight. And you might have noticed, I don;t have much going on tonight.

Monday, October 1, 2007

She made us drinks to drink, we drunk ’em... got drunk.

Its Monday, abot 1800 local time in Kentuckiana. And my hangover headache has finally disappeared. Again, not s young as I used to be. This was from Saturday nights festivities at Adri's. And it was a great time. I met lots of interesting people from interesting places. Seriously its like the United Nations at her place. It was kind of nice to be one of the token Americans. The only damper on the weekend was that some low life scum apparently walked off with one od Adri's birthday presents. This asshole just happened to take the thin of beauty that I had given so selflessly to her... a 2 liter bottle of Grey Goose. I like to ive gifts that keep on giving.

But otherwise, it as a blast. there was dancing, there was beer funneling, there was jello shots (which I happy to say the quality control department started sampling at 5 pm to ensure they were up to standards). And this being the first real time I've spent in upstate Mass, I kinda dig the place. Amherst is a funky little college town and the area is very pretty. Maybe a return visit is in order. And its the inspiration for the Scooby Doo cartoons. good to know.

Now I'm back in the real world. And it kind of blows. I had tot ake my car in to see why the check engine light is on. I really got pissed off when I showed up for my 9:15 AM appointment at the Honda dealership only to be told they couldn't get to it until 3 pm. Then why did I make this early ss appointment? I could have stayed in bed! And in the end I found out a few things... the secondary O2 sensor has failed, they don't have one on site, but could order one and replace it maybe tomorrow or the next day, and it will cost over $400 to do that. No thanx. I'll get it done some other time.

Unfortunately I have to get it done soon so my car will pass Joeja emissions test. Even though the car doesn't live there anymore. What a pain in the ass this is.

ON a lighter note, after explaining (to mostly blank stares) where it is I sit on UPS planes (this came righ after the "what do u do?" conversation), I decided to actually take some pictures on the way home of the area I sit. This ill be of some interest o a few of you airplane types, as well I hope to a few of the non airplane types.

So if you go to my pictures and check the 'Airplanes" album, you should see 2 pictures. I flew home on an UPS Airbus A300. Its a European made widebody, twin engine airplane. Its a little similar to a Boeing 767, only wider (and slower, and mostly French... FIRE THE MISSILES!). One pictures is looking in through the L1 door (the mane boarding door in the front of the plane on the left side). You can see on the right the "jumpseats." The fold down into a regualrish seat, and on this plane there are 4. I would say they are wider than your average coach seat, and theres no leg room issues. On the left is stowage compartments for food, coffee maker and convection oven, and just random equipment (oxygen, fire extinguishers, life vest..etc..). The other picture is from the area of the left mot jumpseat looking forward.. and you can see into the cockpit (no door.. no reason for it) and the back of the captains head. On the left is the door for the lav. Theres another jumpseat in the cockpit (or technically the "observers" seat) we can ride in if the captain is kosher with it.

Now, on the airplane I flew up to BDL on (UPS B-767), it was very similar except there was only 3 wall mounted seats and there were in the cockpit. There was no wall separating us from the crew, and one can see everything thats going on and out the windows. it's a much cooler view. If i ca manage it, I'll get some more pictures for people.

So does that clarify the "do you sit on the boxes" question? Its actually a great ay to fly, plus it makes me feel better about myself as the seatbelts are not nearly as tight as on a regular pax seat. And the only whining children on board are the pilots.

Well, thats it.. I'm pretty much vented and ranted enough for the day. I did have a great weekend, though I as missing my sweetheart the whole time. But I wasn't too nauseating i hope. Now its time to forage for dinner. Oh and I've had no interested but from Susan, Grace, and Darci about going to Savannah... hello people??? Anyone out there!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear...

Its a lovely Thursday night here in Kentuckiana. This morning storms, which woke me u, hav cleared and the sun came out this afternoon for a bit. But it wasn't accompanied by the oppressive heat that has dominated the summer. It's a very pleasant 74 degrees out. Maybe autumn has actually arrived.

This blog may have a tendency to be really random, just bare with me.

So, as I mentioned before, it's Thursday night. And tonight is the triumphant return of Grey's Anatomy. Well, I hope it will be a triumphant return. And I'll be watching, but no matter how good the show it will pale in comparison to last season. Why? Well, I don't have a harem to watch it with. In what replaced trivia as our Thursday night ritual, we'd all gather at the fabled girls apartment, pour our beverage of choice, and enjoy an hour of Grey's. Those we good times, eventhough there was no major planning or organization to it. It was just a nice way to spend an evening. It was kinda like our own personal "Friend's" episode.. "The one where they get drunk and watch Grey's".

And now, a year later, the girls apartment is probably being inhabited by some other "family". The harem has been busted up and spread to the far reaches of the world (or Fayette, Fulton, and Coweta Counties). I've banished myself to spend he weekdaya in Kentuckiana, which comes with a bit of loneliness and boredom. but I now still have Grey's (and the beverage of my choice).

But even though the last year has taken from me my harem (and for some reason a few of them decided to get married.. WTF?), I've brought a couple of new people in my life. One I'm completely in love with and the other would make a great wife. unfortunately neither Susan or Adam happen to reside in Kentucky, nor anyone else I find that interesting. An to clarify, before anyone makes any smartass comments... Susan is the one I'm in love with.

