Saturday, September 30, 2006

Baby don't ya wanna go to that same old place, Sweet Home Chicago

Current mood:Apprehensive

So, its Friday, and its my Friday, and its Payday. And i feel like I'm broke already. I did get some good news today in that my motorcycle insurance is dropping $200 next year.. yay!!! Otherwise it was a slow day.

I'm off to Chicago in the morning, and I'm having mixed feelings. I'd rather not spend the money, but then again, I'm looking forward to just getting out of town. ANyone up there look me up.

And its official now, the Vegas trip is moved till the 17th of November. Look to be staying at the Imperial Palace. its not the nicest place, but its right in the middle of everything and on the strip. And most of all, inexpensive. Right now, I'm looking at reserving 2 rooms in the next couple days. For the 3 day period, that come sout to about $500. I think we can manage tio split that amongst ouselves. If no one comes, I'll have plenty of room to spread out.

Thats really all I have to say, nothing profound tonight. I'm in a sort of cerebral slump. We'll see how the wedding and family time goes. I can't say I'm real optimistic.

Oh the music trivia seems to have waned, so bonus points to anyone who can tell me what music legend originally performed the song this subject was taken from.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

humbing your way to Vegas dirty and dreaming of the other side

So, lots of things to report. On the car insurance front, the adjuster came out and did his thing and apparently there sending me a check. Maybe I'm not going to get screwed... Except I'm thinking the adjuster isn't going to give me what the body shop actually charges to repair it. It also seems that one office isn't talking to the other office.

Of course my first idea was to say the hell with the dent and go spend the money on something else. Vegas maybe. Speaking of, I'm looking at changing the dates and going the following week. Why?? Hotels are half the price. I don't know whats going on out there on the 9th of November but they're charging a fortune to come. I'll hopefully have a plan in no time. I need to hear back from those who had committed to the first date.

Next... sex in the workplace. I've been reading a little bit of an aviation message board ( all the aviation experts in the world in one place!), and yesterday there was an article about an Air Traffic Controller and her supervisor getting on at work. In all fairness, the romantic encounter happened in his office according to the story. But reading the "outrage" from the event, you'd have though he'd had bent her over the radar scope and went at it while airplanes were circling over Denver waiting to land. Next time your delayed in Denver. Now you know why!

Today, there's an article about 2 Qantas Flight Attendants who made a flight more comfortable for a young female passenger on the trip to London. Appearently one other male Sky Muffin witnessed the event and ratted them out. The other 14 or so on the crew saw nothing. And really, whats the chances of a staight male Fligth Attendant.. let alone 2 on the same plane?? I know stereotypes... I know some straight male flight attendants. At any rate, lets say this you lady was dissatisfied with the inflight entertainment and decided to seek amusement elsewhere. I will tell you it's not the first time, and I doubt it will be the last time. I can only hope it happens to me someday.

Now, I personally haven't had an occasion for playing with anyone else at work. I know it happens. I know people that it's happened to. Personally, I don't care... just stay off my desk when I'm working (unless your 2 hot chicks looking for a third... then bring it on). Besides, I think we could all use the tnesion relief at times, and the excercise... its kind of like going for a jog on your lunch break. I think when i'm Vice Emperor (second only to JR), i'm going to implement a "Get Laid at Lunch" policy.

That's it. Back to the grind!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

When I'm in my car don't give me no crap, cause the slightest thing and I just might snap

OK, people... let's have a lesson. When you come to a 4 way stop, you go through the stop in the order of arrival. You don't just sit there... ESPECIALLY if your the only one at the stop!

I'm fairly disenchanted with Peachtree City drivers, especially when a 2 mile trip to McDonald's takes 30 minutes. I was late to work!! Not that I care, my boss is in Prague. And then there's just the annoyance of the golf cart kids zipping all over the place. Sometimes i just wanna smack one for fun.

But then I would have to deal with insurance repairs. As you know (or not...) my car was hit while parked in a parking lot. My insurance company and the offending drivers insurance company are one in the same. And thus I have to file a claim along with his. Ok, Done. And now... well... the insurance company asked me if I wanted to go have the repairs done and pay the deductable, or wait to see if his covers it. Um, hold on... your the same freaking company!!! No wait, he was in a rental car, and it has be determined if he was driving the rental car and if the car was rented in his name... I feel like I'm about to get screwed here.

So, the answer to my lovely insurance person, I would like to wait and have his coverage pay for the damage he caused to my car that he hit... and its not like he had the challenge of a moving target! I apparently misunderstood the meaning of auto insurance. I always thought if you were in an altercation, and you were not at fault, the other guy paid for it... all of it!!!

I may be wrong.

So driving today has been a pain, and I only went to Mcdonalds and to work. I would probably kill some one if I did the Atlanta commute everyday. And if you guys got Elise's bulletin on Atlanta, let's just say it was dead on accurate.

