Sunday, December 21, 2008

Parental Advisory: This Blog contains the "F" word

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I don't normally feel up for righting after a long night of dispatching, but today is somehow different. I sent out some Christmas cards today (Saturday), which means I put them in the US Mail receptical to be moved on Monday. Maybe they'll make before Santa comes. And then I went toward work, after a brief diversion to watch Ryan land here in SDF. Luckily he stayed in the plane this time and didn't try the landing without it.

The night at work stared off promisingly enough. No bad weather, and by "bad" I mean anything I might have to take my feet of the desk for and explain to some one why the airplane didn't land (or did land but failed to stop). ANd allw as going well until a cluster in Seattle which had a pilot out of place who couldn't make his trip in Des Moines, which then required me to contact my flight from Anchorage to check if a different pilot was on that could fly the airplane in Des Moines to Louisville. Now by this point my fun meter i almost pegged and I've done way to much work (I'll leave out the other hunt for a different pilot to talk him into canceling his reserved jumpseat tomorrow, since he's already on his way home).

SO now we've discoved Captain Crunch (not his real name) was on said flight, time to divert them to Des Moines (which is incidentally pronounced Dess Moy-Naise). Well thats done, new info to the pilots, and then Captain Crunch calls in and uses the 'F' word to scheduling. Now, most of the world frowns upon use of the 'F' word, the one that is only 4 letters long. But a cew scheduler shrieks away in horror at a different 'F' for... fatigue. Oh well, so now all my work had to be undone, and I undiverted the plane from Des Moines.

All in all, much more work than I had planned on doing. I know, its rough being me. I missed the majority of Ace Ventura; Pet Detective during this whole debacle. The horrors.

But now, I'm home and hve a morning cocktail. I'm confused as to why Grace thinks my girlfriend may or may not exist. Either she knows something I don't, like Susan is planning to un-boyfriend me; or Susan is really not her cousin and just an elaborate hallucination that everyone has just played along with to make me feel better. If that's the case, who's apartment am I staying in when I go to Birmingham?

SO that was my night. Not a whole lot going on otherwise, just holding on until Christmas comes. I hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend, and get's teir shopping done. I at least have a plan for my retail expeditions... I just all the stuff I want to buy isn't gone when I get there.

I'm still working on the plans for the holidays and where I'll be and when, lots of details to iron out still.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Imaculately polished, with the spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid

Current mood:satisfied

OK, lets try this again.

I wish I could reconstruct what I wrote last night, but I really can't remember everything that went into it. But here goes:

It's been a couple weeks since I wrote and alot has happened. The world has gotten the answer to the all time great question "Seriously, who throws a shoe?". Apparently protesting Iraqi reporters. This is supposedly some huge insult over there. Well, we know I'm not the biggest fan of GW, but I gotta give him credit for quick reaction time. I'm less impressed by the Secret Service for not shooting the guy on site. I'm all for freedom of expression, but hurling loafers is above and beyond first amendment rights... plus its incredibly rude.

OK, so I spent last weekend at Susans. As always, I enjoyed the time with her. One of the highpoints was learning that after she lost battery power to her phone, she called into the GOC to ask my supervisor for my phone number. Apparently it's highly unlikely I have a girlfriend, but they gave it out anyway. I also had the opportunity to visit Tuscaloosa, and more importantly have lunch with Ms Linda (soon to be Mrs Linda) and her beaux. It was good to see here and talk and chat. We've not been able to have our annual "date" in Atlanta since I moved away.

I also started the Christmas shopping while in Birmingham. If only Susan had known one of her gifts was in my backpack most the time I was there, she would have been rummaging through it while I slept. I also picked up and started the Christmas card process. I managed to get an early start, which only means I forgot some folks. If you don't get a card from me, please do not take it personally. I may not have your address (everyone seems to have moved in the last year) or I may have just ran out of cards. It's not necessarily that I hate you or I don't like you.

I'm looking forward to the holidays and the time off, and the beach trip. I'm going to try to see alot of people when I'm in town. I feel a little down when I come into Atlanta and just run out of social time. It's not going to be easy with the family and holiday committments, but I do my best. I'm also hoping to make some NYE plans soon, and want to include everybody (and by everybody I mean people I like, not all the people in the city... I don't like all of them... some smell).

Work is going well, though apparently there's lots more activity this time of year. I don't necessarily mean a lot more boxes and flights (there are significantly inceased amounts of both), but a lot of people running around the GOC and in our office. We don't know who they are, don't know what they are doing, and they just seem to flutter about. Of the 4 different sections in the room, I'm always amused that the dispatch side is always darkened out. We don't have nearly the amount of desk lamps on as the other 3 departments. Maybe we're being more 'green' and saving energy, or maybe we've been kept in the dark so long we prefer it. The rest of the room is lit up like Vegas. I also find its a lot of noise and activity, and really doesn't seem to be that mush more going on to warrant it. Oh well, another week and it's over.

It was announced that Delta will start service to Sydney next summer. And that may be a potential vacation destination. I've already demanded buddy passes. If not SYD, then I would like to take a nice long holiday somewhere. Ryan suggested Athens and some surrounding Isles. I told him I have no inclination to visit UGA and Lake Lanier. Just kidding. That sounds very lovely. Something to think about.

Speaking of Ryan, there's a plus to him being on the opposite side of the world. He amuses me late at night with tales of foreign locales, and the idiocracy of the cookie pushers that ruin those locales. He's waiting now to head over to Gaddistan. Which is ironic since he was doing the same thing when I originally tried to write this last night. Whiskey Oscar Alpha runs only slightly delayed... so far 2 days.

That about covers it. I am almost done with Krimma shopping, including gift that will surely annoy my brother for a while. Be careful what you tell me your young daughter asked for, she might get it :-). Should I ever have kids, I'm sure they will seek revenge for my years of oud and harrassing gifts.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas or Happy Hannakuh or Cheerful Kwanzaa. As I will be embarking on a journey this holiday season, and surely there will be lots of others with me, I hope people remember that shit happens. Don't get irate, don't get ugly. Just roll with it. in the end you'll get where you need to be. And most of all, don't blame Grace. It's not her fault! But feel free to tap her on the butt to get her attention, she loves it! And it is the preferred way to signal your need for a Cran-Apple refill.

Coming soon, the obligatory end of year reflection and new year resolution blog. I'll plan to keep making the same resolution as always. Live, love, eat, drnk, and be merry. And of course lose weight, learn another language, and learn to play guitar. I figure one year I may actually do it if I keep resolving myself.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ballerina, you must have seen her dancing in the sand

Current mood:moody

I just finished an OT shift and drove home in the lovely rain, which apparently will turn to snow in the morning. The third snow event this winter, already. This doesn't bode well.

SO, here I am, just pulled up and parked in front of the house, and was sitting in my car talking to Susan on the phone, engine still running. And while I'm saying good bye before dashing thru the rain, i see a girl run out from across the street. Well... so she likes to play in the rain. Apparently the chosen dress for such activity is bra, panties, and cowboy boots. So, i mention to Susan the goings on, say bye, hang up, and shut down the car. As i open the door, I heard yelled from the girls gathered watching the street ballerina that "Oh my god, there's a guy in the car". I know, I was being inconspicuous and stealthy, apparently the engine sounds were drowned out by the rain.

Said ballerina ran back into the group of girls on the porch, and another was waiting in the door to do her dance routine. But in there all so quiet way, the girls were discussing whether I was still watching or gone. Apparently they missed me walking to the apartment. I was unlocking the door, came inside, and that's all I heard.

I find i amusing for a Wednesday night on Duker Ave. I was contemplating swinging by a local pub for some beers or bourbon or other libation. But I'm not so into solo barhopping (truth be told, I feel kind of old and pathetic) so home I came. I'm thinking about cleaning.

Is this maturing??? I need to stop it. I had the urge to go out pound some shots and be really obnoxious. It's been a while, and lately it's been a lot of early to bed nights. Last night I met a co-worker and some of her friends out to watch basketball. Very sedate, compared to the group of girls at the next table drinking large beers and tossing back shots...

I was asked by one of the people where to go for good outings in Atlanta, I had to admit I don't know. All the old haunts have been closed down. Again, maybe I' just getting old. Can't say that I like the idea. So maybe its time to rediscover some youthful stupidity. I don't want to go bck to the old drink till you puke every weekend, but some pleasent buzzing would be nice... and some social outings to go with.

Something to think about coming into the New Year. Who wants to join me?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Walking like an Egyptian

Current mood:loved

Back to the real world. I'm not so excited to be back in Louisville. it's cold, grey, and rainy at the moment. Well, its sort of drizzly at the moment, but apparently it was snow not too long ago. Judging from the 1/2 inch of the stuff on my car. A far cry from Thursday's sunny and mid 60's weather I enjoyed. And I enjoyed it at Susan's family Thanxgiving extravaganza.

Yes, I ventured into that dark territory with only my faith and charm to protect me. So essentially, I was unarmed and unafraid. I have to say the initial nerves were soothed on arrival with the pleasantness of her family and the knowledge that I could always make JoHnathon out to be a real jerk to make me look better. Luckily I didn't have to use that particular weapon. I suppose the talk with Jack Daniels also had a relaxing effect.

Let us go back to the beginning. I flew in Wednesday morning on a half empty (or half full) jet from SDF. I hung out at the airport to have a Chic-fil-a lunch and some grand people watching. I was really surprised how not busy it was. That did work in my favor I suppose. I waited for Jersey to arrive, and she handed over the keys to her car as she ran off to her family home in Jersey. An all to short visit, but I think we'll be rectifying that at Christmas. From there it was to the mom's and a nap. I'd been up all night with work and all, so crash i did.

I woke up to darkness. I forgot how dark and cave like my old bedroom could be. I really miss that. I went over to visit with the Chicago side of the family who was in town and treated to a lovely dairy queen dinner. After a quick trip with uncle Don to pick up his daughters at the airport (and showing him the convenience of the downstairs pickup option) I was off to see Grace and JoHnathon. Another quick visit, and home I went... and passed out again.

