Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So I was sitting in a bar in Tasmania

The subject came up last night about telling stories about past experiences and trying to not sound like you're bragging and gloating. That's something that I've been conscious of in the past, and I do sometimes feel that talking about some things I've done or places I've been it sounds like I'm a bit full of myself. Though I may be, I'm not trying to sound that way. So that being said, I was told by Jen after relaying an expereince that I should always start any rememberance with "I was sitting in a bar in Tasmania" just because it sounds cool.

This came up when one of our duty managers was relaying some of his long aviation history. And being one of the most humble people I know, we all knew he wasn't bragging. And even with my own limited humility, if I had flown across the Atlantic 4 times in the Concorde, a couple times with invitations to the flight deck... I would have it printed ona t-shirt so everyone would know. I'ma bit of an aerosexual like that. Grace has her beautiful blue KAL Boeing 747-400, but for pure sex appeal, the Concorde will go unmatched amoung commercial airplanes.

Yes I said sex appeal in relation to an airplane.

OK, now for serious business. "They" announced today that DMB tickets for Peidmont Park go on sale on saturday, June 2, at 10 AM. However, there is a presale that starts thursday, May 31, at 10am. To find out how to be part of the pre-sale, head to for directions. Basically you have to sign up for the free newsletter.

And incase DMB wasn't enough to bring you out to the park on a lovely fall evening, the Allman Brothers will be opening. And that's just good stuff. Apparently there are two different prices, $45 for the general admission, $250 for the VIP packages. I'm going with th e $45. I woud love to have lots of company for the day, so everyone break out you Visas and order some tickets.

That's about it really, I have a few things going on and hoepfully I'll be a little less stressed out by the weekend. I'm off to watch some educational TV. And I've found that I really do not Love Raymond... I can't stand him.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Celebrate we will, becasue life is short but sweet for certain

OK, some of you may or may not know I'm a fan of a underground band from Charlottesville that goes by the Dave Matthews Band. And while this year I'm not plannig to make any long sojourns to see them, just to Tampa. And the only reason I was up for that one was because it was a) close, 2) I get to see Shelley, Daniel, Jen andJjeff, and III) I had to see at least one show as they have yet to announce the ATL show at Lakewood.

Well, it looks as if the band will be doing a stop in Atlanta, but in a change of venue they are currently slated to play Peidmont Park. So for all those people out there that say they never know when Dave is playing (Hurrmph.. thats you Sean), the show is on or around the 8th of September, 2007. ON sale dates haven't been published, so keep an eye out.

that news, to quote my dear friend Grace, "makes me happy".

Happy Memorial Day to everyone, hope everyone has something at least mildly amusing to celebrate the kick off of the summer. I think I'm doing an afternoon pool appearance, possibly including adult beverages. Anyone and everyone is welcome to swing by the PTC AMLI to hang out.

I should swipe Joe's grill and carry it down there. I wonder if management would care? Of course we're not really abiding by the rules as it goes now for grill usage. Oh well.

So, after 6 hours of being at work, I'm just starting to wake up. I was quite grumpy this morning, mostly stemming for being in the office too much over the last week or so... pretty much everyday since getting home from vacation. I read the other day that more than 50% of Americans do not use their alotted vacation time... that's sad. Apparently about the same percentage say they are overstressed on the job. I wonder if they're might be correlation.

I think excessive hours in the workplace are a huge reason for the sort of funk I'm finding myself sliding too. Five OT days is a bit much for me, especially with some of the drama queens around here (no you Charles).

So, I'm going to get back to the plane watching, I have a full 4 days off this coming week, so from about 1300 Thursday till 0300 Tuesday I'm pretty much free to bum around, except Friday night.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

If I were you, where would I be?

I wrote a very poignant and introspective blog yesterday. But in the end, I realized I was really unhappy with it and didn't put it up. That and the one person who read it thought it was depressing. Oh well. I'm not depressed (I don't think) and I don't want everything thinking I'm about to jump off a building (i'm not doing that either unless theres a bungee cord attached).

I have been a bit distant from everyone i think, mainly due to travel and work. We had a dispatcher quit and I've been picking up some OT. Add that the training checks I've started helping out with at work (much to some peoples chagrin but oh well... they'll either get over it or they want.. I don't have time for their drama).. Then there was the week away from a computer.

So, don't be offended if I am slow with message replies or just leaving comments at all.