Well, thats it... still making travel plans for next month and my birthday. I should beinteresting to try and fit everyone in one room if we so choose. I think with the amount of women going, it would be best to have more than one bathroom... We'll see. And i'm kinda psyched about going to Kuwait. I think that will be an interesting trip. Of course I'm not telling the family before I go.

And on a cheerful note, I have a new neice. Emma Elizabeth Dees was born yesterday morning. She's doing well right now. At least i got a few years till she's into expensive christmas gifts... right Darci?

OK, 8 more hours of staring at computer screens. Later.

Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm going to die alone in a room full of candy and porn

There's going to be a lot of randomness in this one I think. It's been a few days since I wrote anything here, and yet people have been reading my blog. I am flattered.

This weekend has been the weekend of random contact. I've really been feeling kinda of down for the last little while. But a few people have just called at random and that cheered me up. First of was my "adopted little sister" Jennie. She's down in her home town for a wedding and she called me the other morning, just to say hi. Jennie is one of the most awesome people I know. If you don't know her, you should meet her. We only talked for a few minutes, but she made me smile... just by calling.

Then later Saturday night, Shelley called. Shelley is like an older sister, but one who I did my best to keep sheltered for a few years. She is all grown up now and not nearly the naive thing I met 13 years ago. She's such a doll and has always been most gracious with my surprise visits to Orlando. I feel bad sometimes for not keeping better communication with her. I blame me. But I alway cheer up when i talk to her, and hear how her little one is doing. So I'm planning on heading down next month some time.

Sunday morning, I had an email from Amy (formerly Hayes). Amy is the only person I went to high school with I still speak to. I don't know why, but it just seems I left most my high school friends behind.. for whatever reason. I always had my circle of friends from marching Southwind and they were so much closer friends than anyone in my school. Amy is one of those people too, we just happened to go to school together. I saw her back in August at the DCI show... and I had a chance to hear about her little boy and her husband. I'm glad we have finally got through the technical difficulties (wrong email addresses and changes of real addresses) and have an open line of communication. Hopefully soon we will be able together.

While all the above were people I pretty much matured and grew up with (as much as I have matured and grown up, they have all far surpassed me), the next random caller was the person who I solely blame for my affinity of Jack Daniels. Out of nowhere, I got call from L.T. Hines. Now L.T. was my boss at FedEx for most of my tenure. And for 7 years or so we aggrevated the hell out of each other. Usually my smartass would be in direct opposition to his self proclaimed sixth grade education. And 4 years after I walked away from FedEx... we're still talking. I learned alot about leadership and managerial styles from him. And it's great we moved past the employee/manager bullshit. I hope to make plans for LT, Jack, and myself to get together. And perhaps I can get some hints on how to score with hot young women, something i need help with.

All in all, it was uplifting to have these people call and write out of nowhere. I'm not one to believe in ESPN, but its almost that they called just at the right times.

So this weekend is the Chicago trip, and I'm not so much looking forward to it. While I'm happy I can carry travel size toiletries, I'm bummed about missing tennis. I'm really enjoying this more and more. And i think I'm improving. Me and JR tend to get there an hour before everyone else (not an hour early, we're just on time). And we seem to be playing on the same level (Deuce-deuce for 30 minutes) He still beating me in matches, but I'm coming for him.. YOU HEAR ME!!! I'M COMING AFTER YOU MAN!!! I'M TAKING YOU DOWN!!! CAN U SMELL WHAT THE DEES IS COOKING!! ok, that was a bit much.

Speaking of JR, he's the only reply I've had for my date invite. And while I'm sure he'd be a great date, he's sort of into some one else I think and I just can't be used that way anymore. Am I really that bad girls??? I'll put out... or not.

Next, to the people next door... its 60 degrees outside... why is your A/C on?? Open a freakin window and conserve some energy. Is 60 too hot for you??? Are you recently relocated from Antartica??? Are you breeding penguins?? Its not so much that I'm a tree hugging conservationist, but i tend to hate needless waste... and their A/C unit is right outside my bedroom window and is kinda noisy.

I've just gotten back from Taco Mac, and apparently if you order a Miller Lite (TM) during a Falcons game, you get a pint glass. Now, already having a Miller Lite (TM) on my list, i didn't feel the need to order one. But the bartender was kind enough to pass 2 my way (well, Jersey didn't want hers). What's most disturbing is that I'm now stocking my glassware completely with glasses from Taco Mac. Best of all, the Saints beat them.. Yay!

Looks like the Iceland trip is goine to be postponed for a couple months. Ryan (the travel bud form work) has been reassigned until December it looks like. On the upside... looks like I'm gonna go for a weekend in Kuwait! That's something to look forward to. Get some sun, maybe a little winter tan action!

