Thursday, September 29, 2011

Always look on the brightside of life

Now is the winter of our discontent... or something. And I believe it was Socrates that said "I drank what!!!!"

I've been silent on here of late, jut haven't had much good to say. I wrote a couple of rough drafts and just shelved them, for either lack of content or lack on motivation. It's hard to keep life interesting sometimes. There seems to be a good bit of negativity swirling around with the autumn leaves. Much of it is justified giving the situations involved. While much of it is not really affecting me personally, it's hard to sit on the periphery and see friends going though such dark times.

That seems to add a bit to the general malaise I'm in. It's tough enough staying happy and giddy ALL the time when little things really start to annoy the hell out of you. For instance, traffic sucks in the morning, my laptop grinds to halt anytime i try to change websites and no longer holds a charge, the public has began to generally aggravate me with their lack of tact in public situations, and my schedule at work sucks harder than usual for a few weeks.

Soooo, let's talk about positive things: I have a well paying job. Yes I deal with morons who seem to think they're "in charge" but I can handle it with my well developed intellect and justifiable superiority.

I don't live in Indiana! Besides the general reasons for not living in Indiana, now that one of the main bridges in town is closed for unscheduled repairs (it has a huge crack in it) venturing across the Ohio even less appealing than before. And even though the traffic annoys me, it still cracks me up when the radio advertises a "10 minute ride" they think that's ridiculous. I guess I still am used to the ATL traffic, where the normal speed is approaching 80 MPH and a 45 minute delay is nothing unusual.

I can afford to buy a new laptop, and most likely will be within the next month. Of course that depends on the pricing and availability of the next iPhone, because you know I have to have one!

I have vacation coming up! I'm thinking a quick trip to Europe or Morocco. but first I have to figure out if theirs going to be a revolution planned while I'm there. Even if there is, could be fun and get really good deals on accommodations.

It is Autumn, and the air has cooled down a good bit. The days aren't overly long or ridiculously short, meainng I can be home and asleep before the sun is to high in the sky, but I can still wake up and enjoy sunlight in the afternoons. And football is back, giving a me a 95% chance of having something to watch on TV during the weekends I stay here.

I have fabulous friends, even though some are having trying times. And with the Lewii's return from exotic overseas locations and the upcoming S-Dub gathering, I should be able to see many of them about. That makes me smile.

I'm still in the market for an upscale bachelor pad in the heart of the ATLizzle. My last venture down didn't produce the results I hoped due to timing, but maybe soon I'll be working it out. I'm still unsure about going through with the whole thing, I have some concerns... but we'll see.

So, There's more that's pretty good. I just need to keep that in mind when the gloominess starts intruding. Now, I'm hungry. Off to find some "lunch". And decide how to handle the next couple weeks.

So a final thought...