Not to take away from Adam, he's quite a catch. A great chef and meticulously clean, without being an annoying anal type. So, once again, i've fallen into having great roommates. And i use the term to roommate loosely, since its really hard to find use living there at the same time of late. And now Adam is going to manager for Taco Mac! And just after i spent $1500 getting a jacket.

And then I come up to kentuckiana, where the job bores me (surrently anyway, hopefully soon I can do interesting stuff) and the roommate annoys me, and I only see him for 30 minutes a day. And not only that, I don't have Susan, Grace, TanJoe, AmJay, or even J's random goofiness to amuse me. But i'm going to stick it out up here, at least until I get off the probation and maybe
work my own dispatch desk. And by then I should have my own place and now "home" in Joeja. But I can see myself shuttling back and forth regularly.

I am looking froward to the weekend and Adri's birthday. I hope her 29th is more memorabl than my 29th. Not to say I didn't have a great 29th birthday, I just don't remember many parts of it. SO that usually indicates a good time.

Well, thats about it. I found a yummy new place to get some grub called I Ching, yummy Asian noodle-type food, the highlight of the week thus far. I've also started a new book, as part of exploring possible career change options. Its interesting. And a final thought.. Visualize Whirled Peas.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I got a feeling that the dark side of the moon is on the rise

Ok, well... I don't have much to say really. I'm sort of disenchanted with the big brown. Its only due to the recent perfect score on an audit and now I just sit there and stare at the screen waiting for some work to come my way. An then it keeps me away from my friends. Perhaps its just a bit of homesickness, and that I'm missing some one immensely all the time.

But when I do get to visit Susan, its great. SO the time together is fun and fabulous (to steal her word), if too short

OK, now to the serious business. It's officially Autumn now (even though its 95 degrees out) and that means my birthday is coming up. ANd since last years trip to Las Vegas only drew 2 guests, I thought I mght try something a little closer to home. So i'm taking a poll of who may be interested in spending the weekend of the 9th of November, 2007, in the Savannah/Tybee island area.

We're thinking of renting a largish (depending on the response) house down that way and just chilling on River Street, or hangin on the beach (at this rate it will be a balmy 80 degrees by November). SO please get back to me if anyone is up for the long journey.

Otherwise, I'm off to New England this weekend for Adri's birthday bash. It'll b the first weekend in a month that I haven't spent with Susan, and i may go through withdrawals. Or Grace may kill me for the constant texting and calling. At anyrate, apparently I'm to bring my spare liver and plan to get my drink on.

Again, any interested parties... let me know.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Spread the word around, guess who’s back in town

So I'm sitting ina Catholic shurch school classroom. And while nota actually ina church, I can feel a slight burning sensation on the top layer of my skin. I may go filla sink with water and see if it boils when I put my finger in it. I'll le tyou know how ti works out.

So i'm down in beautiful Montgomery Alabama. And while I used to be a frequent visitor to this part of the world, it's been a while since I've needed to grace this town with my presence. And it shows. Its somewhat amusing how somethings never change.

Theres been a few nostalgic feelings strike me as I drove around. Most of them harken back to my youthful Southwind days. Usually a memory of a certian place I'd pass ( Al's Wash House, where I learned to do laundry before tour started). Theres all the places we used to rehearse out around town, pretty much every national guard armory in MGM has seen me sleep on its floors. And then theres Big Dave's old neighborhood and the former "corps hall" where all us kids would hang out after camps. Very good times.

And in the most ironic of twists, as I'm driving into town Friday night, listening to highs school football scores being broadcast (and recognizing all the names and seeing pictures in my mind of people I knew who went there years ago), I realized I was listening to the voice of someone who I had once marched with, now working under the name Lance La Party (yeah, it sorta fits in a strange way).

So, for a town I never really lived in more than a few days or a week at a time, I still feel like I did a lot of growing up here. And there's a certain amount of irony in that I'm here again, visitng some one who becomes increasingly important to me every day. And even better that she is friends with a few of my old Southwind cohorts.

And though she seems to think I'm terribly bored with the Montgomery scene, I'm having a great time. Being with her helps incredibly, even though she's dead set on me getting a pedicure.. I seem to be successfully fighting that. There's been whole lot of good times in this part of the world for me, and I see a lot more fun in the future.. I mean its no Sydney or Paris, but it holds a few redeeming qualities.

So, I'm off to harass Susan while she tries to get her classroom ready for the coming week. I'll let eveyrone know how that boiling water goes... and I think I can hear the faint sounds of bad opera music in the distance.

Oh and I think I'm going to start posting the albums that the subject lines come from... since no one plays the game anymore!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I can’t believe we would lie in our graves, wondering if we had spent our living days well

I came to Borders to write a blog in a repository of knowledge and information, thinking I would feel inspired after browsing an maybe reading some various literary masterpieces and expanding my mind. Yeah i did none of that shit. I pretty much looked around, got a coffee, sat down and started playing on the internet.

In all fairness it wasn't much internet playing, as I'm sort of veggin out thinking about being somewhere else with some one else. That could be why i tend to gravitate to the travel section. It took me a while to find the some one else, and now I suppose its time to find the somewhere else to run away to. Sorry Ryan, I don't think its going to be AUH. I liek the beach and all, but thats just a bit much sand for me.

