Saturday, December 30, 2006

This is the end, my only friend, the end

OK, i admit the new picture can be seen as slightly disturbing. I'm frankly dismayed by it. But I also think its freaking hilarious and fun so it stays for a bit.

So this is it... the last blog of 2006. The year is over and it's about this time we all tend to reflect on the year past. What you've gained and lost and all that nonsense. I have to say the past year has had its ups and downs, but the ups have outnumbered the downs. I can only hope the next year is as good. Actually, thats completely untrue, I hope next year is way better!

The last few days have been fairly fun. There's been outings and trivia winnings and sleepless nights. Well, only sleepless in that I was out too late to get sleep before going to work. It was good to see Brian and Tommy the other night. Good times. And then the Harem visits all week were awesome. And lastly but definitely not leastly, I had a hot date last night.

Well, she may not have known it was date, but I'm saying it is. Why? Because i want to. I had a great time working on my beer list with Elise, who was hot and engaging as always. There's just something about her that makes me want to do stupid things. Looks like she's moving in with me in the near future, which will either be a lot of fun or drive me insane. Or both.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve, then 2006 is over. The current plans are to spend the night with Jersey in Atlanta. Sean and his significant other are allegedly coming with. It should be a good party, and I plan to spend the better part of tomorrow getting my drink on. The actual plans are not set, we're being fluid and spontaneous... which I think is driving Sean nuts. My plan, just go with it, have a good time, and enjoy the evening!

I also today, followed through on one of my resolutions for 2006. Yeah I know, I waited until the last possible minute, but that's how i do things. I'm just waiting for the UPS guy to bring the new purchase home, and my rock star career will surely take off shortly there after!

So, I appreciate all those who have been loyally reading my blog over the last year, and the awesome comments. I would hope all my friends could be around tomorrow, but prior committments and the real world have intervened. But we will have a good time tomorrow, Jersey and I will make sure of it!!

And then we'll watch the Yellow Jackets beat down WVU. Happy New Year all. Here's to an aweseom 07!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

know you see me lookin' at you and you already know I wanna love you

So, the big news story today, ok well the one I read, was that South Korea is giving out gifts for office workers who do not visit prositutes over the holiday season. Now, this story fascinated me for many reasons. First off, I work in an office and I haven't taken advantage of the services offered by any prositutes, so wheres my gitf? Secondly, how do you prove that you've abstained from the brothels just to get the gift?? Just walk into the government gift giving office and shout it out!!

Prostitutes are looking like good ideas these days, a lot less effort to be turned down by a woman.

I finished my book at work tonight, very interesting read, althought I'm kind of pissed off at the government now. Lets just say I'm morally opposed to buying politicians. And finacially opposed to because I can't have a pet Senator. When I am king, this will all stop!

Had a fabulous lunch today, Grace, T and A. And A seems to have found a new man, I'm not sure what I think about that, because she's my A and I don't want to share. And we all know how much I love T and A!!! But the food was yummy and I was craving some mexican flavrs. And I was once again struck by the stiking (ha) similarity between Mexican restaraunt music and German Polka. Its as if german ooompa bands colonized Mexico back int he day.

I really don;t have anything else interesting to say, Christmas is done and gone. I only got a few annoying back to college questions and when are you getting married questions. I mostly dislike the way some people like to lecture me for hours about things. Well, it seemeed like hours, and if you add it up, it's probably closer to days. It's all good intent, but damn give it a rest.

Apparently I'm not getting kissed next year because of JR. Thanx buddy, thanx for the bulletin and ruining my 2007. I hope a very large rain drop hits you on the head. (That's about as spiteful as I can be).

OK, I'm not really feeling being more literate right now. I think I'm going to head toward home, pop a cold beer, drink it alone, and then crawl into my bed. Sounds exciting don't it!

Monday, December 25, 2006

It's almost over, bring on 2007!

SO, Now its not Christmas anymore, all thats left is to through away the paper, buy some batteries, and move on to New Years Eve. The second holiday in the trifecta of holidays made to make single people miserable. I'm persevering.

So, Christmas ar moms was good, we ate a rediculous amount of breakfast, opened gifts (which the sheer volume of stuff for the kids required about 2 hours to get through), and then had second breakfast. We decimated the 4 lbs of bacon!! I did rack up a few gift certificates and a light saber. Score.

Now, all thats left is for me to deciede when (if) i'm going to remove my christmas decor and how long I'm going to wait for unclaimed gifts to be claimed before the regifting begins. Its tough decisions. I'm also pondering getting immunizations for an African Adventure. I really don't like shots. Why can't we kill all the diseases out there???

I must say, the hilight of my day was the visit by the harem to work. And I also must say it was the highlight of most the male occupants of the office who watched them walk in. I don;t know if they noticed the craining of necks and the leering stares. I did, and I was amused. Most of all, I was pimpin!

So the rest of the week is going like this. Wednesday I have a function to attend, and I am apparently dressing up. I should take a picture. Thursday is trivia night. I'm currently open on Friday and Satruday nights for anyones party needs. And then Sunday, New Years Eve festivities. Monday, I'm watching GT beat down WVU. I feel a binge drinking session coming on.

Oh and at some point I'm working a couple extra days.

I hope all had a Merry Happy.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Twas the night before Christmas...

And I am currently sitting at work trying desperately to amuse myself. I've got my one flight plan bange dout for the night, and If i really wanted to I could probably head home now. But I would feel just a little guilty working less than half a shift. As it is, I'm being paid well to play miniature golf or read.

So this one goes out to all of use working types who are making the world run on Christmas. We sent a plane load of troops over to the sand box tonight, and I felt that was just mean sending them out on Christmas eve. But the company did a lot of special stuff for them, including catering the gate, decorating the plane, singing, gifts, and even a visit from our very on Santa. I've said it before, even though this place has some issues, we do take the best care of the troops we can.

Tomorrow moring I have an early call to mom's house for breakfast and Christmas morning. I'm looking forward to gorging myself on biscuits and bacon. Mmmhm. I may just stay at moms all day and eat breakfast food. I will be arriving early, to make sure I get the fresh bacon. Yes, I know, it's juvenile but you don't know my brothers.

So, I hope Santa is good to all those good boys and girls. And all you naughty girls.. just call me. You can sit on my lap!

Ok, so no more crudeness. Hope everyone has a good Holiday season with their family and/or loved ones. Be safe

Saturday, December 23, 2006

So this is Christmas, and what have we done

Well, I'm back a work. So I guess its times to write a blog. It being Chistmas holiday's the work load is excessively light. So I've taken to bringing a book in and reading it, I'm almost done. And I have 3 days left.

So, the 4 days off had some good times, I spent a lot of time with the harem, and I think in the process I discovered bad hummus. It really improves the quality of a morning when you start by vomitting. That's probably a bit too much info, but I thought everyone should know. At first I thought it was an alcohol problem, as I had been stiffed with a pitcher of Amber Bock to finish the night before, and then went to Taco Mac (yes, i know it was horrible). However, the fact the room was not in motion blew that theory.

So the moral of the story, don't eat the Hummus at B-52's.

Otherwise, nothing much exciting happened, unless you count the cleaning of my shower. After a month of travels and fun, the past 4 days were a nice rest period. And now, lets get the fun back on.

That's it, nothing much to complain about. Well nothing new to complain about anyway, and we're all tired of the same old stuff. I start my new hours after the first, which are the same as my old hours. So It's back to sleep problems. Maybe I'll just paint the windows black, I'm sure AMLI won' mind.

OK, well, back to my book... and maybe I'll pay attention to a plane or 2.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

When you're lost in deep despair, you just ask the lonely

I've been really aggrevated all night at work, and its over a fairly insignicant thing as far as the universe goes. Basically there was a huge holiday luncheon for the employees catered here, and a special note was put out that the night shift people would provided dinner also. Now I wasn't expected the chef to be here carving the roastbeef and the ham or the chaffing dishes to be out in the breakroom, but I did expect more than ham and cheese sandwiches to be left.

So out fo a menu of made to order pastas, carved roast beef, ham, bacon wrapped scallops, meatballs in marinara sauce, salads, assorted cakes and pies: I expected a little more than ham and cheese sandwiches on hard bread to be left. What's better, the veggie tray thats been here for 2 days was left with a "For PM Shift". OK to be fair, half a cup of meatballs and scallops was found in the refrigerator (and like a coffee cup).

Now, it's not that I'm missing out on a meal, but its like being told by management that my contributions here aren't nearly as important as people who work during the day.

So that started the aggravation, and then I just kinda got more and more annoyed with little things that really aren't that important. There's nothing worse then being under appreciated and it got to me.

Then I started picking up a little attitude from some one, and the timing was just bad on his part. The attitude may have been imagined, I don't know. Right now I can't be bothered with it.

I'm feeling a little better now, and I'm looking forward to some days off and Christmas. I really need to do some heavy cleaning around the apartment, and I really wanna get my bike to the shop for an oil change. Those pretty much are my priorities for the week. Shopping is done, and I think everyone will be pleased with my ideas, or at least they'll get some use or a good laugh. That's all I'll say.

