Saturday, March 24, 2007

I get knocked down, but I get up again..

Since some one is probably going to tell everyone anyways, I'll go ahead and man up and say it. I busted my ass in the parking lot at Red Room. I wasn't fall down drunk, I really don;t even feel I was buzzed. I was just there doing the Bell Biv Devoe dance and... oops, on my ass... Obviously my shoes have no grip. Or had some oil on them, I don't know. I do know that a certain some one found it funny enough to draw tears and snorts. I'm glad I can entertain.

Other than that, it's been an intersting week. I moved. THe roomies have seemingly moved in (judging from the boxes and new furniture thats shown up... and the stuff I carrie dup the stairs). I must say that while I think living on the 3rd floor may be better than my last plce, it sucks carrying all that crap up here. I've almost got my room to the point of finishing it, just a few more minor detaisl to work out. Like, for instance where to put the ridiculous amount of crap I have.

Other than that, there been nothing much happening. Ther other highligths of the week are scoring concer tickets, potentially scoring another set of concert tickets, and laughing at some one who had a serious all consuming problem, though it only lasted briefly. I won't elaborate, but I do suddenly feel slightly better about myself.

Eventhough that sudden burst of self confidence ended in a tragic bout with gravity tonight. I lost.

So it's now sleepy time, and I'm looking forward to that. Hopefully tomorrow won;t end in my bruising my ass.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Forgive me father for I have sinned, and given the chance I'll probably do it again

If I had the energy, I would embark on a quest to rid the world of stairs. There should be an elevator, or at least and escalator, where ever one may need to traverse the heights of multiple floors. Though, I do need the excercise, and I hopefully won't be climbing the 36 steps 20 times a day carrying stuff on a regular basis.

That being said, this lpace is huge, comparatively speaking to the last place. And it seems I've take all the random piles of stuff from one apartment to the other. So now there are just random piles of stuff in here. Hopefully by the time the other two J's move in I'll have my little area put together in an organized chaos theme.

Before I go any further, let me send out a big thankyou to the moving crew. Sean, JR, and Katie were all quite helpful. And I honestly couldn't have done it with out you. I'm studying the balcony now for a way to rig the pulley system should I ever move out. Though I think gravity will be of immense help should that happen. And of course, when JR and Sean showed up, I was not really packed. Its more of a discombobulation of "stuff." But we weeded through it and in one quick swoop got most of the heavy stuff over. Only to be followed with the stuff thats not so heavy in a singular state, but weighs a ton when bunched together... like clothes.

So, now I've accomplished my goals for the day, everyting is out of one apartment and in the other (sans the couches who made the trip to goodwill and the entertainment center who is looking for a new home... and some time during the day has been joined by addtional shelving.) I now have most my clothes hangin in the closet, though some ofganization is needed. Yes I'm that anal to put clothes in a specific pattern... it helps when you get up at 2:45 to go to work to know where the "work" clothes will be hanging. Now the bed is cleared off, and the bathroom is put together enough to be functional. I do have to say I have a complaint about the bathroom, its laid out in quite posibly the most inconvenient pattern ever. All thats left is to put sheets on the bed and jump in.... its going to feel sooooo good.

Let me throw some props out to the people at Bellsouth. My landline and DSL service was turned on sometime today (hence I'm typing this). They really stick to that schedule. All thats left is to get the cable people in here. I wa spleasently surprised when i plugged the phone and and a dial tone appeared... and even giddy when the DSL modem connected.

The best thing today,i made a call, sitting in the living rom, on my cell phone... I almost spooged when it didn;t drop and it was clear. For the first time in a very long time I have cell phone coverage in my residence!!!

I must say the old apartment looked very nice when I left it. I mean it's not clean like momma would do but its as clean as I ever remember it being. And finally, I can say all the french fries have been accounted for and disposed of. I always had the "if u can't see it, it must be clean" theory. Not true. From the amount of webbing, I would bet a 30 pound Tarantula lived behind my couch.

I also met the neighbors, a nice family with 2 young kids. They are probably going to hate us. Joe tends to make a lot of moaning noises... Tanya back me up on this one, that can make a fmaily uncorfortable when the have to explaone them to the childrens. There's an Asian family below us who will also probably not like us. We'll see.

I did score the master bedroom, after some persuasive convincing... and paying extra. Which is great really,.We can watch the boys fight over the other 2. I'm interested to see how I live with some one again, its been a long time. I'll have to be unselfish and clothed more than I used to.

Well, since i have work tomorrow and fabulous dinner plans tomorrow night, I don't expect any progress to be made until Thursday. In due time, it'll be a nice place here.

Ok of to bed before i pass out.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

sick and tired of being sick and tired

I'm really in a foul mood. or as I typed to some one earlier, a Fowl mood. SO either I feel like a bird or I'm just pissed off. No real reason, except I cam back to work this morning and was unable to get any sleep last night. I don't know why either.