The next day (Thanksgiving), I spent the morning conversing with mom over fresh homemade fried apple pies. I had a half dozen or so sitting there, then bagged up a few more for the trip to Susan's. To me and my siblings, these things are similar to crack. You can't get enough and its so so yummy.

Grace, JoHnathon and I were off to the Gump. A lovely scenic drive, we took in the beauiful road construction, architectural marvel of the new KIA plant, and the majestic Chattahooche flowing to the sea. Very surreal.

On arrival, we were welcomed as a returning conquering army... well close to that. I did impress myself through the day by not spilling food on my shirt, and no one screamed at me claiming I was the devil and ruining Susan's life. So all in all I call it a success. Though at times there was an urge to throw food, but I suppose that's just natural.

It's snowing again.

Back to Stockbridge that night, I again crashed in my old room. Though not as regally decorated as when I lived in it , it was still cozy. I don't understand why mom didn't feel my pile of "stuff" and clothes shouldn't be a permanent addition, but I guess our stylistic opinions are different. At any rate, I woke up Friday morning (always a good start) and put the wheels in motion. I met up with Brian G for a few minutes while he and a co worker were enjoying a lunch break. I insulted his profession and was generally rude, but he likes that sort of abuse. I'm waiting for him to pull me over for speeding one day, then I'll really lay into his piggy ass.

After that, I was off to Downtown, got the accommodations for the weekend in order, met Grace and JoHnathon at Fellini's in Buckhead for pizza. Long ago, in my misspent youth, the fedex gang used to frequent this particular pizza place. Sunny Summer Sunday afternoons would find us out on the patio, with a few pies and more than a few pitchers of beer. There was conversation, people watching, girl gawking, and general fun had by all. Normally arriving in the 4 pm area and staying until 9 or 10. Why?? Well we had nothing better to do really. Following the afternoon at Fellini's, we often went to take in some culture at the Pink Pony Museum and Performing Arts Theatre.

We skipped that part on Friday, electing instead to go shopping. We tried out some mattresses and then off to IKEA. I'm not normally anti-Swedish, but IKEA does make me lean that way. Nevermind the ridiculous crowds, which the Swedes have no control over, it's the store that pisses me off. It's like a bad carnival funhouse. A maze to navigate through and you can't go back if you go in. It's really annoying.

After a comparison of every light to be had, we decided on a floor lamp and desk lamp for JoHnathon's place. Items that matched his personality, budget, and we could find bulbs for. Ironically the bulb part seemed to be the most difficult endeavor of the day.

Back to JoHnathon's high rise bachelor pad (think Shagadelic), he put his little woman to work assembling the lights while the men watched and sipped Cognac. Then, some home improvement work as we ripped down a cabinet thingy in he kitchen, only to reveal the unexpected surprise of massive holes. But it did realy open up the room and increased the feng shui-ness. Though I'm not sure the apartment people will approve, but JoHnathon has a year to come up with a reason for the missing cabinet.

Finally, the time I had been waiting for all day arrived, and her name was Susan. She sauntered into town after her circuitous drive. We had a lovely dinner at Gordon Beirsch and a relaxing evening.

Saturday, we decided to improve ourselves and broaden our minds. Part of the weekend plan was a package deal I found, including tickets to the King Tut exhibit at the civic center and the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit at the High. Both were extremely fascinating, and anyone one with a minor interest in history and ancient cultures should go take it in. It' s really quit amazing how detailed and artistic people could be when honoring their dead leaders. That and an unending supply of slave labor really allowed for some great accomplishments. I do find it amusing that the first 30 years of my life living in the Atlanta area I never visited the High Museum, but in the last year since I've moved away I've been to 2 exhibits there.

I think the Egypt exhibit was slightly more organized and well laid out, and there were lots of crafty gold trinkets, including earrings that had to was 15 pounds... ouch. And in both cases, I was feeling a sense of awe that I was looking at things crafted over 3000 years ago. And more impressively, was hidden for most of that time. It makes me wonder if in 5108 AD some one will dig up my trinkets and try to reconstruct my life (As I certainly rank in cultural importance as a Pharoah or first Chinese Emperor). Then I think, what do I have that would possibly last that long if buried??? My entire life will be constructed around an extensive collection of pint glasses and Hard Rock cafe pins.

The only downside was the other people there. I really liked reading the descriptions of items only to have some one walk right in front of me, stop, and beginning reading themselves. It was doubly annoying if they had on headphones that was piping the same information into their ears. Otherwise a fine day.

Afterwards, the World of Coke awaited. I will admit that I'm not the biggest fan of the World of Coke, having seen it at the old location several times. It is interesting to see the bottling process, and to sample the drinks from around the world (try the Beverly from Italy, it boggles the mind how people who created such good food and wine drink such crap soda). We did also get a wonderful picture (which i was initially against mainly as I wasn't feeling photogenic or Christmasy) with a large polar bear. But after I as told it was the cutest thing ever, I resolved myself that maybe no one would notice my lack of beauty when overshadowed by a lovely Susan and a large bear.

The pictures did turn out fun and I think should be made into Christmas cards for everyone.

And a side note, GO JACKETS!!!!!!

It's stopped snowing.

After the world of coke, a quick trip to return Jersey's car and back to the ATL for dinner. Susan and I like to explore the culinary offerings of our surrounds, so we try to find places neither of us have experienced for dining. This time it was Houston's on Peachtree. And it was yummy. The staff was nice and it had this old school late 1960's appeal to it. It's the kind of place I would expect to see suits with thin lapels and thin ties or a mobster in the corner booth. I dig it.

Sunday came, and we roused ourselves at the crack of 11 AM, and enjoyed the fogginess out the window. We were off to meet Charles and David for brunch at what's become one of our favorite places to eat in the city, Tap. I had decided that morning to forgo the usually jumpseating madness in ATL and just buy a ticket home. it cost me about $100 but I flew out fo Birmingham instead. And more importantly I could wear jeans and drink (though I didn't have a single cocktail... missed oportunities). Best of all, I was able to spend more time with Susan on the car ride to the Ham. So after brunch... road trip!

I made it back to my house here around 10 PM, and the weekend ended. Even though it lasted for about 5 days, it was too short. I apologize to everyone I didn't get to meet up with, it's a hectic time for all. Maybe during Christmas break we'll have more time to make the rounds.

That's the rundown of the last few days, I learned alot, met many people, and enjoyed the hell out of my time. Now it's the 3 week Marathon to Christmas, we in the shipping business call it "peak". I've already started picking up OT. Hopefully it will be profitable for me, and not too stressful. I'm very much looking forward to the holidays!

I hope everyone had safe travels and a wonderful Thanxgiving. See y'all soon.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On my way home I remember all the best days.

Current mood:relaxed

Today should be my Friday, but alas I'm working tonight again. Why? Well in order to get Sunday night i did a shift trade and took tonight. It works out well actually, and I'm contemplating trying for next Monday off and just taking something close to a couple weeks without work.

However, should I do that I'll have this urge to take off to Europe or something, and while some good could come from that, mostly debt would follow. I really do want to focus on alleviating some of my debt. Especially since the government seems intent on bailing out all the people I owe money to. Darn them!! DARN THEM TO HECK!!!!

I'm looking forward to being down south. While I enjoy Grace's musings, it does make me kinda sad that I'm not there to be part of all the fun and games. Add to that the separation from Susan, it kind blows. But I'm managing in he hopes it's all worth it in the end. Damn being a responsible adult.

I had a lot of interesting things to say earlier, but they seem to have slipped my mind. Maybe I'm getting old, or just killed a few too many brain cells in my misspent youth. ut I had a good time, and I'm really quite sure I'm done misspending my youth.

Christmas i around the corner, and I know this because everyone at work has sort of kicked up the level of panic and confusion. Well, not so much in dispatch, but most everywhere else in the room. And it's apparently only going to get worse from now till Santa comes. But along with the excitement comes the problem of Christmas shopping. Unlike the last couple years, the budget for me isn't the biggest worry, but figuring out what people need or want. I'm normally a fan of gift certificates for the ambiguous typs who I really have no idea what to get them, and that works pretty well for older neices, nephews, and moms and dads (yes I have 8 sets of parents). But I like to come up with fun and useful surprises for other people.

And I think I did really well last year with that, but this season i'm drawing a big blank. I'm even perusing the UPS company store for ideas. Don't be surprised if you get something brown. But along these same lines, I don't like presumptuousness when it comes to gifts. For instance, I received an email Christmas list for one of my nieces. While I was going to ask for suggestions, I'm kind of put off that the list was sent with out my asking.

Maybe I'm just weird like that.

Anyways, I'm just burning some time while the laundry runs. Has anyone ever noticed how bad TV is at 6 AM?

So, ATL peeps, hit me up over the next couple days and maybe I can fit you into my busy schedule of Tomb Robbing and gorging myself on turkey. Now I'm off to check loads on Delta to Europe and see if I wanna take a trip. I plan great vacations, I just wish I could go on more... and not solo.

Everyone should wish Ryan a happy Birthday. He's suffering in Germany these days and sure he could use the good wishes so people think we like him.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I’ve already used all the snow lyrics I know for subjects

Current mood:cold

I have returned from the Ham! And for those of you who think its all graniose that I went to Germany for the weekend, you'd be incorrect. I had a lovely week (end) with Susan and her new cats. After some induced cat fights and watching the furballs chase the unobtainable red laser dot, I had to leave. We had a nice weekend together, although it was much too short. But on the upside we do have plans to see each other next weekend. And we'll be taking in some 3,000 year old dead guys. Am I a romantic or what??

Actually, we both get kind of excited about such things. ANd that just makes her that much more awesome. But first I have to get through a weekend of work and then figure out how I'm going to work the Thanxgiving weekend. There's some logistical details to be worked out, but it's coming right along.

In other news, old man JoHnathon... I mean Winter (i get old people confused) slapped me in the face this week. First there was the excitement of scraping frost of the windsheild in Birmingham. ANd then I returned home to snow. Yes, that's right... snow! It's snowing outside as i type this and sipping hot cocoa. And for the first time, I'm drinking from a well traveled cup from Shanghai. I think its funny that while this cup has felt a lot of lips on it (not unlike myself), one of them were mine.

