Thursday, September 27, 2007

It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear...

Its a lovely Thursday night here in Kentuckiana. This morning storms, which woke me u, hav cleared and the sun came out this afternoon for a bit. But it wasn't accompanied by the oppressive heat that has dominated the summer. It's a very pleasant 74 degrees out. Maybe autumn has actually arrived.

This blog may have a tendency to be really random, just bare with me.

So, as I mentioned before, it's Thursday night. And tonight is the triumphant return of Grey's Anatomy. Well, I hope it will be a triumphant return. And I'll be watching, but no matter how good the show it will pale in comparison to last season. Why? Well, I don't have a harem to watch it with. In what replaced trivia as our Thursday night ritual, we'd all gather at the fabled girls apartment, pour our beverage of choice, and enjoy an hour of Grey's. Those we good times, eventhough there was no major planning or organization to it. It was just a nice way to spend an evening. It was kinda like our own personal "Friend's" episode.. "The one where they get drunk and watch Grey's".

And now, a year later, the girls apartment is probably being inhabited by some other "family". The harem has been busted up and spread to the far reaches of the world (or Fayette, Fulton, and Coweta Counties). I've banished myself to spend he weekdaya in Kentuckiana, which comes with a bit of loneliness and boredom. but I now still have Grey's (and the beverage of my choice).

But even though the last year has taken from me my harem (and for some reason a few of them decided to get married.. WTF?), I've brought a couple of new people in my life. One I'm completely in love with and the other would make a great wife. unfortunately neither Susan or Adam happen to reside in Kentucky, nor anyone else I find that interesting. An to clarify, before anyone makes any smartass comments... Susan is the one I'm in love with.

Not to take away from Adam, he's quite a catch. A great chef and meticulously clean, without being an annoying anal type. So, once again, i've fallen into having great roommates. And i use the term to roommate loosely, since its really hard to find use living there at the same time of late. And now Adam is going to manager for Taco Mac! And just after i spent $1500 getting a jacket.

And then I come up to kentuckiana, where the job bores me (surrently anyway, hopefully soon I can do interesting stuff) and the roommate annoys me, and I only see him for 30 minutes a day. And not only that, I don't have Susan, Grace, TanJoe, AmJay, or even J's random goofiness to amuse me. But i'm going to stick it out up here, at least until I get off the probation and maybe
work my own dispatch desk. And by then I should have my own place and now "home" in Joeja. But I can see myself shuttling back and forth regularly.

I am looking froward to the weekend and Adri's birthday. I hope her 29th is more memorabl than my 29th. Not to say I didn't have a great 29th birthday, I just don't remember many parts of it. SO that usually indicates a good time.

Well, thats about it. I found a yummy new place to get some grub called I Ching, yummy Asian noodle-type food, the highlight of the week thus far. I've also started a new book, as part of exploring possible career change options. Its interesting. And a final thought.. Visualize Whirled Peas.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I got a feeling that the dark side of the moon is on the rise

Ok, well... I don't have much to say really. I'm sort of disenchanted with the big brown. Its only due to the recent perfect score on an audit and now I just sit there and stare at the screen waiting for some work to come my way. An then it keeps me away from my friends. Perhaps its just a bit of homesickness, and that I'm missing some one immensely all the time.

But when I do get to visit Susan, its great. SO the time together is fun and fabulous (to steal her word), if too short

OK, now to the serious business. It's officially Autumn now (even though its 95 degrees out) and that means my birthday is coming up. ANd since last years trip to Las Vegas only drew 2 guests, I thought I mght try something a little closer to home. So i'm taking a poll of who may be interested in spending the weekend of the 9th of November, 2007, in the Savannah/Tybee island area.

We're thinking of renting a largish (depending on the response) house down that way and just chilling on River Street, or hangin on the beach (at this rate it will be a balmy 80 degrees by November). SO please get back to me if anyone is up for the long journey.

Otherwise, I'm off to New England this weekend for Adri's birthday bash. It'll b the first weekend in a month that I haven't spent with Susan, and i may go through withdrawals. Or Grace may kill me for the constant texting and calling. At anyrate, apparently I'm to bring my spare liver and plan to get my drink on.

Again, any interested parties... let me know.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Spread the word around, guess who’s back in town

So I'm sitting ina Catholic shurch school classroom. And while nota actually ina church, I can feel a slight burning sensation on the top layer of my skin. I may go filla sink with water and see if it boils when I put my finger in it. I'll le tyou know how ti works out.

