Saturday, July 26, 2008

hold on so nervously, to me and my drink, I wish was cooling me

Its a fine Saturday in the ville, and being almost 5 pm I've decided to venture out and find some amusement. That and my apartment was ridiculously hot, so amusement has to be air conditioned. I don't know why it's hot. The thermostat is set to the normal 72 degrees, but it was flashing that the batteries need replacing (who knew it had batteries?). So I've done that, and hopefully it will be cooling when I return home. I also discovered whenever I move the switch to off, the power in the place trips off. Hrrrmm. It comes back on shortly, but I have to reset all the clocks.

Yesterday, being true friday at work, was kind of slow. Not alot going down, planes flying. I did have a couple moments of busyness due to poor planning and planes that weren't functioning at 100%. I muddled my way through things, and we passed the day. My trainer seemed overly bored with training me. Not in a rude way, but he was of the "just do what you want" mindset. I think we would have all rather been some where else.

After a nap that afternoon, and a rousing debate with myself as to whether I wanted to venture out, I managed to come to an agreement that it would be beneficial to head out and not infirm myself completely this weekend. So, off to 4th Street for dinner, drinks, and a free concert. I'm finding that my will to go out and go it alone isn't what it once was. Also my will to do tequila shots also isn't what it once was.

A any rate, down to 4th Street Live I went. For those who don't know about Louisville and all it's entertainment opportunities, 4th Street is similar to Underground Atlanta, except its fun, its safe, and there's actually things to do. OK, so it's exactly not like Underground. But there are fun clubs and restaurants (and a bowling alley should Jersey ever come to visit). The street is closed and the whole block is covered by a glass roof. Oh and you can walk around with open containers.

On Fridays, it seems there's been free concerts going on. I wish I had noticed earlier, and I could have caught the Velcro Pygmies a couple weeks ago. But I managed to see Finger 11 last night. It was surprisingly uncrowded, and I had a nice perch up stairs on the patio of one of the bars/clubs (Saddle Ridge, where Grace, TanJoe, and I get our dance on). The upstairs was over 21 only, so that probably expained the lack of crowding. The band put on a pretty good show, though the encore is the only song I knew, and they really rocked that. If the rest of the show had been that high energy, they would be much better. After the band, I stuck around the bar for a minute until I realized that its hard for me to do a full (or double I think) shot of Patron these days, and that if I had one more beer, I probably would have stayed all night and dropped over $100. I tapped out with a $20 tab and headed home.

But I also noticed, I'm overdue for an all night bender of dancing, partying, and shooting. It's not nearly as fun doing it by yourself. I also discovered that hanging out in bars is a lot different when you're not looking for Ms Right Now. There's not so much flirting, or oggling, or being charming. The goals have changed. Instead of trying to meet some one I'm more interested in getting back to Susan. So this is what a relationship is like.

Doesn't mean I'm not gonna give up partying, I just have new goals. I'll let you know what they are when i figure them out.

I still have an open ticket to DMB Friday, seems if you wait to the last minute, people have to work or have some silly excuse like they don't live in your state. Maybe I'll just sell it and make some money. We'll see.

And a technical question, is anyone else not getting blog post alerts anymore? Or am I special?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i’m out of nifty subject ideas

I've made it back to Louisville, and nothing much has changed here. I had a nice few days away, making stops in Colorado Springs then returning home via Birmingham. I spent the days in Colorado running around doing wedding stuff and just hanging out with Sean and company. It was good to spend time reminiscing and just hanging out. And we put some miles on the rental. There are plenty of pictures from both the day out at the Garden of the Gods and then the wedding at the Seven Falls.

The Garden is a very scenic bunch of natural rock formations, and fun to climb on. Also apparently rodents that carry the Bubonic Plague, an added bonus. I didn't realize the Black Death was still around, but according to the warning signs it is.

As always, the day of the wedding was hectic. And for a wedding that was rehearsed very slackly and sorta had a small feel of put together on the fly, it went very well. We even had chipmunks running around our feet during the ceremony. Being held in a public park, we seemed to have random people walking behind the ceremony. All seemed to be puzzled about the proceedings. The girl in the white dress I thought would be a dead give away. I was wrong.

Anyways, the reception followed with a feast of Italian delights. And in what I think was the best idea of the wedding, the bride and groom did all the normal reception things first, before the meal. Though hungry, I was happy that the first 30 minutes of being at the restaurant spent doing toasts, cake cutting, bouquet and garter tossing, and feeding each other cake. Then, it was time to eat and relax and chill at your own pace.