Anyways, i seem to be more prepared for winters cold this year than in the past. I have a car with a new battery and new tires for better traction in the ice and snow. Plus I live near an emegency snow route so I get to have a clean street. Mind you, as of right now there's all of a light dusting of snow on the ground, but you never know when a blizzard may strike. And I have hot cocoa! Unfortunately it doesn't taste like the nice Godiva type from Starbuck's, but it's early.

ALso in the good news column, Tech kicked some U of Miami ass tonight, and that's always good. next is UGA, and while it will be tough, I think the Jackets can pull it out... so.. TO HELL WITH GEORGIA!!

Well, I've nthing else much to say. There's not a lot of wild excitement going on. I mean I could go on and on about visiting Susan, and I will upon personal requests. But I'll spare the masses the details.

Now it's time to start working on my Christmas list Not things for me, but what to look at getting the freinds and family. I'm also contemplating actually putting on Christmas decor this year. I hope to see some of you fine people next weekend, I'll be in the ATL and, at times, available. SO call my people and we'll set up an appointment.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Old friend of mine we will never lose the time that we shared all these years

Current mood:productive

This is my second, or third... or mybe fourth attempt to write this out. I find that my blogs aren't nearly as well written or interesting unless there's some element of angst or moroseness. Unfortunately for my writing skills and readers, I'm pretty damn happy at the moment. I can't really think of anything to rant on about, I mean besides the normal things. And really, hasn't that horse been beaten enough?

SO, whats been going on?? I spent the last weekend (and in this case it was an actualy weekend, not my normal "airline weekend") in the Atlanta Metro. As a celebration of my 32 year on earth, we had a gathering very graciously hosted by the TanJoe's and their menagerie of wayward animals.

But first things first, I made it in town Thursday night on a jet plane. I also learned that apparently the Bank of America building in downtown was designed to look like its burning, and if you look down into there's an effect of looking at embers. There's even possibly a sculpture up on the top. I was more concerned why the captain of the flight was so enthralled with the lighting of the skyscrapers and not the approach into ATL we were currently flying. Sometimes this riding a jumpseat thing can be a bit more disconcerting than It should be.

At any rate, I arrived safe and sound, and waited to leave the aiplane (with the other 70 passengers) for about 20 minutes until they "turned the jetway lights on". I offered to do this, feeling I'm more than qualified to flip a switch. Nope, we had to wait on the ground people, who seemed to not be interested in getting me off the plane. I offered a solution to the flight attendant playing door guard, but she felt that letting the passengers run amok on the ramp, while drawing attention and getting the ground workers to come over to our gate, would possibly aso result in her losing a job. She seemed attached to being an employee at Argyle Sillystring Argyle.

Eventually I made it off the plane, out to the car where Jersey patiently waited (ok, i got out before she got there, but she patiently drove) and we headed down to New-Nan for ome conversation, and beer list additions.

Friday was spent meandering about PTC and surrounds, and lunch with Charles at my favorite former chinese place (former since I moved away, favorite because they delivered the food the 500 yards to my apartments). While waiting for Charles to get off work, I expanded te beer list some more. That evening, my always lovely and fantastic niece picked me up and drove me to the Mom's house, where dinner was served. Aunt DOvey made some homemade vegetable-beef soup. Now, I don' mean the normal "Just Like Homemade" Campbell's fare, but actually homemade as the veggies were picked from her garden. I forgot tha tyou can grow those things. It was yummy. And then Susan showed up. Like the best birthday present ever!

AFter dinner cake (mmmhm, Orange Velvet cake with green cream cheese icing), Susan and I adjourned to the TanJoe Manor.

Saturday was spent dashing about Atlanta. First, Susan and I woke up amazingly early for us, and was out and about before 11 AM and headed to Radial for breakfast. Pretty tasty place, even if they left the tomatoes in my scramble. And then some window shopping and back to TanJoes for the impending gathering.

It was nice to see and hang out with everyone, the recently coupled (officially) JoHnathon and Grace.. who I suppose we need to come up with some pithy monicker. Even surprise visits by Charity and Mat and Molly, it was a good time. You should have been there (you know who you are).

Of course, Sunday came too soon and it was back to Louisville with me.

And after that, it's kind of been the same ole same ole. Work, sleeping, not work. I managed today to get my hairs cut. I've also discovered the iTunes store. This has the potential to be very bad. Why?? Well there was a time when I used to buy any and every CD i could find and had quite an eclectic range of music. Over the years, many of these CD's have been lost to moves, thieves, and my own stupidity. While many of them I can just do with out, there's some that I really liked. Of course these are ones not carried by any music store anywhere, in the US at least. Now, there on iTunes!!! Giggity!

So I must learn restraint.

Well, that's all I know, Im planning my dinner menu in my mind, and nothing is sounding good. I'm looking forward to the Holidays, and the chances it brings to spend some quality time with Susan. We know Christmas is coming, Starbucks is rolling out the holiday drinks and everyone is selling gift certificates. Oh, and there is snow forecast for Sunday. Must be winter.

Oh and I'd like to mention Ryan.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This land is your land, this land i my land

Current mood:hopeful

I really don't like it when people post blogs and mark them private so I can't read them. It just makes me want to read it even more.

Warning, political discussion to follow... skip down if you want to miss it

So, we the people of the United States of America elected a new president. Several things are impressive about this. One, its possibly the largest voluntary and organized transfer of power in the world. Unlike other countries, no one had to draw a weapon to accomplish it. Whether or not you agree with the politics of Obama, you have to agree the process has become quite impressive and I like the peacefulness of the transition. Also, a non-WASP male has been elected to president. While I thought I would see a black man, or a woman, in the big chair someday, I really didn't expect it this soon in my life. So, that being said, I think it shows alot about race relations in this country and that yes, anyone can grow up to be president. Theres still, in my opinion, a ways to go but its a step.

And so the Democrats take control of the Presidency and Congress. And while I'm a registered democrat (which really kind of pisses me off I have to declare a party in this state) I'm not so happy to have both the legislative and executive branches controlled by the same party. Yes, I voted for Obama for my own reasons. But I also voted republican for Congress. I don't like the idea of one ideology running the place, makes it too easy to pass unnecessary laws.

Susan will tell you that I have left leaning ideas, but I also have a lot in common with the right. I think McCain would have made a fine president, and he has given a lifetime to this country. But he, and other republicans, have fought an uphill battle all the way. The country is seemingly fed up with Bush and the republican control of the last decade or so. And unfairly, the nation seems to have recoiled in the wake of the financial disaster and blamed the republican Congress (before 2006) and administration. I personally feel there's more blame to go around than there are political parties. McCain was almost the sacrifical lamb of the republican party. A co-worker made a statement the other night, that if Bush had wanted McCain to win, there would have been a terror declaration to focus the issue away from the economy to defense.

Once again, the sitting party during an economical hard time is kicked out. All in the name of "we're not those guys". it worked for FDR and Reagan. And I find it amusing that the Democrats are considered soft on defense. Wilson led the US into WWI, FDR into WWII, and JFK (and more so his successor LBJ) escalated Vietnam. All were Democrats.

Obama has been called a socialist (though John McCain clearly stated he doesn't believe that). And I read lots of Status's (or Statii?) about people who are moving to Canada to escape the impending high taxes and socialism. That's alot like moving to Seattle to get away from rain. I find a lot of hypocrisy in the statements that voting for Obama is voting against patriotism and America, yet still proclaim the virtues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. Men who sought to change their futures by then "radical" notions of separating for England. I admire the founding fathers for standing up for what they believed and leading others to change the status quo. Or perhaps is the same Southerners who revere Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis who attempted to secede, very patriotic of them. I again, admire these men for standing up for what they believed to be right, though I don't agree with much of their beliefs.

There's the opinion that the liberal media is responsible, and possibly could be true. But I get my news from 2 sources, 30 minutes a day from the Daily Show (very liberal) and 9 hours a day of Fox News (which we all know is "fair and balanced" in their conservatism). And really, watching 3 hours of Bill O'Reilly every night at work may have driven me liberal..

IN the end, I don't see a lot changing in America, allegedly my taxes will go down $500. I really don't believe it. And the insinuation that $500 a year is an insignificant amount coming from the same people that said $750 in tax refunds would save our economy makes me laugh. I don't think socialism is around the corner, though I can see how the idea or free college (or greatly lowered tuitions) and healthcare access for people who need it is horrible idea. There will be some changes, but i don't think it will be as far reaching as the campaign promises (which are often broken... remember "read my lips, no new taxes"?). When all is said and done, the sun will come up tomorrow, we'll go one about our lives, and we'll still be bitching about the government and taxes.

At any rate, theres lots of problems here that need addressing, many haven't been addressed for a while. What happened to the great illegal immigrant debate, or energy independence, or any number of issues that seemed to have gone by the wayside. I don't think any have been fixed. So, maybe the liberal way of thinking isn't the right way (no pun intended), but the conservatives haven't seemed to do much better. We'll see what happens over the next 4 years. At least we have the Supreme Court to guard the Constitution... well, whats left of it.

And my final political statement.. vote Dees/Jones in 2012. If only because we'll have a kick ass inaugural ball and Susan will make a kick ass First Lady (eventhough we don't always see eye to eye on politics)!! That can be our slogan Dees/Jones 2012.. KICK ASS!

In other news, driving home the other morning I had a tire pop. It's my own fault really, as I've been driving on tired that had the tread showing for a while and without proper alignment. On the other hand, I did get about 50,000 miles out ofr my 45,000 mile rated tires. So, about half a mile from my house at 630 AM, i was changing the tire in a bank parking lot. And off I went to be the first eprson at the tire shop to buy 2 new tires.

Luckily, while they had the wheels of it was determined my left front axle needed replacing. Yay!!! Happy Birthday to me!I have been driving with busted CV boots for a while and dirt and crude had gotten the axle workings. This really ticks me off since the boots had been replaced by the "family" mechanic a couple years back.