So, looks like September is coming to a close, and none to soon. Its been a month of... I don't know. It might just be my imagination, but I always seem to be down during September, its historically been a bad month for me. So, maybe some cheerfulness is in the near future.

Thats it... I think I've rambled enough. And yes, I know I said ESPN instead of ESP.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Lot's of people out to make-believe they're livin', can't decide who they should be.

Its Friday night in beautiful Peachtree City. And I'm currently sitting at home watching reruns of That 70's Show. If only I had a golf cart to go roaming around on. OK, maybe not, golf carts are only fun on golf courses and when your inebriated. I'm currently neither.

So, today started off well enough. I had a surprise phone call from a pal out west. And I mean surprise. Its been sort of downhill form there. I so enjoyed coming out of Barnes and Nobles to a new dent and hole in my car. At least there was a note on the windsheild. Yes, some one backed into my parked car. Thats fun. And it seems its all going to be handled, I'd really just rather not have the hassle. So we'll see how that goes.

Otherwise, nothing else has happened since then.

Why, Adri, can I not enjoy both Iceland and South Africa?? There was a rumor going around that World ws going to start flying to Johannesburg. I was so excited... and crushed when i found out it wasn't true. But there's always Delta.

And JR... back at the old Hong Kong airport, the approach to one of the runways involved you flying toward a mountain, then making a hard right turn about 2 miles out to line up with the runway. The turn normally started when your flying at an altitude of just under 1000 feet. On the final, its said you could see the TV screens through the windows of the apartment buildings of Kowloon City, since you were flying beside them at the same height. It was most impressive to see huge airplanes making 45 degree banks to land. I find that exciting, Adri finds it frightening... I may be an adrenaline junkie.

Heres a couple pics to kinda show what it was like... Later

Thursday, September 21, 2006

There's a world outside every darkened door where blues won't haunt you anymore

I'm having a good night at work. First off, it's Friday! Thats always a good thing. And there's a 4 day weekend following.. more good news. I'm Watching the Tech game (GO JACKETS) on the big screen. And to top it all off... I had a gorgeous young lady bring me Starbucks. She also knows now what it is I do (or really, don't do). Though she seems to have a certain fixation with tracking a certain persons airplanes... and i showed her how to do it. Perhaps one day I'll download the program to her personal computer and she too can track planes on her own.

Soo, part of the new code of conduct that came out has a subject particularly dear to my heart... harrassment. Specifically how I can't hasrrass people based on race, sex, age, and any number of other things the lawyers threw in there.

But they left me one group I can harrass... The stupid! Yes, i can make fun of morons, idiots, baffoons, and ignorant SOB's till my heart's content. And let me tell you, theres no end of material here.

Other things I cannot do... manufacture alcohol at work (I'm disassembling the still now) or produce any illegal substances ( the hydroponics lab comes down tomorrow). I'm glad we've cleared all this up.

I would like to now address some questions people have left in the comments. The answers are... Yes, no, no, maybe, I'm not sure, big enough, and when hell freezes over. You may assign the answers as you see fit...

OK, no really.. I don't know when I'm going to Iceland (if I am going). Adri, who I must say I'm impressed your continuing to read these blogs... the checkerboard apporach was fun, but that airport (HKG- Kai Tak) has been closed for a while.. the new one is really possibly the nicest airport I've ever been in. You can eat off the floors its so clean, and very easy to find things. You should ask what they were doing on the barstools. it was very amusing.

Grace, you do not sound like a man, you have quite sexy voice. And more importantly, you most defintely don't look like a man. Sometimes you think like one, thats cool!

Thats it... I thinks its going to be a good weekend.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Reading departure signs in some big airport reminds me of the places I've been

I was perusing the break room vending machines earlier and I had a profound thought. Why is it they always put breakable foods (chips, crackers) way at the top and the smushy or bendy stuff (honey bunns, do-nuts, even M&M's) close to the bottom? After your pack of crackers fall 4 feet, they're a little more broken up... Wouldn't it make more sense to reverse that?

This is what I think about when I have slow moments at work. Not that tonight is as slow as last night, I have 7 flight plans. I just can't do anything with them until an hour before I leave. Fun scheduling huh?

I've spent the last oh, 45 minutes looking at airplane pictures on And seeing some that I've flown on, loaded, dispatched, and a few of the airpots I've been to reminded me of some good times traveling. I'm ready to go again. I was invited to go with a coworker to Iceland in a couple months.... I'm really thinking about that one. I mean, who's been to Iceland??? The vikings... thats about it. And it's suppose to be a party place. Mainly because theres not a lot of other things to do. I've also been invited, if he gets assigned there, to go for a weekend to Kuwait... I'm all Over that! Well, except for the whole you can't buy beer (legally) there. But there's sandy beaches there. Everything is sandy really.

We'll see... I need to see some more of the world, Peachtree City has lost all its mystique.