After the reception, a quick wardrobe change in the parking lot and I was off to Denver Int'l. It amazes me how a flight with 40 open seats one day is "full" the next. Or so I was told. Luckily, I was the first jumper there and was given my pass for the cockpit seat. Then I waited on the edge of my seat for some Delta pilot to show 5 minutes before departure and bump me off.

Didn't happen, and luckily the "full" flight had an open row I could sequester myself into for the flight. And managed to get a little sleep. After a 0530 arrival, I had a 3 hour wait for the next flight to BHM and to Susan. About 10 minutes before departure, guess what a Delta pilot showed up and bumped me off. grrr. And only another 2 hours later till i was on the next Argyle Sillystring Argyle flight. This normally wouldn't have bothered me, as it is a danger of free flying, but I had been up for 24 hours (except for snoozing on the flight to ATL), was grumpy, had a not so fresh feeling, and jut wanted to be with Susan as soon as possible.

But I made it eventually, and after a nap at Susan fabulous new apartment, we were being sociable with her local pals. This is where the disaster struck. Maybe I was still groggy, maybe I was distracted, but into the pool I went, cell phone in pocket. Apparently those things aren't water proof. It was horrible being out of contact with the world for a day. No internet, no texting, no cable TV. It was really roughing it! Luckily I was there with Susan, so I wasn't missing out on her company and we amused ourselves.

On the other hand, I had been looking at new phones and now I had the motivation to go buy one. So a quick visit Sunday to the T-Mobile store and I have a new phone with more computing power than my first 3 computers. Yet the smallest keyboard ever. We all know how great I am at typing, so this added challenge will be fun for all of us. But I'm pretty happy with it.

And now, I'm back to training. Fun times. Blah.

I'm still on the lookout for anyone interested in attending a DMB concert here in Louisville. August first, free accommodations. Anyone??

And to Ryan, I do too look dignified, just like a butler. Be wary, I send some Kentukiana Polar Bears after your ass! The place is lousy with them. Well, they have a couple at the oo at least.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back in the (mile) high life again

Greetings from Colorado Springs, which oddly enough is located in the great state of Colorado. It's not just a clever name. And it's been roughly 25 years or so since my last visit to Colorado (that involved leaving the Denver Int'l Airport at least). This morning, i arrived on a browntail bright and early at about 4 AM local. Ok, it wasn't bright, but it was damn sure early. I attempted to catch some zzzz's on the flight, but about halfway through, right as I'm snoozing quite well, I'm awakened by a bright flash of light (through my eyelids mind you) followed swiftly by a sudden, oh lets say 500 feet, drop. This process was repeated a few times, followed by the sound of heavy rai against the plane. All while at 30,000 feet or so. Exciting.

Well, we landed, parked, made it over to the shuttle, got my rental car... let me pause here. I rented thru Avis, and I'm usually happy with them. This time, after ponying up the extra $1 a day for what I expected to be a "intermediate size" car, i was given three options.. a Suburban, a Expedition, or a Santa Fe. All SUV's. I kinda wonder what a full size car is.. a tour bus? So my Santa Fe and I set off for the Springs (i picked the best gas mileage)

I reached my hotel about an hour and half later, and after scanning the local radio, I decided to listen to some CD's i bought (note, i discovered much later that afternoon I actually have a car with XM radio... good to know, the coices of programming are significantly better). Seems I found a lot of radio that was either in Spanish (fine, Colorado is a spanish name I think) or contained names like "Faith" or "Praise". I've got nothing against Christian radio, I just wanted some variety... and not in Spanish.

I digress. The next issue is now my hotel has no room I can check into early, so I drive of to check out the surroundings. Up into the hills I go. I briefly thought of reliving the family trip up Pike's Peak from 25 years ago. But, I didn't have mom to make sick from altitude, and I was kind of tired and there are no guard rails on the road up. So I took a slightly less challenging road, and just enjoyed some scenery, and then breakfast at Sonic.

Not a bad morning, but I really just wanted a bed to sleep in. I checked in around noonish (after a brief visit to Sean's new house) and crashed. ANd it was everything I dreamed it would be.

ON another note, I have chose to stay at a different hotel form the rest of the wedding. Why, number one is price, I got a good deal on the Springhill Suite thanx to my marriott hook up. And number two, I was being a little snobbish. Its a nice room with a lovely flat screen TV i may make love to later. It's hot!

