Monday, February 23, 2009

Stay up and make some memories here with us now, to roll red carpet out with friends

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What's up my homies? OK, maybe I'm too caucasian for that, but it's the best I could come up with. I'm back in Louisville after a quick trip down south. I'm always kinda sad when I come back north, this time it was doubly so. Add to that a slight tinge of anger, and you have the perfect attitude to go to work with.

I always feel like I'm slighting some one when I go to Atlanta. There's never enough time or matching schedules to get in the amount of socializing I need to do. And unfortunately the same people always seem the get the short end of time with Jamie. I'm really trying to be better, but all you "normal" people that work monday through friday don't help. I did enjoy all the time and friends I was able to see, and I wish I could have gotten together with more.

I'd like to thank Gracey for being a fabulous host, and J for doing the same. I arrived bright and early Tuesday morning in desparate need of a nap. I was whisked from the HJIA (which apparently is the preferred abbreviation since ATL is to well known and doesn't pay homage to all the people who have a name on the building) to J's high rise apartment where I crashed in a very comfortable bed with fantastic sheets and luxurious comforter (perhaps I need to turn off the Queer Eye and HGTV decorating shows). Who ever picked that stuff out has good taste. I spent the week just doing a lot of random nothing with lots of good friends. It was good to visit with Amie, both at the bar in her BF's building and at chic-fil-a while she watched her "child" sley dragons in the play ground.

I stuffed myself on La Parilla with Jersey and Grace, watched the tornadic weather out the windows at Taco Mac with Ed, Sheri, Grace, Tanya, and CHarity with beer accompaniment for good measure. Luckily Charity made it home through the fallen trees and blocked roads. I'm assuming Tanya made it no problem since she cancelled her trivia outing the next day to spend time with Joe. I wanted to spin time with Joe and that... woman is keeping him from me. I think she may be jealous of what we have together.

We did make a triumphant return to Thursday night trivia at the bar formerly known as B-52's. But woe, our triumph was short lived when the sports categor was announced. But it was a fine time. We even dragged Mr. Jones away from his "SHoot Em in the Face" game and let him be a social creature.

Friday, I jetted off on the long air journey from ATL to BHM. Yes I know, i was a masterful feat of aviation that allowed me to traverse such great distances. I made it safely, and was spared from riding in the oh so comfortable cockpit jumpseat of the CRJ900. I got the last seat in the back and we head off into the sunset. Well, it wasn't quite setting, but it was headed that way I'm sure.

Susan, rescued me from the airport, and we went off to run some errands, pick out a tie, and find sustenance. She found me a wonderfully stylish te to wear to her school gala. It was great seeing her on a weekend and not have to worry about the 6 AM wake up. Saturday night, we ventured to the Vestavia Hills COuntry Club for the 2009 Gala. And while we were ecrtainly not underdressed (Susan looked Faaabbbbbuuuulous), we were not nearly as pretentious as some that attended.

Here's the part where I tell you about the angry part. The gala included a silent auction of many different and random things, and the one that caught my eye was a 7 night stay at a home on Key Largo. IN a nice beach community with lots of fun aorund it, and a short drive to Key West. I want to visit Key West sometime for more than a few hours. It looks like a fun place to kick back and party one's posterior off. And the bid on this particular item was very reasonable. So I ponied up some money (it's for charity after all, gotta think about the children) and put in a high bid right as the auction was finishing up. I mean the lady was literally pulling the sheet from my hands. And at about $100 a night, I was stoked.

However, some one seems to have slightly more clout than I and was able to whisk my vacation away and drive my dreams into the ground with a spiked heel. I'll just say this. This person probably doesn't read my blog, but they know who they are, they know that what they did was dishonest and reeks of a lack of personal integrity, and that makes me sad for you.. It's not the losing the really aggrevates me, it's the disingenious way it happened. May you be inflicted with a very painful jelly fish sting with no one around who will pee on you.

OK, so moving on. I left Susan Sunday morning and was very sad. I hate leaving her, and it was made even worse that I had a great week and weekend before hand that was ending. BUt we did look nice all dressed up.

Other goings on, it seems I'm slated for another year of working weekends and midnight hours. That wasn't ideally what I wanted, but it beats the 24% pay cut. The other downer is I have to go back to domestic desks, which ar emuch more tedious and lack the challenge of the international desks. But oh well, being a weekend midnight shift means I should have lots of free time at work. What to do???

Well, I've decided it may be time to go back to school and work on a degree. So I applied to the local campus of (and this hurts to admit) Embry-Riddle. After so much time of making fun of riddlers, looks like I'll be joining their ranks. I'm waiting now for my transcripts to show up and see how much I have to take. I hopefull will be some reasonable hours transferred, on top of the 1 credits I get for having a dispatch license. And while not the most ideal degree, it is a degree and I'll have the "receipt". And then, maybe I'll do something else that seems like it may interst me. So, here goes nothing.

I was also alerted at work with the news that we get a killer discount at one of the local fitness places. It's basically the people who took over and modernized all the Gold's Gyms in the Louisville area. And for less than $10 a month, I figured what the hell. So I'm joining. I just need motivation, and thats where all you people come into play. Motivate me!

Membership doesn't start for a couple weeks, but I'm looking forward to feeling better. Not old and tired.