So, I have work to do, some place has to keep the planes moving while the high salary types sleep.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I could use a beer and and a _____

I went off with Jersey shopping today at lenox mall. Wasn't as crowded as I expected, though we didn't stay long. Jersey seemed to think I was bored. I actually as enjoying watching the people shopping, and you really pick out the differences between men and women. For example. I watched a girl go to a sale table, pick up a shirt or something, look at, hold it up, unfold it, look at it some more, walk away and look at somehting else, come back to the first shirt, pick it back up, look at it some more, fold it back, walk around the rack, examine some other stuff, come back the original shirt, unfold it again, scrutinize it once again... and then leave.

And then a male shopper walks over to a rack (mens clothes just to be clear), pulls a shirt off, looks at the tag (i'm assuming for the size), puts it back, finds an exact copy of the shirt in a different size (i'm guessing) and then goes and buys it. So much simpler.

Now, we male types usually know what we want before we go, and find it and buy it. Rarely do we just browse (unless its for electronics or tools). Women browse for hours, just incase they might find something they don't need that's on sale. I find it hilarious.

The other thing that amused me while experience Lenox Mall was how all the seats and benches seemed to be occupied by men carrying bag(s). And occasionally, a woman (wife, girlfriend, mother) would walk over and either retrieve their loyal pet or hand them another bag and take off for another retail adventure. Apparently this is our job as men... hold bags, kill spiders, and lawn care. Once women find a better way to do all that, men will probably all die off as the next step of evolution..

I did enjoy the time out and I made use of it by actually buying something (which ironically Jersey didn't even though it washer shopping adventure). And I'm that much closer to being done shopping. I should be done by tomorrow if I can drag myself out of bed at a decent hour. And its not even Christmas Eve yet.

I'm starting to look forward to the idea of a roommate. Let's see if I can remember how to live with some one again. I suppose theres no more naked walking through the apartment. And more so, i'm looking forward to lowering my rent. More money to spend on frivolous things.

Its really slow at work till the end of the year, apparently we don't deploy alot of troops right before Christmas. So I'm catching up on the weeks TV shows I missed and reading. I suddenly have the urge to be a CIA operative and ovrethrow governemnts. Well, I've had the overthrow governments urge for a while.

Well, if I say anymore I'll have to kill you.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The year in preview: around the world in a daze

Current mood: contemplative

I'm trying to make plans, and I'm not usually so good at that. Theres some places I want to be at specific times next year, and I'm having a hard time working out the details. And then I have a hard time paying for it. So, here's how its all shaping up. And these are just a few things I want to do: There's Shanghai in February, Bike Week in March, Dave Matthews Band in Sydeny in April, Dave Matthews Band in Brussels in May, a Cruise in May, plus some where in there a trip for a week to Cairo or somewhere else in Africa (I think January is open). Now the problems here are the DMB in Brussels and the possible cruise are pretty much at the same time. Conflict number one.

And I'm sure here soon the DMB summer schedule will be announced, and that will require some coordination amongst interested parties. Oh and theres probably some potential trips to Jersey, Minneapolis, and Orlando that need to be made.

Oh and I have to visit South America (i'm think Buenos Aires) at some point next year to achieve my New Years resolution.

I think that should just about cover 2007. I may be spreading myself a little thin, or at least my bank account will be decimated. But I think it's worth it really. I suppose I should sit down, and plan out a budget and a schedule. And actually stick to it.

Then theres the normal stuff that comes up every year... do i want to move? I have a roommate possibility. Which would help with the expenses. But I've gotten kinda use to living with alone, but I do miss having some one around. Plus this person brings certain ASSets and pleasant decor to the living situation.

Now, I just need to figure that out, budget for 4 continents, Several states, and pay my bills on time. I suppose I could cut out beer. No, lets not even joke about that.

One money saving idea I'm coming up with, just eating at work for the rest of the month. Everyday I come in there's more candy and cookies and cakes and assorted snacks piled up in the office, plus 2 dinners being provided by the company. I could just eat at work. Thanx to some of the flight crews and ops reps, theres more German Chocolate in Dispatch than in most small German villages. Not that I'm complaining. Now if only i knew some one in Brussels who could send Belgium chocolate. Hrrrmm, wonder where I could find some one like that... say some No Talent Ass Clown that has the slackest job in the company right now.... hhuh? What are the chances?

On the Christmas front, I'm almost done with gifts (I know, and a whole week to go before Christmas!!!). I'm way ahead. I picked up the Harem's gift today... well, the major part of it. I think they find it both useful and entertaining. I have to get something for mom still, and my neice has put in a request, but I'm not sure if I can fill it. I should be finished and hopefully everything wrapped by Tuesday.... thats' the plan. Except JR's, it sona special order.... hahaha... don't ask what or how I got it, you don't want to know.

I got the bike out today, and even though she's overdue for an oil change... I took her out for a quickie. Its so nice out today and it's been so long since I've been for a ride. And she purred right along. I got off with a big grin. Its amazing it's December and I can ride the bike without needing the leathers for the cold. Yay for global warming.

Well, I think I'm gonna get back to work, which currently consists of me watching football on the big screen and Grey's Anatomy and CSI Miami on the internet. Don't worry, the planes are all running fine.

Friday, December 15, 2006

All the old paintings on the tombs, They do the sand dance

Let me first apologize to the whiny little beotch who keeps calling in to ask me stupid questions while i'm busy surfing the internet at work for not mentioning him in my last blog. I apologize for the omission and I'll be sure to make fun you future blogs as often as possible.

Seriously, Ryan was most helpful in my eventual non jumpseat home from Bruxelles. I'm getting into a bad habit of running into him in random parts of the world. I'm thinking of taking a trip Cairo and chances are, I'll run into him again. The only downer is that 5 hour layover in Addis Ababa... but then again, I could say I've been to Ehternopia. I could do the one thats stops in Khartoum, The Sudan (that's right next to Chad, Ray's favorite country), but apparently there are a few communicable diseases that breed there I don't feel like contracting.

Otherwise, I slept alot today. It was nice to be back in my own bed (which is very comfortable). I understand Grace's determination to sleep in her bed alot more now. I have been spending a good bit of time lately away from home. I do however miss the part about hotels where they come clean the place for you. If I could only get maid service at my apartment... and not pay for it.

And why is that hotel maids, even though you clearly have the "do not disturb" sign on the door, always knock and ask if you are sure. Its not like I was in Germany and brought my own personal English version of the sign. Or Flemish. I really don't want to be disturbed. I'll let you know when to clean it.

I'm back at work for the moment and would rather not be. But thats ok. I gave my boss the bill for the trip, at least the parts I had to pay for. He kinda laughed when I told him my room in Bruxelles included 25 Euros (about $30) for my "free" breakfast. You may be wondering what a $30 breakfast tastes like? it's not bad, except there were no pancakes. I would have thought for $30 I could get some freakin pancakes. or at least Belgium waffles. Hello, I'm in Belgium.. where are the waffles?

So, yeah Cairo... that sounds like it could have some potential fun. I've always wanted to see the pyramids, and thet would satisfy my Africa requirement for my New Years resolution. Of couse I need to check all this with my personal travel assistant Grace. I need to plan around her schedule now. Add Jersey's schedule, and wow... maybe I should get a PDA for Christmas. I do need to get shots before heading to the Dark Continent probably, which would require a doctors visit. I hate doctors.

I'm gonna get busy. I have a lot of nothing to do for the moment. Oh, FYI, theres new pictures on my slide show and new pictures on my photo bucket. Thats and search for mellodees. I didn't take alot because.. well, there wasn't a whole lot to take pictures of. And I really didn't feel like being all tourist-like.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This is getting ridicuous

Current mood: aggravated

I wrote this earlier today when I wa sin a much better mood, before getting screwed by departments that refuse to talk amongst themselves... for the seocnd time. I was looking forward to coming home tonight. Now, I'll be home later tomorrow.. and thankfully they were so nice to book the center seat in the back fo the airplane for me... for 10 hours... I think I may die. Anyways, enjoy the following... I think i'll order a $20 burger and charge it to the company.

So, here we are again. Grace used to send epistles on her treks around Europe,. I'm not doing nearly as much of a grand tour as she did. It's been about 5 years since I've been to the continent for any length of time. And this is my first time visiting Germany (for more than an hour at the airport). There are good things and bad things. Although I've managed to increase my German reading skills immensely, I'm still way behind on the conversational German. Honestly, sounds like a lot of throat clearing.

Let us look at Cologne, or Koln. The major attraction best I can observe is the cathedral. Apparently it's the only thing the allies didn't bomb to small pieces in the war. I have to believe we missed intentionally, because we couldn't possibly have not hit it without trying. It's amazingly huge, rivaling Notre Dame. Though it seemed more dark and gothic. Outside the Dom (German for cathedral), there was the first of the Christmas markets encountered. And let me give you a weather brief, the first night it was cold and misty. Generally miserable, but the Germans were out in force. The second night it was just cold and windy, and there were even more out and about. It was very festive. I'm not used to being outside in the cold when not having to be, and they seem to enjoy it. Could have been the Gluhwien.

So, today I took a trip over to Brussels. Due to a snafu, I no longer have a seat on the flight home from CGN. But it's a quick train ride over to BRU. And really, a trip to Europe is not complete with out a train ride. I really enjoy the trains here, they are much more relaxed than flying. None of the insane security and the hassle. And it by the time you factor in all the lines at an airport, the train is usually faster and cheaper. It was 41 Euros, or about $60 for a 3 hour train ride. Its comfortable, and you here every language on the continent being spoken.

