Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i’m out of nifty subject ideas

I've made it back to Louisville, and nothing much has changed here. I had a nice few days away, making stops in Colorado Springs then returning home via Birmingham. I spent the days in Colorado running around doing wedding stuff and just hanging out with Sean and company. It was good to spend time reminiscing and just hanging out. And we put some miles on the rental. There are plenty of pictures from both the day out at the Garden of the Gods and then the wedding at the Seven Falls.

The Garden is a very scenic bunch of natural rock formations, and fun to climb on. Also apparently rodents that carry the Bubonic Plague, an added bonus. I didn't realize the Black Death was still around, but according to the warning signs it is.

As always, the day of the wedding was hectic. And for a wedding that was rehearsed very slackly and sorta had a small feel of put together on the fly, it went very well. We even had chipmunks running around our feet during the ceremony. Being held in a public park, we seemed to have random people walking behind the ceremony. All seemed to be puzzled about the proceedings. The girl in the white dress I thought would be a dead give away. I was wrong.

Anyways, the reception followed with a feast of Italian delights. And in what I think was the best idea of the wedding, the bride and groom did all the normal reception things first, before the meal. Though hungry, I was happy that the first 30 minutes of being at the restaurant spent doing toasts, cake cutting, bouquet and garter tossing, and feeding each other cake. Then, it was time to eat and relax and chill at your own pace.

After the reception, a quick wardrobe change in the parking lot and I was off to Denver Int'l. It amazes me how a flight with 40 open seats one day is "full" the next. Or so I was told. Luckily, I was the first jumper there and was given my pass for the cockpit seat. Then I waited on the edge of my seat for some Delta pilot to show 5 minutes before departure and bump me off.

Didn't happen, and luckily the "full" flight had an open row I could sequester myself into for the flight. And managed to get a little sleep. After a 0530 arrival, I had a 3 hour wait for the next flight to BHM and to Susan. About 10 minutes before departure, guess what a Delta pilot showed up and bumped me off. grrr. And only another 2 hours later till i was on the next Argyle Sillystring Argyle flight. This normally wouldn't have bothered me, as it is a danger of free flying, but I had been up for 24 hours (except for snoozing on the flight to ATL), was grumpy, had a not so fresh feeling, and jut wanted to be with Susan as soon as possible.

But I made it eventually, and after a nap at Susan fabulous new apartment, we were being sociable with her local pals. This is where the disaster struck. Maybe I was still groggy, maybe I was distracted, but into the pool I went, cell phone in pocket. Apparently those things aren't water proof. It was horrible being out of contact with the world for a day. No internet, no texting, no cable TV. It was really roughing it! Luckily I was there with Susan, so I wasn't missing out on her company and we amused ourselves.

On the other hand, I had been looking at new phones and now I had the motivation to go buy one. So a quick visit Sunday to the T-Mobile store and I have a new phone with more computing power than my first 3 computers. Yet the smallest keyboard ever. We all know how great I am at typing, so this added challenge will be fun for all of us. But I'm pretty happy with it.

And now, I'm back to training. Fun times. Blah.

I'm still on the lookout for anyone interested in attending a DMB concert here in Louisville. August first, free accommodations. Anyone??

And to Ryan, I do too look dignified, just like a butler. Be wary, I send some Kentukiana Polar Bears after your ass! The place is lousy with them. Well, they have a couple at the oo at least.

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