I really just want to crawl under the desk and not deal with any of the morons I usually have around at work. And of course now its shift change and everybody has to feel they need to be loud. That aggrevates me even more.

I managed to throw away 2 large and heavy bags of stuff, and have a ridiculous amount of clothes to get rid of. And if anyone is interested, the black couch is up for grabs. All it needs is some electrical tape it will be good as new! The only thing thats happened thus far today thats even remotely made me smile was Charles played a video by Beyonce and Shakira... both in the same video.. that should be illegal. That will fuel fantasies for at least a good month.

I'm so not amused right now... and I need to re do my map on mysapce, but the delimma is how to show the US cities, since I've been to lots of BoonCoodles and Podunks in this country, maybe I'll just put places I've been to for fun... or big cities.

Thats it, thats all i got to say, early thanx for everyone who is helping me move.. i have heavy lifting to be done!! I feel the urge to leave the country... and take over another one.

And I don't even get to celebrate St. Pattie's with copious amounts of Guinness... damn the man.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

don't burn the day away

don't burn the day away
Current mood: groggy
I'm having a hard time getting motivated to get stuff together for the move. Luckily I really don't have the much to take with. Heres to living with the essentials. At any rate I'll get it done this week, just maybe not today.

Yesterdy was one of those wondeful days I don't have nearly enough of. I managed some how to get an almost full night of sleep (with a couple of interruptions), and woke up around 8 am... and its still dark... can't say I'm very elated about that. At any rate, I met JR for a couple hours of tennis. I lost miserably, but it was fun nonetheless. After that, back home and cleaned up, took a ride on the bike. Yesterday was one of those perfect days to be out on a mototcycle. Not to cold, not too hot. If only there was a beach nearby!

Last night I introduced Jackie to a special fun that is Whole World Theatre. We laughed, we chuckled, we had a few drinks... and a good time! I love me some Jackie, she needs to come around more often. On the way home I stopped by to visit my number 1 girlfriend. She was having a quiet night at home and she offered me a beer! Grace rocks my face off. After that, I drove home and had another good sleep night.

I had planned to get up and do some cleaning and what not. However I currently lack the motivation to do such thing. I have some serious, yet oddly peasurable, soreness going on. My knees are the part that most concern me...they hurt a bit, espcially when they bend, which is pretty much wha tknees are made to do so that presents a certain issue.

OK, thats it. I don't know what I'm doing today yet, maybe something with strike my fancy. Its 10 AM and I want ice cream.... hrrrmmm...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right... here I am stuck in the middle with you

I've been trying to get this to work all night and type a wonderfully insightful blog while I whittled away the hours at work last night. I was completely unsuccessful. I'm home now, and early at that. My conscious about leaving early is getting to be less of an influence in my life. I guess I'm feeling being there is pointless. I've determined I could not show up tomorrow and nothing would be different, except Leslie may have to stay a little longer.

I guess this is what an unfulfilling job is like. Seems like such a waste of 10 hours, and I could be doing something much more constructive with my life. Like actually going out to Red Room for dancing on a Friday night. Blah, maybe the rumors will be true and big changes are on the way...

I had a good time last night with Grace and my adopted apartment family. They're so nice to take me in and feed me, lke a lost puppy. At least I don't pee on the floor (as far as they know). I hated leaving, mostly becaue I left alone.. and had to go grab about a 45 minute nap before going to work. On the upside, the streaming media seems to be back for the moment and I did manage to watch a episode of "Las Vegas".

All said and done, life really isn't that bad, and I really should feel more enthused about things. I just seem to be in a funk right now, and i nee to get out of it soon, maybe some time off and sunshine will help... and some good tennis time.

Well, I think I may attempt to find sleep for a little bit. No real plans for the next few days, not till Tuesday as far as I know...

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Sleeping the dreamless sleep

SO, today, I was taken down on the courts by JR and his Monster tennis skills. But in my defense, I feel the massive hangover was taking its toll on my game. As it did on the rest of my day. I haven't had a headache like that in a long time, and I really don't know why. I think perhaps there are more reasons than just the moderate (for me) amounts of adult beverages consumed.

But, I did spend some time today pondering one of the mysteries of the universe that often vex me. And what really started me thinking is... why does the sleep you get while "snoozing" always feel like the best sleep ever. And what exactly defines a snooze?

And why is a snooze only allowed to be 9 minutes long? I can only imagine some time in the past a groupd of people got together and decided that all snooze alarms will ring every 9 minutes. Some giant Jedi Council like meeting of alarm clock makers got together and set this standard? I mean.. 9 minutes... it doesn't even divide evenly into an hour... or maybe it was for the metric hour?