Best part of the train rides have been the scenery. You see the country side. And it's much better than just flying over it. And in my experience Europe is usually cloudy, so this is about the only way you see the countryside. If you get the chance, come over, plan a train ride somewhere. You can grab a beverage of choice, put on some headphones and just stare out the windows. Chances are you'll either fall asleep or meet some one nice alone the way.

So here I sit in the hotel bar in Brussels (or since I'm all about using the local vernacular… Bruxelles). I'm spending my last 5 Euros on a Stella Artois (hey, I'm in Belgium). I don't even know what my budgeting on this trip went like, I really haven't been paying attention. Mainly because I have the money and secondly because I'm getting paid plus per diem for this little jaunt.

I just noticed the bar at the hotel is called the the Cockpit Bar… hrrmm.

So the other thing I like to do when I get over here is not be a tourist, but be a traveler. There's a difference. Think of a tourist being the person always lost staring at a map, and in the case of most Americans, being really annoying to the locals. Being a traveler is being some one a little savvy to the local ways and language, and who blends in a little but people still know your not from around here. Your polite and understanding and take the normal language and cultural differences in stride. At the end of the day, you've probably learned something about the place your at but the people your around.

So, I think I managed well in Cologne, people would ask me directions… in German. I would politely say excuse me, and they would ask again in English. Oddly enough, I knew the answers most times. That's the way I like to move around. I'm always trying to just blend in.

So, I learned Germans like American football. I even discussed the NFL with an English bartender in an Irish pub in a German city. I find that amusing. Got to talk some travel ideas with a German bartender at the Bier Museum, and found out she just was offered a job that day in an advertising firm. Her sister in Chicago was going to be very excited about it.

I also noticed that German girls really like "hooker" boots. And I really like German girls in hooker boots. It's a great compromise.

So it's fair to say that these last couple trips really haven't done much to remedy that travel urge I've had of late. Instead, I want to see more and go new places. I think some one should come with me next time though. Any takers?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Guten Tag

So while I'm waiting for the work website to load, I thought I'd drop a note. Cologne is a nice town, everything seems to center around the Cathedral.. which is huge and some how didn't get bombed during the war. And inside it's amazing.

I've found a nice Irish pub, and hit the Beir Museum and the Chocolate museum. I liked the beir one better. Done some browing around the Christmas markets, which are areally kinda neat. I don't think anyone works or goes to school here, its noon and the entire city seems to be out shopping. Of course the sun goes down at 4:30 so I suppose they have to get out early to see the sun.

Other neat things, bratswurst everywhere, have some Gluhwien (warm wine with a shot of rum or ameretto... warms u up inside), and German TV. Nice. You know how we get those late night phone sex commercials with the girls in skimpy clothes telling you to call. Well, they have the same thing here, except remove the skimpy clothes. It's porn ... on regular channels. I'm managing around not knowing the language, and it helps most people seem to speak english enough to sell me things.

There's a change in my schedule, due to unforeseen circumstances, looks like i'm taking the train to Brussels tomorrow morning and flying home from there. So chalk up anohter country this month. Well, I have to send some emails to the boss and finalize the plan for my trip home. Its such a pain but I'm used to being flexible in travel. And after that, beir!

Auf Wiedersehen

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Fly me to the moon...

Strange days...

So, this is coming live from JFK airport in New York. I've manage to not only sniff out a wireless network to jump onto but find a handy window for airplane viewing. And as much as I enjoy watching airplanes at good old ATL, there's so much more variety here. In the time it took me to log on, a Saudia 747 and an Alitalia MD-11 have taken flight. So I'm managing to satisfy my inner airplane nerd and my inner cyber nerd at the same time. I only wish the network connection worked in the Sam Adams brewpub here... I would never leave.

So I got up this morning after way too little sleep. But I did manage to convert my 10 hour shift into a 6 hour shift last night. I think thats fair for having an 8 AM flight scheduled after being on shift till 3 AM. ANd i had a committment I just didn't want to get out of yesterday afternoon.

SO anyways, it turns out in an odd twist of coincidence I used to work with Tanya's older brother back in the old FedEx days. I was wondering why he stared at me when he came in the apartment. I mean besides the obvious jealousy that he's not me. It was one of those 'small world' moments. If I would have only known how hot his sister was back then, I may have tried to hang out more.

I've been busy at home. Well, not really, but I have managed to get gifts not only bought, but wrapped already!!! And my spiffy little tree is all decorated, and the apartment itself has taken on some festive flourishes. Yes, I think I'm getting that Christmas spirit. Yet I still have no idea what to get mom.

I'm thinking of maybe having some people over to experience my festive abode, and possibly buy an sweater with a reindeer on the front... ok not so much on the reindeer sweater. My jubulance does have bounds. I'm thinking thursday after my triumphant return from Germany, but we'll see. It won;t be a full blown party, mostly becase alot of people will be working. Maybe I can just have the whole harem assemble for a meeting. Then add some copious ammounts of alcohol and see what kind of festive cheer they spread. Stay tuned.

There's a freakin pigeon walking around the gate area I'm in.... only in NY.

So, a little bit of aviation history... the Delta terminal i'm currently sitting in was once the Pan American World Airways Worldport. It was built back in 19.. and was that starting point for many journeys for the armada that once carried the signature "Blue Globe" to the far corners of the world. Its just kinda neat to think about how many people caught their first glimpse of America in this building.

All Nippon AIrways B-777... cool

OK, thats my historical moment for the day, I'm off to find some lunch before heading over to the Lufty cargo terminal for my ride out. I can't say i'm looking forward to the flight, the seat is going to be hella uncomfy and their doing pilot training. But the price is right. I'll be in touch.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Standing on the edge of the Cliffs of Insanity, amd I'm ready to jump Current mood: awake

Its currently 6:07 AM on a Wednesday morning. Y'all may be askin why I'm awake and typing a blog... and I'm pretty wondering the same thing myself. I woke up about 40 minutes ago, and my first reaction was... OH shit I slept through Wednesday. Then I realized it's the morning. I wanna go back to sleep, but for some reason that won't happen until about noon or so... which kinda blows.

I was told the other night by some one that since her life was crazy, she was going to make mine the same. Too late! As much as I'm enjoying actually having things to do and plans to look forward too, its starting to get a little overwhelming. Christmas is coming, and you wanna find that perfect gift that's jsut going to make that person smil uncontrollably. And i tend to suck at that. The biggest problem is mom, what do u get the person who has everything and wants nothing (at least thats what she says). ANy ideas?

Otherwise, i think its going to be a slow lazy day, as opposed to the active melee's i've been experiencing (ha). I do have some cleaning that needs to be done but I'm just not in the mood for it. I vacuumed this week, isn;t that enough. If i had more money I wouldn't do laundry, I'd just buy new clothes. Well, maybe not, I hate shopping.

Which is one reason I like Christmas, people buy things for me!! Saves me the trouble. Its not that i demand gifts, it just takes the pressure off or me to go to stores and figure out what I want. And its nice to be surprised. For all the faults, A always did the best at getting me surrpise gifts. I always got something I wasn't expecting but really loved. The surprise is the best part.

Did you know the only TV on at 6 am is infomercials and news?? Both of which I really don't like. But I have found BBC World news, which is by far more interesting too me than the local stories.... who lost a dog or what not.

I think I'm gonna wrap this up. Maybe I'll finish my water and try to get some more sleep. I'm off to moms house this evening to pick up Christmas decorations.

Monday, December 4, 2006

You put the "u" in douche bag

Current mood: chipper
I really don't anything to say, or any new exciting news. But I heard the line in a song last night and I just couldn't let it go by with immortalizing it as a blog subject.

Yesterday was a good day. The training thing I went to was most interesting and very infromative. Which hasn't been te norm for training in the past. And this wasn't so much a training class as an intro for the ground school instructors as to what they are covering in the next year. I met some pilots and we had an after class debrief, which was very educational.

I did have issues the night before sleeping, I woke up at 5 am and was wide awake. That sucked.

After the debreifing i went to help Grace with her recovery from the major foot surgery. OK, it apparently wasn't that major, but I was amused by her "yes" and "no" instructions, and that re-affirms my faith in the medical industry when u have to write on the leg to show which one should be operated on. SHe seemed to be well on the way to recovery when I left.

I took my leave and spent a fabulous night in the Highlands with Elise. The beer flowed, the fries were delicious, and the live entertainment was... well.. best i can say was he was alive. Though he did have some nuggets of wisdom in his music (see the subject line) but for the most part it wasn't my thing.

The second bar (Atkins) was much better. I do miss living up there.

Today, its nice out. I think i may take in some coffee and reading, is freakin cold! I'm also happy I managed to budget myself well and won't have an overdrawn checking account if my rent check clears before Friday. That makes me happy.

Tonight should be fun. I'm taking Elise and Jersey to experience a fun and different kinda of evening. I hope they enjoy, everyone else has walked away with a big smile... I aim to keep my harem satisfied. Tahts enough rambling. I'm going to go amuse myself for a couple hours.

Saturday, December 2, 2006

This blog has no sunject

Here we go again. its Friday here in my world, and I can;t be happier I don;t have to come to work tomorrow. Though, like a dumbass I volunteered to go to a training session with pilots on Monday. But I do get a free lunch and some easy OT. And things should be interestig.. i just found out the federales will be there... no pressure.

