Sunday, August 16, 2009

Don't say that later will be better now you're stuck in a moment and you can't get out of it

Time for the weekly update I suppose. I'm slightly sunburned and a little tired. Some where I dug up the motivation to crawl out of bed and go to the gym. I suppose it's time to work off the weekend. And it was a good weekend. More on that later.

So, last week started with a kind of a downing note. I was kind of feeling blah about a lot of things. So, I spent some time trying to run out some frustration, which is amazingly more therapeutic than I would think. I thought all you health type people were just trying to get us unhealthy type people to join your cult. But I guess there something to sweating it out or even just putting the earbuds in and blocking out all the crap that can get to you. Not to say it still doesn't get to you, at least you have a little time away from thinking about things.

And then, while in a funk I cleaned up the place. I was thinking that not coming home to a dirty house all the time would be a little less downing. And it's true, I like not having to see the dust gathered on the floor in those places I don't walk often (which ironically seems like most of my apartment). I also have guests planning to come up in a few weeks, which this is like a pre=clean for that. I couldn't imagine letting anyone in my place in the condition it was in. Ad there were some things that needed to be put away, and on occasion just thrown away. I tend to keep too much stuff, a little bit of a packrat. Sometimes, things just need to get tossed out. There's a certain good feeling to the cleansing of ones life.

I'm still not out of the funk, btu I'm getting better. The weekend in Atlanta helped. I experienced riding a MARTA bus for the first time, which as a 30 year resident of Atlanta I think I did well avoiding. But alas, since Grace didn't get an apartment right outside the train station, I had to endure a 5 minute bus ride. Wasn't bad really. I'd be inclined to use more mass transit if I lived somewhere I could.

I arrived at Grace's house about 4 hours before she did. I even tried to burn some time with lunch at Tap. I do recommend the roast turkey sandwich. And you gotta love a restaurant that provides water bowls for dogs on the patio. Once there, I thought some sun time would be nice. Too pad the pool was closed. It's like they planned this just to annoy me.

Friday though, I managed to get some pool time, and accompanying sunburn. And not only that, we were treated to two men in Speedo's. Seriously! How do you think you look good in that? That afternoon we packed up and headed south to stately TanJoe Manor. It was very good to see everyone there and have a few drinks ( a few being key.. I mean a bottle of bourbon counts as a few right??? Don't judge, I had lots of help).

The next morning I awoke on the (in)famous couch in the living room. I felt a little dirty for sleeping on it, just because I know a little of the history this couch must have seen. And not to be outdone by previous couch occupants, I was awakened with a big wet sloppy kiss. Thanx Mac! You're my favorite mutt too.

Saturday consisted of me trying to talk myself out of calling for work and going to Trish's going away pool party. I eventually realized I have a lot of things coming up I need the bank time for, so home I flew. Only to be delayed by a broken beverage cart wheel, which was not deferable (ie can't go without it working, which is usually an attribute reserved for things like engines and wings and compasses and Full Authority Digital Engine Control units... oh wait the last one u can do without it working fully). Shortly after determining that you could indeed go without the trolley brake working (assuming you don't try and use it in flight) we were off.

I made it back in time to get a nap in and drag myself to work. At least I had a clean place to come home to. Today I've managed to restock my bare cupboards and pick up some folding chairs for the back deck (which now has rails on all sides!), which is where I'm sitting typing out this literary masterpiece. Thanx again to Grace, Trish, Tanya, Joe, Mac, and Mandy for letting me couch surf this weekend. I really enjoyed being around everyone! Hope to see everyone soon, and given I'm almost a commuter again I probably will in the near future.

Next week, a trip to San Juan is being formulated... If the price is right I'm there. Nothing like a beach to make one feel better about things.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

From the dark side we can see a glow of something bright

I've been ina bad/blah mood the last few days. Lots of contributing factors that have been gnawing at me. But I'll manage. Work has been kind of blah. I miss the variety and challenges of working international desks. Domestic just kind of bores me, mainly since pilots can call in easier and ask annoying questions. Plus, since I'm working weekends it's slow... unbelievably slow. Which is ok sometimes,but makes the night drag on and on. I'm running out of books and I've seen every movie in AMC's inventory 5 times.

But hey, I have a job and I get paid a ridiculous amount to sit there bored. I just feel like it's a waste of time that I could be doing something more... useful.

And then there's the added fun of watching Fox News for 9 hours 2 nights a week. Which brings me to something that really annoyed me. All the talking heads latched on to Op-ed article by Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer. The headlines all read that these too politicians called the protesters of healthcare reform "un-american". Wow, that's pretty strong for a nation founded on protest. However, if you read the whole column, the line is actually: "Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American". Well, I have no great love for either te Speaker or the Senator, but I gotta kind of agree with them on this one. But hey, it's one hell of a story an gets viewers right??

That's enough of that... I'm over health care, I'm over the economy, I'm past bailouts... I seem to be the definition of apathy.

I am however very excited to be celebrating TanJoe's new floors this weekend. I have a bottle of black cherry bourbon that has my name on it... well, actually it has Jim Beam's name on it, but I'm gonna enjoy his work. And it's already in New-Nan waiting for me.

I am trying to put a lot of things together and make it all work out. It requires me taking a few weekends off.. did I mention I hate working weekends? Let's hope I can make it all work out and still afford my car payment.