After a nap, i met Sean and some family/friends for dinner. He found this nifty little mexican place here in a part of town that, really I just kinda really dug. Why?? I've been on a lot of road trips in the great land, and seen a lot of interstate. But when you get off an I-whatever road you can really see some fun stuff. This place was on an old US highway that was once the only link up to Pike's Peak and beyond into the Rockies. As such, was apparently a tourist haven in around 1963 (when Kennedy was in Life magazine, and everything was aquamarine - a free beer to nyone who knows that song). So, in a very Kitchy (I guess that's the right style, Charles.... help me out) or old school Americana, there as some fabulous old motels, all still working.

SO, while driving down the road checking out the Swiss Chalet Inn, the Mecca Motel, The Lodge (complete with TeePee esque cabins), and the Buffalo Inn, among others. All motels were appropriately styled to reflect their names. I loved it! I haven't seen such fun stuff since I took a few back roads to Orlando, where hotels still have advertising to promote their new "Color TV's" and Conditions Air. I was almost tempted to check into one of these places, but I've already paid for the Marriott room and started lusting for the TV

After returning to my hotel room and conversing with Susan (who I'm also lusting after), I decided to walk to the only restaurant withing 6 miles and find a Fat Tire, but alas it was closed. So I return to the hotel, buy pint of Cherry Garcia and here I am. Lucky for all of you reading that I'd decided not to venture out to locate Fat Tire.

Other than that, I do kind of dig the scenery. I don't know if I could live here, but it's neat to look right and see the tallest mountains in the conterminous (yes thats a real word) United States. And then look left and see... well, you can pretty much see right over Kansas to Missouri and the big Arch. The other neat thing is you can see rain showers and thunderstorms for 40 miles. It looks really neat. I can just imagine the first explorers reaching the Rockies after weeks crossing flat plains, and pretty much say "F__k That, we're done right here. Lets build a town, and name it after my favorite folk singer, John Denver".

I'm sure that's exactly how it went.

Well, I'm finishing up the ice cream and it may be time for bed. In other news, I found a place to garage my bike in Louisville, and its next door to my residence. I love it when a plan comes together

Friday, July 11, 2008

I’m not broke, but I can see the cracks

It' been a while, so here goes. Buckle in.

I know everyone out there is wondering what I've been up to? Sitting on the edges of seats everywhere just waiting for the "New Blog Posted" notification to pop up. Well, now your dreams are answered.

I've been exceedingly busy. More so than normal. I had a fabulous 4th of July weekend, I've gotten some things organized and taken care of up here in Kentucky, and I've been stuck in waiting rooms for hours.

First the weekend. I made it down to the ATL bright and early on Thursday. by bright and early I mean I left Louisville at 2 pm. IN a feet of amazing organization on the part of, oh lets blame Delta, it took me longer to get from an airplane to the gate then it did for said airplane to fly from Louisville to Atlanta. Let me extrapolate, and rant. We pushed out of SDF a little early, and zipped of to Atlanta. After a pleasent 55 minute flight, we landed. And then we taxied, and taxied, and taxied some more. Past concourse A, then B, then C, then D, then E. At this point I was a little worried since there ar eno more concourses, but we pulled into the far northeast part of the ramp and sat. And sat. Apparently there were no gates available for us to use, which is kind of amusing since we passed a lot of empty ones on the drive by, but hey, there's some super master parking plan we have to follow. Then we move... not to park, but to get out of the way of a plane pushing out... which then sat.. and broke, and went back in. IN the ned, 45 minutes later we parked. not at a gate, but on the corner of the ramp. We were then bussed to the terminal building. That's a new experience for me in Atlanta. But ok, so then buses dump us off at the the farthest point from the front of the terminal as possible. Following a 50 minute (yes 50, the train stopped for 1 minutes at every concourse) ride to the terminal, I then wandered aimlessly looking for Grace's car in the parking deck. And in all fairness, Grace did give exact directions to where she parked. I'm just an idiot.

Finally off the airport to Jersey's, where I chilled. We went out or dinner and a movie (which sucked.. I don't recommend Wanted, I give it one middle finger up). Then I crashed and slept like a baby. Jersey had to be an unwilling festive participant in the PTC 4th of July parade (who has a parade at 9 AM???). I slept in.

