Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm not dead yet!

Its February 28th and 70 degrees out today. Yay for global warming!! I've been spending a good bit of time outside the last couple days, just because its been so wonderfully nice out.

I dragged Jackie out to Park Tavern on Sunday for lunch. And there lots of sunshine, adult beverages, and good people watching that day. I may have to make that a recurring adventure. There are lots of interesting people with intersting dogs walking around Peidmont Park, and I'm missing actually living in the city. There were much more oppurtunities for outdoor dining and just stuff to do.

Last night, Had a fabualous "date" with a gorgeous girl. Grace and I ventured into the city once again, braving traffic and bad drivers, to see Spamalot. For those of you who aren't familiar, its a musical based on Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail. Only the musical is somewhat more... silly. It was great. I laughed alot. I highly recommend this uplifting,feel-good musical of the year.

And in the "brings back fond memories" category, in the middle of Spamalot they break out in the Bottle Dance from Fiddler on the Roof. I had a sudden urge to stand up and yell "Go Vangard!". I love random drum corps flashbacks.

And let me tell you guys, Grace is a great date. With the exception of not putting out on the first date, couldn't have been any better. And any one who thinks a great night out includes dinner at The Varsity is my kind of girl. Its the simple things in life i enjoy... that and a chili-cheese dog,onion rings, and a Frosted Orange.

Unfortunately the fun ends tomorrow. Time to go back to work. And really, other than some of the childish people (not u Chas), the long periods of boredom, and the stupidity of some decisions made in the levels above me, its not a bad job. I suppose I'm just looking for something better. That and I want a building that doesn't make me sneeze.

I suppose I should get moving, the laundry won't do itself. I should start putting things in boxes for my impending move. But I'm lacking real motivation right now. And I got a little while to procrastinate. I also think its time I get back to developing my tennis skills... anyone up for it? I'll smite u on the courts!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Forever feels like home sitting all alone inside your head

OK, so its Saturday night, and I'm home chilling. For some reason, the idea of going out tonight only had some moderate appeal. Mainly, I have no taste for the local scene here in Metropolitan Peachtree City. Basically, your got Tavern, you got Big Daddy's, and thats pretty much it. While both provide a certain element of entertaining clientale to observe, I feel like i should get my lungs scrubbed when I leave. I'm normally not a big whiner when it comes to the smokiness of any establishment, but these places are horrible.

So, what's left for social interaction?? A 40 minute drive into the city. Which a couple of years ago I would have been all for. Apperently I've gotten old now. Couldn't be bothered to make that journey. So, here I am with a bottle of St. Pauli Girl watching Bridget Jones Diary and Princess Bride. Yes both of them. Poor Bridget, she seems surrounded by couples and happens to be the only person in her age group that's ridiculously single. Her birthday is November 9th, But lucky for her, she bares a strong resemblance to Jersey. I can relate to two of those qualities.

So, I ask, does it get better than this?? And if so, when???

Tomorrow maybe, should be a fun good day. That's something to look forward to. Otherwise there's nothing new happening. Work is the same, though the rumors are flying we're going to be sold to somebody. Hopefully its either 1) somebody more stable with lots of good airplanes I can fly to lots of fun places on, or b) some one who wants to relocate the headquarters to a tropical isle and pay all my relocation and housing expenses. I can dream right?

OH and in the bonehead move of the month, I paid my bike payment twice... because apparently memory is the first to go with age. I should really get a PDA or soemthing to keep track of this kinda crap. Though, Ideally winning the Lotto and just paying off all my bills would be the best option.

I'm glad the week is over, it sucked.

That's it, i'm being random, finished my beer, and I have nothing else of interest to type.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I can be loathsome, I can be wholesome, I guess I'm a little bit shy. Why don't you like me?

Yes Grace I stole your song, but thanx to you and now Chas its kinda of grown on me. And Chas also pointed out the striking similarity to Freddie Mercury. Great Minds. And if you listen to the lyrics, he knows it.

So, yesterday was minorly productive. I got a new apartment lined up. Move in is April 9th. A Monday. That is of course subject to change if something comes up sooner. Anyone availble for helping? I'll go ahead an warn you, its a 3rd floor. Moving on up indeed.

Also have upgraded my cable service. With a shift in the cable company at AMLI they are now admitting we're using DirecTV feeds. Basicly for $2 more amonth I'm getting twice the channels. Yet still no ESPN "OCHO". Oh well, but It will expand my TV veiwing repetoire.