So i'm down in beautiful Montgomery Alabama. And while I used to be a frequent visitor to this part of the world, it's been a while since I've needed to grace this town with my presence. And it shows. Its somewhat amusing how somethings never change.

Theres been a few nostalgic feelings strike me as I drove around. Most of them harken back to my youthful Southwind days. Usually a memory of a certian place I'd pass ( Al's Wash House, where I learned to do laundry before tour started). Theres all the places we used to rehearse out around town, pretty much every national guard armory in MGM has seen me sleep on its floors. And then theres Big Dave's old neighborhood and the former "corps hall" where all us kids would hang out after camps. Very good times.

And in the most ironic of twists, as I'm driving into town Friday night, listening to highs school football scores being broadcast (and recognizing all the names and seeing pictures in my mind of people I knew who went there years ago), I realized I was listening to the voice of someone who I had once marched with, now working under the name Lance La Party (yeah, it sorta fits in a strange way).

So, for a town I never really lived in more than a few days or a week at a time, I still feel like I did a lot of growing up here. And there's a certain amount of irony in that I'm here again, visitng some one who becomes increasingly important to me every day. And even better that she is friends with a few of my old Southwind cohorts.

And though she seems to think I'm terribly bored with the Montgomery scene, I'm having a great time. Being with her helps incredibly, even though she's dead set on me getting a pedicure.. I seem to be successfully fighting that. There's been whole lot of good times in this part of the world for me, and I see a lot more fun in the future.. I mean its no Sydney or Paris, but it holds a few redeeming qualities.

So, I'm off to harass Susan while she tries to get her classroom ready for the coming week. I'll let eveyrone know how that boiling water goes... and I think I can hear the faint sounds of bad opera music in the distance.

Oh and I think I'm going to start posting the albums that the subject lines come from... since no one plays the game anymore!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I can’t believe we would lie in our graves, wondering if we had spent our living days well

I came to Borders to write a blog in a repository of knowledge and information, thinking I would feel inspired after browsing an maybe reading some various literary masterpieces and expanding my mind. Yeah i did none of that shit. I pretty much looked around, got a coffee, sat down and started playing on the internet.

In all fairness it wasn't much internet playing, as I'm sort of veggin out thinking about being somewhere else with some one else. That could be why i tend to gravitate to the travel section. It took me a while to find the some one else, and now I suppose its time to find the somewhere else to run away to. Sorry Ryan, I don't think its going to be AUH. I liek the beach and all, but thats just a bit much sand for me.

That and EY hasn't wrote me back. I apparently do not work for Jingly wages.

But I digress. Autumn has come to the Kentuckiana area. Yes it is nice and pleasant outside. I can again walk from the door to the car without bursting out in sweat, and the windows can be rolled down for the drive. It's always nice to have fresh air circulating through the car, or if I'm leaving work.. jet exhaust. Both make me smile.

This week at work I've actually had the opportunity to do some flight planning. Hard to believe, that being my career and all. Its been ncie to do some work like that, as opposed to auditing this file that some one let get out of control. At any rate, things are alright. I'm truly working for the weekends of late. SO, just getting through the week is a major goal.

Thats really about it, oh.. and GO JACKETS!!! They seem to be kicking some ass so far his year. Nice that football season has returned. That means theres at least something good on TV during the weekends. Well, besides Star trek reruns.

I've been tasked with making a CD of my favorite songs, and this is incredibly hard for soe one who is a music lover. And how can u swing from Dave Matthews to Jimmy Buffett, to Beethoven, to The Killers, and then back to some Samuel Barber? This is going to be a challenge. And i'll throw some Shakira in for good measure I think.

Well, its time for dinner. I'm thinking a Joey Bag of Donuts... mmmhm

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hey my love, you came to me like wine comes to this mouth grown tired of water all the tim

So, if all you're really concerend about is how much pot you can smoke, why do you pay $50 for ticket to go to the concert? I'm not opposed to you flaming up occasionally, but if you are seriously going to spend 75% of the show bent down trying to light your pipe... just stay home on your couch. And I'l be fine not smelling the second hand smoke.

Ok, that concludes tonights rant. All in all, I have to say this has been a great weekend. Saw some DMB in the park, had good friends and a great girlfriend with me. It was a damn good show, and guest songs with members of the Allman Brothers Band (who put on an entertaining show earlier) were cool. And I think Jon and Adam (the newer roommate) have a greater understanding of hy I go to DMB shows.