Later, after fetching Grace from the airport and meeting up with Susan, it was off to the next abode. I got a fantabulous deal at the downtown Atlanta Marriott Marquis. It as quite nice inside, and really a nice non-getaway, a staycation if you will. I did find it amusing that when asked if we wanted a lower floor or a higher floor, I answered "higher" and Susan answered "Lower" simultaneously. The lady behind the desk just smiled and offered something in the middle. Off the the 28th floor we go, in the big glass elevator. One of the mre interesting things about the stay was the toehr clientele in the hotel. Seems the hotel was hosting the Bible Bowl Convention while offering a special Pride Weekend special. Very amusing.

Other highlights from the weekend: Fireworks viewing from Captain Lewis' (we're no longer allowed to address him as Jonathon, we must recognize his authoritii) balcony, Martini samplers (or liquor trees) in the hotel bar, another brunch at Tap, inadvertently being part of the Pride parade, Sunday brunch on the patio in a thunderstorm, complete with lightning strikes all around us. ANd dinner gathering at the mom's house (where the eldest brother was trying to remove evidence of a burnt shoe form the exhaust of my motorcycle, without much luck, i like him getting caught and looking nervous. Luckily, that not being an uncommon occurrence, I knew exactly how to get it off).

I had a wonderful time with Susan, and we tried to squeeze in as much visitation with as many people as possible. To the point I was feeling worn out by Sunday.

But alas, I still had 2 more days left in the weekend. Susan returned home, and I took up residence at the Jones house, where an exciting night of doing nothing was followed closely by an exciting Monday of doing nothing. And it was everything I had hoped it would be. But then Monday night, it was the annual Dave Matthews Band concert at Lakewood (which has been renamed Lakewood again officially). My date this year was the lovely Grace. This being her first DMB live experience, she seems to have enjoyed it. It wasn't the best of the 23 shows I've seen, but it was good to be there, and joined by Chrissie, Goodie and wife. We had nice central font lawn viewing, complete with all the marijuana smoke you could want. Which for me, was none. I still don't understand going to a concert just to be drunk and high the whole time. I mean, why pay $50 to get in, then $11 (yes, $11) a beer? Stay home, by a 12 pack of Nattie Light, and smoke up your basement.

Maybe I'm just getting old. We were the oldest people with in 200 square feet, and as Grace put it, it was like chaperoning a frat party.

So, Tuesday morning I returned to Kentuckiana. Work ensued Tuesday evening. It was very exciting stuff. Or not.

Wednesday I ahd my first doctors appointment in 15-20 years. And while I've had some recent ailments and aches, nothing too serious, I thought perhaps it was time to juet get a check up and see how far medical science has progressed. Apparently not far enough to cut down wait times to a reasonable amount. But oh well. So to respond to the concerns out there, nothing is really wrong, but I just thought it may be time to see how the body is working these days. I'm not getting any younger, and my initial life plan of being dead by 30 from ridiculous partying or strange jungle diseases acquired through world travels seems to have not panned out. I guess I should start trying to repair the damage and cure the jungle diseases.

Which leads me to why I'm typing this now, I'm waiting on the blood test people to open.

In other news, I now have a legally registered car again. My Georgia registration had lapsed due to changing my insurance, and I needed to register in Kentucky. After some title chasing and signature getting, I now have a lovely Kentucky tag. And in my further determination to not be a horse person, despite Susan's and my mother's efforts, I shunned the 2 horse tag designs here and went instead with the polar bear tag. I mean seriously, polar bears are so much cuddlier, and we're melting away their world, and no amount of Coca-cola can fix that. Though the polar bears seem to enjoy it in the commercials.

Plus the tag supports the zoo here. ANd now its paid for thru Nov of 2009.

ON the work front, last night I had my North Atlantic, Europe, and MidEast desk check. There was only one hiccup, and It was of my own making. After i rushed out to change a few flight plans, I realized I went a bit overboard and cold have gotten away with doing nothing. But it was a nice exercise, and impress my desk checker person.

Well, the lunch break is over, so I'm of to give up some hear earned blood. ANd today is day one of vacation. Nothing extravagant planned, since I'm broke. I'm off to colorado for a wedding and then to see Susan later next week. Fun fun flying! At least i've picked up a book for the trip.

Oh, and looks like I have an extra ticket for another Dave Matthews Band show her ein Louisville, anyone interested in being a stand-in date and being added to the long line of people that I've dragged to a concert? First committed person wins!