That and EY hasn't wrote me back. I apparently do not work for Jingly wages.

But I digress. Autumn has come to the Kentuckiana area. Yes it is nice and pleasant outside. I can again walk from the door to the car without bursting out in sweat, and the windows can be rolled down for the drive. It's always nice to have fresh air circulating through the car, or if I'm leaving work.. jet exhaust. Both make me smile.

This week at work I've actually had the opportunity to do some flight planning. Hard to believe, that being my career and all. Its been ncie to do some work like that, as opposed to auditing this file that some one let get out of control. At any rate, things are alright. I'm truly working for the weekends of late. SO, just getting through the week is a major goal.

Thats really about it, oh.. and GO JACKETS!!! They seem to be kicking some ass so far his year. Nice that football season has returned. That means theres at least something good on TV during the weekends. Well, besides Star trek reruns.

I've been tasked with making a CD of my favorite songs, and this is incredibly hard for soe one who is a music lover. And how can u swing from Dave Matthews to Jimmy Buffett, to Beethoven, to The Killers, and then back to some Samuel Barber? This is going to be a challenge. And i'll throw some Shakira in for good measure I think.

Well, its time for dinner. I'm thinking a Joey Bag of Donuts... mmmhm

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hey my love, you came to me like wine comes to this mouth grown tired of water all the tim

So, if all you're really concerend about is how much pot you can smoke, why do you pay $50 for ticket to go to the concert? I'm not opposed to you flaming up occasionally, but if you are seriously going to spend 75% of the show bent down trying to light your pipe... just stay home on your couch. And I'l be fine not smelling the second hand smoke.

Ok, that concludes tonights rant. All in all, I have to say this has been a great weekend. Saw some DMB in the park, had good friends and a great girlfriend with me. It was a damn good show, and guest songs with members of the Allman Brothers Band (who put on an entertaining show earlier) were cool. And I think Jon and Adam (the newer roommate) have a greater understanding of hy I go to DMB shows.

It was good to see Casey and Julie (drum corps pals) there, as wel as a surprise guest appearance by Matt and Molly.

An most importantly, Susan really enjoyed herself, even though she's not a big DMB fan (I know, hard to believe). But judging by the perma-smile she was wearing, she had fun. Now, I have to get her to learn all the songs :-).

After the concert, the night got really interesting but we won't get into that. I'll leave it with I didn't know the pool would be so cold so soon, even with so many people in it.

OK, thats about all I have to say... it was a great weekend, and I'm not so much looking forward to work this week. Its going to be a long 5 days till i can get back. I'm off to finish laundry and get some sleep.

Aad Yay for football season!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I don’t worry about the ride or the subway fare, cause i know some one’s there.

First the first time I can remember, T-Mobile has pissed me off. DId they over charge?? No.. much worse. For some reason, I had no service at the Louisville Campus. For some reason, around midnight last night i lost all signal for my phone. And I don't think this was an accident. I went from my normal 5 bars of service to none!

And why is this such a heinous act? I was expecting a phone call. A very important phone call from a very special person. And i didn;t get it. I went to bd in a less than happy mood. I woke up in a less than happy mood. I left for work in a less than happy mood. Then i found service and I had a voice mail... Just hearing her voice changed my mood.

SO if any of you haven't picked up on it, I'm completely smitten. And she is great. And I'll apologize for those of you will be nauseous in our presence... yes we're that cute. Well, its mostly her on the cuteness, I'm just lucky to be there.

S, there it is. This weekend we get tos epnd time together. And we're out to see DMB. What more can you ask for?

I can't wait to get home tomorrow... Delta/ASA had better come through me! I'll have some one waiting for me...

In other news the audit at work is over, and I think we did pretty well. SO maybe now the supervisors will be able to relax a little. And those last minute "I need you to go check this stuff now, the auditors are in the building and checking that next" projects will end. And in the Kentucky is messed up category, I overheard the most insane conversation at a bar yesterday. I won't go into too much details... but involved a father and son sharing the same stripper and her comparing and contrasting their skill level... theres just so much wrongness there.

OK, i'm off sleep comes soon. And tomorrow I'm coming back to PTC. If i'm distracted I apologize... some ones there... and she's great.

Told you that you'd be nauseous around us.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A little bit of heaven and a little bit of Hell Yeah!

Thats the best line I've heard ina while. And it very much describes how the weekend was. I ad the pleasure of Susan's company for the holiday weekend. She make the perilous journey from Montgomery and considerably improved my life for a few days. Some how I've fooled her into thinking I'm an alright guy, and shes coming back this weekend. Possibly just for the DMB concert and I'm only the driver...

Of course I don't believe any of that. I have found myself having a perma-grin most the time now.. through traffic and a manual audit at work. Its a nice feeling.

Other than Susan's visit, we seemed to have scheduled a gathering at the Casa Del Tres Hombres. t wa svery nice to have everyone around, and it was so much of a free form chilling. College otball was on the TV, the beer was cold. The liquor was mixed. And dinner was served. Which, this was a unique thing to this particular event, everyone pretty much brought their meat of choice and we had a meal.. in stages. The girls provided some sides (or fixins in the south). Adam, the newest roommate a Joe's replacement, flexed his culinary skills and cooked the pound of NY Strip i bought. And damn it was good.. if my momma was there i woulda slapped her... it was that good.