But its only from 930 till 1520, so thats not too bad. Possibly beers after wards! I hope y'all know I've had 2 adult beverages since I returned from Vegas... thats coming up on 2 weeks. I'm going through withdrawals! I suppose that going to a dry country on vacation really isn't my thing.

And i hope you all know as I type this the airline is cumbling around me. None of it is my fault and there's nothing i can do about it. But it is disconcerting (my word of the week) that we can't seem to keep an operation running.

And now, my check engine light is on. I checked it, it's still there, so thats good. Luckily it came on after i had my emissions test and I really don't have to clear it for a year! I just know that its going to probably cost a small fortune. I love my car and I really would like it to not fall apart on me.

And today I also noticed that my credit limit on one of the czards has been increased... great. They have no idea how much self control I don't have. I'll owe my soul to Bank Of America before its over. I think I have a new plan for managing my debt. It involves scissors.

I think mo is going to graciously donate Christmas paraphernalia to my cause, in exchange for taking the Christmas decorations down out fo the attic. I should throwa party for everyone to come over and decorate my apartment... and serve festive drinks. Hrrmmmm. I must ponder this.

Friday, December 1, 2006

lets try this again, for the 45th time

Let me start by saying this is the second time I'm typing this. And I was really happy with the first version. Lets hope I can recreate the literary masterpiece that myspace obliterated...

OK, I don't know how many of my loyal readers have ever played with guns. I know your not suppose to but we do. But have you ever had one aimed at you? How about 2? And you just knew there was a round in the chamber and the safety was off? Now, it's disconcerting at best. And well. now lets raise the stakes and make that gun a M60 machine gun, you know the kind they have to mount to something more sturdy than a 6'5" US Marine bcause he can't hold it and fire it without being knocked down by the recoil.

I think you get the picture.

I can say now that it's happened to me. On departing Kuwait, we enter through the air base side. I've been on a f ew military installations stateside, but never like this. Brings it all home that people are dying en mass just a 100 miles away or so. We're not in Kansas anymore.

Lets see if I can paint a picture for you. You have to go through several checkpoints to get from the road to the ramp where the planes are parking. Various ID's are checked at each gate. And then there's the one where they put you behind a concrete barrier and go over your vehicle for 10 minutes or so for explosives and contraband. And past each gate are these little towers. They're not well hid or camoflauged... it being a desert i think a tree would be more a give away than just putting up the towers.

Whats in thses towers? Well, judging from the barrels pointing out of them, a M60 and a soldier who knows how to use it. And why have one when you can have two. And it's not like they are pointing away from you while they check your ID. They're pretty much watching for you to do something stupid.

And I tend to do stupid things often... so no quick movements for me. And i did kinda wonder how fast I could be shredded should he suddenly catch his sleeve on the trigger by accident. And then, if these aren't enough, there are Hummers driving around with the machine gun turrets on the top... manned and ready.

And while I never really felt any danger the whole time in Kuwait City, its a vivid reminder that right up the road there is a war going on and people are dying daily. Yet I do think we are doing some good, and so did most of the troops I talked to. (One kid who was holding a gun while he watched me was based at Maxwell in Montgomery... the old Southwind reheasal mecca). I can only hope for a speedy exit form this war without much more bloodshed.

Well, back to the real world. Jersey left today for Jersey. Convenient. And most everyone is working. So i'm not missing out on a lot of fun happeneing I don't think. Next off days I'm home doing not alot, I think I may do some deocrating around the house. I'm really up for some festiveness and holiday cheer. And I actually have bought most the Christmas presents I'm buying this year. There's a possibilty they may get wrapped before Christmas Eve. I know, i'm way ahead this year. But no one get excited, the gifts aren't that great!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

where am I? and why am I here?

Well, I made it in safe and sound this morning. This job does have some perks, most involving getting the short line at the airport. Customs was charming as usual. But the ATL station folk were most helpful in getting me to my car... and bypassing some issues.

As you may have noticed i put up some pictures. There are more on my site (search for mellodees). I plan to put some more up when I get them from the other sources (RYAN!). I will reiterate it was a fun little jaunt.

Next.. looks like i'm off to Cologne, Germany on the 10th. My annual familiarization ride (also known as a free 4 day vacation). SO thats should be fun. I'm really into the travel these days. I don't know why... but it is long overdue. Theres some options for trips coming up that look interesting. I'm holding out for Grace to go to China, and maybe theres a chance for a trip to Cairo early next year too. I think my goal for next year is to complete my visits to all the continents (except maybe Antartica.. that ones tough). I really only have Africa and South America to go.

Perhaps I shoul go get a yellow fever shot just incase. Ethiopia is looking like a trip for next summer :-).

I think we all know how much I like to get out and see the world.

I really don't have much else to say. I'm settling back into the humdrum of normal life. At least I've gotten a good bit of christmas shopping done. I hope no one is expecting anything expensive.

well, ack to pretending to work... AMF!

The crowd caught a whiff of that crazy Casbah jive, The shareef don't like it Rockin the Casbah

So, I'd say right now I'm about 100 miles into Iraqi airspace at around FL290 I think… but I'll have to check that later for validity.

I'm heading home form an Arabian Adventure and I thought I spend the time doing something productive… so I'll nap later. Bt right now. I thought I'd type up a blog entry for posting later. I have to say the most disappointing aspect of the trip was the lack of Kuwaiti culture encountered. Seriously it was like flying to Palm Springs. As we drove down Arabian Gulf road, we passed every dining option that's available in Newnan, GA. Johnny Corino's, Ruby Tuesday, Buffalo's, Chili's, and we had dinner at Applebee's.

Baghdad is right outside the window now….

Back to Kuwait City…. Its shockingly western. Especially for the alleged dislike for the infidels they harbor. I don't see it. Once again I found the local population to be most courteous… except when driving. OH my god, I thought Manhattan was a free for all. These people… Well… Lets say that the Kuwaiti police don't ticket Kuwaiti's, or Brits, or Americans, so Ryan Andretti here did 90 mph everywhere we went. Only the immigrant workers (Pakistanis and Filipinos mostly) seem to get in trouble. And if you hit a jingly… well, no big deal, there's more. Have a car wreck, they just leave the car where it dies.

Many asked why I would spend a weekend in Kuwait? Well, because "I can" really is the best answer. I was feeling the need to get out of the country as it was, and this worked well. Ryan was very gracious host. And I have thing for women in birkahs. That's it baby… pull that eye hole down, show me some cheekbone... that's hot.

Not all the women dress that way, not all the men where the headdress. Many more do here than did in Bahrain. I do stand by the previous opinion that middle eastern women can be freakin gorgeous. To bad you can't really look at them.

And people will ask if I felt safe, hell yes. Mainly because most the people in Kuwait are contractors for the military. And if the jinglies get caught stealing or speeding or jaywalking, they lose an appendage. It seems very effective in crime prevention. Kuwaitis don't seem to need to steal, they're all loaded.

SO, what did we do here? Well… we went sightseeing through downtown Kuwait city. Saw all the major sites… of which there was really one. But I'm ahead of myself. Once we were in country (unofficially) we went to Starbucks at the hotel. Cheesecake and coffee (the place is open 24/7) at 3 am was amusing. Then some sleep. The out around town most the day.

Everything is pretty much Beige. The ground, the buildings, the dresses worn by the locals. We spotted the new cars from Nissan and Toyota, the Jihad. You know how in all the news reports we get here you always see the mini trucks with the people in the back with machine guns and stuff (think Blackhawk Down). Those freakin trucks are everywhere… just waiting to get an AK and become Jihad ready.

New! From Nissan, the Jihad turbo with 4-wheel drive… for when u need the extra power to mow down all the Infidels!

In all seriousness though, I never felt unsafe. The Kuwaitis seemed nice people and the jinglies other than being annoying were over eager to serve. Although, the Kuwaitis do have an overdeveloped sense of self importance sometimes.

Anyway, back to what we did… we went to the one sightseeing spot, the towers on the shore. The symbol of Kuwait and their resitance to the barbarian invaders. They kinda looked tacky up close.

You know I expected Iraq to be a lot less well lit than it is. I suppose I really should take my own advice and totally ignore American news reports from here. Sky News, BBC world, and even AL Jazeera do a better job than Fox and CNN in my opinion.

After tourng the city and catching the Abdul Al Majene Mohammed Aziz Bin AL Saleem Dirka Dirka Suada highway (or something like that, its hard to read Squiggly). And every road was named either a number (and not like 10th street, more like Road No 105) or some unbelievably long Arabic name. I would hate to give directions.

Back the hotel, we had to relinquish the car, apparently they needed it for work. And we kinda chilled on the beach till dark. It was a little cold for swimming, but it was beautiful there. I can see this place becoming a tourist place if tensions calmed and alcohol was allowed. Both are hopefully happening soon. Give it time.

There were surrealistic moments.. like who would have thought I'd be chillingt here in Kuwait at a Starbucks looking out over the marina, or walking the Soukh (marketplace), or walking in the Persian gulf. Or the best, meandering around the ramp of the military side of Kuwait Int'l Airport. I'm very lucky.

