Sunday, March 25, 2012

Same ole same ole... mostly

I recently discovered the show Top Gear. And i recently discovered I have a weakness for fast cars. Ok, that second part isn't recent, but the show makes me think rushing out and picking up a BMW M5 or a Ferrari would be a great idea. And it would if I didn't want a home to live in or eat or have clothes on my back. Though, having a car that's able to hit 200 MPH would be worth it... maybe.

I knew Top Gear existed, just never watched it. And the British version is by far better than the newer US version. The hosts are more humorous, the stunts are outrageous, and they test drive some really neat stuff. The US version aims to be funny, and do a lot of the same goofy stuff as the Brits, but they seem to skip the test driving of new vehicles. I guess their budget isn't big enough to go out and get a Murcielago to tool around a track in, or tool around Nevada in.

Ok, enough car talk. It's been a while since I wrote on here. Since then, I haven't bought a condo. I haven't changed jobs. I haven't fell madly in love. I really haven't been doing much of anything. Except work and the occasional (ie every other) weekend trip to Atlanta. However, I'm open to doing all those things. Just need the right opportunity to come along.

The house hunt is continuing, and there's prospects out there. I'm really hoping to be in someplace by summer at the latest. I do need a place to kick it for DCI at the Dome and DragonCon. I thought I found a satisfactory place last month, but seems the bank wanted to raise the price and start a bidding war for the place. I'm not into war. It'd be nice for a lot of things to really come together over the enxt couple months, I'm keeping my hopes up.

Otherwise, work has been kind of depressing. Not usual depressing, but a new level that owes to the untimely deaths of 2 people in the department as well and the random person sent to the emergency room mid-shift due to possible heart attacks in progress. Luckily those didn't end up being cardiac arrests, but it just serves as a reminder that my job is killing me slowly.

I did pick up a new toy. After months of enduring a slow processing and nil battery life, I finally picked up a new MacBook. This time i upgraded to the Pro . And it zips right along. Unfortunately the migration of all my data from the old to the new may take a while. About 30 hours according to the migration program. I'm working on shortening that. It has not, however, improved my typing skills.

That's about it, nothing spectacular to report. I have had the pleasure of spending time with friends, and reclaimed my bedroom at the TanJoe manor in New-Nan. Even comes with hot tub access. That does not suck.

Well this update is over. Maybe I'll have something more interesting or inspiring next time. I do have some unexpected days off coming up, so that means I need a vacation idea that's cheap. I'd like to hit a beach that is not overrun with spring breakers, but those tend to be expensive places (in order to keep them from being overrun by spring breakers). Any ideas??