Sunday, May 6, 2012

Broke into the old apartment

I suppose I'm an extremely demanding person.  Take my seemingly endless condo search.  Every time I find something that screams "hey, I could really dig living here" it falls completely apart.  Either a bank comes in and screws it all up, or some one "outbids" me with a lower offer... but in cash.  Seriously, who had $100,000 just laying around?  Or in the last case, the "perfect" place came with an exuberant HOA fee ($900/month...  that had better include a lot of "special services").  Sigh...

So, this past weekend (and by weekend I mean an "airline weekend" of Tuesday-Thursday) I headed back down home.  I wasn't planning to make the journey, but since my niece decided to go and graduate with her masters it seemed like the thing to do.  Hard to believe that little brat turned out so well :-).

Thankfully, TanJoe allowed me to occupy my room at their stately manor, and complete with a hot tub now.  I was able to catch up with several friends and family on such a short trip (helped that they were all in the same place for dinner).  It's kind of sad the place we dined needed to put a disclaimer on their menu that licking the 750 degree lava rock your food is served on is a bad idea.  That means some one tried it.  Personally, that seems like natural selection at work and should be allowed.  If you're that dumb, we need to weed you out of the gene pool.  (I'm mean but it's true).

Thursday, after lunch with Yinyer, I spent the day touring homes all over ATL.  I learned that some people have the weirdest taste in decor.  I mean damn.  Maybe I'm a minimalist or modernist or something that doesn't involve a lot of off crap painted on the walls.  And i really don't like mirrored walls.  However, let it be known that none of this stuff a deciding factor in not being interested in a particular place.  Things like leaky ceilings, locations I didn't like, and no washer/dryers turned me away. 

But seriously... $900/month for HOA fees!!!  At least my realtor is fun and ok with my pickiness (and I think she likes looking around the city more than rural subdivisions).  So, now what?  I'm kind getting to the point where the shopping is getting old.  I can up my price point, or just take the money I have saved and run...  hrrrmmm.  Where can I go where Visa won't find me?

Anyways, I've spent this afternoon catching up on blog posts.  Stuff I wrote weeks ago while away from home and away from interweb access.  Is it sad that I'm so used to typing on an iPad of iPhone that I wonder why a regular computer doesn't autocorrect words for me?  This week is a marathon work week.  I'm paying back a few day trades all in the same week, thinking that getting all the pain over with at once is a good idea.  So for those of you who think I never work, I'm proving you wrong.  And expect a generally bad mood for the next week.  You've been warned.  Now to catch up on a few other things and get ready for another night of work.  I'm hoping for a slow night with no thunderstorms or needing to file ASAPs...  that would be an improvement.