Sunday, June 29, 2008

Smell the sea and feel the sky, Let your soul and spirit fly, into the mystic

t's a hazy, lazy summer Sunday. A new week set to begin, although it seems to want to begin at 5:30 tomorrow morning. I'm not very happy about that. But its a job, and they're paying most the bills at the moment. So far today, I ventured to Kroger and purchased ood for the enxt few weeks. I had to leave the house by 10 this morning, the owners of my duplex are attempting to find a new buyer and here was a showing. And since I needed to stock up on various assundries, that was a perfect time to go.

SPent the rest of the morning listening to acoustic sunrise on DaveFM (via internet). I miss having a wide variety of radio stations to choose from, and its prompting me to look into Sirius. That and I feel an urge of late to buy something new and electronic. I also have the urge to go to the beach, any beach. Well not any beach, but one without ridiculous crowds and preferably not surrounded by hi-rises. But who's being picky. Could be the influence of the book I'm reading that's set on a fictional Caribbean island A getaway to somplece fun would be very nice, not that Louisville isn't the Mecca of fun.

And on that, I went out last night with some co-workers, meeting at an irish pub down the street. The thing that I like about this particular irish pub is that half the staff seems t actually be Irish. They didn't just bring Guinness and Gaelic, but a few workers with local flavor. The real amusement of the night came from a freing of a freind of a co-worker who apparently had had 2 hours of sleep in the last 2 days, and tried to make up for it by drinking more. Eventually, he passed out sitting in a metal chair in the middle of Molly Malone's courtyard.

Now here's a sign that I have good friends and some people don't. What do yo think the buddies did to help out their exhausted pal?? They threw him ina cab, and sent him on a 20 minute drive home and went back to chatting up girls. I at least have been carrie dhome in the rare occasions I've been in such a predicament. However, that doesn;t sop me from laughing at him while he slumbered in the middle of the courtyard.

Nothing much else happened, nd that was the theme for the whole week. I've got a short week coming, and then holidays down south. Later!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oh I wish I was in the land of cotton, Ol’ times there are not forgotten

For any random lurkers that may be reading this, or those who just don't know her, go check out the profile for my friend Grace and get to know what she looks like. Then, whenever you may see her in an airport, make sure you ask her a question that has nothing to do with anything a flight attendant does. She loves it when random people ask about random things, and make sure you get upset when she can't tell you the answer you want.

OK, now to the important stuff. I had a great weekend. I got to spend time with Susan, though not enough. We had a bit of a gathering at Adri's, and it was nice to see almost all the old "apartment family" together. A reminder of good times. We also took in the Laser Show at Stone Mountain on Thursday, and its nice to know that for the most part, the show hasn't changed since i went a a youth. It's sill pretty neat and recommend anyone new to the area see it once. I especially enjoy the four wheel drive truck tour of Alabama, because we all know everyone in Alabama drives a huge four wheel drive. The state is lousy with them!

Saturday, after coffee with Grace and J, we spent most the afternoon and evening with TanJoe, and playing with the menagerie of animals they have taken in. Almost makes me want a pet, but I'm sure Susan will acquire one to meet my personality in time.

Of other notes, Jersey is now a proud home owner (or a proud loan owner at the very moment). She has a really great place in New-Nan. More importantly, she was as giddy as a child with a new toy. I haven't seen her so happy in long time, and that makes me a little happy. It also helps me realize that maybe its time I settle down and find a nice place to call my own.

I did have a bit of a realization this weekend, driving from Matt an Molly's Bed N Breakfast to meet Amie for lunch I realized that Peachtree City is not my home anymore. It felt odd, like coming someplace new. You know how when you come home you feel at home, well... PTC finally doesn't feel that way. It's a little odd. I guess I have to claim my old Kentucky Home.

Well, theres much more. If anyone ever needs a nice dinner outing, I'd recommend Tap at 14th and Peachtree. It's very yummy, and more importantly they serve brunch until 4 pm on the weekend, which is good for those of us who have issues rising early on weekends. Also, we revisited the Renaissance Hotel bar for a quick visit with Cha's and some airplane watching.

All in all it was a great weekend, an I do wish I could have spent more time with everyone, but e have a finite amount to spread around. Susan and I did our best, given our despisal (I think I made that word up) of mornings and activities that happen during them. Looks like we'll make a return visit (hopefully) for the weekend of the 4th.