And now, some of you have heard me point out some of the, um, faults of Whiskey Oscar Alfa… but I have to say we do good work out on the line. The crews really treat the troops the best we can. And Its sort of surreal at time watching kids… and I mean kids, get of the planes carrying M-16's and side arms all with that serious "I'm a bad ass American War Machine", But u can see some of the hesitation and uncertainty. I really commend them all for the sacrifices they have made. And its good to be part of something bigger than yourself. It's so rewarding bringing them home.

If you ever get the chance, come over. It's a nice place to visit. You're not going to be car bombed. You're not going have Jihad declared on you. Everything in the city is in English, and most of it is American in origin. Now, I'm going to either sleep or watch a movie. I have about 13 hours left of flying. I may write more, I may crash. You know crash probably isn't the right word to be using at the moment.

Dinner is here time to munch. Any questions??

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Tryptophsn is kicking in... and i wanna go to sleep

So, my loyal readers... did we all have an enjoyable thanxgiving? I slept most the day and have been eating since I woke up. Mom once again delivered a feast with enough food to feed an army.

I did make arrangements to come late to work to join the gathering, and at points I was thinking about not doing that. I feel guilty skipping out of work alot. But then again, its only once a year right? But then I had a call from a friend this morning, and it made me want to see Mom that much more. I do feel I isolate myself sometimes... its my nature I think.

But anyways. I do hope that all made the best of their day, where ever you may have been. I'm off to Kuwait on Saturday night. I'm very much looking forward to the trip (well, except the plane rides). It should be interesting at least.

I'm thinking of decorating the homestead for Christmas this year. Usually I resist just because I don't like seeing a Christmas tree with no gifts under it, makes me a little sad. I suppose i could actually shop earlier than Christmas Eve and put those under it. I might do that. For the last few years I haven't been feeling festive... maybe this year i can go Clark W Griswald on my apartment (a la Christmas Vacation) and blind all my neighbors while causing brown outs in the PTC area... that would at least be amusing.

I'm not getting long winded tonight like I did last night... I kinda went of the deep end there. But I was on a roll. Hope everyone is well and Seasons Greetings to all!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fate is just the weight of circumstances, that's the way that lady luck dances, Roll the bones!

Current mood: contemplative

So I had to fill out a form today and one of the questions on it was "religion?".. and I really didn't know how to answer. I asked why it matters, and apparently it's there in the event I'm killed in a war zone the proper buriel rights will be administered. That's comforting. I thought about putting different things just to see if the Department of Defense would go with it.. Zoroastrian, Scientoligist, Jewish-Aborigine, Jedi... but they don't have much of a sense of humor in the Pentagon so I just went with Christian.

So, random things. Walking through the casinos of sin city I was thinking about the random chances of me puting $5 in slot machine and leaving with a few million. Of course I probably wouldn't leave, I'd get a bigger room, a lot of Grey Goose, and the 2 hookers I saw in the lobby of my hotel (who asked me if i would like company... they were model hot). I assume $1 Million will pay for a lot of VD treatments, so what the hell.

But even when the slots would roll up a winning combination, and I walked with away $80 more than I came with, or when I was up $100 ona roulette game.. and then proceeded to lose it all. (I only started with $20 so its not like it hurt me alot)... I got wondering, what is this thing called "luck". Is it just some extra-sensory power certain people project that alters the randomness of the universe?? Or is it just a bunch of crap? There are entire discplines of mathematics that have been created to explain the randomness of events, most with the hope of predicting them. I took some of these classes in college, but I thought there were such nonsense.

But then again, lets say theres some order to the universe and we'll find some magic math equation to predict, say, how many times 13 black comes up on the roulette wheel. Of course, I could save the genius in the basement of the Math Building at Tech some trouble, and just tell them 13 black comes up exactly when I stop putting money on it.

While I do believe there is some order to the chaos around us, I don't want to think my future is predetermined, which a certain level of order would imply. There's too much evidence in physics and mathematics to say everything around us is the result of a random reaction or energy and matter, too much elegance and symmetry in the way the universe is put together. (I would cite specific examples but I haven't reading a lot of physics and math books lately... but I remember they're out there). So, that in itself would almost logically provide for the existance of something that controlled and created what's around us... God, Allah, Yahweh, whatever name you want to use.

And this is for JR, we won't get into the whole proof that God exists negates the existance of God argument... I will not be responsible for God's disapperance in a puff of logic.

So now that we've established that there's order to the universe... how do we explain the Chaos around us?? In the way that the Devil is the opposite of God, is chaos the opposite or order? I can't say i believe that, though some seem to praise God (or whatever supreme being they subscribe to) for positive random results and reactions while blaming Satan (or whatever ultimate evil being they may subscribe to) for the negative results and reactions. I for one don't buy it... you would saying God created the perfect ordered universe then Satan came and introduced Chaos and screwed it all up. But then God created Satan... thus order creates its own chaos. In a given time, the entire universe would eventually lose all order... and thats no fun.

So, lets go with this... the free will of the beings in the universe bring chaos to the order. For example... the universe has been created perfectly in harmony... and then I walk up and kill a bug... which was suppose to fertilize a flower, and now the flower fails to reproduce. That flower had a specific gen combination that would have led to a mutation that would eventually reesult in secretion of a chemical that would cure the common cold. And there you go, I'm responsible for billions of people having the sniffles. Yay me! I could have left the poor bug alone, but I decided to smash for no other reason then I just don't like bugs. My decision.

So those of you who have read this far are probably wondering what the hell is he smoking. Lets say I'm at work, theres nothing going on and I'm bored. The whole randomness thing came into my mind watching the dice roll and the roullette wheels spin. And then, while sitting at the airport in Denver (some place i never planned nor wanted to go, but decided to in hopes of making it home quicker - and did make home quicker proving the shortest disance between 2 points is not always a straight line), I ran into a girl who is one of the regular waitresses at the Taco Mac here in Peachtree City. How random is that?

Scary how my mind works sometimes. After proofreaidng the above, i could probably find some points to argue on.. but arguing with myself is no fun, though I always win. But if anyone wants to discussed the nature of life, the universe, and everything, feel free to stop by. But I know the answer already... it's 42.

That's it, I've typed enough for today. Happy Thanxgiving to all those out there celebrating. And let the mad rush to Christmas begin!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What happens in Vegas... I'll tell u all about it.

here's so much to say, and I don't know where to start. Vegas.. hrrrmmm... to all you guys who backed out on going, Y'all Suck!! But that being said, I did get some good research done for future expeditions... and I expect every one to show up...

So... those of us who did adventure out had a good time (I think),though it sometimes hard to tell. I got out friday on the second attempt, and I got the primo back row middle seat on an Airtran 737. Now,I know I'm not a small man, but these seats are made for children or something... it was rediculous. Didn't sleep the night before so when I got, met MB and checked in... took nap (i'm old, deal with it)... Hung around the casino for a bit after that until Grace arrived. And if by chance Grace's parentals are reading this, she was a perfect angel and often would lead me from temptation.

The rest of us know better... and I led them to a bar in TI that is my absolute favorite place. There was music and dancing and free shots and scantily clad women... all the things that make life worth living. I did get a compliment from some young lady on my dancing skills (hahahaha). JR and Ray remember the days of heading to Friday's and ordering by color?? I revived that tradition (and it hurt the next day, but oh well). I was introduced to a girl who I can only refer as A3, because... well.. she reminded me of A... same sort of boisterous drunk personality. However, this one cost me nothing and her breasts were bigger, and real. I checked.

We closed the bar (well, Grace and I... mb turned in early .. a habit she got into). Made back to the hotel just in time to pass out. Apparently Grace left sometime the next morning... and apparently I was dead cause i didn't move for hours and hours after repeated attempts at waking.

Saturday and sunday went about the same, mostly lounged around all day then would randomly go to casinos and eat and I would end up staying out till the we hours... Coyote Ugly has improved a little... the piano bar in NY-NY is the shit.

I must say there are things I like and don't like about vegas...
Likes: Sluttily dressed women, free booze while you gamble, sluttily dressed women, almost everone is in a mood to have a good time and shed whatever hang ups they would have back home...
Dis-likes: Sluttily dressed women who shouldn't (leopard prints abound!!!), the booze in the bars you have to pay for is ridiculous $6 Miller Lites... come on!, Lots of the sluttily dressed women are selling something... themselves... its hard to tell the difference in women who dress like ho's and ones who actually are ho's.

The real downer of the trip was coming home.. from 9 am Vegas time until about 1 am Atlanta time I was trying to get home. I do have to say that both LAS and DEN have some great concessions. I would like to give a big thanx to Frontier for getting me home... and if Elise is reading this (because she never calls or writes me back I have no idea if shes still living), Airtran owes me $27.50... get that for me would ya.

Now some of you might think I'm leaving out details... and you would be correct. Come talk to me and we'll get more details. As much as I can remember anyways.

Now all thats left is to let the dust settle form the bills.... my ATM card is smoking from over use... and I honestly did better budgeting than I thought... but in the end I had to shell out more for others. But its a temporary situation until I can cash the check. So, by Friday I should have everything back in line. That makes me happy.

So there's no great wisdom imparted from reading this one, other than maybe don't drink based on colors... nah.. do it... it's fun. This week is busy, Thanxgiving, family, work, Kuwait on saturday.. all good times!

Monday, November 13, 2006

The world is my oyster, and its a real bottom feeder

I am in a very aggrevated mood tonight. I can't point to one particular event n the last few days to get me here, but a culmination of stupid questions, bitchy co-workers, a head cold, lack of sleep, and just some general diappointments.