Sunday was spent with Susan and Grace, as we went to visit Grace's family for lunch. Another delicious meal was had. That evening my lovely niece Icrad came over to hang out. Its nice that shes moved a few miles down the road, hopefully he can come over more. But not the dog.. it poops in Adam's room.

I feel I should rant about something to make this whole blog more interesting. other than the suckiness of a small regional airline based in the Atlanta area, I don; have much to complain about... except being far away from some one very special. However, Delta has upgraded their last 2 RJ's to an MD-88 (for the aviationally challenged.. that means they are now using Delta crews and planes instead of ASA crews and planes) Maybe they can conquesr the skies and get me home.

This weekend I'm having Susan up again, and combine that with a huge DMB and Allman Brothers concert... if there was a beach involved it would be the perfect weekend. Its going to be grat as it is. I'm so looking forward to friday.

Ok, well.. i have a few other things to do here, and theres a coffee lecture going on here.. which is really quite interesting. I'll be around this weekend.. and available for all you social needs. Well, i will have some one distracting me.. but i'll try and be available :-D.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Is it wrong to use some one elses wireless without their knowledge?

I've been trying to come up with something to write about for a couple days now. unfortunately nothing really comes to mind. My best blogs tend to come as rants or jut results of being in a foul mood And fortunately, I've been in a really good mood of late. Even the things that have been aggravating me of late, which I can sum up into three letters - ASA, hasn't had the normal effect. Wok is going as well as ca be expected given my status as office bitch. This week is apparently manual revision week, which beats the normal busy work.

And I do occasionally get to do some training, that helps. I had a good weekend with the pals down in PTC. And I'm looking forward to this weekend so much its about to kill me Doesn't it suck how slow time seems to creep when your ready for the weekend to come? Should be more fun for the holiday.

And then the following weekend, its even better, I'm getting company again, and a DMB concert. Things are grand. And a few of you know what, actually who, is keeping my smiling.

Did I mention I'm really looking forward to this weekend?

OK, I don't want Grace throwing up a little in her mouth so I'll change the subject. I think Ryan should be smite for spreading horrible lies. But then again, I thought I saw him riding with Witty the other day, they make a cute couple on the bike. I'm not gonna tell you which one rode bitch...

I also don;t know how long this commuting thing is going to work. Especially with the previously mentioned issues with Argyle Sillystring Argyle (I like Graces phonetic alphabet a lot better than the real one). Its very annoying. But I'm enduring for the time being.

OK, thas it for now, I'm going to explore Borders and worry about Susan ( a troubling text just cam through). I'll be home this weekend, and theres a good chance of an outing (or an inning at the apartment maybe) if anyones up for a gathering.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

fly me to the moon... or just Atlanta would be a good start.

Is it a sure sign our getting older hen you just wake up before 10 on a weekend for no apparent reason? I always remember my parents and grandparents being people who thought for some reason you needed to be up by 8 on your day off to do.... well usually nothing. But here I am, on a Sunday morning wide awake at 9:30. I don't know why, its not as if I went to bed early last night.

Anyways, good times. I've picked up some items over the past week that have made me happy. The new computer is up and running. And while I'm still getting used to the differences between Mac and PC, i'm very much enjoying it. No more typing on the lame keyboard of my roommates computer in Kentuckiana. Ironically, my typing only improved by a small margin. But its nice and light and small and easy for traveling with.

Also I picked up the newest Dave Matthews/Tim Reynolds CD and DVD. Theres some new songs, some old songs done new, and just a lot of random chatter that makes me smile. But its good music and I of course recommend it.

Now, that was the good part of the last week.. well theres more good parts but I wanted to move on to complaining fr jsut a minute.

Once again, ASA managed to cancel my flight from SDF to ATL. Now, this is the third week in a row and it's really started to piss me off. I mean, why doesn't have to be my flight? So, after that, I tried flying a different airline home via MEM. Nope, their plane had weight and balance problems, which to me means some one doesn't do very well at math. Finally, I rented a car (at a premium rate) and drove the hour and a half to Cincinnati. Luckily, we made it in time to run through the airport (which is possibly the most stupid airport layout ever) and make the flight.

And then we got to sit for an hour on the taxiway because of weather... and because the baggage throwers decided to not load our plane to make our first wheels-up time. In the end, I made it to the ATL around midnight and home shortly there after.

I'm looking into new options for flying home, as the Delta/ASA team seems to have issues flying that particular routing. And next week, being a holiday weekend, I'm thinking they'll cancel 2 flights just for good measure. And I have plans next weekend and I must be in the Atlanta/PTC area.

On the upside, I kept a pretty good attitude through the bouncing around. Well, more accurately, someone kept me in good spirits (it wasn't Marty, I know what your thinking Ryan). Its nice to have some one that brings a smile to your face on days that just, for lack of a better word, suck.

Ok, I'm off to begin my Sunday of slacking, later.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lets forget about the world and hang out in my room

This is going to be a short one.. the space bar on this computer doesn't work so well. But I'm currently in Louisville. Things are going well. Work is going ok, theres some tedium but I'm managing Theres a new laptop coming to me. Both mine are dead now. I tookthe plunge and bought an Apple this time. I'm a littleexcited about getting it in.