So, now it's back to Louisville and returning to work. I seem to only have a few more weekes of weekends off, so y'all get them in. I think I'm done with classroom training now, and its all various desk training in various parts of the world. So, here we go again. Keep your fingers crossed. it seems, and I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, that I'm blowing through all the tests and challenges with flying colors. Now its to the point that everyone seem to just think I'm already s well experienced and knowledgable (another made up word?) that I don't need the training. Well, believe it or not, I don't know absolutely everything (I hope Susan does read this so I can keep using the argument that I know everything). But nevertheless, I'll just rise to th occasion I suppose and be the best damn dispatcher ever... and then take over the world!

It was great seeing everyone this weekend, hopefully it won't be too long before it happens again.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

All around, people looking half dead, Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head

Current mood: complacent
I know its probably bad form to complain about free flights, but I'm not going to let that stop me. As much as I enjoy the good folks at Argyle Sillystring Argyle letting me ride, they could at least put planes with air conditioner on the flights I'll be taking. I've discovered why the ATR(which is french for flying sauna) is "the devil in airplane form". After boarding the plane in Montgomery, we taxied ounl to be put on hold for about 20 minutes... ATRs don't air condition well despite the big fans on the wings. Unlike jets that fly really high into the colder air, the ATR get just high enough fly into the rough air at the bases of thunderstorms. But not enough to et into colder air and cool off the plane. SO it warmed and warmed. And then being 30 minutes late, I had to move my gimpy fastest from the end of D concourse to the end of C to ctch the next SDF flight. Luckily, it was late too, and the gate agent was very helpful in getting me on the plane... I was the last person, and the plane was held shortly to get me out and on.

And while I'm bitching, who at the TSA decided that I'm a freaking threat and put my name on the no-fly list??? Yes, when i check in for a jumpseat, after they confirm my identity (picture included) with the magic computer that gives me cockpit access, the gate agents have to then confirm my identity that tells them I'm not a terrorist (again, with the same passport info tat tells them I'm in the cockpit club). Seriously! I'm going to throw a shoe.

OK, thats enough of that, I did have a wonderful weekend, though too short, with Susan. We didn't do much, with the exception of her making me clean out her classroom. Otherwise we just hung around and enjoyed each others company. It had been way too long. I'm very much looking forward to this weekend, and the fun that ensues. I can only hope that I have 2 fully functional feet for dancing.

Otherwise, i made it through all the big brown dispatcher checks, an I'm a qualified dispatcher again. This week I start training to become qualified as a super dispatcher (ie, international style). The two big downers is I don;t get the raise until thats finished, and that I have a week of int'l class and its a one on one class. Yay. How can i sleep if I'm the only student?

Thats about it. I have a lot to accomplish this week, and I hope I can get it all done. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

if you want resume, I’ll put it writing, it’s only good for a day the contents are frightening

I know everyone out ther ein the blogosphere (did i really just use that word?) is on the edge of their seats. Everyone is wanting to know how day one of testing for brown went. Well, I have the results.

But first, I just returned from an information gathering expedition to Barnes and Nobles. I discovered that epople who travel with lots of children do tend to actually lose them. A family (or clan being in Kentucky and all) came in. And the person who I assume was the den mother sent the rest of the childrens to scather hither and yon around the bookstore, seems some one was missing. Well, the B&N rummaged around and made pages. No child. Then, some one came in from outside and mention a child was in a car alone.

Seems they left one behind, and at 7 he had panicked and not been able to get the door unlocked and open. Luckily, we no longer live in the jungle of this child would be lion food. But it all ended well, little Kevin or Kenny or Jimmy or whatever his name is survived the ordeal and was rewarded by, as I overheard, getting to write a narrative about it. I think i would rather have stayed in the car.

Oh yeah, so I got a call this afternoon, I apparently actually suffered and endured the 6 hour written to walk away with a 100 on it. I apparently missed something, but I did get the bonus. That helps. So, tomorrow at 4 AM i get the oral exam. And its not the fun kind of oral exam (wheres Joe when u need him... ok, that was a bit voer the top but I laughed at my own joke).

Now, for tomorrow, I'm more anxious about Susan's interview than mine. I know I can dazzle the person giving me the test with bullshit. It's the same guy that interviewed me, so I've done it once already. I would also like to thank everyone for unwavering support, it's good to have great friends and a wonderful girlfriend.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Today I don’t need a replacement, I’ll tell them what the smile on my face meant

Well, it is a time for a reckoning. And I reckon I'm gonna kick some ass.

