Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On my way home I remember all the best days.

Current mood:relaxed

Today should be my Friday, but alas I'm working tonight again. Why? Well in order to get Sunday night i did a shift trade and took tonight. It works out well actually, and I'm contemplating trying for next Monday off and just taking something close to a couple weeks without work.

However, should I do that I'll have this urge to take off to Europe or something, and while some good could come from that, mostly debt would follow. I really do want to focus on alleviating some of my debt. Especially since the government seems intent on bailing out all the people I owe money to. Darn them!! DARN THEM TO HECK!!!!

I'm looking forward to being down south. While I enjoy Grace's musings, it does make me kinda sad that I'm not there to be part of all the fun and games. Add to that the separation from Susan, it kind blows. But I'm managing in he hopes it's all worth it in the end. Damn being a responsible adult.

I had a lot of interesting things to say earlier, but they seem to have slipped my mind. Maybe I'm getting old, or just killed a few too many brain cells in my misspent youth. ut I had a good time, and I'm really quite sure I'm done misspending my youth.

Christmas i around the corner, and I know this because everyone at work has sort of kicked up the level of panic and confusion. Well, not so much in dispatch, but most everywhere else in the room. And it's apparently only going to get worse from now till Santa comes. But along with the excitement comes the problem of Christmas shopping. Unlike the last couple years, the budget for me isn't the biggest worry, but figuring out what people need or want. I'm normally a fan of gift certificates for the ambiguous typs who I really have no idea what to get them, and that works pretty well for older neices, nephews, and moms and dads (yes I have 8 sets of parents). But I like to come up with fun and useful surprises for other people.

And I think I did really well last year with that, but this season i'm drawing a big blank. I'm even perusing the UPS company store for ideas. Don't be surprised if you get something brown. But along these same lines, I don't like presumptuousness when it comes to gifts. For instance, I received an email Christmas list for one of my nieces. While I was going to ask for suggestions, I'm kind of put off that the list was sent with out my asking.

Maybe I'm just weird like that.

Anyways, I'm just burning some time while the laundry runs. Has anyone ever noticed how bad TV is at 6 AM?

So, ATL peeps, hit me up over the next couple days and maybe I can fit you into my busy schedule of Tomb Robbing and gorging myself on turkey. Now I'm off to check loads on Delta to Europe and see if I wanna take a trip. I plan great vacations, I just wish I could go on more... and not solo.

Everyone should wish Ryan a happy Birthday. He's suffering in Germany these days and sure he could use the good wishes so people think we like him.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I’ve already used all the snow lyrics I know for subjects

Current mood:cold

I have returned from the Ham! And for those of you who think its all graniose that I went to Germany for the weekend, you'd be incorrect. I had a lovely week (end) with Susan and her new cats. After some induced cat fights and watching the furballs chase the unobtainable red laser dot, I had to leave. We had a nice weekend together, although it was much too short. But on the upside we do have plans to see each other next weekend. And we'll be taking in some 3,000 year old dead guys. Am I a romantic or what??

Actually, we both get kind of excited about such things. ANd that just makes her that much more awesome. But first I have to get through a weekend of work and then figure out how I'm going to work the Thanxgiving weekend. There's some logistical details to be worked out, but it's coming right along.

In other news, old man JoHnathon... I mean Winter (i get old people confused) slapped me in the face this week. First there was the excitement of scraping frost of the windsheild in Birmingham. ANd then I returned home to snow. Yes, that's right... snow! It's snowing outside as i type this and sipping hot cocoa. And for the first time, I'm drinking from a well traveled cup from Shanghai. I think its funny that while this cup has felt a lot of lips on it (not unlike myself), one of them were mine.

Anyways, i seem to be more prepared for winters cold this year than in the past. I have a car with a new battery and new tires for better traction in the ice and snow. Plus I live near an emegency snow route so I get to have a clean street. Mind you, as of right now there's all of a light dusting of snow on the ground, but you never know when a blizzard may strike. And I have hot cocoa! Unfortunately it doesn't taste like the nice Godiva type from Starbuck's, but it's early.

ALso in the good news column, Tech kicked some U of Miami ass tonight, and that's always good. next is UGA, and while it will be tough, I think the Jackets can pull it out... so.. TO HELL WITH GEORGIA!!

Well, I've nthing else much to say. There's not a lot of wild excitement going on. I mean I could go on and on about visiting Susan, and I will upon personal requests. But I'll spare the masses the details.

Now it's time to start working on my Christmas list Not things for me, but what to look at getting the freinds and family. I'm also contemplating actually putting on Christmas decor this year. I hope to see some of you fine people next weekend, I'll be in the ATL and, at times, available. SO call my people and we'll set up an appointment.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Old friend of mine we will never lose the time that we shared all these years

Current mood:productive

This is my second, or third... or mybe fourth attempt to write this out. I find that my blogs aren't nearly as well written or interesting unless there's some element of angst or moroseness. Unfortunately for my writing skills and readers, I'm pretty damn happy at the moment. I can't really think of anything to rant on about, I mean besides the normal things. And really, hasn't that horse been beaten enough?