I think I'll be getting out of the funk in due time, until I'll just keep running out my aggrevations. I suppose that's healthy. Later.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Band Geek, and proud of it!

I just got back from the DCI movie.. well, life simulcast of the quarterfinals at the movie theater. By the way, this is gonna have a lot of band geek stuff in it, be warned.

Anyways, I'm not arty or esoteric enough I think for modern drum and bugle corps. First off, I'm not a fan of synthesizers and voice overs. I like good old accoustical instruments that don't require sound boards for balance, just an ear and pointing at some one to play louder. But anyways, I guess I'm now old school drum corps, because I miss the loud, fast, and high stuff. That being said, I'm still amazed at what a bunch of kids can accomplish, and so close to perfection in music and motion. And I loved me some Vanguard!! I really dig their attitude, same with BD and their arrogance they exude... obviously would good cause.

I also have to say, I miss those drum corps chicas... great tans with strange tan lines, a lack of modesty, and especially miss the horn chicks.. always so fun to hang out with.

Then I realize I'm old... at least 10 years older than anyone on the screen. It's been 15 years since I last strapped on a shako and stood on the starting line. Hard to believe isn't it. And I still look back on those years as some of the greatest accomplishments, and greatest experiences in life. Who would have thought 14 hour rehearslas and sleeping on buses would feel so appealing. It would probably kill me now...

OK, enough if the reminiscing. The shows were all varying degrees of good, even if I thought some were kind of dull. But it happens.

Otherwise, I'm trying to get back in the groove at work. I'm not enjoying the domestic thing.. same flights to the same places... I need some variety. I'm also really struggling to get back in the groove of working out and doing the diet thing. After my 2 weeks of vacation (with a solid week of work in between them, it's hard tog et back into a groove. I'm trying not to go into burnout mode, since I have come pretty far and I wanna keep going. But I also want a cheeseburger and fries.

I did however discover this week that there's a lot of "distractions" at the gym in the late afternoon/early evening. I usually go out earlier in the day, but I may have to change my schedule. ANd I also don't understand guys who just sit on machines and really don't actually use them... well, ok, they're probably "distracted" too... but do something!

I should clean, but I should also sleep since I know I'm going to be awakened by people banging on my house in the name of "upgrades" and "repairs". They need to accommodate my sleep schedule. Other than that, just another weekend of working. I'm hoping to work it out and make it down to the Tanjoe Manor next week. I'm looking forward to that.

That's about it. Lot's of things coming up and I need to work out some days off to cover it all. Ugh! I really don't like working weekends! Later.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I got nothing...

Well, Let's see how this goes. My first time writing on blogspot. I'm slowly moving the old blogs over from Myspace, since it seems to be abandoned these days.

Let's see, what's been going on... I just got back from a trip to Atlanta. This time I drove, since I have a car capable of doing the trip (more on that later) and I wanted access to wheels while I was in town. I tried to make a visit to everyone, but I think that's impossible without staying a month or more. I would like to think Jersey for hosting me, and Grace for allowing me to crash at her apartment, and Tricia for allowing me use of her bed (sadly without Tricia in it :-P) and the couch.

OK, let's talk about cars. Most everyone knows I bought a new car. Ok, maybe not everyone, but a few people know I have new Scion tC. It goes, and I like that! But I feel remiss if I don't pay tribute to the old car.

The old Honda Accord, a 1997 model V6 with leather interior. Yes, 1997... and I bought it that year. So old that CD players weren't considered standard. It came with cassette. That lasted about a month. The first person I let drive the old accord was Jennie Mills, who promptly found a hail storm in m new car! No damage but it was kind of amusing, and I never have seen Jennie panic like that... so calm and collected she is. The Chrissie had to leaver mark on a trip to a drum corps show, and I think some of the glitter was still there when I traded the car in.

A few trips to Orlando to see Jamie and Shelley, I don't know how many trips to Montgomery, first for drum corps then to visit Susan, an early morning run to Savannah because I was bored, and a lot of adventures around the Atlanta metro are. There's a few nights I slept in the car, simply because I was unable to drive home. (Yeah I know, that's no bueno but when a girl in tight close keeps pouring you shots, u take em! Especially after she whips you on the bar...).

So, 188,188 miles later, i kicked the old Honda to the side. I can't complain... I should really write Honda letter of admiration. I wasn't very good with the upkeep, and the car kept on going... but she was on her last cylinder I think. Here's hoping the the new car gets as much mileage and fun. I think it can be done...

Enough of that. I don't have much else to say. I've been kind of sedate of late.. well, except for the trip to Oz and ATL. Next... who knows. I have a car payment now and that's gonna put a crimp in my fun. But I'll manage.

Some one suggested I go to Vegas on my birthday... thinking about it, but I wanna try something new! I mean, sure Vegas is fantastic... but the Coyote Ugly leaves a lot to be desired... and that's what is important.

I thought of a lot of interesting things to say on the drive home, but I seem to have forgotten all of that. So I'll put an end to this. I have a couple more days off, and I'm seriously thinking about cleaning. It needs to be done, and some things need to be put away... sort of the out of sight out of mind thing... we'll see if it works.

Oh, and final note, Bourbon Festival Sept 15-19. I'm taking reservations... The couch and floors are open.