And to justify the 45 minutes of picture browsing, i thought I'd include a nice picture of one of my favorite airplanes, a Boeing 747-400 Freighter (u can put a lot of stuff on them), flying from a cool airport, Hong Kong Chep Lap Kok, with a really nice airline, Cathay Pacific. I really like their paint job. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I won't be coming home tonight, my generation will put it right.

I'm a bit bored. Its tuesday night, I had one flight plan assigned to me tonight. Uno... 10 hours, one flight plan. So, I was pro-active, I took one away from the person before me and one from the person after me. Now I'm up to three.. and I revised manuals and what not. Much work was done. I still have 4 hours to go.

So, there's nothing much going on in my world. I can see the next month being expensive. Tags are coming due, Weddings, parties, vacations... oh how i love the fall. But I do enjoy spending money.

Without sounding arrogant... I'm a pretty smart person. And i know sometimes I have a short patience with others not getting "it" quickly. I just feel that some one who is responsible for peoples well being and running an airline shoudl have a clue. Apparently I am wrong. We here at work received a mission statement from upper management. Now I took a few management courses in college, and this all looks really familiar... like it came straight form a text book. They identified a 5 year plan for the company... which basically is summarized as make more money and remain profitable. Thats freakin brilliant... no other company has ever thought of that. For those who don't know, we fly mostly military charters. But the big thing over the last few years has been to find more civilian contracts and not rely on tax dollars. Well... the mission statement. 1. Increase our presence as a military transport provider. 2 and 3 are increase civilian contracts (pax and cargo). Now, how can u do both?? If you fly more civilian, less planes for military... and vice versa??

And the boss made $400,000 in bonuses??? I could make a strategic plan like that basically says remain profitable. Hopefully they have a way to implement this plan in mind, but I'm not optimistic.

And then the next day, I get an email from legal saying I need to review the new ethics and code of conduct. I'm protesting and seeing how long before it takes them to figure out I haven't signed it this year. Last time it took 6 months. Besides, we all know I have no ethics! And I am amused at getting ethics pointers from corporate lawyers.

Thats my rant for the day. I hope all is well with my loyal readers. The weather is suppose to be gorgeous tomorrow. I may go for a ride before work. Or may just sleep in. It's a tough call.

BTW, the strategic plan is a corporate secret... don't tell anyone.

P.S. I just lost one of my flights... I tried to be a nice person... I'll put an end to that.

Monday, September 18, 2006

I'm gonna keep on the run, gonna have me some fun, if it costs me my very last dime

So, while my flight tracking software is locked up, I think I'll write some meaningless dribble. I apologize to my loyal readers for my lack of literary endeavors over the weekend. Though, I think almost everyone who reads this probably saw me over the weekend. There was trivia played. There were Irish bar songs sung. There were shots imbibed. There was much beer consumed. There were breasts felt. And there was tennis played. That pretty much sums it up.

But I did reach point not often found. I had to be pressured to drink a beer. Yes, me... sir drink-a-lot had to be peer pressured into a beer. Twice. In one instance, I really wish I would have said no, that Moosehead was... ugh. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the 5 Guinness', 4 other random beers, one shot of Patron and one Screaming Orgasm (the shot... unfortunately) I had already consumed. Perhaps I'm just getting old.

The second instance wasn't so bad, i got to watch girls do things on barstools that should be illegal. And in a family restaurant at that. However, I was completely invisible to them... they we're smitten with the others in my party. Which is fine, the Harem I think is right sized for now.

Otherwise, things are still progressing as usual. I may have to take out a loan to go to Vegas, but so be it. I'm about to make command decisions about locations to stay. I'm hesitant to stay at a place called "Terribles", but so be it! I'm also thinking of not drinking for a month to lower the tolerances.. that way I'll be a cheap drunk... oh wait, free booze in the casinos... nevermind.

But as for right now, it looks like I may be in need of a date for a wedding in Chicago area October first. Free dinner!! You get to get dressed up and I'll be looking all spiffy!!! I think there may be an open bar!!! If not, we'll find a wedding with an open bar!!! Please notify me of any interest by next week.

I made an attempt this week to get in touch with an old friend who has seemed to dis owned me... We'll see how that goes. I suppose I've given some people too many chances in the past. I'll see if this one gets any response... and thats it. I hate losing friends for no reason.

Grace is right, Now is good. And i too have all my ears and toes and fingers... Its hard to remember how lucky I am sometimes.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

You've been all over, and its been all over you

Do you ever wonder if you were born out of time. Me personally, I think I could have been better suited living shortly after or before WW2. Maybe it's I've been watching too much Indiana Jones or looking at too many old aviation postcards. But come on, anyone could be a pilot, and you got to actually fly the plane. And, well, although there was civil unrest around the world... there was no such term as "Cold War" and "Al Queda". One could see the world, find adventure. There were wars to be won and causes to be championed. Tha man wasn't putting you down.