And can't we come up with a more pleasent sound to wake up to? Mankind has come so far, yet our alarm clocks just tend to have the most irritating noice to start a person's day. I think we would be a lot happier if we woke up to something more pleasent and were not ripped from our joyous slumber into a world of consciousness by a sound that would make our ancestors 500 years ago run in fear.

Yes, this is what I think about... scary isn't it. I need something else to focus on during my days off.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

for all the guys... and some of the girls...

So, for all you guys out there...have you ever started falling for the girl u know u can't be with? For whatever reason... doesn't matter why.. it just happens.

does it happen over and over again or is it just to me? Or is it just me it happens too, over and over again? Maybe every girl is out of my league, or maybe my tastes just need to be lowered.

Maybe I need to meet differernt people. Maybe i should not focus on some one different. I knwo it sucks when you are passedover for some one else who, in your opinion, has so much less to offer than you... and yet... she picks him. It's an old story... but one that seems to repeat.

It sucks, ad once again, tis time for me to head to bed...

and to know with certainty that once again, for the millionth time, I'll be really alone in the morning. At least theres a tennis game to look forward to... that ball is gonna be beat down.

Monday, March 5, 2007

The day the music died...

mmmhmm, Easy mac!!

So its my 5th day today. I apparently signed up for overtime, and forgot about it until yesterday. That blows. Especially as I'm not making any extra cash for it at the time. It pretty much just sucks. Yes it sucks and it blows! Lets hope I can win the lotto.

So the apartment move is progressing right along. I'm staring around my own place, and thankfully I've managed not to accumulate a lot of large heavy furniture. I see myself donating a bunch of old clothes to some one who might want them. No reason to haul around clothes that don't fit anymore, and on the chance i did lose weight, they are out way out of style... me being so fashion conscious thats important.

So I finally caught an episode of this seasons Amazing Race last night, and it's good to see how ruthless and backstabbing people can be for a chance at some money. I wa skinda bummed the Kentucky bumpkins were eliminated... they make me laugh. And they seem like good people...

Talked to the parentals this week, and dad informed me I can get passes on Delta now. Woohoo. I'm thinking of taking a trip to Buenos Aires in the fall. Hopefully by then I'll have made some money and the rent reduction has kicked in to get me in better financial shape. I'm both looking forward and apprehensious of the roommate situation. I need to elarn to live with some one again, and no naked time with these roommates. Sorry Joe.

I've still got my eyes open for other jobs out there. I really felt like injuring myself to get out of work today. I just can't be bothered. I've even done 3 extra flight plans.. go me. That doubled my workload. Maybe I'll get an award. Doubtful, most likely I'll be given a discplinary letter for something.

I'm lacking enthusiasm... can you tell? Hopefully these days off I can get some road time on the bike, some court time, and some sunshine. I like sunshine, it makes me feel better... Oh, and I've been back in contact with a friend in Australia. I missed talking to her... we boh have similar disfunctions in life. Hopefully I can keep it up this time.

Oh, and some bonehead at work has ruined all our fun, no more streaming music or video. basically some one got busted watching TV instead of doing his work (and we have a suspicion who... and he's not already on my favorites list). Way to go, dumbass!!! Ruin it for everyone.

Friday, March 2, 2007

All the news that is news

So, there is some news I find slightly disturbing out these days (besides the round th clock coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's death.. . really, how does that affect me?) And be warned, there are religious implications.

Apparently, some one seems to think they found the tomb of Jesus and the family. Now, I only read a small artocle, but the premis is they found a tomb in suburbs of Jeruselum and there were several "coffins" in them with the names Jesua (or Joshua, the actual name of Jesus), Joseph, Mary, another Mary (Magdalan) and Juda (Judas... the allegedly shild of Jesus and Mary).

There are plans to DNA test the remains and prove that it is indeed Jesus Christ. Where "they" have a sample of Jesus' DNA stored I have no idea. I imagine the most they can prove is the age of the remains and the possible relations of the people inside.

Personally, i'm torn on this. While finding the clues to prove the historical accuracy of the Bible is I think a good thing, leaping out and totally implying that a cornerstone of one fo the major world religions (the resurrection) is false is just going to cause problems. The theologans and the faithful will never accept that the tomb is of the real Jesus, and the science types will never really be able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is Jesus in the tomb. And it will just be a big argument.

And somewhere in the fight, we'll lose (if we haven't already as a society) sight of the message. Whether or not you beleive Jesus was resurrected, or if he walked on water, or if he performed any miracle... one should still take heart the message he brought forward... love, peace, understanding, and goodness. Just my opinion

And that being said, I'm sending out a plea for help moving. March 19th/20th. It shouldn;t take mush time, and there will be standard payment for movement services (pizza and beer). And for those who can't drink (cause you may possible have to work that night), I'll pick up a few at Taco Mac. I'm ony moving across the apartment complex, so... shouldn't be too bad. Please help!!

Time for some food, I apparently forgot to eat yesterday and I'm starving. Mmmhm hot pockets.