Last week was a little trying, so this week promises to be better. Wel, if you remove the 4 AM start time followed by 3 days of work testing, it should be great. I've done some studying over the weekend and today, and I think I'm as ready as I'm gonna be. If I can only get rest tonight. I'll be happy to be through it all.

And Susan is all giddy today too, that makes me happy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for he (and me, cause it works to my advantage if things work out too... yes I'm slightly selfish).

Also, it seems i'm needing to go on a diet and change some of my intakes. Unfortunately its all the things i really like (namely beer and red meat... ugh). or course, I don't eat all that much steak these days. But i do love it so. I'm also looking for a doctor in the area, that promises to be exciting. I don't like doctors, and I don't like shopping. But it needs to be done.

I had dinner with Chandra last night. It was a quick trip to MSP and back. It was great to see here and catch up again. And her little one is growing quickly. I'm impressed that she has him, at age 7, doing his own laundry. That rocks. But anyways, we spent a couple hours chatting and eating. I miss her and I'll have to go up and see her more soon. And Susan needs t meet her, and they can talk about me while I'm not around.

I miss having a roommate sometimes, that would a nice change for the company. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks. I'm feeling very optimistic about things in general. Now all I need is to find a beach and sit on it. ANd apparently not drink beer in excessive amounts. I'd still lvoe a beach.

Time to end the rambling, I just spent $80 for food at Krogers, so I suppose i should eat some of it for dinner

Sunday, June 8, 2008

If I don’t get some shelter, I’m gonna fade away

It's Sunday blog time. I know, I've been slacking keeping everyone up to date on my fabulous life. I apologize. I'll expect they'll be much randomness in this one, so hold on.

Last weekend, I mentioned I went to see a blues show featuring Buddy Guy. Since then, I've been doing to YouTubing and discovered some things about Buddy. He's amazing on the guitar, even in his late 70's. He is also one of the guys who initially inspired Eric Clapton and EC learned from. ANd we all know the legendary skills of slow hand.

But ore importantly, he brought up something in the concert that I found very interesting. I had made this connection long ago when listening to listing to a lot of "classic rock" and then the occasional blues licks... back in high school. It amazed me how much similarity you would find in the guitar riffs of the great bands compared to the those riffs you heard being strummed out by the great bluesmasters. Coincidence, I think not. We all know of the British invasion, when the Beattles, the Animals, and the rest of those Brit rock bands made such a big splash in the 60's playing a new type of music. The ironic part is that new sound coming from England was originated n the US by the great black blues musicians. Yet, I have to think White Amercia at the time was to ingrained in the racism of the day to accept it, for the most part.

So, fat forward to 2008, in a small town vineyard in northern Kentucky. There's a bunch of mostly middle aged white folks jamming out to some old school blues music being played by and old black man. At a time when I'm guessing most these older types were first listening to the "black" music as children, the musicians weren't allowed to drink from the same water fountain. For some reason, that just struck me in the moment. While it's sad that we had such a divide in this country, the land of freedom, it's good to see the America had moved past such stupid inclinations. Well, most of us have. There's still a few hold outs who didn't get the message that Lee surrendered at Appomattox. Now, we're even facing a serious bid at president by a black man. I would have never expected that growing up. And no matter what you think of the politics involved, I think it's a sign of the progress in the society. Unfortunately, not everyone has come around to a modern way of thinking, and thats not just a sign of skin color. Someday, to paraphrase the great Rodney King, maybe we'll all just get along.

OK, enough preachiness. It seems that y former roomie up here in Kentuckiana has fallen on hard times. Namely, he washed out of the training at big brown. He didn't pass his check out and we asked to pursuit a new career endeavor. Couple things about this event that way on my mind. One how he could summarily dismissed so swiftly. I am taking these same tests during the upcoming week, and while I'm not worried I'll fail, it does add a little stress to the process. (Hence I've been reading my manuals at home most the weekend). But my opinion is this was a response to an initial attitude problem (which had improved) and to a lack of knowledge on his part (which can be taught and is no more lacking than some people who have been working there for years). But t sucks to have uprooted your life, moved to a strange city, taken a paycut along with the moving expenses, only to be told no thanx after a year. Guess it shows nothing is guaranteed.