And last but definitely not least, theres some one out there thats making me smile alot. And been very helpfull in this time of transition in my life. I'mincredibly lucky to have her around. She makesme smile. Alot.

Well, i'll stop now before i get madand this damn computer and its lack of a fully operablespacebar. Hope everyone is doing well... I'll be home this weekend... hopefully Friday night if ASA can manage ti find a working airplane.

later :-)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cheers to big rears.

Hello from Kentuckiana. Thats really how they refer to this area. If I turn into one of "they," will some one smite me? Thanx.

So, this week is sort of moving along swiftly. Work has been ok, with the exception of the phone audit I'm doing. Basically we have about 4000 numbers stored in our telephone system, and the assitant dispatchers (aka bitches) have been tasked with checking each one to make sure we still work and we want them stored. Yay. Basically, I feel like I'm crank calling everyone. I wonder if I call Dubai and ask if their refrigerator is running thay'll laugh?

Otherwise, today I actually got some actual dispatch traing, and got to work up a few flight plans. Pretty simple stuff. WHy I'll have to go through 6 months of training??

So, if you didn't know, the new Real World season is out. This season they are inhabitng Sydney. And I've caught the first episode (the second starts in about 15 minutes) and I can pick out a few landmarks that trigger some memories. Namely topless girls on Bondi beach. The characters on the season are stereotypical real worlders. Hot girls, with slutty tendencies, and guys with 6 packs. Of course theres the token Georgian, complete with ridiculous accent. Now I know why everyone asks where my accent is. There however is no angry gay black man, some one in casting dropped the ball. I see me watching about 5 more episodes before I lose complete interest.

Otherwise, I'm still in the adjustment period. I'd be feeling lonely, if not for a torrid relationship I'm carrying on via text messages. I'm sure when she gets her texting bill, I'm cut off. I must enjoy her "company" while it continues. She does well at keeping my mood on the positive side.

I sort of started looking around online for apartments, now that I have the access to employ discounts. That should help. Hell yeah fo 10% off.

This weekend I'm making a triumphant return to Joeja, hopefully friday night. That all depends on ASA and Delta's ability to operate a flight. After last week, confidence is low. There has been a lot on my mind over the past weekend, and most of it is moving toward resolution. I've either gotten over the things that were bothering me, or I've just repressed the feelings.

At any rate, the roommate here has discovered the thermostat and I've also invested in a fan, so i'm not sweating all night. That helps my mood.

So, if anyone wants to get together over the weekend, give me a ring. I'll probably be free. Just need a ride, or maybe my personal driver Ryan will be able to cart me around.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Taming the Perilous Skies

Apparently, I worte a blog that was similar to this one but forgot to post it? Or the internet elves just ate it. Whatever. It was actually pretty interesting. A detailed account of my journey from Louisville to Atlanta. Boring you think? Nay. Let me recount that trying day...

Basically, I had decided to come home this weekend, and I was hoping to use my newfound flying abiliies. So, after leaving work, I rolled over to the hub parking lot, and UPS has this handy service where they will shuttle you to the passenger terminal. I love free airport parking. I'm planning to head home on a 6 pm flight on ASA. Thanx to a wonderful friend, I know there are about 20 seats open, and the flight after that at 645 has 15. So I'm golden right? NAY!!

Basically, the 6 pm flight was delayed. The 645 flight was on time. And the 445pm flight was now scheduled out at 730. So all the revenue passneger are up in arms to swap flight. All trying to get on the first one out. Meanwhile, the planes are just getting more and more delayed... and the times keep changing so the first flight out keeps changing. Then around 7 pm, with one plane on the ground (the original 645 departure), my flight is canelled. YAY!!!

So, I take it in stride and head to the next gate. The flight there is now running over 3 hours late. But has plenty of seats. So I wait. The plane leaves Atlanta to fly up. There was much rejoicing (yay). The plane arrives, people start gathering their belongings (they've sprawled out over the last 4 hours) and gettign ready to board. Thats when I see it.

The captain comes off and starts conversing with the gate agent. The captain has a very serious look about him. The gate agent just sort of deflates. The PACK on the plane is inop. That means no air conditioning, and apparntly it was over 100 degrees in the cabin, and the captain is not taking that plane anywhere. After my package car (Yes Susan, I said Package Car) ride on Monday, I was all for getting ont he hot box and going. A couple of bottles of water and a Jack on the rocks I would have been fine for the 45 minutes. Well, after 20 minutes or so of waiting, Delta cancels the flight. If I was paying for a ticket I would have been pissed.

Now I'm down to 2 choices, I can just drive the 7 hours or wait for the early AM browntail to Atlanta. After some quick math, I realized thayt driving would get me in about 5 AM, by which time I would have been awake for almost 24 hours. So, the browntail it is. Plus I would get in earlier. And now since I have a few hours to spare, I head back to the apartment, grab a nap, a shower, and some food. And pretty much just "chill". After i knocked the AC down to a reasonable temperature, something my roommate doesn't seem to get. Yes i know that its more expensive, but I don't like being all sweaty in bed... especially when I'm alone.