So, nwo that I'm home, I'm planning to leave again. This time its a bit more adventurous than in recent days. Brisbane!! Yes, I've spent money, I've reserved a bed (its been a long time since I've been hostelling). Its only 4 days and I won;t get to see my beloved fiancee in Melbourne, but it is a return to Oz and its a great place. I'm looking forward to it, but not so much the 2 days of plane riding.

The only snag is I'm possible not returning to the ATL area until the 17th at 1500. Thats cutting it kinda close for a 1900 wedding, and I have little faith in my company to operate on time (which is sad). I have a plan though. But I really would like to avoid Cleveland if possible.

Who knows, maybe this time I'll just stay. So, thats something I'm looking forward to, that and eating the BBQ sandwich sitting beside me. mmmhmmm.

Thats it for now, theres other stuff going on, but I'm not in a place or frame of mind to get into it. ANyone recommend some good books? I have a long plane ride in my future.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip,

The Sea was angry that day. We cast off from the harbour just after 10. And just after that, the waves began to swell, the clouds darkened. The sky was warning us to go no further, but we pressed on. The the wind kicked up, and the rains came. The deluge that followed was ferocious. You couldn't see the stern from the bow. Lightning crashed down around us, and thunder rumbled so loud it knocked you down. But we pressed on. And then, at the darkest moment, the sea decided we were worthy to pass... and she let up.

Unfortunately not enough to get the snorkleing trip in, and since we were held captive on a small island with nothing much to do but watch the lesbian volley ball tournament. That was the bad part.

Luckily, the rest was good. I think we all persevered quite well to overcome the small quarters and occasional rough seas. And, I must say ashamedly, that I did manage to spend more money on booze than on the cruise itself. Yes, I was quite the lush. And i'm ok with that.

I want to send a huge thankyou out to the fine friends who not only entertained me before and after the boat ride, but also allowed me to shack up under their roofs. Thanx to Heather and Brent for allowing me to take over the couch. And to Jenn and Jeff for taking in the surprise visitor who just randomly showed up on the door step. That was very gracious and I enjoyed spending the time their. It was unfortunate I only saw Shelley and Danny for a few minutes. But even though none of the original plans came to fruition, it worked out great. Anytime you guys need a place to stay, just stop by.

OK, so... back on the boat... we had some great people that went so far out of the way to keep us happy. And the neighbor boys kept us amused. Who knew you could fit that many people on of our cabins at once?? And they were fellow Georgia Tech alums, though they actually graduated.

My legs are sore... the walking and step climbing and dancing really worked them out. Yes I was dancing, and I'm sure I looked like an idiot, but then again, so did other people. And we had fun. And we ate a ridiculous amounts of food. SOme how we could never manage to all show up ontime at dinner, nd I think Magda and Adi were awesome in accomadating us. Monali kept us well supplied with Grey Goose Martinis and Whiskeys of all kind, with ample supplies of olives and cherries. And then she'd do it again in the disco. And it all was great.

So next time, I think we'll not get three to a cabin. And i'll look into finding an liquor included package. I'll have pictures up by morning I think. I'll post them on my photobucket...

So, I'll pontificate more on the trip later, I just want to let everyone know I'm back, and to thank all those who put me up for a night or two know how great it was. And thank Tanya and Joe for inviting me along, and Grace and Carity for allowing me to share a room with the hottest girls on the boat. I hope I didn't drive you crazy... and I swear I won't use that the "The Sea was angry that day" intro again until the next boatride...

Nows the part where my liver rests...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

When you're attitudes appalling theres a lattitude that's calling

Finally, I'm on vacation. First time in too long. Before I get to the happy part of this little literary masterpeice, lets talk about people who suck.

First of all, I think people who send anonimous messages to management to complain about changes in policies and new ideas are pussies. I mean, if you can't be bothered to sign your name to a statement, then either you shouldn't make it or you just not confident enought to stand behind your opinion. Step up, be a man, voice your disagreement. The worst they can say is we're going to do it and deal with it.

Second, don't give me the silent treatment because I volunteered to try and change the status quo for the better. I don't have agenda, and I know if I tried I could point out every little thing a coworker has done and possibly get he/she removed. But really, its a team job. But I see now that some of the little girls I work with just haven't decided to play grown up. I suppose I'll start treating them like my 6 year old niece. Nah, shes more mature.

All I'm saying, is take responsibity for your action, confront the issues you see with the people that cause them (perceived or otherwise), and act like a professional adult.