I told the boss man today about my rejection, and I've never seen a more surprised face from him. I guess thats a good indication that I'm doing well. And let me give an indication of the level of personnel that work in the building with me.

Yesterday, because i was feeling down I bought some ice cream for my day at work. It was one of my personal favorites, Ben and Jerry's Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies ice cream. I only consumed half of the Ben and Jerry's Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies ice cream and put the rest back in the freezer. This morning, after I worked all the flight plans I'm doing for the day up (both of them), I though I would have some Ben and Jerry's Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies ice cream. Fabulous idea no? Well, I went and retrieved the cup from the freezer, sat at my desk and popped the top off, and lo and behold... some one had ate about half of what was left of my Ben and Jerry's Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies ice cream. I kinda hope this person will be smite down by some rare disease only I have and only I am immune to that will cause him/her great personal discomfort.

I mean, what kinda of lazy, cheap, sick, stupid fuck eats part of some ones alread eaten Ben and Jerry's Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies ice cream. First I get passed over for the job, and now this. When will it be my day again?

I'm losing faith in humanity.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

insomnia sucks ass

I'm in a mood. And we all no why by now. The whole Delta thing really got under my skin. Just when you think you've done everything right, and everyone tells you that you're perfect for thejob. You find out, you're not. Like everyone, I don't do well with rejection. And yet I feel that I should have it down by now.

Yes, I'm being overdramatic, but deal with it.

I guess the part that really is getting to me is that I've always believed, thanx to Tommy Allen, that if you want something and you work for it, you can get it. That nothing is beyond your grasp if you are determined to have it. And until now, thats played out. Anything I've pretty much wanted, I've gotten. And not in a spoiled sort of way. Most everything I've done in life I've worked for and got on my own.

And today, I'm doubting that philosophy. I hate to think that some one out there who knows me for an hour can judge me unfit for anything. You go in and do your best and poof, I'm not making "the cut." I'm interested to know what the cut was? And no offense Grace, if I got passed over for the hiring of a group of ASA dispatchers, I'm going to be really disheartened.

And yes I know, if you did your best and thats all you can do. But theres a line I used to quote when the workgroup would say we did our best but the plane left late or we did our best but we just couldn't carry the full load... "Losers whine about doing their best, winners go home and f$%k the prom queen."

Well, today there is no prom queen in my bed.

I apologize for being kind of down and probably will be for a few days. I'm working on it, except for the moment I'm not feeling as if I'm making any headway, I'm trying to keep in mind things will work out for the better..... i'm trying. I hate losing.

apparent;ly I was mistaken

No news is apparently bad news, No Delta job for me. Apparently I just didn;t make the cut.

And i'm out of Jack Daniels....

I'll write more when I feel inspired. Later

Monday, February 19, 2007

No news is good news... right?

s an update on how things are going, nothing new. That pretty much sums up the last week. I really haven;t been doing anything fabulous or noteworthy. Other than the normal noteworthy and fabulous things I always do.

I managed to surive another valentines day as a single boy. This one was better than most, thanx to lucnh with Elise and her mom. I been spending time with Jersey and Grace and the rest of the harem, doing nothing special, but the time was well spent.

And yesterday, I was honored to be in the presence of the man himself, a legend in aviation, the great L.T. Hines And i'm not sure if it s a complement or not, but he looks the same as always. There's probably some 18 year old girl laying in his wake crying. And then there was some other old FedEx folks out there, and of course, Jack came to visit. It was a good time with good friends.

While we're reminiscing, lets go way back. Brian and Rosie are making an effort to put together a Southwind reunion. I applaud them for that, and hope it all works out. I'd love to see everyone form back in the day. And take it as a sign or an omen or whatever, but I was clicking through the cable channels the other day, and stopped on VH-1 Classic just in time to catch a tune by Kansas called "People of the South Wind". The lyrics even sort of fit. Google it!

I pulled the bike out today, and took about a 30 minute drive around town. Its been a while since I took the girl out, and she didn't want to start, but a little coaxing and she was purring along. It was nice to hit the road again. And you know, everytime I take off I keep hearing "Born to eb Wild" playing in my head... haha.