I must give major thanx to Cha's, Jersey, nd Grace for keeping me amused while I sat at the airport. It was kind of hard to get to annoyed with them making me smile.

On the upside, I was able to take my first ride on a Uniform Papa Sierra plane. For those who care, it was a DC-8-73. And thanx to Leslie for skipping out of work at 4 am to come pick me up. I owe her!!

And now I'm home. Friday I did a lot of sleeping and hanging out. Dinner with Jersye, drinks with everyone later. I did have a brilliant idea to take the bike out. For those who may be wondering what its like to ride a motorcycle in 100 degree weather, find a restroom with the hand dryers, put your face in front of the outflow, and turn it on. Thats about as close as I can think of. Good times.

Well, I have an exciting day of doing nothing much planned. Until later.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

everyday things change, and everyday they stay the same.

I don't particularly have anything interesting to say. Its a million degrees here. Well, it hit 102 today. Apparently a new record for Kentuckiana (Thats seriously what they call the area). And really, the people at work were montioring the offical temp all day, and heat index to go with it. I say once you hit 3 digits, it just doesn't matter anymore. Its too damn hot. Thats pretty much what the thermometer should say.

If I had to deal with this heat all the time, I would probbaly go insane. I guess that sorta explains the Arabs... and Ryan.

So i'm doing some laundrying. Well, the machines are. I'm pretty much just sitting here in the air. And thats another thing, the roommate here and I have a difference of opinion on the meaning of room temperature. He thinks it means some where aroun 82. I say he's off by at least 10. Other reasons to find my own place, he seems to come off as a know it all in the office, and after a month or employment, has earned quite a negative reputation. And I don't need to be guilty by association.

Otherwise, I'm looking forward to being back in the PTC this weekend. I never thought I would say that. But I am. And today, wiht my newfound access to the brown computer system, I was checking out some of the places I could take off for the weekend... lots of possibilites. Who knows where i ma show up. Be afraid.

Thats about all I have to say, another 30 minutes to hang out till the laundry is done, then its dinner and maybe an early night. Probably not, but I think I should at least try. Anyways, I hope see everyone this weekend. Keep cool if u can.

Monday, August 6, 2007

It’s hot! Damn Hot!! Africa Hot!! I saw a little guy in a brown uniform burst into flames!

I made it through Monday, and have lived to tell the tale. Today was my opportunity to spend the day witha packgae car driver. YOU know those big brown trucks that deliver stuff to your house? They're not called trucks, they are call Package Cars. Good to know stuff.

And I've now taken that career option of the list. While in some ways I miss the outdoors job and sweating and doing physical labor, I don't miss it that much. ANd today in Louisville it was very near 100 degrees. And every one seemed to want to point out that it was hot to us, as if we couldn't figure such climatic extremes on our own.

But at any rate, I do have my yeas of drum corps tot hank for preparing me for one more hurdle in life. Tha being you can survive in the heat wiht proper care and hydration. I think the liter of water to ebign the day, and the occaisonal water fountain stops along wiht a mix of Powerade and Gatorade kept me from dying. So, I managed to stay alive, and actually kind of enjoyed it. We did have a slow day so that helped.

Now the roommate on the other hand here... much complaining. Of course it started this morning with a less than cheery attitude. Mine was more peppier apparently, which meant I got sent on the cushier downtown routing. Which also afforded the opportunity to get to know about 4 square blocks of the city, and the type of women work in them.

The highlight of the day was a delivery to a gentlemans club. And of course, we had to wait for a manager to come out and sign for the letter. All the while a young lady was disrobing on stage. SO there are perks to the job. Just not enough to make me want to do it fulltime.

otherwise, I'm looking forward to being back in PTC over the weekend. Perhaps some of u may come out and play? But for now, I'm off to dreamland to frolic in a world where I am king. I won't go into anymore detail, because there may be children reading.

Oh, and World finally sent me money... about damn time!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Theres no room, no space for rent in this town.

I'm resolving myself o the fact that the neighbors her ein Kentucky hate me and thats why they password protect their wireless networks. Hence to do any meaningful internet work I have to pack up my laptop (not the sleek silver ligthweight one, but the 15 lbs behemoth that I thought was never leaving my desk) and head to the nearest Borders (my current location) or STarbucks to make use of the hotspot there. But on the upside it does justify the money i spend to keep that access.

I'm spending the weekend here in Louisville. My schedule next week was changed to a Monday thru Thursday rotation so it was econmically unfeasable to drive home, jsut to drive back. I'm still missing an ID and Jumpseat privileges. ANd thanx to the fine accounting department at World Airways, I didn't get paid this week. So i couldn't pay the gas to get home.

hopefully all this will be resolved in due time and I'll be a much happier camper. I'm realizing more and more I'm not a big fan of the living situation. Its more tolerable during the week when the roommate here is working opposite schedules and I can prett much roam free. But on the weekends, I find that i miss having my own stuff and own retreats. It really does make a difference to my comfort level not having my own stuff around. And for the first time ever, I'm living with a complete stranger, and thats adding some anxiety to the mix.

So I'm feeling the need to find my own place here. WHich will in turn mean I'll be leaving my place in PTC. ANd theres a whole new set of issues with that.