And there were no damn cell phones and internet to keep you in touch. And you could get lost and disappear in the world. Its getting harder to do these days. Given the newer, tighter passport requirements.

Perhaps I'm romanticizng the past, I most likely would have caught malaria or polio or something and died. But its nice to dream.

I can feel the funk I've been in sort of lifting a little. It could be thats its cooling down and fall is coming. I do like fall, always have. Its been a welcome releif for osme oppressively hot summers and time for football to start, which was always a good time back in high school.

But I'm wanting to travel now. I should stop reading the travel setions, just makes me want to up and leave. I thought about selling my car and just going some where... then i realized my car isn't worth that much so I won't go far. And how would i get to the airport?? Imagine if you just started walking to where youw anted to go. That was the way people travelled for millenia. Try it now and you'll be tossed into Jail or an asylum. We've come so far.

Why the daydreaming today? Well i've been cleaning and doing laundry. Theres nothing much else to do and keep my mind occupied while doing all that. I mean i could put it toward solving fundemental mathematical equatiosn to explain the nature of the universe... but thats no fun. My shower is clean now though.

One really neat thing about my job is thatwhen i travel to foreign countries, it salmost like i sneak in. I go in as a flight crew member, and no one checks my passport or anything (except back in the US, where I live). I've been to a few countries, and have no stamps in my passport. Thats my way to sneak in and otherthrow nations... no one will ever know i was there till it was too late.

And to answer some things.. Adri you ar emost defintely not A. And I'll take you up on the invite sometime. And thanx again to everyone for condeming my love life for the next 9 years or pushing a year of bad luck upon me with stupid bulletins. I have something to look forward to now.

Time to say goodbye

Its nice to know that I'm a horrible friend. Of course the source is most suspect. The short story is, well... I don't think I'll be talking to A again. That chapter is closed. I just hope i can get my key back.

Oterhwise, Its friday. And i ahve a few days off to contemplate the horrible person I am. Oh wait, done. So. I'm looking for a good time. I know some people have been stepping up already to help me. It's appreciated. I love having a harem. Everyone should get one.

Its cooling down and have been raining all day. Now the A/C in the building is working well, and I'm cold. i can't be pleased. But I'm going for ice cream now... Leslie demanded it.

I'll write more tomorrow. Just not feeling inspired today. Trivia tomorrow night.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

THis feeling inside me says it's time i was gone, clear head, new life ahead,

Its time for a trip. All i need is money, time, and a destination. It seems like a year since I last took some vacation time, and it's only been a month. I think the problem is in that month I've been working an excessive amount. And while I recognize that most people work 5 days a week and only have 2 days off... I've gotten used to the 4 on 4off schedule, and even though I would only technically pick up one day or maybe 2, I would lose a day because i would have to change from some rediculous hours to some other rediculous hours. Basiclaly I lose a day of my life in the transition. Plus I feel like crap from the sleep rotation change.

I am enjoying the new shift, and as of now, I have no more OT scheduled for the rest of the month. Which means I'm free for all your party and entertaining needs. Unfortunately it doesn't look like I'll be able to make the Munich Oktoberfest, but maybe I can venture up to Helen for the local version.

So, yeah I'm feeling a bit of restlessness. I am planning to venture to Chicago at the end of the month, but I would much rather head some place more exotic like... oh i dunno... Roratonga. Perhaps its work that's gotten me all flustered. There seems to be more stupidity than usual floating around the people here. I mean, 2 nights in a row we've had hour or more delays because we had one person on our plane who's not suppose to be there, and we couldn't find who it was... so we just took him/her with us. Personally i don't think the Flight Attendants can count high enough (really, 300 people.. that a lot of fingers and toes). And your dealing with the military and their mentality. It can be frustrating, and I'm 8000 miles away.

So, between the extra hours and extra stupidity (ever give a pilot geography lessons while he's in flight??? By a freakin map and study it... we're called World for a reason). And to quote an (de)motivational picture i saw.. "There may be no stupid questions, but there's a lot of inquisitive idiots".

I don't understand how some people can only have 2 days off week in and week out... how do you get anything done? Perhaps I'm spoiled by my schedule (I've been on it for 4 years now), but having 2 days off a week seems.. horrible. Remember, you should work to live, not live to work. And now, a survey says Americans work the most hours in the western industrialized world. Only Japan works more (and not by much, they've been cutting back since their business men started killing over... there's a lesson there).

I'm as guilty as anyone of letting my work be my life... but i've remedied that in the last few years. Now i'm just paying the bills (and bar tabs for the harem... thats worth the extra time spent in the office). Well, all that said, I have one more flight plan to send, and then I think I may go home... an hour early. AMF.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Soon all our lives will be swept away.