So, I'm 3 days into being 30. And really its not all bad. Then everyone asks you if you had any goals set and if they were achieved? Well, I'm still alive so one was acheived. The rest, well... mostly no, but then again, I did achieve alot of things that weren't planned that were good. There are some elt downs, but i feel the ups outway them.

next time I try to work 6 days in a row some one shoot me, especially if its overnight shifts. I hate sleeping all day, I lived the vampire life for years and it got old, i really don't want to go back. Plus at night we get stuck with all the crap the management types "forgot" to do... and u find out 5 hours before the plane is to depart you don't have permission to fly over... Krygyzstan or the Maldives. And the person responsible for getting permits.. "what do you want me to do from home?"

Ugh.. i'm gonna stop bitching, its depressing me. I'm going to Vegas this weekend.. I'm going to have fun... i'm coming home broke and bewildered... thats my plan.

Thursday, November 9, 2006


There are lots of benchmarks in ones life. And most of them seem to be numerical in nature. It's come to be that most people today are represnted by some number or another, and some hold a lot of significance, some don't. There are those of so much importance you never forget them, and then there are those that are just left behind. Some go on to define us.

For example, everyone has their social security number... but do u remember the street number of the house you grew up in (163) or the first phone number you learned (474-1529). And there are those that seem to just stick with you for no appearent reason (S-15... my first drum corps drill number) other than at one time in your life it was the most important thing you had to remember.

Then we grow up little more, and you have the first employee number (227030) or your first credit card number (I'm not putting that one up here). And as we go, we learn that there are more and more numbers that "they" have assigned to you, and you didn't know it... and suddenly it controls your ability to do things.. and you're given you credit score (732 last I looked) or your GPA if your still in school (2.67).

But the things you should be thankful for and keep around you the most are the people who don't treat you like a number. The family and friends and loved ones who actually have names, and it reminds you that the numbers you have been assigned, or assigned to yourself, just aren't all that important in the end. I was most impressed tonight when Leslie came in with 2 cakes she baked and Sheri with a card signed by most everyone I work with in the OCC at work. I was not expecting that at all... a very pleasent surprise.

So here's to 30 years lived and 100 blogs written... hopefully many more of both will follow. But really, they're just numbers... and who's counting?

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey

It was a good day today despite the dreary weather. I exercised my civic privilages and voted. I find it funny about 75% of the elections were uncontested. I should pay attention to these things and run for one of them, the precursor to my presidential campaign.

Then I went and donated $230 to the State of Georgia, in the form of tag fees and Ad Valorem tax (whatever that is anyway). I really could have done with out that, but apparently you have to pay to drive on the roads here.

The best part of the day, I received my copy the new best of DMB CD. And really, its not like I don't have all these songs on CD already, and even mulitple versions of them live, but still, I like getting new DMB CDs. And the one has a CD of live tunes, that are new versions that are really good. And what really made my day is I actually had been to one fo the Live recordings. Some say I'm a bit obsessed... and they would be right. I can admit it. But its better than being addicted to meth. They did announce Dave is doing a solo tour in Europe in February and March, and three of the cities are ones Whiskey Oscar Alpha fly to almost daily... hhhrrrmmmm. Dave Matthews is the best thing to come out of South Africa ever.

So, I have officially made it clear I'm spending my money form the insurance company on something other than repairing my car, at least for the moment. I tried to be a responsible adult but it just didn't work out. And speaking of... any one up for going to play Thursday... the family plans have been moved to friday so I'm now free.

Monday, November 6, 2006

Sweet dreams are made of this.... who am I to disagree

hey're running the best songs of the 80's on VH-1 Classic this weekend, and I'm very excited about that. I don't know why really, except it's the music I grew up listening to, and I still remember most of the words to all of them. Scary.

So, this is my Public Service Message to all you out there who read this go vote! I know, the choices are really slim, the republicans and democrats are both probably going to screw us in the end, but at least if you vote... you can really bitch about how they lied to you and broke promises. I don't want to get all poltical, but I do think people should really vote. Being part of the disaffected Generation X (so I'm told I am anyways), we have become quite ambivilant toward the world leaders. We shouldn't be that way... end of the PSA.

Its been rather slow around the house. Some how I keep managing to track leafs into the apartment. I love fall. Except, and I don't know if I've mentioned this, I hate it being dark so early. Whats the point really of the time changing?? Other than to annoy me.

I'm really enjoying the fashion flashbacks from the videos... Maybe I'll go for the Flock Of Seagulls hair cut and a thin piano key tie. Oh, and a pastel blazer!! It's still better than the 70's looks!!

Four more days, and I'm old. I'm really not trying to focus on that... and Dammit i can party all night and drink any 20-something kid under the table.. without assitance from illegal substances. I just can't do it more than once every week or 2.

I really need to have some good fun, and some blasts of happiness around here... anyone wanna play?

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Yes, I have seen paradise and it is a pancake smothered in syrup

Yes, i finally obtained some pancakes, not the big fluffy delicious ones I like, but these were convenient and free. The advantages of doing training at a hotel with a breakfast buffet... and charging it to the company.

And that was also the highlight fo rmy recurrent training. Otherwise it was just the three of us talking about whatever seemed relevant at the time... often nothing to do with any work related issues. I'm not sure that I'm happy or upset about this, I always hope to learn something, but I'm also kinda lazy and enjoy doing nothing and getting paid. Life is tough.

I also really seemed to have hurt myself playing tennis last week with JR, something is weird with my right foot, it hurts when I walk... and I have a nifty limping gait...I'm really showing my age No pain no gain i guess.

Otherwise, things are same ole same ole. I really can't think of anything or interest to talk about, even though I've had a lot on my mind lately. I don't particualrly feel like getting into it all now, instead I'm going to TM and watch the Tech game and think of nothing

But I thought everyone should know they can relax, I got my pancakes. Did i mention I hate night starting at 6 pm?

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Where is the dayight we saved during Daylight Savings time??

It's that time of year again. I'm at home watching the Real World: Denver cast preview. I don't know why I continually watch this show, I suppose it's my one "reality" TV vice. I can't even say that anything on the Real World ha sbeen that real in the last decade, I mean who really gets set up in a pimp house with every gadget you can possibly imagine and then get paid to go out bar hopping every night?? And yeah they get "jobs".... right. Hey MTV, if you make it real and see how real people live, give them the roommates jobs as servers or retail sales specialists, and have them live in a 2 bedroom apartment in the not so good part of town. That's freakin reality!

And yes, so far we've got all the stereotypes... the hottie sluts (with baggage), the gay man, the angry black man (or 2 ), the hunky frat sport guy... all the girls with great breats and the guys with 6 pack abs. And yes, I'm going to watch it religiously. I think its jealously that I don't live with 3 raging, lets say extremely sexually liberated women, and have six pack abs.

So, today, I took JR down!!! I schooled him on the courts 2-1. Yeah!!! Who's the man... Sampras watch out!! Ok not really, but we did play and we did have some fun, and I did win 2 matches to 1. BUT, I must give JR his props, a couple times I had him running all over the court... I was most impressed. I do have a theory as to why I won... but we won't get into that here.

I have recurrent training starting tomorrow. For you non airline people, some reaosn the FAA makes all us go back to class for 20 hours a year to allegedly refresh out memories on things we may have forgotten or things that may be new. Unfortunately my recurrent usually covers none of that, it tends to be boring videos and lots of "Back when I worked for...." stories. At least Leslie is there to keep me company... and we can't act like juveniles.

I'm hopefully can find something to do after work the next couple of days... the walls are closing in on me here. Suckage. My birthday is coming, and I think I've pretty much blown off getting my car fixed and just blowing it on something pointless... I know, it's irresponsible... but i don't really care!
I hate

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Nifty subject lines are so hard to come up with

I feel I should type something out, even though there's not alot to say. It's my Friday here, and I would be much more excited if only I didn't have training this week. But then again, I'm being paid well for it. I shouldn't complain.

The office place seems somewhat subdued tonight, or maybe its just the last few have been really hectic with the multiple airplane issues. Or maybe I'm just really relaxed. We all know how high stress my life is.

I do however think I make a dashing pirate (even though technically I was going for Zorro... but oh well). I did find its a bit more difficult to have the sword on than I would have thought. There's a lot of standing involved and not so much sitting on the couch, unless you want to spear it. But still, I think it would be fun to carry one all the time, and I was kinda digging wearing the puffy shirt... I may have to break it out more often. Arrrgh

Well, I did get an interesting call the other day at work... Pilot Joe called me.. but on the air-to-ground radio not the phone, quite unexpected, but nifty. And thats about it.

Since I do have training this week I will be available at nights for anyones pleasure. Please call... I like company!!

Thats enough pointless dribble. I'll try to come up with more insteresting dribble for the next writing.

Oh wait something more... why is it that full grown adult males feel the need to act like little girls? Ugh.. i wanna work with adults who act like adults.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sittin here restin my bones, this loneliness won't leave me alone

Ugh. I'm back at work. And it kinda sucks. Apparently next year I'm going back to the come to work at 3AM schedule. Sucks. I'm not very happy about that. I was really just starting to enjoy this schedule. Though I imagine I won't be stuck at work for all the drunk calls I usually get now. So, there is some DD availability next year.