SO, whats been going on?? I spent the last weekend (and in this case it was an actualy weekend, not my normal "airline weekend") in the Atlanta Metro. As a celebration of my 32 year on earth, we had a gathering very graciously hosted by the TanJoe's and their menagerie of wayward animals.

But first things first, I made it in town Thursday night on a jet plane. I also learned that apparently the Bank of America building in downtown was designed to look like its burning, and if you look down into there's an effect of looking at embers. There's even possibly a sculpture up on the top. I was more concerned why the captain of the flight was so enthralled with the lighting of the skyscrapers and not the approach into ATL we were currently flying. Sometimes this riding a jumpseat thing can be a bit more disconcerting than It should be.

At any rate, I arrived safe and sound, and waited to leave the aiplane (with the other 70 passengers) for about 20 minutes until they "turned the jetway lights on". I offered to do this, feeling I'm more than qualified to flip a switch. Nope, we had to wait on the ground people, who seemed to not be interested in getting me off the plane. I offered a solution to the flight attendant playing door guard, but she felt that letting the passengers run amok on the ramp, while drawing attention and getting the ground workers to come over to our gate, would possibly aso result in her losing a job. She seemed attached to being an employee at Argyle Sillystring Argyle.

Eventually I made it off the plane, out to the car where Jersey patiently waited (ok, i got out before she got there, but she patiently drove) and we headed down to New-Nan for ome conversation, and beer list additions.

Friday was spent meandering about PTC and surrounds, and lunch with Charles at my favorite former chinese place (former since I moved away, favorite because they delivered the food the 500 yards to my apartments). While waiting for Charles to get off work, I expanded te beer list some more. That evening, my always lovely and fantastic niece picked me up and drove me to the Mom's house, where dinner was served. Aunt DOvey made some homemade vegetable-beef soup. Now, I don' mean the normal "Just Like Homemade" Campbell's fare, but actually homemade as the veggies were picked from her garden. I forgot tha tyou can grow those things. It was yummy. And then Susan showed up. Like the best birthday present ever!

AFter dinner cake (mmmhm, Orange Velvet cake with green cream cheese icing), Susan and I adjourned to the TanJoe Manor.

Saturday was spent dashing about Atlanta. First, Susan and I woke up amazingly early for us, and was out and about before 11 AM and headed to Radial for breakfast. Pretty tasty place, even if they left the tomatoes in my scramble. And then some window shopping and back to TanJoes for the impending gathering.

It was nice to see and hang out with everyone, the recently coupled (officially) JoHnathon and Grace.. who I suppose we need to come up with some pithy monicker. Even surprise visits by Charity and Mat and Molly, it was a good time. You should have been there (you know who you are).

Of course, Sunday came too soon and it was back to Louisville with me.

And after that, it's kind of been the same ole same ole. Work, sleeping, not work. I managed today to get my hairs cut. I've also discovered the iTunes store. This has the potential to be very bad. Why?? Well there was a time when I used to buy any and every CD i could find and had quite an eclectic range of music. Over the years, many of these CD's have been lost to moves, thieves, and my own stupidity. While many of them I can just do with out, there's some that I really liked. Of course these are ones not carried by any music store anywhere, in the US at least. Now, there on iTunes!!! Giggity!

So I must learn restraint.

Well, that's all I know, Im planning my dinner menu in my mind, and nothing is sounding good. I'm looking forward to the Holidays, and the chances it brings to spend some quality time with Susan. We know Christmas is coming, Starbucks is rolling out the holiday drinks and everyone is selling gift certificates. Oh, and there is snow forecast for Sunday. Must be winter.

Oh and I'd like to mention Ryan.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This land is your land, this land i my land

Current mood:hopeful

I really don't like it when people post blogs and mark them private so I can't read them. It just makes me want to read it even more.

Warning, political discussion to follow... skip down if you want to miss it

So, we the people of the United States of America elected a new president. Several things are impressive about this. One, its possibly the largest voluntary and organized transfer of power in the world. Unlike other countries, no one had to draw a weapon to accomplish it. Whether or not you agree with the politics of Obama, you have to agree the process has become quite impressive and I like the peacefulness of the transition. Also, a non-WASP male has been elected to president. While I thought I would see a black man, or a woman, in the big chair someday, I really didn't expect it this soon in my life. So, that being said, I think it shows alot about race relations in this country and that yes, anyone can grow up to be president. Theres still, in my opinion, a ways to go but its a step.