It was good to see Casey and Julie (drum corps pals) there, as wel as a surprise guest appearance by Matt and Molly.

An most importantly, Susan really enjoyed herself, even though she's not a big DMB fan (I know, hard to believe). But judging by the perma-smile she was wearing, she had fun. Now, I have to get her to learn all the songs :-).

After the concert, the night got really interesting but we won't get into that. I'll leave it with I didn't know the pool would be so cold so soon, even with so many people in it.

OK, thats about all I have to say... it was a great weekend, and I'm not so much looking forward to work this week. Its going to be a long 5 days till i can get back. I'm off to finish laundry and get some sleep.

Aad Yay for football season!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I don’t worry about the ride or the subway fare, cause i know some one’s there.

First the first time I can remember, T-Mobile has pissed me off. DId they over charge?? No.. much worse. For some reason, I had no service at the Louisville Campus. For some reason, around midnight last night i lost all signal for my phone. And I don't think this was an accident. I went from my normal 5 bars of service to none!

And why is this such a heinous act? I was expecting a phone call. A very important phone call from a very special person. And i didn;t get it. I went to bd in a less than happy mood. I woke up in a less than happy mood. I left for work in a less than happy mood. Then i found service and I had a voice mail... Just hearing her voice changed my mood.

SO if any of you haven't picked up on it, I'm completely smitten. And she is great. And I'll apologize for those of you will be nauseous in our presence... yes we're that cute. Well, its mostly her on the cuteness, I'm just lucky to be there.

S, there it is. This weekend we get tos epnd time together. And we're out to see DMB. What more can you ask for?

I can't wait to get home tomorrow... Delta/ASA had better come through me! I'll have some one waiting for me...

In other news the audit at work is over, and I think we did pretty well. SO maybe now the supervisors will be able to relax a little. And those last minute "I need you to go check this stuff now, the auditors are in the building and checking that next" projects will end. And in the Kentucky is messed up category, I overheard the most insane conversation at a bar yesterday. I won't go into too much details... but involved a father and son sharing the same stripper and her comparing and contrasting their skill level... theres just so much wrongness there.

OK, i'm off sleep comes soon. And tomorrow I'm coming back to PTC. If i'm distracted I apologize... some ones there... and she's great.

Told you that you'd be nauseous around us.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A little bit of heaven and a little bit of Hell Yeah!

Thats the best line I've heard ina while. And it very much describes how the weekend was. I ad the pleasure of Susan's company for the holiday weekend. She make the perilous journey from Montgomery and considerably improved my life for a few days. Some how I've fooled her into thinking I'm an alright guy, and shes coming back this weekend. Possibly just for the DMB concert and I'm only the driver...

Of course I don't believe any of that. I have found myself having a perma-grin most the time now.. through traffic and a manual audit at work. Its a nice feeling.

Other than Susan's visit, we seemed to have scheduled a gathering at the Casa Del Tres Hombres. t wa svery nice to have everyone around, and it was so much of a free form chilling. College otball was on the TV, the beer was cold. The liquor was mixed. And dinner was served. Which, this was a unique thing to this particular event, everyone pretty much brought their meat of choice and we had a meal.. in stages. The girls provided some sides (or fixins in the south). Adam, the newest roommate a Joe's replacement, flexed his culinary skills and cooked the pound of NY Strip i bought. And damn it was good.. if my momma was there i woulda slapped her... it was that good.

Sunday was spent with Susan and Grace, as we went to visit Grace's family for lunch. Another delicious meal was had. That evening my lovely niece Icrad came over to hang out. Its nice that shes moved a few miles down the road, hopefully he can come over more. But not the dog.. it poops in Adam's room.

I feel I should rant about something to make this whole blog more interesting. other than the suckiness of a small regional airline based in the Atlanta area, I don; have much to complain about... except being far away from some one very special. However, Delta has upgraded their last 2 RJ's to an MD-88 (for the aviationally challenged.. that means they are now using Delta crews and planes instead of ASA crews and planes) Maybe they can conquesr the skies and get me home.

This weekend I'm having Susan up again, and combine that with a huge DMB and Allman Brothers concert... if there was a beach involved it would be the perfect weekend. Its going to be grat as it is. I'm so looking forward to friday.

Ok, well.. i have a few other things to do here, and theres a coffee lecture going on here.. which is really quite interesting. I'll be around this weekend.. and available for all you social needs. Well, i will have some one distracting me.. but i'll try and be available :-D.