Otherwise, it was a beautiful day today. I took out my girl today for a spin. I have been seriously neglecting her for the past month and I feel bad. But she was ready for a ride as always. I need to get the service done and maybe I can ride more. I think I've decided to just blow off getting the car fixed and spend the money on something more productive... VEGAS!

Or maybe not. I still need to buy my car tags. Blah.

I had dinner last night with Jersey, Sean, and Elise. Yes, that's three times this week I've seen Elise in person. This may comprise a long term relationship now. There was much laughter at the table, and more good times after when me and Elsie split off for beers. Jersey had some great experiences with NASCAR on saturday. Apparently there were a lot of "rednecks" out at the track. Yes i know, it was hard for me to beleive too. But she enjoyed the "game" and very impressed at the drivers going "hand in hand" around the track. I heart you Jersey! And i still want pancakes

Yes, my quest for pancakes is still underway, I may just have to bite the bullet and head to IHOP alone. No one wants to partake with me it seems. Maybe on my off day this week!

I'm still taking suggestions for my birthday... I have thursday and friday off (9th and 10th)... And i think maybe a trip to the Highlands. I know a nice irish pub up there. Then, the more daring among us could head to a footwear exhibition. We'll see.

Oh and realize society has reached its pinnacle, we can now have deep fried coca-cola batter. Yes, thats exactly what America needs. Is it any wonder we're an overweight country? Yet, we can't cure the common cold or have reasonably priced medical assistance. But you can give an old guy and erection for 4 hours... yay! We've come so far.

I'm going back to pretending to work. Would u believe we had an IT guy come in just to reprogram the big screens here so we could watch football? Can you believe he actually came in?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

A wasted youth is better by far than a wise and productive old age

'm a bit buzzed... so this should be interesting. Apologies for type-o's in advance.

I had a good time tonight. Despite being dropped by some one who was allegedly going to go with me. Its still a huge pet peeve with me. I understand sick, I understand things come up.... All I ask is a phone call. I don't think thats too much.

Enough of that. I'ts Halloween, and one of the benefits of Halloween, other than free candy, is that you get to hide behind a mask, and maybe for a littrle while be some one else. You get to hide your faults and issues behind a mask, and for a day, or a night, or a weekend be some one else. It/s liberating I think. I can only say I've had the pleasure to experience such freedom a few times, and its one reason I enjoy getting to another country. For some reason I seem to have a hang up when it come to going out and dancing and meeting people around here, but if you drop me in the middle of some strange foreign nation, it's all good.

But Halloween, even though its roots are a Pagan harvest celebration, afford us all a moment to step out of our world and enjoy life in some one else's shoes. And you get to pick the shoes you want to experience. I think Halloween is under appreciated as a holiday.

Other things, I can't remember if I mentioned I reconnected with some one form my past. But I did, and she was always a pretty cool person to talk to, and always very honest about the person she is (was) and her opinions. At least, that's what i picked up. Its nice to people from your youth come back and "visit", and i hope we an possibly enjoy the same relationship we once had.

I've passed 2000 views, that impresses me.... really, I didn't think anyone was really reading these. I also passed the 125 point on the Taco Mac beer list this week, yay... another free T-shirt (or really a $500 t-shirt).

There's some one here I kinda like, and she's so not the typical girl I go for, she's way better. I would like to go out with her and see what comes from it, but I really have no way to talk to her... and if I did my little voice would talk me out of it. I have this bad habit of placing others on a pedestal and believing them unobtainable. We'll see.

I have a friend who had a pretty bad day today I think, and I want that person to know they rock and to call if they need anything. It sucks that assholes sometimes sneak into our lives.... keep the faith that not all people suck. That keeps me getting out of bed in the afternoon.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

if you hold tight to what you think is your thing, you may find your missing all the rest

K, it's starting to get a little chilly out in the mornings for my tastes. Some one please return the thermostat to September! Thanx. Or i'll just continue to wake up at noon.

I met JR for some tennis this morning, and I think its fair to say we both enjoy the misery of the other that comes from being run across the court chasing volleys. Really, what good would it do to just hit the bacl back and forth where your standing? The downside is it was cold this morning, and I think I remember something my mother tried to teach me about it being bad to be all sweaty out in the cold.

Last night I spent some real quality time with Grace. It was good and we enjoyed ourselves immensely, or at least think she did. She did of course have to fight off a bunch of older guys in town for "business meetings", and it kills me that they still go for anything with a heartbeat and not bother to remove the wedding rings. It also amuses me that they find girls to play with. And while these are not the quality of ladies I'm looking for in my life, I do still feel a bit let down I'm not scoring.

Could have something to do with not trying though.

Grace and Amie gave a thumbs up to the surprise fun for the night, and I think we may have to do it again sometime. Grace and I continued on to the Tavern afterwards and met Elise. Thats twice this week I've seen Elise... there must be something going on.

I also learned that Walmart is much more amusing at 3 am and intoxicated. Good to know.

That's it, I have a headache and I'm going try and relieve myself of it.

Monday, October 23, 2006

My bags are packed, and no place to go...

First, I'm tired. Secind, I'm inebriated. Third, I'm aggravated. And I'm not proofreading this.

The Kuwait trip is officially cancelled. Due to re routes and schedule changes at work, there no plane for me to get on. I'm not happy about this. I was so looking forward to going. Now I have to amuse myself here for a week. I'm not happy.

But yet, I am. I spent the day with Jersey and her friends, Jersey 2, 3, and 4. It was good and much beer was consumed. Some how it ended up with just me and 5 hot girls tonight. ON the upside i did get to spank one fo them (and she loved it), the price paid... well. we won't talk about it.

Otherwise, nothing new other than the week of boredome I face now. At least Grace will be in town, and I think I may be able to get Elise out for some fun times. We'll see how the week goes.

I really hate when my plans go sour. Even though theres nothign I can do to change things, I just feel like I have been screwed by fate. ANd as much as I need tog et screwed, that is not what I planned. Lets hope the other plans I have work out better,

At least I met some cool new people over the weekend. I wish I could have spent more time with them. I hope to see more of Michelle, Beth, and Karen (with a Y) in the future.

SO now, its only looking forward to vegas. I hope it all works out. Ifanyone is bored aorund town this week... call me I'm sitting around the place watching the paint dry. I do have a suitcase packed already, if anyone feels like having a house guest... i'm available.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


OK, second one today. But this one is more of a social commentary. Let me expound:

I read a news article where a school system in Massachusetts has banned the game of "tag" among children. Apparently the likelihood of some child getting a scrape or bruise is just too much to risk. And some parent could possibly file a lawsuit. This ban also extends to other such games and TOUCH football and dodge ball.

Now people, parents.. I know you love little johnny and little susie, but they are children. Children run and jump and play and get hurt. Its the natural order of things. Thats why they are so resiliant to injuries, and they heal quicker. Hell, you can break a bone, and they cry for a few minutes, give them some candy, and all better.

But no, apparently we want our children to grow up in a bubble of hyper protectiveness where they can't possible be injured. You're banning touch football?? I remember playing tackle at school, touch was for when the girls played (and at that age we didn't want to touch them anyways). No dodgeball??? Thats a right of passage, who hasn't been bruised by a 40 mph rubber ball??

There's generations of children that lived through this roughness (and worse), and the next generation will manage too. Lets not just plant our kids infront of the playstation all afternoon. And we wonder why physical fitness has declined so much. That's how children get exercise... the play. They don't go to a gym and get on a treadmill, they chase each other. It's more fun. Hell I only get exercise now if theres a ball involved!

And occasionally they fall down, it will be OK. They will heal. But in the long run, it will make them better people.

OK, thats it, I'm getting off my soapbox. Tomorrow is marathon drinking. yay! Monday, i'm heading to the sandbox where it's suppose to be 100 all week. Yay! For now, back to work! I have my 3 flight plans just waiting to go

Press the any key... where the hell is the any key?

So, last night I wrote this wonderful, uplifting literary masterpeice. And while I was proofreading, I some how deleted the whole damn thing with a press of one key. So, here are the highlights:

I was in a foul mood yesterday, my Kuwait trip was momentarily canceled. Its back on now. And I didn't get the pancakes I craved.

Leslie is back at work, YAY! And then I dumped some flight plans on her to leave early. I felt guilty until I got the first beer.

I met Jersey (who recently returned from... well Jersey) and her friends. Yay, more potential harem candidates. Unfortunately I'm horrible with names, so they are to be known as Jersey 1, 2, 3, and 4 until I remember their names, or assign them new ones.

Thats it, I know its not nearly the prolific work that my loyal followers expect. But expect something later while I'm at work.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Once again, boredom rears its ugly head

Well, everyone will be relieved to learn I did not sit home last night and drink alone. "Goody" came out and we attempted to set a new personal best for consumption of adult beverages. We had a good time being out and about here in metro PTC. We ran into some ladies celebrating a birthday and the party cranked up. If you didn't come out and play, you missed it!

For some reason, when I'm around the old drum corps buddies my personality seems to get more... boisterous. That's a good word. I'm not the usual shy quiet type when I get out around these people. For those of you who haven't been around when I've been out with the drum corps buddies, imagine my personality only more outgoing and with a lot ease at saying anything to anyone. Frightening huh?

And in other news, I've found some one else here on myspace that I haven't heard from in a while. Its really neat to reconnect with some people, and Jenn was always an interesting person. Its good to hear from her again.