That said... WOOOHOOO vacation time. Theres a boat with boat drinks waiting for me. Theres a tropical storm in Atlantic that I'm gonna ignore because its not going to affect me, except maybe a little waves. More motion in the ocean!
I get to see Shelley and Danny tomorrow. And mayeb Heather if I make it down in good time. If not then on Thursday!!!

I had a dinner and celebratory drink with Tanya the other night. She's now engaged and by this weekend she'll be a college graduate. Both things I hope to acheive some day. But not now. At any rate, the best Part of dinner was, after introducing Tanya to a waitress I know (by "I know" I mean we're always flirting with each other) as a friend, she showed her the ring. Well Michelle (the waitress) had the most stunned look on her face, until I told her I'm not the fiancee... The look on her face was classic.

Well, I have packing to do and Grey's Anatomy to watch (Cali is hot, and its scaring me I'm talking to people like this is real life... I need help).

I'll drop everyone a note when I return form the islands, if i return. And FYI for those who knew about it, the FAA "check ride" went pretty good today I think. Bon Voyage!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I would love a large sweet tea from Chic Fil A right now.

Why is it that the most productive days I have seem to be the days I spend the most money? I bought some supplies and required items for the vacation times. I have the cars reserved for the trips between airport and port. I have my housing all lined up on btoh ends of the trips. And I even managed to get laundry done, vacuumed the bedroom, and cleaned the tub. Go me.

But I spent money I probably could have saved. But oh well, i needed a new pair of thongs. After the Walmart, Target, and Shoe Carnival... I even managed to toast myself out at the pool. unfortunately my confidence is shattered as I lost a swimming race to a 6 (?) year old. But i got my revenge, I lobbed her halfway across the pool. I think Carrie was just happy to have some one else entertain the kids. And i really relate well to people at that age.

I seem to be alovely shade of pink.

Also in the good news column, the company has rectified an issue with my ID badge and it lokos like I will only be facing the normal jumpseat challenges (space availability). And, It seems we're doing trips to Oz at the end of the month. And it seems I've decided to go. I've been working alot this month so I think thats just reward for my efforts.

I need to keep the optimism going. Maybe I'll meet some one nice on the cruise. Or theres always the island thing I talked about a blog or 2 ago. The island of lost models and rum... what a great place it would be.

I think I'll be starting the packing process tomorrow, and try and fit all my crap in a carry on and a backpack. And not wrinkle the suit and shirts. I wonder how much renting a tux on the boat would set me back. Hahaha, no, we're saving up for bigger and better adventures.

And btw way, i meant thong sandals.

I think I'm going to spend time at work tonight researching FPO and NAS for interesting things to do... or interesting beach bars. Later.

Monday, May 7, 2007

I gotta have more cowbell!!

I'vegot my Mt. Dew and I'm ready to blog. Unfortunately, I don't know what to talk about. It was eventful day for me. I had so sleep Saturday to speak, and I apologize to anyone (mostly the people I work with) for being overly grumpy. And then, at the end of the work day, excitement. galore!!! I do so enjoy inflight emergencies. But the plane made it back safely, much to the chagrin of the Italian Air Force who had to come back to work. Oh well, all the do is ride vespas around all day, like in Roman Holiday... chaio.

So, another Amazing Race has ended. Thats about the only reality show I really enjoy. It's great for vacation ideas. They show a lot of out of the way places and itneresting things to do there, though I doubt I'll be able to do an airdrop on Guam. I'm most happy the midget team lost, because they annoy me. So much whining. And yes, I know theres some irony in me whining about the whiners.

I also watched an SNL special that covered the 90's. That seems like so long ago. They would play some sketches from the days I religiously watched SNL (hey, I couldn't drive yet, had no money and not very popular... what else was there to do). And in a fondness that usuall accompanies remembering times gone by, i kinda missed those days. Back when your whole life was ahead of you and I didn't any of those grow up responsibilites. No bills. No job. Back when get to Southwind camps was the highest priority in life.

Yeah I know, I'm so old now. But I have about 15 years of cynicism and hearbreaks under my belt now, along with about 30 more pounds of me. I really can't complain too loudly about the hand life has dealt me, because really I've had a lot of fun. Sure there are some things I would have like to have done, but oh well.