And so the Democrats take control of the Presidency and Congress. And while I'm a registered democrat (which really kind of pisses me off I have to declare a party in this state) I'm not so happy to have both the legislative and executive branches controlled by the same party. Yes, I voted for Obama for my own reasons. But I also voted republican for Congress. I don't like the idea of one ideology running the place, makes it too easy to pass unnecessary laws.

Susan will tell you that I have left leaning ideas, but I also have a lot in common with the right. I think McCain would have made a fine president, and he has given a lifetime to this country. But he, and other republicans, have fought an uphill battle all the way. The country is seemingly fed up with Bush and the republican control of the last decade or so. And unfairly, the nation seems to have recoiled in the wake of the financial disaster and blamed the republican Congress (before 2006) and administration. I personally feel there's more blame to go around than there are political parties. McCain was almost the sacrifical lamb of the republican party. A co-worker made a statement the other night, that if Bush had wanted McCain to win, there would have been a terror declaration to focus the issue away from the economy to defense.

Once again, the sitting party during an economical hard time is kicked out. All in the name of "we're not those guys". it worked for FDR and Reagan. And I find it amusing that the Democrats are considered soft on defense. Wilson led the US into WWI, FDR into WWII, and JFK (and more so his successor LBJ) escalated Vietnam. All were Democrats.

Obama has been called a socialist (though John McCain clearly stated he doesn't believe that). And I read lots of Status's (or Statii?) about people who are moving to Canada to escape the impending high taxes and socialism. That's alot like moving to Seattle to get away from rain. I find a lot of hypocrisy in the statements that voting for Obama is voting against patriotism and America, yet still proclaim the virtues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. Men who sought to change their futures by then "radical" notions of separating for England. I admire the founding fathers for standing up for what they believed and leading others to change the status quo. Or perhaps is the same Southerners who revere Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis who attempted to secede, very patriotic of them. I again, admire these men for standing up for what they believed to be right, though I don't agree with much of their beliefs.

There's the opinion that the liberal media is responsible, and possibly could be true. But I get my news from 2 sources, 30 minutes a day from the Daily Show (very liberal) and 9 hours a day of Fox News (which we all know is "fair and balanced" in their conservatism). And really, watching 3 hours of Bill O'Reilly every night at work may have driven me liberal..

IN the end, I don't see a lot changing in America, allegedly my taxes will go down $500. I really don't believe it. And the insinuation that $500 a year is an insignificant amount coming from the same people that said $750 in tax refunds would save our economy makes me laugh. I don't think socialism is around the corner, though I can see how the idea or free college (or greatly lowered tuitions) and healthcare access for people who need it is horrible idea. There will be some changes, but i don't think it will be as far reaching as the campaign promises (which are often broken... remember "read my lips, no new taxes"?). When all is said and done, the sun will come up tomorrow, we'll go one about our lives, and we'll still be bitching about the government and taxes.

At any rate, theres lots of problems here that need addressing, many haven't been addressed for a while. What happened to the great illegal immigrant debate, or energy independence, or any number of issues that seemed to have gone by the wayside. I don't think any have been fixed. So, maybe the liberal way of thinking isn't the right way (no pun intended), but the conservatives haven't seemed to do much better. We'll see what happens over the next 4 years. At least we have the Supreme Court to guard the Constitution... well, whats left of it.

And my final political statement.. vote Dees/Jones in 2012. If only because we'll have a kick ass inaugural ball and Susan will make a kick ass First Lady (eventhough we don't always see eye to eye on politics)!! That can be our slogan Dees/Jones 2012.. KICK ASS!

In other news, driving home the other morning I had a tire pop. It's my own fault really, as I've been driving on tired that had the tread showing for a while and without proper alignment. On the other hand, I did get about 50,000 miles out ofr my 45,000 mile rated tires. So, about half a mile from my house at 630 AM, i was changing the tire in a bank parking lot. And off I went to be the first eprson at the tire shop to buy 2 new tires.

Luckily, while they had the wheels of it was determined my left front axle needed replacing. Yay!!! Happy Birthday to me!I have been driving with busted CV boots for a while and dirt and crude had gotten the axle workings. This really ticks me off since the boots had been replaced by the "family" mechanic a couple years back.

SO, now with new driving car, and its lost alot of the vibration it had, I'm zipping around the Ville. Land of $1.99 gas. Amazingly ow happy that makes me.

But not nearly as happy as the prospects for the upcoming weekend. I'll be reunited with Susan for a few days. And we'll be surrounded by our pals. I'm very much looking forward to it. Work is the same, nothing earthshaking to report. I still like the job, if not all the people I work with. The new iPhone works like a dream. I'm always apprehensive when I buy things from eBay, but I've never had any problems.

So, thats it, I'm out of things to type, well not really. But i'm out of inspiration to type. I wish everyone well, and thnk you for reading. Remember Dees/Jones 2010... KICK ASS!