SO, now with new driving car, and its lost alot of the vibration it had, I'm zipping around the Ville. Land of $1.99 gas. Amazingly ow happy that makes me.

But not nearly as happy as the prospects for the upcoming weekend. I'll be reunited with Susan for a few days. And we'll be surrounded by our pals. I'm very much looking forward to it. Work is the same, nothing earthshaking to report. I still like the job, if not all the people I work with. The new iPhone works like a dream. I'm always apprehensive when I buy things from eBay, but I've never had any problems.

So, thats it, I'm out of things to type, well not really. But i'm out of inspiration to type. I wish everyone well, and thnk you for reading. Remember Dees/Jones 2010... KICK ASS!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Some people say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one

My stomach hurts. I ate dinenr too fast. I had yummy mexican food at a place near by the house However, there was a very odd fellow sitting next o me, and he kept conversing. Which is fine, but the more he conversed the weirder the topics came, I did however find out what Abraham Lincoln said to Grant, What both his grandfathers said, what Clint Eastwood said, what John Wayne said, and numerous other people who I have blocked out.

Oh well, the burrito was good.

I had thought of writing a long blog last night. Ive had issues sleeping at night of late, mainly due to my work schedule. So I thought I would pass time writing something, but all that came t mind as a rant about the current political races or about the person who relieves me on my Friday (and how moronic she is). I figured I woudl spare everyone such. I'm really ready for th election to be done, and maybe we can move on and fix some issues. Regardless who wins, I'm optimistic.

This is the part where I mention Ryan so he will feel like people care about him.

Now lets move on, I got a new toy today. I am proud owner of a nifty iPhone. Not a new 3G one, which is fine since T-Mobile doesn't have a very broad 3G network. But still I'm happy with it so far (as happy as once can be in a 3 hour span of using a new cell phone). But the coup is it works on T-mobiles network, and didn't require a change in carriers, or a higher phone bill. That makes me happy. And, i have an iPod in it too, so one less piece of electronics to carry. Plus i like the typing features way more than the old phone. And I can hear on it.

Thats about it, I hope everyone has a good Halloween. It's a little weird without a party to go to this year, but we're just gonna have to have fun next week. Later

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The falling leaves pass by my window, the autumn leaves of red and gold

So, I've been busy. After the foray to Washington, DC, I returned home to a week of toil and trials, which is to say I actually had to go to work. It's decided to become fall rather suddenly, and I've actually turned on the furnace. We all know how fantastic that first furnace use of the year is, with the burning smell that comes with it. The coldness of the house didn't help with my desire to leave my warm bed at a decent hour.

After work, I was whisked off to new England on Tuesday, to hang out with Grace and JoHnathon at Adri's house. This is my second trip to Adri's and my first to New England during leaf color season. I have to tell you, its a very nice part of the country. I could see myself living there in some 200 year old farm house. Of course, keep in mind it would only be a spring and fall home, as winters would surely be too cold for me.

Well, the "weekend" started with a pick up at the airport, followed by a quick trip to the mall. We found a lovely dinner spot and had some yummy italian food, followed by cocktails in a tunnel. Yes, we were guided by Adri to The Tunnel Bar, which is in an actual tunnel and not just a clever name. (Though since Northampton is supposed to have a high population of Lesbians it would make a very dirty and clever name).

We retired to Adri's place and made fun of JoHnathon for a little while before bed. JoHnathon being rather good natured, or to tired to complain, took the punishment like a man.

The next morning arrived, and we had Starbucks in downtown Amherst. Its a very picturesque town. Being the home of UMass, there's lots of eateries and general collegic type establishments. We grabbed Adri and we went to lunch (or breakfast for those of us who got up at 11 AM) as an establishment Adri recommended. I had the "farmer's daughter" for breakfast, and deliciousness abounded.

We returned Adri to work, then I returned Grace and JoHnathon to the airport. Later that evening, Adri and I dined on the UMass campus at a dinner put on by some hospitality students as part of their classwork. It was cheap, and yummy. And were at a table that was "Reserved for Sin". Seriously, I have the card in my bag. Apparently that's the last name of the person who reserved our seats. Adri's has great pals.

After dinner, we met with Lusya and found the Amherst Brewing Company. The drinks fowed like water, and I proved my poor geometry skills at a few games of pool. We conversed, we did a few shots, and we were amused. Good times, Grace and JoHnathon, should have called in dead for work and stayed.

Afterwards, I had a grreat conversation with Susan. I'm sure it was most amusing for her. Some one really should take away my phone when i'm drunk.

Thursday, I had lunch again with Adri (sucked she had to work) and then I went up to the top of Mt Sugarloaf, did some hiking around, and enjoyed the lovely views. Afterwards, I journeyed to Mt Holyoke and had a look around. I tried to capture the views in some of the pictures, but I don't think I did the area justice. I did some other driving around, picked up Adri, and then I was off to fly back home.

I had a great time and thanx to Adri and Mo for putting me up for a couple nights. I'll have to plane a return trip when the warmth comes back.

In other news, I was thinking about taking a quick trip to Stockholm next week. Instead, I think I'll stay stateside. I decided this morning (by morning i mean afternoon when i woke up) to send a large chunk of this months pay to the evil people at Bank Of America. And then I did some research ..phones an a new plan. I'm not upset with T-Mobiles service, just their selection of phones available. They just put out a new one that had a lot of potential to be an equal to the iPhone. I played with Adri's new iPhone over the weekend and loved it. My current phone has left me nonplussed. Normally when I buy a new phone I put a lot of searching and find something I usually really like. This last phone though, it was an emergency purchase and a compromise on price.

Well, while researching a new plan, canceling my current contract, I found it was cost prohibitive at this moment. I'm ok with buying a new iPhone from AT&T. I'm ok with the buyout of my contract at T-Mobile (i just signed a 2 year contract when i bought the new phone to get the discount). But the idea of my monthly charge almost doubling to get the same level of service at AT&T was a deal breaker. I'm hoping i have found a solution and it will be delivered next week.

That's about all thats going on. I'm looking forward to my birthday weekend, though Tanya is threatening to make Joe sing to me. And Susan seems to want me to stand on a table to throw cat toys at me... everyone has their particular fetishes and I don't like to judge. I miss her and I can't wait to see her.

It's bedtime now, I hope this posts the first time.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fly,fly away

Current mood:eccentric

I'm le tired, and i can't be bothered to sit upright. SO expect lots of typos.

It's been a random week. I've decided, with some encouragement from Susan, that it would be good to get out and do some form of physical activity. So I've taken to walking more about the neighborhood. Wednesday I walked down a few blocks to Heine Brothers coffee for a shot of caffeine and to get out in a little sun. By the way, it is pronounced Hi-Knee. I digress. So I grabbed the new issue of The Velocity (for you ATL types, its the Lull-vull version of Creative Loafing. and kind of whats going paper with fringy articles) and my white chocolate mocha. I had noticed lots of people standing around and some reflective screens but though nothing of it. Then I noticed the two camera men and the guy with boom mic. Yes I know, nothing gets past me.

Long story short, i watched as the filmed these two girls talking about some kind of business they were looking to start. I asked one of the rew what wa sup, turns out they're filming a new reality show for a major network, but had a nondisclosure agreement. What struck me most is how obviously unreal the reality shows are. There were takes, there was some rehearsing, there was some direction. My innocence shattered, I left between takes (s not to be on camera, there are some legal organizations that don't need to know where I'm hanging my hat.

Later that evening I found some dinner and started watching the presidential debate in the bar. I thought maybe if I drank enough Jack Daniels they would make sense and shine out as honorable and enlightened men we would want to be president. Well, luckily I was walking home and it was a short walk, because Jack Daniels wasn't strong enough to create my delusion. I actually think i may vote for Jack.

So, I meandered home and did some video conferencing with Susan. I really do dig this technology. Not only does it relieve me from annoynce of a sweaty ear, but it lets me see her faces and expressions. Not to mention I get to watch her play with her new "children".

I then fell asleep, at night. Go me. Unfortunately I woke up wa earlier then I wanted to. With a whole day ahead of me, not much luck in going back to sleep, and a grey rainy day just beginning; I resolved to get the hell out of Dodge. After some quick internet research, I headed to the airport to catch a flight to Washington, DC For a year or so now I've been wanting to check out the new Smithsonian Air and Space Museum center out by Dulles airport, but kept putting it off. Today, I said what the hell. And maybe I could meet up with Jen-nay while I was there. When I got to DC, I had a message from Ms Mills. She couldn't meet me for lunch (too busy being a Marine), but she was free after 4 or so. Well, after a quick wardrobe change in a DCA bathroom, i hit the metro for IAD.

You may be asking why I didn't just fly to IAD directly, well theres not a pax flight from here to there. It was nice to be in a city with good mass transit. It's such a great advantage to the public and makes life a little easier. IMHO.

So after the subway and bus journey, I finally made it to the museum. The only downside I found to the place was you couldn't touch the planes. I suppose thats understandable, you don't want peoples oily hands all over carefully restored airplanes. And you need to keep freeks like me from rubbing up on the SR-71. I would have like to put my hands on the Enola Gay or climb into the Concorde cockpit. But i still enjoyed my day there. the admission price to the museum is great (free) and I think its a worthwhile endeavor to venture out there. Check out the pictures, and I have no idea why some are so blurry.

After the museum, I ventured back to downtown DC and met up with Jennie and had a yummy dinner at a Belgium restaurant. While i did have some steamed Brussels sprouts, I declined to have the mussels from brussels (no, the menu didn't have that on there, its my corniness). I had a yummy steak thing with Belgium (not French) fries, complete with mayo. After dinner, we went back to Jennies condo so I could meet Winston, her very large and very slobbery bloodhound. A very playful puppy, which is roughly my height. But alas, it was time to head back out to Dulles so I could catch an UPS flight home. Jennie kindly drove me out.