I know I've used that subject line before, but today is one of those days. We all know what happened 5 years today (9/11/01). I think theres no need to cover it really. I have my personal feelings and opinions about the event and the aftermath. Sufficed to say, the world was changed and we have to live with the results. While there are evil people who wish to harm us, lets not forget the good in the world and close ourselves to other societies and beliefs. Most of all, let's not in the name of righteousness be led down a path of hate by our leaders. Question them and their motives.

Also, tomorrow is another day which is.. memorable to me. It will have been 2 years tomorrow since my best friend passed away. I still miss him. But i know hes in a better place and I'm a better person because of him.

I'm looking forward to 4 days off this week. Its been a while that i've had that luxury (yeah I know, most people don't have 4 day weekends, but I'm special). I don't know what I have planned as yet, but i know it will be better than being at work. I've been getting annoyed by some people around me here. Those who do the absolute minimum to get by always annoy me. I'm working on tuning them out, but its getting harder and harder.

Another thing i touched on in the last blog was a coworker here who is a cutie. And that i had been joking with her, and it went too far. Well, It wasn't me who took the joke to the extreme. Some people don't realize theres a line between being funny and being hurtful. In this case, it was an inside joke bewtween a few of us in the room, and one person blasted out an email to about 20 coworkers out in the field.... it went to far. But she's being a good sport about it... we've all been the brunt of ajoke gone to far, we all know how it feels. All i recommend is a little consideration.

Other than that, I wanna go to the beach... anyone inteested in a road trip.. gas is down to $2.30!!! Take care all.. and be safe. Thanx for the tennis responses, I will be taking ya'll up on it.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Miss a beat, you lose a rhythm, and nothing falls into place

Current mood: calm

OK, this is for Ray. Will you please stop sending me bulletins that involve me reposting them in 5 minutes of my sex life will horrible for the next 100 years. I got news for you, its already horrible, I don't need the help!

In other news, I bought a tennis racque!. Go me. Its not the one i really wanted, but the Spongebob Squarepants racquet was a little small for me. And this one was a little cheaper, which is really important for the next 4 days. But after playing a couple hours today (and i have the sunburn and stiffness to go with it) I'm happy with the purchase. Mind you it didn't improve my game any, but its mine. Anyone interested in coming over and knocking a ball around sometime, i got courts!

I've been suffering a bit of a writers block lately. Nothing has really been going on thats new and noteworthy. With the exception that theres a cute girl who works ing Crew Travel I keep staring at from the back of the room. Its convenient since she is sitting in front of the big screen (with football running) so I can oggle in that general direction and not get too busted. Unfortunately she sits for most the night and all i see is the top of her head over the chair. Damn she just stood up and i missed it.

Anyways, I'm looking for fun this weekend. I know at least one other person who I think needs a good time. She may not admit it, but she does. And since I get paid on friday, it can be a good weekend. Though I can't get out of control, I need to save up to go to my cousins wedding in Chicago. I'm looking forward to it, just to get out of town. And theres a Coyote Ugly there.

Oh there's another cutie here, Alicia in ground ops. She reminds me of Chandra a little. Same complexion and hair color. Not the same ass though. Unfortunateley shes been the brunt of a bad joke... so I'm not really on her good side. That and I just found out yesterday shes not married, if I had only known sooner. Time to work my game... bwhahahaha. Not so much

OK, the Manning vs Manning game is coming on... time to focus.

Friday, September 8, 2006

Has he lost his mind, can he see or is he blind

Whats the last thing you think about at night before you go to sleep? Or for some of us, while we lie awake night trying to find sleep. Nothing annoys me more than being dead exhausted, and you brain won't shut up. It keeps going on and on about whatever happened that day or whats going to happen tomorrow or next weeks schedule.

But then there's things that really keep you up at night. Where is she? Why doesn't he love me? (thats not from my mind). Or how do u tell that one girl your totally infatuated with .. well, tell her that? Theres no good answer of course.

Then there are those really disturbing things that no one likes to think about... but you do. And you dwell on them for hours and hours. Next comes some playstation or TV to try and get your mind to move on. But when the lights go out, it seems your right back there where you left off. All this came to me while I was (shock) lying awake at night trying to sleep. At last these thoughts don't worry me.

I spent a few hours riding the bike today. I enjoyed all 170 miles. Though the last 20 were a little rough. But it was good, and the weather was great. I love the early fall. Its good to clear my head. Then I talked to A, she's moving October first. Yay.

Its been a good day....

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

All I wanna do is have a little fun before I die

What can I tell ya. I write one of these almost everyday, not because I really have any relevant information to pass on, but because I'm bored at work, and usually just feel like ranting. And the people I work don't want to hear me, or its about them. So here goes...

It was a nice day of doing nothing really, though i did get all the clean clothes moved form a pile status to a hung and folded status. Thats an accomplishment. And i had dinner with a coworker, and find out we have some the same opinions on those we work with. Leslie rocks, she keeps me happy at work, even trhough the 4 mechanicals we have going on. (17 planes, 4 are broke... not a good average).