On the upside, looks like I'll get his line and be promoted to full dispatcher, pending my test results. And for some insight to the torture, its one day of written testing, 100 questions. No big deal right? The problem is not getting the answers, even if you know the answers, you have t cite a reference from a manual. SO after you answer the question, you have to go look it up in a book anyways. Its tedious and time consuming. The second day is an oral exam (and not the fun kind of oral). I think it basically goes over the written and what you missed there. I get the feeling its not designed as much to fail you as to help u find problems and show what you need to focus on. The third day (yes, there are three days of testing) is working a desk. Luckily, I'm scheduled to work on a Friday, which has a reduced workload. So if i seem slightly on edge this week, se above for the reason.

ON the upside, I'm off to MSP tomorrow for my fam ride. Why MSP?? Well options were limited and I have a 2 hour break there I can hopefully have dinner with Chandra, the old roommate.

Last night, I took a break from studying and went toa Belmont Stakes party thrown by a co-worker. It was all work type people and it was alot of fun. The house was set up nicely for entertaining, and it was huge. I mean really huge. And all for a single guy. Downstairs, Joe had a well stocked bar, a 50-inch or so flat screen HD tv on one wall, and another 50 inches projection tv in an adjacent room. Did I mention the well stocked bar? After the race (where Big Brown wasn't able to pull it together and pull out a Tripe Crown win, but at least no horses were hurt), the games began. We had a PlayStation three on the flat screen with Rock Band going (I did surprising well as a drummer, but also busted out a stirring rendition of Gimme Shelter on vocals), a Wii on the other big TV with various games going (I tore it up at Badminton and Volley Ball), plus a dat board and cornholing in the backyard. Now, I know what your thinking pervs. Apparently "cornhole" is a northern phenomena that is similar to playing horseshoes, except you have a box with a hole in it, and tossing bean bags (or metal washers). Its huge up hear and they break them out for tailgates, summer parties, and whatever else. Theres just that unfortunate name.

For anyone who would like to see how a top of scale int'l dispatcher lives, check

At any rate, now I want a Wii. Its a blast. and you work up a sweat playing. I see this as a potential birthday/Christmas gift idea for me (of course it needs to come with giant HD TV).

I also am in high level discussions with a potential roommate. ANd as much as I looked forward to living a lone at times, I find I do miss having a roommate. Of course it helped that my roommates have all been awesome people and a lot of fun to hang out with. More on this development as it... develops.

Next weekend, I'm planning (pending test results) to make a journey to see Susan. It's been way to long. Too much has been interfering with us getting together. And the next weekend is big in PTC I hear. I would like to make a humble suggestion, since most everyone who would be affected reads this dribble... or at least they should be. I say we get all dressy and classy looking and head uptown. Details should be ironed out, but I think it could be fun. And we haven't had a dressy group function since the weddings, and some woman in white kept demanding to be center of attention at those things... some people always have to be in the spotlight.

Well, thats all I can think of for today, I'll keep everyone posted on the goings on in the work world.. I know you'll all be waiting on the edge of your seats to hear.

And everyone welcome Ryan back from the Antipodean world. Unless he didn't bring me any VB, then he should be stoned... and not the good kind of stoned.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We gotta get out of this place, if it’s the last thing we ever do

For whatever reason, there seems to be a general funk spreading around. And it'd catchng most the people I know. The reasons are varied, but everyone seems to be ina such a blah mood theres no around to cheer me up out of my blah mood. And since I'm older, I call dibs on blah moods.

The causes seem to be varied for this particular funkiness (and I don't mean funkiness in a George Clinton sort of way), they all seem to be insurmountable in our respective minds. They're not, but just feels that way.

Last year at this time, I had just returned from a couple tropical islands and a big boat ride, and packing for a weekend trip down under. Of course I was also making more coin and living near my friends. Perhaps a change in scenery is due. Are we all just long overdue for a temporary escape from reality? Some may call it running away from the problems, I call it regrouping.

Unfortunately the prospects of any trip, while sounding fun, also sound expensive. And I'm monetarily disenfranchised. And $4 gas doesn't help. Along with expensive everything else. But at least I would have something exciting to look forward to. With recent disapointments, that could be helpful in itself.

Maybe I'm a little homesick, moving to a new place is always an adventure, if its across state lines or across town. Yet, I still don't feel like I'm at home. So much for that where the heart is crap.

In other news, I did hzve fun company this weekend, and we did see some fn things... lost in no where kentucky, and finding a blues guitar legend to play for us. If you get the chance, see Buddy Guy. But there still seems to be a cloud following me around at the moment. And it seems that I'm not the only one.

I'm holding to the hope, it will all get better soon. Or else i'll run away from "home".