ALl day, most of my travels had either been underground or out in the suburban areas, hich is indistinct form any other suburban area. But on the drive home, I could see the buildings and monuments, and had a brief " Ahhhh" moment, seeing the Capitol, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and the Pentagon. Cool stuff

And now I'm back home. I did a brief kroger stop and bought food I probably shouldn't have (I was hungry). And now, sleepy time. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks. Lots of potential, and I can't wait to see lots of people.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It's about 7 AM and I feel like pontifiating. Ready the randomness:

I read a news story about a 90 year old woman who shot herself because her home of 38 years was going to be foreclosed. I do not want to make light of the injury of the woman (she did not die from her wounds), but theres lots of things in the story that really got to me. First, she lived in the house for 38 years... and now they foreclose? Oh wait, she took out a mortgage a few years back for something like $43,000, while at the time her house only appraised from $32,000 or so. (The numbers aren't exact, but roughly the numbers are in ratio). OK, so shame on her for taking out a loan well above her home value. And shame on the lender for giving it to her. And as if that's not enough to make one scratch their head, it was a 30-year mortgage. What kind of lender givers an 85 year old person a 30 year mortgage?? WOnder how we got in a home loan fix?

Next, I'm kind of annoyed at the person who took over from me at work tonight. SHe is some one who probably needs to retire. But after she accepted all the flights (and I logged off) she started asking about a NOTAM. I'll admit i didn't give much thought to that particular NOTAM (NOtice To Airmen, little blurbs that tell you whats not working or whats closed down at an airport, or region of sky) because it didn't matter much to the operation of the flight. O, so i pointed out there's no reason to worry about becue of a couple reason, but no she was singularly fascinated. While I admit I'm infallible, but don't cop attitude when you're not using all the resources.

OK, I'm over it. I dare her to write me up.

In other news, I bought new shoes and a battery for my car. Well, shoes were for me.

Now I think I need an omelette. Later

Thursday, October 9, 2008

just a little blurb

Current mood:awake

SO I'm sitting here looking round online at where i could fly off to for the day tomorrow out of SDF. I've got nothing much ele going on and though I'd head over to DC and the new wing or the Air and Space museum. I bust onto the Delta travel net (thanx Grace) and type in DCA-SDF for tomorrow afternoon. No shit, one of the routes that came out... DCA-CVG-CMH-CVG-SDF. Since I don't accrue frequent flyer miles, and neither do any nonrevs I know of, this is jut dumb. Unless of course you just want to explore the CMH airport for two hours.

I'll skip that.

I'm sort of annoyed that the browntail coming back from IAD tomorrow is full. Don't they know who I am? And everything else seems to be full enough out of IAD and DCA to make the idea of the trip just too annoying. Sure I could fly into DCA, take a metro to the far end of the line, then a bus to the Museum, and to get back take the bus back to the metro station, ride that to Union Station. Followed by an Amtrak ride to BWI station, then figure out a way to get from there to the Brown building, which would probably involve a taxi. All this to peruse some airplanes for a couple hours.

Oh well, I don't suppose the museum is going anywhere.

It's been a while since I've pontificated here. Nothing to earth shaking has happened to me personally. Working, sleeping, Susan's house, etc... Though I'm waiting or the world to collapse around me from the economic disaster. I'm actually hoping the banks that are responisible for my credit cards fail, and they forget I owe them money. Unfortunately I seem to have picked reputable lending organizations, and they are buying other banks. SO much for my hope. Maybe the government will bail me out next.

Theres also a fury of presidential stuff happening, and I watched a debate last night. Interesting stuff. I still don't like either of them really. Oh well, I suppose once again it will be voting the lesser of two evils.

Otherwise, i got thing son the horizon that look like there could be some interesting times. I may be coming to a town near you. I also heard some good news from an old friend. Not my place to announce it, but it's kind of exciting and making me feel old at the same time.

Until next time, later!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Money, it’s a gas. Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash

Current mood:content

It's beena while since I've pontificated here. I really haven't had all that much to say. Politically I'm stll bewildered at the amounts of tax money is being spent to save banks and return the ability of people to buy things on credit, which kind of was part of the problem to begin with. And I feel kind of bad for all those people in the ATL that can't seem to find gas. I keep reading articles on the shortage and have yet to find any media outlet report why there is a shortage, apparently is just because. We here in Louisville have plenty of gas, and the price has been dropping steadily since the Hurricane came through. Maybe I should barrel some up and send it down.

And then there was a presidential debate I tried to watch last night, It sort of lost me in the "he said, he said" crap. I would love for one of the candidates to just get pissed off enough to walk over and bitch slap the other one. I would vote for that.

Otherwise, in the real world of stuff that affects me, I had JoHnathon as a house guest this past week. It was almost like having a roommate again, and welcome diversion. I would love to have more such guests. JoHnathon seemed comfortable here, even sleeping on the air mattress TanJoe defiled. We didn't do any exciting tourist stuff, just hung around the local area.

At work, I received a lovely plaque to commemorate my first official flight plan/release sent as a qualified Brown dispatcher. It's actually qute a cool looking little momento, and is sure to have a special place in the random airline crap I have here. And I did get an "at-a-boy" at work the other night from a manager. Which surprised me. Normally when a manager comes over and starts a conversation "SO, I had pulled up one of your flight plans..." it usually isn't good. But apparently in the efforts to not take responsibility for their own issues, the pilot management types tried to find some one (namely me) to blame.

He couldn't I guess, Yay for doing everything right.

In other news, I received my first big check yesterday, nice. Now to just be responsible and not spend on frivelous things (Wii, new TV, trip to Tahiti, etc...).

SO, that's about all that's happening. I still haven't decided on the Brazil thing, and I'm still missing Susan, and I still think Ryan is a No Talent Ass Clown, and I still miss the party people back home. Which I understand gathering may be in order soon.

Oh and a Happy Birthday to Adri!!!! I wish I could be there for the party!

Friday, September 19, 2008

you light up my life.

Current mood:luminous

I have returned to Louisville, to the pleasant discovery that I have electricity back in my house. Yay!! I thought about turning all the lights on in the apartment just to bath myself in the beautiful incandescent glow. Then i realized that was dumb and I should focus ..ting the flashing clocks and making a shopping list for my trip to replace the pounds of food I threw out. I've managed to accomplish one of those tasks.

I spent a lovely few days with Susan, who very charitably took me in. As always, a most wonderful host. Everyone should take some time and go visit her! I like to think I treat her to fabulous dates when I'm there. SO this time, being no exception, I took her to one of my favorite dining establishments.... Chic-Fil-A. I spared no expense on dinner, offering the ability to value size her drink and waffle fries. Yes, I know... I'm quite a catch. It was very intimate dining experience. I highly recommend all you single guys think of Chic-Fil-A as a potential first date dinner location.

Of course, after this I tried to top the Chic-Fil-A (I know, almost impossible) for dinning experiences. So a return to the Melting Pot for dessert and drinks. I highly recommend the dessert there. And you can almost make it into a meal. I mean, who doesn't like pound cake, cheesecake, marshmellows, fruit, and Rice Krispie Treats?? And then dipping the above in melted chocolate.. yum!!

Ok, so now that I've covered the perfunctory "What I had to eat" blog section, lets delve into something more indepth. I would like to congratulate all my friends and fellow Americans on our new ownership of a insurance company! Yes, we seem to have bought AIG. The big question I know everyone is asking, will we get discounts on our car insurance??? I don't know, but surely ownership comes with some perks! Also, AIG own ILFC. Even though we all know who ILFC is and why we should care, I'll spell out my plan. As part owner of AIG, and thusly ILFC (which stands for International Lease Finance Corporation) who happens to be one of the largest lessors of airplanes in the world, I'm think we can get a good lease rate on a plane. You know, as part owners.

So i'm thinking we can pool our petty cash and get us a 747 for our personal needs. Jersey, tired of flying coach??? We'll give you your own room on board. Susan, not interested in paying for a ticket? Well now you have a plane at your disposal! Are your over the TSA Tanya?? No more security lines for us. And JoHnathon and Joe... how would you like to upgrade from the Barbie Dream jets to some real heavy metal??? Y'all can take turns being Captain! And finally, Grace, you can be the rude, obnoxious passenger you always wanted to be and harass our own personal flight attendants!

I think that since we own the place, we can get the owners discount!!!

Seriously, I really have no idea why everyone is panicking over these big banks going bust. I understand the people who are losing jobs and people who worked 40 years and put money in their stocks being pissed off, but a bunch of rich people who tell me the economy is fine but we need to spend Billions (yes with a B) to keep a bank afloat kinda are getting on my nerves. Maybe I'm taking a simplistic view.

I wonder how much debt I have to rack up before the government bails me out... I should be getting close... except I'm paying it off now like a responsible person.... silly me.

OK, that's enough drivel for now. I've covered the political soapbox portion of the blog.

I think I've typed enough for one night, I'm tempted to sleep with the lights on t just enjoy it. I know, I'm probably going a bit over board with the whole power outage thing, but you really don't know just how much something like electricity plays in your life until its gone, and not for a few hours, but for a few days. Trying to imagine living without such conveniences is no fun, if I was told we have to go back to roughing in the wild and living with electricity, running water, air conditioning, heat, microwave meals.. I'd probably let out a resounding "Awwwh Hell Nawwh", cover myself in honey and wait for the bears to take me.

Its time for some le sleep... later

Monday, September 15, 2008

This Blows!

Current mood:savage

So, for the first time I can remember, I was awaken by wind. I knew before leaving work this morning it was suppose to be a windy day her in Kentuckiana (or the other name I heard, Indyucky). The forecast was for gusts up to about 30-35 knots, 40 mph. Well.. they missed that one. Apparently 75 mph winds rolled through this afternoon. My power is out and has been for a few hours, and I don't expect it to be back on for a few hours still.

Thankfully there's Starbuck's, the last refuge for man in a storm. Of course I had to pass 4 to find one with electricity still on. I do have to commend the KY drivers on figuring out the inop traffic signal rules. Everyone pretty much has the treat it like a stop sign thing down. Georgian drivers, for the most part, could never figure that out.