While at dinner, I did get the thrill of the week... we were talking about... whatever, and I kinda turn to look out the window, and there in the parking lot this young girl (maybe 16 or 17) thought no one could see her, so she just hiked up her skirt to show the guy she was with what she wasn't wearing under it. I didn't see any fabric. Yeah, so I feel like a dirty old man, but hey... it was a cute ass and she'll be 18 someday! Let that be a lesson to you, some one is always watching.

If anyone is interested, I'm thinking maybe early trivia tomorrow night. Its my night off (finally) and I may jab a spoon through my ear if I sit at home. And since trivia can be fairly inexpensive ($10 buckets!), I think I can manage one game. Perhaps the harem will be up for an outing. Give me a call, it will be an early night I think, since everyone has early work/duty-ins the next day.

I just want ask that some one stop me when i try and buy shots for the whole bar again. Otherwise theres really nothing much itneresting going on. I'll be in Chicago on the 30th if anyone reading wants to hang out. I'm thinking another run to Coyote Ugly is in order... I love that bar. Where else can I get abused by women and enjoy it so much. I'm hoping Grace will be able to accompany me, but we won't be having a repeat of the last time Grace accompanied me to a Coyote Ugly... I remember the night (well, most of it) being a bit out of control... I'm not saying anything else.

So i've been gong way out there with music titles lately, I'm gonna bring back to things people actually listen to.

OK, i'm going to end this pointlessness.. ya'll have a good one.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

It's your life and I'm not gonna live, the change is coming and its overdue

Current mood: mellow

I can remember when I was living in that swank little apartment downtown and getting paid a little more than half of what i make now... and I was nowhere near this broke. I don't get it. Maybe I have let my expenses get way out of control. I shoulda stayed in the highlands... Maybe i'll move back when my lease is up. I miss living in the city. We had good times there.

Of course most of the Harem has been added since i left. You girls missed out. And now, here I am living in suburban hell with golf cart paths. But at least I seemed to have developed a social life. I find it amusing, after months of sitting at home with not much to do and no one to do it with, suddenly there are days I have 3 people pulling at me. usually i go with the cutest one.

And i've discovered that having a social life is really expensive. And you see all these shows where the 20-somethings are always out at fabulous bars and wonder events and doing all these neat things... seemingly everyday. Yet, you never see them at work. For all we know their days start at 5 pm and thats about it. Or if they do have jobs they're usually something rediculous.. like actors or persoanl shoppers or something. Makes me wish my life had better writing.

So, now that i'm looking to the end of my 20-somethingness.. do I get to live like people in their thirties.. families, white picket fences, $15000 lawns?? Nahhh.. screw that. I'm going to keep it like now, just enjoy what I'm doing until its gets too bad to handle any longer.. than move on.

I found a job oppurtunity in Kabul... it pays well. hrrrmmm

And i'm still waiting for pictures to come streaming in...(*cough cough* TANYA *cough*). By the way, subtleness is not my forte.

I'm feeling better today, i think its because I have ice cream. Everything is better with ice cream

Monday, September 4, 2006

Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste

All you people out there who liek to remind me its hot outside, please stop. I know its hot outside, my body temperature inidcator works just fine. I don;t need a constant reminder as to why I'm sweating. After 8 years of college and 29 years of reasonably conscious existance... I know when its hot.

Perhaps its that I've built of a tolerance to the heat or just that I've accepted that its hot outside and theres nothing I can do to change it. I've spent good parts of yesterday and today outside. And i was sweating. I personally think its good and healthy that we sweat occasionally. Now there are somethings I'd rather be doing to work up a sweat than just standing there, but I take what I can get. I really enjoyed tennis today, though not as physical as last time. I have re-affirmed the fact that I suck. But i'm going to stick with it.

Otherwise, I have a goal for today. I'm going for 1000 blog views. If your the 1000th veiwer, you get a prize. (Unfortunitely anyone who has played my music trivia knows my prizes suck, but thus one will be better i promise). I'm avergaing 17.86 views per blog now days... I can account for, oh... 10 of them... who else is there??? Say hi would you!

While I try not to make light of those who have passed on from this world, BUT... sometimes your just asking for it. Now I liked Steve Irwin. He could be a bit overexuberant and goofy, but I managed to learn somethings about the animal world watching him. But a guy who will purposely lie inches away from vipers and man eating animals and provoke them to get a reaction.. well.. I can't say I have a lot of sympathy. I wouldn't have guessed a sting ray though. Crikey

Well, i think I just pissed off my brother. I messed up his grass today with my car when I parked at his house. Apparently my attempts to repair the little damage were not successful. Who pays .. well, a third of my yearly salary.. for 20 square feet of grass? Yet another reason why i don't spend time at my brothers house. Ostracized again.