I had planned to explore some of the Louisville area this weekend, but with the funding shortfalls, I'm putting that off. Otherwise, Monday I get to be a UPS guy. Complete with brown uniform and boxes in hand. SO that should be exhausting. Its like a million degrees up here and they don't put AC in the package cars (don't call them vans.. ). So, hopefully I'll get through it without completely embarrassing myself. Though the chances are slim. I do very little with out completely embarrassing myself.

SO for anyone out there, I'll be back in PTC next weekend. I'm not sure which place to call home now. but I'll be around this weekend if anyone wants to come play. CHances are I'll need a ride if we do hang out.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The good ole days weren'talways good, and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems

The good ole days weren'talways good, and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems
Current mood: listless
Facing the possibilty I'll have to spend the weekend here in Louisville has me kind of down. I was looking forward tog etting home, plus I have things to do down there. Namely get my last paycheck from Whiskey Oscar Alfa... oh wait, I don't work there anymore... from World. THeres a slim chance it will be direct deposited, which would be great seeing how I kind of need the money in my account.

Otherwise, I'm getting inot the groove a tthe new place, as much as I can. THeres some kind of screw up getting my information from the background check computer to the people who need it to give me an ID and network login. SO basically, all I'm doing is watchign toher people work or doing manual revisions. Such is life. There is talk of possibly being trained to dispatch in the next few months, which would be wonderful. Ironically I've been doing this for years, I get to be trained to do it again.

Oh well, new planes new rules.

Nohting much else is happening, it seems to be hoter than hell up here, Hell being PTC. I thought it was suppose tog et cooler the farther you head form the equator. Wrong. And its not even a dry heat.

I've worke dout to keep staying where I am, for a minor rent. Basically I'm now paying for 2 apartments. THis is going to suck, Hopefully soon I can get jumpseat privelages soon and give up the gas bills to drive back and forth. Hopefully.

Anyways, I managed to get the Taco Mac jacket, I reached the 325 number. I know longer need to pay for expensive beers to add to my list. No more prizes come my way. Now it would just be bragging rights. ANd again, money is tight so... it'll be cheap beer.

Otherwise, I'm currently using my hot spot account to access the internet, which means a drive to Borders or STarbucks. The network I was stealing internet from has be come p[assword protected... I suppose they noticed me.

I guess I should starting looking for a permant place here and/or a new person to replace me in the PTC apartment. Which sucks, that where all my stuff is, and I don't want to move it again. But I suppose soon enough I'm going to have to realize that I am relocating, and I'll have a new home soon. Hopefully things will settle in soon enough...

Thats it for today, no rants or revelations. Maybe next time.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Attention Atlanta drivers

Heres a hint that most of the rest of the free world has figured out. Unless you are in part of the British COmmonweath, it is wrong to be passed on the right. If you are on a multi lane road, and people are zooming by on your right side, you are in the wrong lane! Yes I know, there are signs on most the tinerstates that advise the slower traffic to stay in the right lane... that means you.

And if you are by chance driving at the same speed as the person (or persons) beside you while behind you there is an armada of people that seem slightly pissed off... please, on of you get behind your neighbor and end the rolling roadblock. Also, theres a reason that your vehicle manufacturer put those flashing amber and red lights on the sides of your vehicle. They communicate your intentions to alter your current course. So use them! Its not just a good idea, its the law!

Sorry for the rant, but I've been spedning a lot of time on the roads of late (and will continue to do so) and these things have been aggrevating me. Most of the observations above come from a recent expedition to meet Gracie for lunch. Of course being in a bit of a rush, i encounterd the worst drivers the city seems to hold. And well, they suck.

Also this week, I learned my laptop is in need of some serious help. The geek who was working on it told me I need reformat my hard drive and reinstall windows. YAY!!! That means every thing I've saved on the drive is gone. And being my normal irresponsible self, I've lost most my pictures over the last 3 years. Not to mention a ton of DMB live shows I had downloaded. And with the loss and theft my CD folders over the last couple years... I got them no more!
ANd tonight, I'm just kind of bored sitting at home. I got most my laundry done (thanx to Jersey) and shortly the dishes should be finished. I suppose I could vacuum, but I'm not feeling that inspired.

I also should probably apologize for being overly out of touch of late, things just seem to be going in so many directions and so fast. And now that the harem has broken apart and gone their seperate ways (unfortunatley mostly to be with their fiancees and husbands and all.. whats with that?), I have no second home to go spend my time at. Some times, no matter how nice it is to be home, you get tired of being there. And thats Ironic since I spent four days this week somewhere else.

I'm not so sure of the living situation up in SDF, it will suffice for the short term but I don't know how long. And the idea I may not make it home some weekends is not very cheerful. Hopefully soon I'll be able to get my flying benefits in order and can stop the driving. That wouldn't suck. Of course, the getting another car to park up there and buying a new computer, all while taking a pay cut..that does suck.

Dishwasher is done, amazing how many glasses I dirty while not being here. I seem to drink a lot of wine

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I cannot forget where it is that I come from...

O today was day two of job number 4. Yes, I've only been legally employeed 4 times. A record in the airline business at my age. Also, today was nto as overwhelming as day one. I have accpeted I'm no going to have an ID or a password to anything by the end of the week. I'm probably not even going to have jumpseat privilages by then end of next week, and thats kind of a downer. No free flying.