It amazes me how much I get annoyed at the loss of modern conveniences. The power goes out, no big deal. I can amuse myself with a flashlight and a book. No internet, well I can wait till later and use work. And lack of cell phone signal, I'll just ue the internet to keep in touch... oh wait, its gone. Well, I should call some one about that.. oh hell, the phone isn't working. ANd it's getting dark, I can't shower by flashlight... i should call or email the power company.. oh wait.. OH my god, what will I do.. PANIC!!!!

(Yes apparently the T-Mobile tower by my house lost power, or the whole tower, I went from 5 bars of signal on a normal day to none!)

So, if you don't hear from me over the next couple of days, it's due to roving bands of marauders (who are dreadfully similar to the people from a Road Warrior movie) attacking our makeshift fortress on Duker Ave. Good thing I have fake swords for my defense.

Other than that, I'm trying to engineer a trip to meet Ryn in Brasil. Unfortunately getting my visa is being well more complex than I hoped. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, but giving up my passport for a couple weeks could put a crimp in my travel habits. We'll see what I can work out.

Anyways, I need to go foraging for food before the marauders return. Wish me luck.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Current mood:hopeful

I think this one is going to cover a lot of ground, so hold on.

First of all, it's very hard to believe that its been seven years since our world changed. It's kind of weird to think about how things have changed, and not changed, since that day. It struck me today that all of Susan's students were born after the towers fell. They'll grow up in a world that's incredibly different from the one we grew up in. They'll never see a picture of the twin towers gleaming in the sun and know immediately what icons there were. I can only hope that someday we can make the world a better place, and they'll never have one of those days that define a generation.

And along that same line, it was a day of remembrance. And we should always remember.

Think about more changes, I was spending some time last week with Ed and Sheri, and we got into the subject of politics. That conversation and many I've had with Susan lead me to believe that the general populace think this election is something different And it is. A black man on one ticket, and woman on the other. Who would've envisioned such a choice 10 years ago? Nevermind the philosophies of the candidates, this election has the potential to be one of the most memorable in American history. That's kind of cool, watching history unfold, knowing people will talk about this or decades to come. And not in a way that makes us tear up.

So, I just returned home from spending some time with Susan in Birmingham. As always we had a great time just generally being our dorky selves. I'm sometimes surprised we don't get strange looks from neighboring tables in restaurants. It's nice to be able to be a dork with some one, and some how she seems to think you're kind of cool. I don't see it.

We did more exploring of culinary arts in Birmingham. Neither of us having any desire to cook, we had Thai, Mexican, Greek, and ... well, sort of an eclectic mix at a nifty place. More about that later.

But as usual the time was too short, but we made the most of what we had. We ventured out to downtown B-Ham to a Greek festival at a local church. It was very neat, with lots of tasty treats. Yummy Gyros and some kind of Greek doughnut thing that I can't pronounce. After we had desert and a snack at the festival, and took in some traditional Greek dancing, we decided to go find "real" food for dinner.

Motoring around the Highlands of Birmingham (Ironic how I always seem to end up in neighborhoods called "The Highlands"), Susan spotted a place that looked interesting and we decied to stop. It's called Fire & Ice, and was very good. it works like this, theres all kind of raw things on a bar. There's a salad bar, for those of you who are into that, and then pasta, random veggies, random meats, and random sauces. So, basically, you get a bowl and fill it with whatever ingredient you want, pick a sauce you like, and the take it to a large round grill in the middle of the place. And they cook your mixture for you. It's really a great idea. I've been to a similar place before, but this one had more variety of food. For example, I had egg noodles, green peppers, jalapenos, chicken, sirloin, and calamari in an Orange-Ginger sauce. I wish I was hungrier, I would have went all out.

Did I mention there's unlimited trips to the grill?? At one point the two guys grilling led the people waiting on their food in a verse of the Cupid Shuffle. Susan, being the dancing aficionado she is, didn't partake. And she wonders why that song follows me everywhere since she has never heard it outside my presence. I think it's because the song is fun, and fun follows me everywhere. I'm a good time!

So, thats really about all. I hope we all take a little something from today. It was a good day for me, though there was the overshadowing of the seven year memory. If there's anything I wish we could take away in retrospect, it's how much this country became united and stood as one. Since then, various squabbles between various races, religions, political parties, ethnicities, etc.. have all returned to situation normal. Hope fully we can regain some of that unity, without the need for a disaster to pull us together.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Jumpin around all nimbly-bmbly from state to state

Current mood:indifferent

It's Friday night and I'm bored sitting around the apartment in Louisville. I'm not normally off on Friday night, and all the people I normally hang out with are working tonight. I've even thought about doing some cleaning. Thought. It can wait.

I have just returned from an airline weekend in Atlanta. It was essentially an apartment family reunion. Tuesday night we informed TanJoe that we would be coming over for dinner, we being Grace, JoHnathon, and I. Along with various other folks. Charity put in a guest appearance, along with some people I didn't know. After we informed Tanya we would be having dinner and drinks there, we (by we I mean Grace, I was napping) informed her we would also require lodging for the night. So it became a slumber party. We watched scary movies, braided each others hair, had pillow fights, and played light as feather stiff as a board.

OK, we really just hung out and had cocktails and dinner. Grace made "haystacks," a dish inspired by JoHnathon's life experiences and youth in Nebraska. It's apparently a taco salad without the giant taco bowl. At any rate, it was a fantastic dining experience. I really enjoy going to Tanjoes, not just because I get to spend tie with that total hottie Joe and my mistress Tanya (well, I guess since she's the married one I'm the male version of a mistress... a Mister?), but I get to play with Mac and Mandy. Mac has grown rather large and is still such a playful puppy. Hard to believe how small he was when he first came to visit. And Mandy has grown more friendly, to me at least. She likes to come up and shamelessly place her chin on you and give you that "please pet me" look. And of course you do pet her because you can't resist the cuteness.

On Wednesday, after sleeping in we met Amie and Charity for lunch. It was a very yummy place in PTC I had yet to visit, something about artisan pizza. Of course none of us had pizza, but we did have some very yummus hummus. That evening Grace, JoHnathon and I met Jersey at Taco Mac, and later I was joined by Sheri and the former boss, Ed. The final three of us discussed politics and airline operations over several beers. I wish I could have spent some more time with Jersey, we haven't hung out nearly enough.

I did learn that Taco Mac now has a prize for getting to 1000 on the beer list. So once again, I have a goal in life!!! Only 644 to go.

Thursday, i sent Grace off to work, and returned back to bed. Later, I got the bike out. I was very happy that she cranked right up. After doing some checking of the equipment, I ventured out for a ride around northern Henry County. Stopped by and visited mom at work for a minute, then ran across Goodie who was playing cop. I sped by him and gave him the finger. That's definitely one way to get a cops attention. Of course, I'm lying. We met in downtown Stockbridge to chat for a moment. It' amazing how much that small town has changed. Not necessarily all for the better.

That afternoon I hung around the mom's house until I had to whisk off to collect Grace. She promptly informed me she had much better things to do then spend time with me and threw me out of the car to find my own way home. Apparently her and Amie are conspiring in the hate for me. OK, so that's a lie too.

After a flight home, where I had to endure the captain talking about how much fuel he really needs to land and how we dispatchers are all trying to kill him. So, I skipped the step of shorting him fuel and just smite hime.. down right there.

OK another lie, I needed some one to fly the plane back.

And now, here I am. I had int'l recurrent class this morning. It was riveting. I did however find an envelop last night when I got home with a nice check in it for me. That significantly improved my mood.

That's really about it. I'm going to go do some laundry and continue to think about cleaning the apartment. My next days off I'm either working OT or going to see Susan. It's tough to not go see her, but it's also hard to get $500 of pay. I apologize to thse I didn't get to see this last trip thought Atlanta, and we'll endeavor to get together next time.

Everyone have a good weekend

Thursday, August 28, 2008

no subjective subjects

Current mood:impervious

I know Grace has been reading up on being a better writer, and seemingly is getting a lot of practice in on the blogging. I was thinking I should be more prolific in my own literary expeditions, but I'm not that interesting.

However, I did have some lovely days off in Birmingham. And it's always great to spend time with Susan. It's kind of weird though, I just hang around her place all day while she's herding a pride of 5 year olds around. And it's just like that, she even carries a lion tamer's whip. Then I get to spend lovely evenings with her.

Last night, I spotted a Melting Pot restaurant, and Susan thought it would be the best place ever to have dinner. Now neither of us had ever experienced fondue for a meal, though Susan has a fondue cooking apparatus. But the look on her face when they bring out raw meat was most amazing. We made it through the initial melted cheese stage no problem, but then the raw fish, filet, sirlion, chicken, and shrimp came out. And basically we boiled the food to a tasty finish in a caribbean citrus base. Very tasty, and the upside is you are forced to eat slowly and that precludes you from really overstuffing yourself.

The the funniest thing is watching 2 people who hardly ever cook anything cook their own dinner in public. It was a fun outing, and after my initial resistance, a glad I let her win that particular debate. :-p

in other news, I'm going to try and head down to ATL next week. And would like to see if anyone out there is interested in a Thursday night trivia outing? Or maybe a Braves game? I haven't been to a baseball game all year, and that's a little sad.

Anyways, today is my Monday and I get to work the long Labor Day weekend. Hopefully being a holiday weekend will it will be nice and quiet. But first, I need find food and get motivated to move off the couch.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

文章は、名誉ある Dees San

Current mood:hungry

Greetings from the Greater Birmingham area. I'm down spending a relaxing (for me) weekend at Susan's place. This essentially means I get up when she does, drive her to work, and then come back and sleep another 4 hours. After that "nap", i go out and explore the area. Usually ending up at a Barnes and Nobles. Though currently I'm enjoying a Starbuck's atmosphere.

My first week as an official brown dispatcher is over, and how eventful it was. I've gotten to be part of an irregularity report (not my fault, I just dealt with it), missed a NOTAM I should of read and used an airport that didn't like us as an alternate, and dealt with tropical storms and a volcano. But as my old boss once said, no one died, so it was a successful day in the airline business. The highlight though are the fine people a NRT (Tokyo) who refer to me as Dispatcher Dees San. I kind of like the sound of that and I'm thinking of requiring that everyone address me as Dees San.