There's nothing much else to pontificate about. I'm looking forward to some upcoming events, and hoping that folks will come up for Derby. I think it will be a good time. Plus Susan i coming up for a few days soon :-). It's about time :-p

I'm off to Target for socks and pots. Later!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

One I get you up there, where the air is rarified, we'll just glide, starry eyed

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Hello world. It's 6 AM on the east coast and I'm feeling restless. So I thought I would pontificate. First off, let me say this... I've watched Hannity and Bill O'Rielly 3 times at work tonight. I'm sick of hearing about stimulus and porkbarrel and how we're all doomed to economic hell. So yes the US Government is spending $1 Trillion on stuff (with a T). Yes, some of said stuff is crap. But come on, our government has been spending ridiculous money on crap for my entire lifetime, both sides. And now the proof that the "stimulus" isn't going to work is the reaction on Wall Street. Yes, the same experts that drove oil sky high for no reason and who crashed the banking system in America (and maybe the world) is saying the "stimulus" isn't going to work. Forgive me if I'm skeptical.

Could said bill be better, most likely. WIll it work? Who knows?? I hope so. And really, high speed rail I think is a good idea, ask anyone who's been to Europe.

Ok, enough ranting, I took a snapshot of my flights tonight at the point I think I had the most flying. I'm allegedly working one particular region of the world, though I can't seem to figure out which particular region I'm assigned. But I do like variety. I'll try and attach said photo to said blog for reference, but I'm not sure if I can make it work.

my world

I think it worked. Look Ryan, I really do play airline now!

I just returned from a quick visit to Susan's place. It always seems to be a quick visit these days. And I'll be back next weekend for her school Gala (which I'm informed is not pronounce gal-uh but Gay-luh) which I'm thinking will be much fun. We get to dress up and hobnob with the wealthy of Liberty Park. This past week I met some of her fellow teachers, all seemed very nice and I'm happy she has good people to work with.

Well, I can't think of anything else to ramble on about. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


SO, I just flew into BHM and I'm waiting on Suzie to come get here after her school open house, and I thought I would share some opinions and observations:

1. Are flight attendants checking to see if my seatbelt is buckled or are they doing a crotch check of the particular cross section fo the public that's on their plane today? I know I could ask Grace personally this question, but I thought the public forum for the inquiry and response would be much more amusing.

2. Why do people lose their ability to drive when water is thrown into the mix? Louisville traffic was horrible today, and all from just a little rain. We just finished with snow catastophe and you would think we would have learned a little about inclement driving from it... wrong!

3. Why is every bar at the BHM airport closed before 8 pm? My alcohol low light is illuminated and it's annoying.

4. An interesting observation. You know how lot of places have the the three recycle bins for your refuse, one for plastic, on for paper, and one for aluminum? I just wached the gentleman here empty the three (which looked to have been well separated and containing the correct types of items) into one bag. Why bother with the recycling cans if you're just throwing them away?? or why the need to separate if you just mix it and thens end to recycling centers? Makes me wonde how many other shams are out there being purported on us unwitting people who just try to do the right thing.

5. I'm unimpressed with my Sham-wow. I have yet to say "wow!" at all. It's a towel. BFD! It absorbs water at the smae rate as any other towel in my house. But lets say it does have some super German absorbing technology involved and its machine washable. Last I checked, a washing machine poured water into it, wouldn't the Shamwow jut absorb all the water until being saturated and becoming a 60 lb lump of wetness thumping around in the washer?

6. I was wrong, there is one open bar. Time to go talk to Jack. Later!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

not proofread, deal with it

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Snow has fallen yet again. luckily this time i wasn't proceeded and followed by ice. But on the down side, after a couple days a warmish weather (meaning above freezing) the snow and ice has only melted and frozen again in a nice solid ice sheet. I have enough issues walking, lets throw ice into the mix! yay!

There's not a lot going on really. I'm feeling a little lonely and bored here. For some reaons I've become quite miserly over the last few weeks. Apparently that makes me part of the problem since I'm not wildly spending on things. I did just buy a TV a few weeks ago, so I'm thinking I'm up for the year.

I'm becoming fascinated by HGTV lately. I almost want to go out and buy a house. Unfortunately I tend to gravitate to House Hunters International, so the house (or flat in some cases) is either in Paris, on a beach in Belize, or down under in Oz. I like Louisville, but I'll always haver Paris. ANyways, one of the non international shows ealier focused a famliy house shopping in Fayetteville and PTC. A wave of homesickness rushed over me. But in all fairness, I really didn't like any of the subdivision houses. I think I'm more a urban neighborhood and old house with character type.

Of course, since I feel guilty for buying a martini (don't worry, the guilt is gone by the time I eat the second olive) I doubt a $250,000 house is on the books for a while. Holy crap, this little apartment is going for $300,000... but it is in Paris. All about location I suppose.

It's a short weekend for me, I have recurrent on Thursday and Friday, which means I have to not only get up early, but have to stay awake for the whole time. No offense to the instrutors, but it can get kind of tedious.

I'm waiting to hear the result of some work stuff, which has direct bearing on my life. The vote on our new contract is on Friday, and the results will determine my pay for the next 12 months. And on Saturday, Jimmy Buffett tickets go on sale. I would liekt o see a show this year, and revive my urge to live my life like a character in a Buffett song. You know, drinking margaritas on a beach all day. It's not that I don't like my job, but who would pass up a well funded beach bum lifestyle?

I feel like I should say somehting inspiring or motivating or even thought provoking, but I'm just not feeling ranty at the moment. Maybe I'll pour another drink and that will help. Stay tuned for great political debates. I will say this, thanx to Susan for recommending Netflix. I've become a fan. I just watched Charlie WIlson's War... it made me laugh.

Well, as I'm now having an online conversation with 2 ifferent people, I can no longer focus on this. Hope everyone is well. Come visit!