I do miss the music of those days. I listened to a lot more radio then, and DMB was new. Nirvana was revolutionary, even though most of us didn;t know what the lyrics were. We were the end of Generation X, though we didn't know who Generation X was or why we were suppose to be them. Just a label some one in the media gave us. It's pretty much the same these days. Those people where were in college during that time are now moving to positions of influence (and probably still smoking pot) and have their own labels for the youth of the world.

At least we won the first Gulf War quickly, and Friends were all new episodes. Life was good!

Now, i'm just trying to make it until Friday. It's payday, its go to florida day. It's get ready for a boat ride day. It's see Shelley and Daniel day. It's forgot about being 30 and go back to living in 1992 day.

I'm still reeling from a message from my faux fiancee. But I'm getting by. I'm still looking forward to our marriage someday. And though she's a wonderful person, with that damn awesome accent, she's so far away. I really do want to move there. That would be an adventure. (Of course, i'm not really reeling... but she is sweet and does have a sexy accent, and is more than me than just a way to immigrate to another country)

Maybe today I'll get soe more info on a trip down under. I'm still looking at an Easter Island possibility in fall. I'm just ready to go. I'm thinking solar appreciation time after work today, everyones invited!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

There's this one particular harbour, so far but yet so near

So, work is being a pain in the ass, yet its also providing some possible excitement. We're having issues with the new TSA regs (and it affects my flying free and pisses me off... damn the TSA!!! It's a patch not a badge!!). But on the upside, it's in the process of possible being appealed and resolved, plus one of the sales VP's informed more of some upcoming trips to the great Land of Oz.

It happens early next month so maybe, just maybe i can work that out to spend some time drinking VB and visit my fiancee.

Otherwise, life is grand excepting I'm working 7 days this week. I know, what sort of torture must I endure before being set free. But after that, vacation, and theres apparently 150 foot slide to deal with. However, no one has told me where this slide ends at, and I just get images of hurling myself off the side of the boat and being adrift for days until washing up on a deserted tropical isle, with nothing but white sand beaches, and possibly a lost colony of models with a ample supply of beer and rum. I dream alot. (And I also write ridiculously long sentences apparently).

Ok, thats about it, theres no real excitement going on. I'm trying to figure out why I'm still broke all the time. I know I've been spending some cash on necessities (clothes, shoes, auto maintenance) but still... At leats I'll have some OT money roll in (hopefully in time to make the trip down under possible if it comes about).

So, lokos liek some my recent dreariness has past, and i've been enjoying Solar appreciation time with the girls. Or more me ogling girls in bikini time. I need to clean some of the apartment. Does anyone out there have one of those automatic shower cleaners?? I wonder how well they work.

OK, i'm off to fight the man and celebrate some obscure Mexican holiday. Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Breath in, Breath out, Move on.

Let me thank Paco for the inspiration to change the soundtrack of my Myspace page. I'm not converting or anything, I just wa sin the mood for something completely different. Praise be to Allah.

OK, well you know it's going to be a good day when the first voice you here is sweet and melodious, and all done in an Australian accent. If only i could wake up to that every morning.. or every afternoon. And what followed was a pretty good day. I got much accomplished. Hair cut (just one), oil changed, dry cleaning collected (I kinda forgot i put it in there 3 weeks ago). I took a break from my grueling schedule this week of drinking beer and lying beside the pool.

I would like to thank Jersey for dinner last night,it was delicious and the pre, during, and after dinner entertainment was even more appealing. Those damn cards are going to get some one in trouble one day... probably me. But it was a good time, and good company, and good Vodka. ANd i'm honing my bartending skills more and more. I think the career change is on the way.

Other news, work... blah. Got an email froma coworker this morning, and it sort of set me off. As many may know, I volunteered to be qualified as a "check" dispatcher. FOr the non-aviation types, that baiscally means I will be doing some training and giving competency checks on other dispatchers. Now this is all provided I pass my own check with the Federales. But I'm not worried.

Anyway, the part that is pissing me off is that the people who didn't volunteer are bitching about those who were selected. Well, you shoulda freakin volunteered. SOrry if some of us take an initiative and want to be more than what we are now, perhaps even move forward in the world with some ambition. So, if you're not going to step up, then shut up. The same people always drag down a good group.

Don't bitch about things if you're not willing to be part of a solution.

(Steps off soapbox).

In other news, I'm possibly looking into a part time job. A little extra money here and there and more importantly.. I get to touch an airplane again. And it's going to be Grace's airplane... she'll be jealous.

Well, i've bought Casino Royale on PPV so I best go watch it. It's almost cruise time. And I can't wait!