And in more important news, I discovered the cafe (and hookah lounge) near my place is not onl open 24 hours, but serves a full bar 22 of them (4 AM- 6 AM is off limits for some reason). SO yesterday, after getting off work from a particularly annoying night at 0615, I had pancakes and a beer. I think this is is a great discover with much future potential, especially since pancakes, eggs, and hash browns come for under $5.

I'm also becoming a fan of Southwest airlines, not only do they fly non-stop from SDF to BHM (i know, its a stretch for non stop flying, but they have the technology). But they also have seatbelts that fit, go close to on time, and are really good for me to jumpseat on. No offense to my delta connection family, but they're way nicer.

And since I'm off middle of the normal persons week now, I'm thinking everyone else should change their schedules to suite me. So now, everyone will be required to be off Tues-Thurs and refer to me as Dees San. I am thinking of dropping into the ATL area next week, so plan accordingly for my visit.

Oh, and since no one cares. I'll give you an update on Ryan's whereabouts. He's been in Moscow since last week, and best I can tell been standing in line for the McDonalds there until yesterday. Luckily he's there just in time for the new cold war to start. First the middle east, now Russia. I think we all need to keep an eye on him and report anything suspicious he does to the proper authorities.

Well, I've finished my coffee and I'm getting a little hungry. Later

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Here come the jesters, 1,2,3... it’s all part of my fantasy

Current mood:gallant

I'm back in the ville. And back to work. It's almost exciting to be going to work now, since I'm doing my own thing and being my own dispatcher. THe down part is, going to work means I have to leave Susan behind in BHM. At least we both seem to be liking our jobs at the moment, hopefully we'll keep it up.

So, as a momento at Brown for getting through training, they take a copy of the first flight plan you send and have it immortalized on a plaque. So, there's a little pressure to make sure that one is right. After that, who cares?? Nah. But I think it's a nice idea.

It seems I found an episode of Friends on I've never seen, its the One with Nana Dies Twice. Amazingly I've never seen it, who would have thought.

Other than that, not much is happening. I've officially leased a garage for the bike. Now I just have to get it up here. Anyone interested ina road trip?? Cha's???

Well, thats all I've got, its time to make some dinner and soon I'll be off to work.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we may die

Current mood:melancholy

It's been a roller coaster week, and it's only Wednesday. As many of you know I'm kind of a fan od Dave Matthews Band, hence the 24 concerts attended. Yesterday, founding member LeRoi Moore died. That makes me sad. Amazingly, the rest of the band played a scheduled concert last night, as they had all summer with since LeRoi's ATV accident earlier this summer. It's kind of sad how some one I have never met has a profound effect on my emotions. I'll miss hearing the solo's live.

I also learned an acquaintence lost her child, shortly after a premature birth. It's always sad to hear a light extiguished before it could grow birght. My best wishes and thoughts to the family, and it's just a reminder that life is short, and we should do our best to enjoy our time with the people we care about.

Now, for the ups of the week. Ms. Linda has set a date to become Mrs. Linda. That's very good for her, and look forward to the event. Though she seems to be against my suggestion of a pirate wedding. I guess that leaves it to me to put that one on.

On Tuesday, I had my last checkout at work. EVen though there was a minor hiccup and an ensuing delay, it wasn't my fault and we persevered through. I blame the Russians really, they changed the airway. But at any rate, I'm now offically certified and qualified to tell brown planes where to fly anywhere in the world. While this means I'll be working weekend midnight shifts for the next decade or so, it also means I'll be the recipient of a 26% raise. I'll take the good with the bad.

To celebrate, I immediately left Lull-vull and flew down the hot and hazy B-ham and Susan's well air conditioned apartment. Which is where I'm composing this literary gem. I've really been missing her for the last weeks, and her demeanor has markedly improved with the start of the school year. She's seems much more happier and vivacious.

And while she herds children all day I've got big plans of pool side sitting and doing nothing really until i fetch her from work. It's nto a bad weekend really. Friday night I return to work, and start my the new shift. I'm kind of looking forward to it.

Thats about it, hope everyone is well. I apologize for being out of touch of late, I've got all the messages and notes sent my way, and I've been thinking about calling a few random folks I haven't heard from in a while. Unfortunately, I usually think about this around 3 AM, and that's generally a bad time for random calls.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gooooooooo TEAM!

I'd like to give a big hell yeah for the US swim team. They're doing great in keeping us ahead in the medal count. I'd also like to give props out for the Aussie team, who's running in third. Not bad for a country with the population roughly equal to that of New York City.

I've been taking in a lot of Olympics of late, it seems that badminton is the best thing on TV at times. Plus we can get them turned on the big screen at work, and it provides a much needed break from break from Fox News. And with the recent, um, disagreement in borders in the Russia area, there's minute to minute coverage of Barrack on a beach. And that's just useless to me.

So, it's time for a couple days off and then back to work at 0615 on Saturday. Which SUCKS!. I'm not a morning person. But it will be my last training rotation. That makes me happy.

As a side note, I love technology a little more. Since Susan had a MacBook donated to her from the school, we're able to video conference. It's like the old scifi movies or Star Trek episodes where the idea of video phones was just amazing. Now we got it, and it's kind of cool. Saves me from subjecting Susan to my horrible typing. And while we're on technology, lets talk about my new mobile phone. It's pretty cool! Who would've thought 10 years ago I could have a cell phone capable of full interweb access, worldwide roaming, and the ability to send video and pictures across. Amazing when you think about it.

I need to spend the next couple days cleaning and laundering. I have week old dishes in the sink begging for a wash. Sad I know. So, that seems to be the plan for my days off. I know, it's a party.

I'm looking at getting some Tech-Miami tickets for Nov 20th. It's a Thursday game and I could make i down without having the problem of work getting in the way. Anyone wanna go with me??? $40. The only other Thursday night game is August 28th against the JSU Gamecocks. As much as yelling "Beat those Cocks!" with 30,000 other people would be an experience, I don't think it's a game I'm really wanting to see. Though the idea of taking a day off and going to Boston to see the Tech/BC game.

Thats all for now, look for more tomorrow!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I used to rule the world, seas would rise when I gave the word

OK, not long winded political banter this time. I promise. It's a lovely Sunday afternoon and I'm just waking up. I'm looking forward to doing nothing of any great seriousness today, unfortunately I have a feeling this plan is going to be ruined by hving to go to work in a couple hours! Blah

So I made an all to quick trip to BHM Friday evening. This work schedule seems to align perfectly with the flight schedules of various airlines serving BHM in a way that really minimizes the amount of time I got to spend with Susan this weekend. Luckily the work schedule is changing. But at least I got to spend a little time there, and even was lucky enough to do some work in the classroom. It's not as bad as I expected it, I think Susan tended to over exaggerate a little. I do feel bad i had to leave in the middle of the work.

In other news, I luckily got to ride ina first class seat on the way back to SDF, first time in years. And if you get the chance, fly in the front. Even on a domestic quick flight, it's just so much more relaxing. And I actually had a real glass drinking glass. I didn't think they did that anymore. I've also been making some slow progress in reading Long Way Down. And in the book, they meet random people who also feel worthwhile to trek across Africa, from a youth who decided to backpack around for a year to a guy who had decided to circle the globe using only human powered means (apparently its been 13 years since he went home).

While the idea of crossing the pacific in a boat I have to paddle (after of course roller blading across the USA) seems ludicrous and a waste of my time and energy, the cocnept of being gone from home, and the world of bills, work, and responsibility, does have a certain appeal. I'm not saying I'm up for bicycling around Africa for 8 years, but I do love so much traveling, and getting away from it all. Of course I'm not dwelling on the small issues of visas, border crossings, crappy food, and being generally alone. I tend to only think about the good parts.

The Olympics are currently underway in Beijing (or Peking as we called it during my elementary school days, you know back before my girlfriend was born). And while I don't normally get all inspried by the pure competition of sporting events, I do enjoy watching sports on TV you don't normally see. Currently I'm watching the Argentina/Australia soccer match (AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OY OY OY). But really, beach volleyball, cycling, swimming, diving, rowing, and water polo... all something we don't get to watch often. Probably with good reason.

But more importantly, football season has returned to the US. YAY!! Something to watch on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. I mean I do enjoy never ending marathons of Mythbusters, Deadliest Catch, and VH-1's I love the 80's; I've seen them all... many times over.

I'm thinking of getting some GT tickets for a home game this fall. Probably a thursday night game in November against Miami. Hrrrmmm.. more on that as things develop.

Well I suppose ts time get ready for work.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

They’re crossing their fingers, they pay the truth makers

Last night while at work, i had several great ideas and impressions I though would be fun to share with the world. Unfortunately, after a few hours sleep this morning I seem to have forgotten most of them. It' amazing how inspired one can be to rant after watching Fox News all night.

I don't pretend to be a republican, but on the other hand I don't pretend to be a democrat either. I pretend to be king of the world, but no one else seems to recognize my authority, thus I rule a kingdom of one. And not that well. He has soaring debt and tends to ignore issues at home. At least I didn't start war... yet. However, the closer the election comes the more disheartened I am with my options.

With the exception of a few issues, the candidates for change seem to have decided to changed their minds on wt exactly change is. One day its no oil drilling off shore, the next its limited. Soon, we'll be annexing the Bahamas and making each island an oil platform. Don't get me wrong, I think we as a county need to invest in a better way to meet our future energy needs. And yes, more drilling would be a way to do that. But we, as a people, need to realize that oil will run out, and we need to be prepared for it. Some people say we've hit this mythical "peak oil". Some people were saying it back in my youth. I think some people are full of poop. Also wonder how we know exactly how much oil is under a given spot.