I started writing this in a cheerful mood... now well... best i should just keep to myself.. Its not looking like good week

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.

Current mood: listless

Its been a nice day. And then I came to work. I'm bored now. I have company at work tonight, and he's got most the flights assigned to him. My 3 are just kinda chillin. I've been here an hour and everything is done for the night. I don't know whether to be happy about that or dread the next 9 hours (or so) of just sitting here reading the internet, shopping for things I can't afford, and checking Myspace to see if anyone loves me (usually the answer is no).

I did have a lovely afternoon with Sean and Jersey, and we rocked the putt putt. I think we established none of us are professional golfers. But a good time was had by all. Well, at least by me. Then they tossed me out of the car and went off partying for the night. Meanwhile I'm slaving away at work.

Oh well, You gotta pay the bills right? I'm hoping to get all caught up on some bills by next paycheck. It amazes me how much money I spend. Imagine, and this is for the guys among us, how much money you could have saved if you had given up the pursuit of women? Imagine if you had put the effort that was placed in either finding love or satisfying lust into something slightly more useful... and profitable... where you might be today. I'd probably be a millionaire by now. I know my mental state would be more stable.

Unfortunitely, I like women. they're fun and soft and cuddly.. like puppies, except they can cook (sometimes). We'll skip the other talents that some women possess in the name of keeping this PG-rated. But still they vex me.

And its not like i spend money just on girls I'm trying to get into bed. I generally am a generous person I think. I want everyone around me to be happy and enjoying themselves. And that may mean picking up a tab sometimes or buying a couple rounds of shots... And i really like to do that. Besides, its only money... Its made to be spent. As a believer in karma, i know it will come back to me.

Speaking of things that cost too much, how about gas prices are coming down! I saw $2.50 a gallon today. I don't know whats more sad, that I'm excited by $2.50 a gallon gas or that its that expensive. Whats even worse, I have an opinion on why its coming down, and i'll share tht opinion with you now. Many of you know its a mid-term election year. And well, suddenly, just a couple months before election time the prices start to drop... hrrrmm. Its the man trying to control us again. And what really pisses me off, is that people will be so happy and re-elect the asses in office for lowering the gas prices, without asking why they didn't do that months ago. Thats my political rant for the day, hopefully the thought police won't be too mad.

Now, I'm putting out a plea for help. 2 things, anyone have any good pictures of me.. send them over, I'm looking to change out some of them on here. I know Tanya has some she's hiding for some reason... Don't worry, I won't put anything up thats too embarrassing. Secondly (is that a word?), I'm looking around vegas for hotels... and on the strip its going to be about $140 a night for some of the ... well, lets just say oldder properties. My feeling on this is since we're only going to be passing out in the rooms, that the room just needs to be clean and critter free. So, is anyone going to be upset if we don't stay in the Bellagio?

Saturday, September 2, 2006

I'm not looking back, but I want to look around me now

Hi all. I'm back at work, and currently flying solo for a few hours. Currently I'm responsible for the whereabouts and safe transit of 11 planes in the air. I figured I'd just stop all that and type this up. Don't worry, they're all doing fine and the weather is good tonight.

I've added and changed some pictures. Yesterday was Chandra's birthday I thought I'd put up a good times picture. I really miss having her around, and not just because she was a hell of a cook and like to clean our apartment naked. But she was always fun to hang out with, and a good friend. It was nice having her to come home to... even if she was sleeping with her boyfriend. We would talk to wee hours and just enjoyed being around each other. Made being broke with no money to do anything a lot more fun. I blame her for my current tolerance to alcohol. But we had a good time building it up. She was in Vegas when I called late thursday night, and she's bringing me home a Hooters Girl... so I'm looking forward to that!

Otherwise things have been a bit... I don't know. Theres been an emotional roller coaster of late. Good times with Elise the other night for her birthday. Nothing like being danced up on by 2 hot ladies. Unfortunitely the night ended a bit too dramatically for me, but we won't get into that. Lets just say some one managed to really piss me off... and thats not easy.

Then today was the memorial service for my friend Ruthie. It was interesting and sad, as much as the family tried to make a celebration of her life. She'll be missed. Its horrible when good people die so young.

Again, sometimes I'm feeling like I'm slipping into a bit of a funk. At least I've caught it this time and i think maybe I can head it off. I'm not looking forward to working alot this week, which only means I get to see everybody i really like being around that much less (with the exception of Leslie here at work... she makes me smile).

Thats it. I hope everyone is well. Alot of you are travelling for the holiday (though most are working). And if your hanging around at home by yourself Sunday or Monday... call me, I'm looking for some labor day fun. I'll come out and play.

Well, we've got the GT football game on the big screen at work (GO JACKETS!!!!!) and i've got hummus to snack on.