Otherwise, tomorrow is Monday for me, but its only a 2 day work week, which rocks my face off. I've spent the last couple days (between the binge drinking and hangover recovery) doing laundry and hopefully getting some things organized for my excursion to the other side of the planet.

But first, Jersey and friends are coming into town tomorrow. Its good to have her back and then apparently I'm binging again with them on sunday... awesome! So i can think of Kuwait as a detox and drying out event. The we start over again when i get back. Its nice to have a social calendar again.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

If you can't say something nice, say it really loud

Yesterday, I was fairly annoyed at some one. And that put me in a substantially rotten mood. I don't like being in that sort of mood, but I seem to be good at it. We'll just leave it at I was stood up by some one. And I would understand if something came up or things changed, but let me know! And since the outing was her idea... i'm just confused.

Well, next on the list... I played tennis with JR this morning. It was sufficiently humid out to give the impression of playing in a sauna. I was drenched with sweat, and then JR didn't help byt having me run all over the court. And then again, I had him doing the same so it worked out. I think if I could have gotten a consistant serve, I would have taken him. I blame the wet courts, with a downhill slope, and wet tennis balls. Anything but my tennis playing abilities! Still it was good to get out and sweat out some ill feelings and frustration.

Some of you will be sad to learn I got my hair cut. It went shorter than I had planned, but it will grow back right? Also yesterday I had my emissions checked on the honda, and yay it passed. I'm gonna be pissed if it ever fails. It may be time to give it up at that point. All I need now is to throw down the money for the tag. Otherwise, things are... well, things. Nothing to exciting to report. Still looking forward to next weeks trip, should be tineresting and I'm always up for a trip somewhere. Especially out of the country.

Then Vegas, and now Jersey has determined we need a vacation, so I'm working on that. And next... the idea of China is being thrown around. So much to see, so little time.

I"m off to try and find somethig to do tonight that doesn't involve me sitting t home drinking alone. Wish me luck

Sunday, October 15, 2006


'm not really sure how to go with this today. I had a lovely afternoon at the PTC airshow, and saw some nifty airplanes. It was nice out and I was fed by ASA employees (thanx J and grace!). I hated to leave and come to work. But i did get to see some of the F-16 demo driving back. And as I watched this nimble little fighter come speeding across the tree tops, and do all sorts of manuevures that are just amazing, the first thought I had was, it must suck to live in a war zone where these things come raining in missiles and bombs... it would scare the hell out of me.

Second thing of impact in the last 24 hours is I found some one here on myspace I was not expecting. Even though I went searching, I didn't expect results. Even worse, it only took me 15 minutes to find her on here.

So, now there's a whole list of things running through my head. I wonder if... she knows I'm on here? I wonder if she cares? I wonder if she reads these blogs? She could be one of my mystery readers... hrrmm. And most of all I wonder if she still hates me. It's been years since the break up, and I'll admit I probably could have ended things better, or maybe not dumped her and had a talk with her about the issues. But no. In my defense, I was REALLY young. And honestly, she was the first girlfriend ever... virgin territory for me.

She does have the distinction of being my only real relationship I would say, and by far the longest. And that is really kinda sad when I think about it. One could say its a result of a massive fear of committment????

Its brought back a lot of memories, good and bad, and I was really shocked to see her appearance hasn't changed. I thought I would have a hard time recognizing her, but nope... still as cute as the first day I met saw her. I suppose we all have a girl or guy like that, the first one for many things, and many mistakes. I hope I've learned a little since then.

I don't know yet if I'm going to write her or say hi. We'll see.

Now its time to get back to work, its friday for me. Four days off and no real plans. Unfortunately that gives me a lot of time to just dwell on things, though it may be a good thing.

I suddenly feel the need for a conversation with Jack... 6 more hours to go.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

As I get on the MD-11, Ridin' high I got tears in my eyes

What a day. So, those of you who may have read Gracie's blog will already know this, but... here's today's activities. I woke up early... but was already running late because I'm a dumbass. But I managed to rush and pick up Grace in a timely manner and make to the Airport ontime!!!

We took a nice little flight around the city. It's not everyday you get to up for a joy ride in a widebody jet, but today was that day. As one of the sponsors of the Great Georgia Airshow, World Airways agreed to do a few low fly passes over the field down here in Peachtree City. The company agreed to let employees and family and friends ride. Which is just kinda cool in itself.

But the company went beyond what I was expecting. Everyone parked over at a local hotel and were bussed over to North Cargo facility. We were issued tickets (of the commemorative type) for flight World 001. Once on board, we were given a snack (cheese nips) and sodas. And the best, hats! The crew did a real good job telling everyone about the aircraft and what was going on. And given that of the 150+ people on board, only about 20 of us had been on a company plane, and about 25 or have never been on a plane. You could hear oohs and aaahhs from the people when the Assistant Chief Pilot read of statistics of the plane. Me, I just kinda sat in the back (row 55, the last one!!).

So we took off, meandered around the southern side of the city. It was a nice bumpy ride. And then three low (500 feet off the ground) passes, a couple of tight turns (30 degree plus banks) and then 2 low passes over the office building, and we're heading back. The best part, some people lost their breakfast. I got a bit queasy myself. But it was a good time and a unique oppurtunity.

I do have to give props the management here for setting this up, it was really good to let some of the employees see what we do here. I think sometimes the office staff do not know we actually have airplanes and our job is to move them from point A to point B. Plus it's a lot of fun to see the ground going by at about 300 mph at 500 feet up.... kewl.

It was a good day. Wait, Grace was with me... it was a great day! She's the best fake girlfriend a guy could ask for. May have to propse to her and make her my fake wife... ok, no.. too much of a committment.

If you guys are interested, theres some pictures of the trip today on my, seach for mellodees.

Other than that, all I can say is War DAMN Eagle kickin some Gator ass and How bout them Dawgs losing to Vandy!!!

I know there's somehting else I want to write out, but I've forgotten what it is. And i'll remember about 4 am. I do know its official now, I'm the last single desperate person in the state. And I apologize for the horrendous grammar, I wasn't up to my literary best tonight.

Friday, October 13, 2006

The only thing a gambler needs is a suitcase and a trunk

So, its official... I have reserved a room in Las Vegas. We're staying the Tropicana. There was a change in locations, as they dropped the price and the toher places raised theirs... go figure. It works out after taxes and what nots to about $100 a night. Only one room reserved now, but if more people show.. we'll get another one right! So everybody come.

Played tennis today, and it was aboslutely beautiful. I love this weather. Clear blue skies, light winds, crisp cool mornings!! Awwwwwhhhh And then JR went and crushed me by schooling me on the courts. At least we made it (cough cough RAY). I was paid today, which is good. I need that. And I have a bag of twizzlers on my desk. Life is good.

The seats for my impending trip to Kuwait have been requested. And if not, just means I gotta ride in the cokpit for... ugh.. 30 hours. Each way. But it should be interesting and I've been jonesing for an international travel fix.

So I went to get my dinner today before work, and I decided to buy the twizzlers at publix.. and I find it almost inhumane that they put all the weight watchers products on the candy and chips aisle. Who came up with that?? Thats just mean! Other things that amuse me, I got an email at work from the Sales department saying they are providing a barbecue lunch for all employees as appreciation for a "successful" September. Apparently we flew more hours in that month than ever before. At any rate, the next email was about the new weight watchers meetings at HDQ the next day.

Way to help with the weight loss people!!

Well, thats about it, I'm happy the vegas trip is starting to come together, (and really who's planning on sleeping alot anyways) and the Kuwait trip may work out pretty well. I am worried about the timing, I'm cutting it real close to getting back for the party.

Its nice to have things to look forward to.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Leaving, on a jet plane...

Hello world! Well, not the world really, i don't there are people in every country reading my blogs. But i could be wrong.

So today, I found out me and my fake girlfriend are going to get to ride the low fly pass of a company jet over PTC Saturday. I'm very excited, and I hope she is. I could be a jerk and leave her in the back and try and go ride in the cockpit. The view would be much better, but I would be afraid to leave her alone with some of the people in the back. They would kill her with pointless talk.

So, I'm thinking I can manage the trip to Kuwait the last week. While it would be much easier on me if I blew off the parties, but I am a man who stands by my committments. (Really, a saturdya night Halloween party would be so much better for me girls... I would have essentially a plane with just me on it home). Plus, I need really get my drink on before and after, since Kuwait is a dry country. I can't imagine living in a dry country, without women who show a little skin when they go out. No wonder those people are so pissed off.

(Yes, I know thats a stereotype, but I thought it funny so I went with it)

I'll be reserving the hotel for vegas this weekend. I think we may have to change the place we're staying, but I'll get back with you on that. We will manage and have a great time nonetheless. Also, since I'm now going to be home for the 9th, any idea son how to celelbrate my actual birthday? I would love to party like last year, or well, not quite as much as last year because I never need to be that drunk again. But you get the picture? I got a 14 year old bottle of Scotch I think we may have to open.

The last couple days I did hear from some people I haven't heard from in a while. I hate it when I don't talk to people often enough to actually keep in touch, or how we just fall out of contact. And it's not a one way street, we all do it. There's a few I'd like to hear form. Call me up.

Busy weeks ahead, some one want to come clean my apartment for me?