But on the upside. I'm deciding how I plan to work the whole housing situation. And at least for the moment I have options. The other dispatcher I'm crashing with is up for taking in a roommate. And at least until I get of probationary and assistant status, thats what I'm most likely going to do. I'm thinking of keeping the PTC home for now, but possibly not coming home every weekend. I supose I need to adjust to my new surroundings and get a lay of the land.. when I find her :-)

Otherwise, todays big news.. well theres multiple items. First of all, I found out today that once again I am the youngest person in the office. IN my airline career that always seems to be a trend. At FedEx I a the baby ramp agent (until JR showed up). At Transmeridian and World I was the youngest dispatcher. So lets here it for the boy. ANd now, I'm about a year or so below the next youngest dispatch type person here.

Also at lunch,I was told the dispatcher interview test questions here at Uniform Papa Sierra ae going to be changing. My manager feels now that some one got a 100% on them they need to change them. I was then thanked for causing him more work. So, apparently I do know what I'm doing.

And most importantly today, I found this nearby joint, the Fox and Hound pub and Grill. They have a commendable beer selection, though no comparison to the old Taco Mac. But the food was better and, best of all, tuesday every draft beer is $2. And bike night! And the bartender was cute!!! I may just move in. SO thats a definite plus.

Today, as you may be able to tell, I'm feeling more positive. There was no tears in my mac and cheese. But there was some doubts about coming here. The doubts are fading and now I really just want to do something, even if it is bitch work.

Today we took a tour of the hub ramp, and a couple of offices at air cargo tracking. And while the air carog stuff wa sneat, and gave me a new impression of some aspects of the business, i mostly enjoyed being back out on the ramp. We had the oppprtunity to climb on the newest UPS aircraft and sort of play aorund. And it had that new plane smell. Although while the gentleman was driving us around out there and hilightting facts and stastics and numbers about people and boxes and planes, all I could think was... I've seen bigger. So, to my old fedex cohorts, you still got a bigger hub.

All I need to know now is where the parties are. And then I will be fine. In due time... and y'all can come visit!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Play some funky blugrass white boy

So, lets make this one quick before the person who own the wireless network I've hopped on notices I'm here.

Big thanx go out for all the encouragement sent my way today. ANd yes, it was the first day. And I feel like i've been trying to drink water from a firehose. There are three assitants total, and I'm the bottom guy in seniority. The tohers have been here for one month and two months. SO, they have a little bit of a clue whats happening. Me.. I got nothing. Apparently its soon to be my job to be the dispatch bitch.

And I can deal with this, its buying time till I get on a desk and start doing my own releases. The big thing is soooo much was thrown at me today. I do have some faith that in due time I'll find out how things work. Its really quite a surrpise how this place runs, and I won't get into it as it would just bore most of ya. I guess I expected more organization in some aspects.

Other than that, my car made it, though theres a new squeak in the undercarraige. And hopefully in the next couple weeks I'll be all good for jumpseating. Though it is a scenic drive (at times) and I'll probably take a weekend and ride my bike up the backroads when I do finally move it all up here.

But i did survive the first day intact, and didn't get fired yet. I should be home thursday night if all goes well. We'll see if day 2 goes any better and the flow of information is more metered.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

You've been hit by a smooth criminal

About five years ago, while i was peacefully slumbering some crackhead decided that they needed the radio out of my car more than I needed it in my car. And all my change from the cup holder and nice Oakley's. And I know its judgemental of me to insinuate this person was a crackhead. But, he did screw up the handle on the drivers side of my car while trying to break in to the unlocked car. And this, in my opnion, justifies the title of crakhead.

At any rate, I wasn;t sad to see the radio gone, It wasn't a particularly nice one and I was about 2 months from replacing it anyways. I was however pissed about the loss of the Dave Matthews CD and the inability to open the drivers door from the outside. Within in 2 weeks though I had replaced the radio and the CD. But I've been living with the annoyance of opening the drivers door from the back seat... until now.

Yes, finally, after 5 years, I had the door repaired! This makes me happy. I also don't have that metallic grinding sound coming from my brakes any longer. Excitement abounds.

Otherwise, today I retreived Ryan from the airport, and possibly throught he contact within have caught a rare and exotic African ailment. God knows what this boy is a carroer of, and seeing how he barely escaped intact from the Dubai duty free shop (gifts in hand i might add) and was spared an agonizing death from a ferocious prehistoric bug in Chad.. he's lucky to be back.

I think I should elaborate on this Chadian bug. The mere picture of it made me want to run shreiking like a little girl. The damn thing could seriously carry off a small child. And according to Ryan, cannot be killed.

Otherwise, I got a call today to confirm I as officially offered a position at UPS. I have fooled yet a ntoher company and come way with a clean background and drug test (obviously they didn't test for alocohol that day). So, apparently I'm not criminal. Seems to be coming together nicely.

I also have to say Grace has me jealous, I wanted to sit on a beach yesterday in EYW but no such luck. Even with the... views, she seemed to be enduring, I would have preferred it to work.

Thats about all for now, I'm still enjoying the memories of the weekend and the new DCI DVDs I picked up. I hope everyone mad eit home safely and I'llsee all y'all again soon!