Well, looks like Tanya has managed to save my computer. She rocks. Hopefully everything is all intact as I left it. nNd tonight looks like the new trivia night. We'll see how it goes. Otherwie, I'm going to stop rambling now and sit by the phone. Maybe good news will come soon.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sometimes I get so tense, but I can't speed up the time

I've come to realize this last week just how impatient I really am. No news on the Delta front. Still waiting and its driving me nuts. I do at least know not all the people tested have gotten their results back. People I work with keep telling me I got the job in the bag, I wish I could be as sure as they are. All I can do is wait and watch for the phone to ring.

I did however have my compentancy check (comp check) at Whiskey Oscar Alfa friday. And I was found compentant in record time. Last year it was 5 to 6 hours, this year under three. Apparently I've gotten good at bullshitting them. It looks like I'm good for another year to do my job. Suckers

Otherwise, not alot going on. I haven't been writing much lately, mainly because I've only been on fairly focused course. It seems I have resolved the roommate issues for next year, and I'm looking forward to living with the boys, though I'm a little saddened the original plan didn't seem to work out.

I had some great ideas on things to write about over the pat week. Most of them very "Seinfield-esque", observations about the idiocracy around us in the world. But right now I can't remember any of them. And let me tell you, they were great ideas. Maybe I'll remember them over the weekend.

I"m looking forward to warm weather, i can get my bike out and rekindle the tennis habit. I need the excercise. Hopefully it will be warm soon... come on global warming!

Thats about it. I was thinking of going out partying tonight, but I may just chill around here. Me and Jersey went out and had a few last night, and I discovered an establishment in metropolitan PTC that serves free well drinks for about an hour, Yay for cheap (free) binge drinking! I think we may have to organie a feild trip for the gang (if i can convince them to come out and play with me).

And Grace needs to hurry home!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things

I've been suffering a technical meltdown the last couple days. I have been having some issues here. First of all, I couldn't get on to Myspace for over a day. Yes I know, tragic. Apparently thats been fixed now. Well, obviously it has.

Then last night, one of my laptops seems to have died. Yes I know I have 2, but one is heavy and no longer holds a battery charge, so its relegated to a desktop computer. The newer one however seems to have decided to quit working. And usually I can rescue most computers from issues that they have. This one is beyond me. The rescue disks are ineffective. And the real bitch of it I had so many pictures and what not stored on that machine, and I'm worried I'll never get them back.

And the third issue of the day was the older laptop, once I decided to bring it into the living room and off the desk, seemed to no longer want to connect to the internet through my network. However, when I connected to the neighbors wireless, worked like a charm. I spent about half the day figuring that out (yes, I was kinda bonehead and didn't have the security settings correct).

So two issues resolved, but the third one... ugh. I may be in the market for a new laptop in the near future. I just received my tax refund, and in a stroke of responsibility I sent it all to pay off a debt. Damn responsibility. And even worse, I wrote a blog earlier and then closed the window on it.. my literary masterpiece lost forever.

OK, well, other than the $2000 paperwieght I have now, everything else is OK. I hate the waiting game with the Delta folks. They should just call me tomorrow and offer me the job. I told my current boss I had the interview and all, he seems to think its all a done deal. I love how everyone is so much more optimistic than I.

Well, thats about it, no deep revelations or exciting news. I suppose its been 3 years since I last bought a computer (or maybe even 4 years) and I'm due. I'm thinking about an Apple iBook.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

the answer to everyone questions

SO, heres the gig. I give myself a 50% chance of getting the job. I'm a glas shalf full kinda guy too. Basically the interview portion lasted about an hour, and a lot of the standard questions. I find it hrd to gloat about myself so, maybe i didn't do great there. There wa slittle to not echincal questions,a dnnthen the situational stuff. I will be taking a pay cut if offered, but in the long rn, it will work out pretty well, especially with the roommate option i'm exploring. Still, not too worried. Hope to hear back from them in the next couple weeks.

Keep your fingers crossed peeps. I will say I looked good and my zipper was closed.

After the interview i went into Deltas Flight Control and sat wiht a couple of the dispatchers on duty. They were very nice and allowed me to watch them and ask questions. ALso quite informative. I spent about an hour and half doing that. ANd i wish I had a picture of the flight control, its like mission control in there.

Other than that, the roommate thing is coming along, I have two options and must have a decision by tomorrow.. and i think i know how its going to turn out....

I'm off for dinner and after interview relaxation. '

I find my self excited at the prospects.... thats new.