For instance, there's 10 Bajillion barrels of oil under the ANWR lands. How do "they" know? If it's so easy to find 10 bajillion barrels of crude, shouldn't we be able to find it not under wildlife refuge but under some place no one cares about, like Detroit? I guess my point is we have no idea how much, or how little, oil is under the ground. So, should we drill for more in restricted places??? Sure. Should we have the most elaborate safe guards that can be designed by man to make sure we're not spewing crude into the gulf of Mexico or over a herd of moose... definitely. Will that increase the cost, you betcha. But at $4 a gallon, gas is still cheaper than bottled water or Starbucks drinks.

And lets go for these alternative energies. Solar.. thats a great idea on sunny days. what about during cloudy stormy days??? How about wind. Awesome. Why don't we just build windmills with solar power cells on them? Oh yeah, its because everyone thinks windmill farms look cool driving by them in a distant desert, but not in our daily line of sight.

So here lies another issue I have with our political parties. For gods sake this country doesn't need some one to bend to our mass will and desire, but some one who will do whats best for the people regardless how many people it pisses off. Kind of like a parent. We, unfortunately, have become a nation of whiny brats, and our leaders keep catering to us. We get worse... at some point, some one needs to say" No, go to your room, no mortgage tax credit for you".

I'm kind of annoyed my tax dollars are paying for the houses of people who didn't read the fine print on their mortgages. I should get to spend a week or something in the house at least... like a vacation timeshare.

Anyways, that's my rant for today, again I have to watch too much Fox News, who by the way are as heavily slanted to the right as CNN is to the left, fair an balanced my ass. I miss the days when people just reported the facts, and not try to interpret them for me.

IN other news, i put some pictures up so y'all can get an idea what I stare at all night at work (besides Fox). People ask what I do, and I usually try to explain but it always ends up with "oh, you work in the tower." At which point I just nod yes. But there, in pictures now, is a general representation of my 3 screen computer, which takes 7 minutes to run the full start up routine, and another 15ish minutes to sign in to all the various things I use.. I timed it last night. Whats more fun is behind all the windows you see, are a plethora of other windows that are open to other stuff i use... online charts, more wx, ATC flow control, historic fuels and payloads, Yahoo!, and USA Today.

Its an obscene amount of information... but there's lots of neat toys and pretty colors involved too! And for fun I can track Grace and Ryan (sometimes), and send pithy text messages when they land. Ryan is a little harder to track, service in Kerplackistan is spotty at best.

I'm going to go think about cleaning the apartment and taking a 5 mile jog. I'm not gonna do it, but I m thinking about it... just as good right?

Monday, August 4, 2008

The wheel in the sky keeps on turning

Imagine being awoken by a phone call early Sunday (ok, maybe 1:3- pm doesn't exactly constitue early) and told you have some free concert tickets available for that night. But there's a catch, it's 430 miles away.

Yes, it can happen to you!

Grace called and informed me that Amie has 2 spare tickets to that nights Journey concert at Chastain Park Amphitheater if I was still interested. She had mentioned that they might have some a few days ago, but some how had become unavailable. Well, now they were available again.

One of the benefits of airline employment is the pleasure and ability of flying away on a whim. I personally haven't been exercising this particular ability much of late, but hey... Its Journey! So off to the airport I rushed, and with only a change of clothes in my backpack. UNfortunately, I missed the first flight. Apparently some Germans thought just because they missed their first flight they should take my seat on the next one. Damn German tourists.

But, I luckil made the next one, which should work for getting em there in time. And after resolving an seatbelt issue in the jumpseat, I was on my way.

Grace whiscked me from the airport, and informed me the concert started about 5 minutes ago. Oh well, we missed the opening band. Well turns out there are three bands touring with Journey, opening was CHeap Trick, and then Heart followed. Last on was Journey. We made it in time for Heart, and they put on a good show.

ANd they did something right, they only played their old hits. That's why we paid for these tickets (or rather why we took these free tickets). Journey kept infusing songs from their new album in. Who knew they had a new album?? Who cared?? And how do they keep finding guys who sound like Steve Perry?? The little gy had a dead ringer of the famous voice. And he was all full of bouncy energy and seemed o have a nice vertical leap.

After we left the show, it was off to southern dining's fines, the Waffle House. A little couch surfing at J's. And back to the airport the next morning. I manged to clock out of the parking deck at SDF 23 hours and 56 minutes after i parked.

Well, thats all for the most part. Though while I waited to board my return flight was inspired by a speech from Obama. He's got some good ideas, but he has some bad ones too. I supose its time to start talking politics. But not now, its time to get ready for work. Thanx to Amie and R for the free tickets! And Grace for being my "deate", an J for lending me his couch.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

But rushing around seems whats wrong with the world, Don’t lose the dreams inside your head

"No pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater than central air"

That's almost how I feel today. After spending a lot more time than I like without air conditioning, I'm just content sitting inside and doing nothing. And enjoying the miracle of 72 degree air. By the way, I'll buy a beer for whoever can name the movie and character who said that, no googling aloud.

It's been about a week since I've been blogging, and boy has it been exciting. The air conditioning in my apartment kicked off Monday morning not to return until Wednesday. It's been a long time since I've had to sleep in ridiculous warmth. It didn't help that this week I've been working midnights. So add the normal issues I have sleeping during the day to the added bonus of a 90 degree room temperature. If you ever get the chance to experience that, don't. It reminded me of my drum corps days when we had no a/c in most the places we were housed. I however was more resilient in my youth, and now I seem to be much more complacent and wimpy about it.

However, that episode passed. Once we found an electrician ho could replace the breaker, I had full power and cool air. Though it was interesting that the lights would dim whenever I toasted a bagel.

The rest of the week was fairly uneventful. I continued my training and Thursday night I was signed off to dispatch brown airplanes to Central and South America. One more portion of the world to go and I'll be fully qualified. And more importantly I'll be getting a raise. It has also dawned on me that I'm in the last phase of having weekends off work. I start transitioning to working weekends starting next week. That's going to require a little bit of a lifestyle change. Not so much for me, but everyone else who wants the pleasure of my company.

In other news this week, I made it to the doc for him to tell me the results of a recent theft of blood from my body. Amazingly, I seem to be in decent health. For some one who pretty much eats fried anything through the car window more than I care to, I'm doing ok. There are a couple of minor things, but no big deals. Seems I'm going to live. It also keeps me a little inspired to cut back on the fast food and cook at home. I've been doing pretty good on for the most of the month. Though at the end of the month I seem to run out of food and have some aversion to grocery shopping. For some reason, grocery shopping is one of the least fun things I can think of.. and I don't know why.

Though I seem to be sore today. My arms, chest, legs, and feet hurt. I know why, and I'm surprised that the soreness resulted from the activities I've been engaged in. And its sort of pay back for being a nice guy I guess. I came home Thursday from Border's to be asked for help by a neighbour. She had a large, heavy TV she needed moved. So being the swell person I am, I said sure. Turns out it needed to be moved down the steep stairs, and to the waiting Suburban across the street. I hope she was moving and not stealing it, but nevertheless I helped carry it down.

The legs and feet come from my Friday excursion. I awoke about 2 pm and set off to downtown Louisville. I thought I'd go have lunch, a few beers, and then get in early for the nights Dave Matthews Concert. Well, I went down and found some parking, just a few blocks from the stadium. One thing about Louisville I like is it's cheapness in compared to Atlanta. For example, I paid $25 to park at Lakewood last month. I paid $5 here.

Since I was bored and hungry, I walked a mile or so to 4th Street for lunch. There's a nifty english pub there, cleverly named The Pub. So I sat up at the bar, and realized it wasn't much cooler in there than outside. I know times are tough and we're all trimming costs, but seriously turn the AC on. I was then informed by the bartender their AC was out and being worked on. Oh well, I was there, i was going to be outside all day, I might as well deal.

The bartender seemed to be bored, given the lack of patrons. ANd we had a nice conversation. He enlightened me to the news that Louisville is having a Jazzfest next summer at Churchill Downs. It's being put on by the people behind the new Orleans Jazzfest and its said that they have booked some pretty good folks in already, including Carlos Santana, Jimmy Buffett, and Van Morrison. Now I realize this could been all BS, but if it happens, this could be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to it.

After I finished a couple beers and a really good salad (with cranberries and mandarin oranges), I walked the mile and half back to the stadium. I did stop on the way and purchase a large bottle of water. Did I mention it was hot? I also was overflown by a formation of fighters. Since the approach to SDF comes in right over downtown, an airplane overhead is no big deal. But I could tell by the engine sound these weren't your standard QR-19445.6 passenger planes, but were the military type that fly fast, look hot, and blow shit up.

I continued to the stadium, and even though the gates didn't open for a couple more hours, there was a line around the corner to get it. I'm apparently just not dedicated to getting up early and standing in line all day for concerts anymore. Instead, I went inside to the brew pub and had a couple more beers while I waited. A co-worker bought the extra ticket I had was going to meet me there. She was late, so I continued to enjoy the AC. Once she arrived, we headed into he heat and concert atmosphere. Unlike your normal amphitheater, this was being held at Louisville Slugger Field. The stage was set up in center field, with General Admission being in the outfield. SO we found a nice spot in front of the sound booth and settled in for the evening.

Opening for DMB this time was Willie Nelson. Yes, the guy who's been singing and writing music for 40 years is the opening act. It was cool to see, and I can check that off the list of things to do in life. As the sun set, the band came on. there was rocking, there was dancing, there was singing. A general good time. I lost my "date" early in the set. Oh well. I managed alone. Plus there were fun people around me. Unlike the Atlanta show, I wasn't completely surrounded by teens smoking pot. I actually only got a whiff of second hand smoke once or twice.

I did very much enjoy the show, and its been a pretty decent week all in all. This coming week is more of me on the midnight shift. And really not much else going on. I'm feeling a little bit of wanderlust set on. I want to go somewhere, and soon hopefully I'll be able to afford traveling again. I didn't get a big adventure in this past summer, or even a beach trip. Maybe in the fall I can get away for a weekend... oh wait, i work those now. Well, an airline weekend (Tues-Thurs).

That's about it, I'm off to do not much of anything. And I'm going to enjoy it.