Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Nifty subject lines are so hard to come up with

I feel I should type something out, even though there's not alot to say. It's my Friday here, and I would be much more excited if only I didn't have training this week. But then again, I'm being paid well for it. I shouldn't complain.

The office place seems somewhat subdued tonight, or maybe its just the last few have been really hectic with the multiple airplane issues. Or maybe I'm just really relaxed. We all know how high stress my life is.

I do however think I make a dashing pirate (even though technically I was going for Zorro... but oh well). I did find its a bit more difficult to have the sword on than I would have thought. There's a lot of standing involved and not so much sitting on the couch, unless you want to spear it. But still, I think it would be fun to carry one all the time, and I was kinda digging wearing the puffy shirt... I may have to break it out more often. Arrrgh

Well, I did get an interesting call the other day at work... Pilot Joe called me.. but on the air-to-ground radio not the phone, quite unexpected, but nifty. And thats about it.

Since I do have training this week I will be available at nights for anyones pleasure. Please call... I like company!!

Thats enough pointless dribble. I'll try to come up with more insteresting dribble for the next writing.

Oh wait something more... why is it that full grown adult males feel the need to act like little girls? Ugh.. i wanna work with adults who act like adults.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sittin here restin my bones, this loneliness won't leave me alone

Ugh. I'm back at work. And it kinda sucks. Apparently next year I'm going back to the come to work at 3AM schedule. Sucks. I'm not very happy about that. I was really just starting to enjoy this schedule. Though I imagine I won't be stuck at work for all the drunk calls I usually get now. So, there is some DD availability next year.

Otherwise, it was a beautiful day today. I took out my girl today for a spin. I have been seriously neglecting her for the past month and I feel bad. But she was ready for a ride as always. I need to get the service done and maybe I can ride more. I think I've decided to just blow off getting the car fixed and spend the money on something more productive... VEGAS!

Or maybe not. I still need to buy my car tags. Blah.

I had dinner last night with Jersey, Sean, and Elise. Yes, that's three times this week I've seen Elise in person. This may comprise a long term relationship now. There was much laughter at the table, and more good times after when me and Elsie split off for beers. Jersey had some great experiences with NASCAR on saturday. Apparently there were a lot of "rednecks" out at the track. Yes i know, it was hard for me to beleive too. But she enjoyed the "game" and very impressed at the drivers going "hand in hand" around the track. I heart you Jersey! And i still want pancakes

Yes, my quest for pancakes is still underway, I may just have to bite the bullet and head to IHOP alone. No one wants to partake with me it seems. Maybe on my off day this week!

I'm still taking suggestions for my birthday... I have thursday and friday off (9th and 10th)... And i think maybe a trip to the Highlands. I know a nice irish pub up there. Then, the more daring among us could head to a footwear exhibition. We'll see.

Oh and realize society has reached its pinnacle, we can now have deep fried coca-cola batter. Yes, thats exactly what America needs. Is it any wonder we're an overweight country? Yet, we can't cure the common cold or have reasonably priced medical assistance. But you can give an old guy and erection for 4 hours... yay! We've come so far.

I'm going back to pretending to work. Would u believe we had an IT guy come in just to reprogram the big screens here so we could watch football? Can you believe he actually came in?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

A wasted youth is better by far than a wise and productive old age

'm a bit buzzed... so this should be interesting. Apologies for type-o's in advance.

I had a good time tonight. Despite being dropped by some one who was allegedly going to go with me. Its still a huge pet peeve with me. I understand sick, I understand things come up.... All I ask is a phone call. I don't think thats too much.

Enough of that. I'ts Halloween, and one of the benefits of Halloween, other than free candy, is that you get to hide behind a mask, and maybe for a littrle while be some one else. You get to hide your faults and issues behind a mask, and for a day, or a night, or a weekend be some one else. It/s liberating I think. I can only say I've had the pleasure to experience such freedom a few times, and its one reason I enjoy getting to another country. For some reason I seem to have a hang up when it come to going out and dancing and meeting people around here, but if you drop me in the middle of some strange foreign nation, it's all good.

But Halloween, even though its roots are a Pagan harvest celebration, afford us all a moment to step out of our world and enjoy life in some one else's shoes. And you get to pick the shoes you want to experience. I think Halloween is under appreciated as a holiday.

Other things, I can't remember if I mentioned I reconnected with some one form my past. But I did, and she was always a pretty cool person to talk to, and always very honest about the person she is (was) and her opinions. At least, that's what i picked up. Its nice to people from your youth come back and "visit", and i hope we an possibly enjoy the same relationship we once had.

I've passed 2000 views, that impresses me.... really, I didn't think anyone was really reading these. I also passed the 125 point on the Taco Mac beer list this week, yay... another free T-shirt (or really a $500 t-shirt).

There's some one here I kinda like, and she's so not the typical girl I go for, she's way better. I would like to go out with her and see what comes from it, but I really have no way to talk to her... and if I did my little voice would talk me out of it. I have this bad habit of placing others on a pedestal and believing them unobtainable. We'll see.

I have a friend who had a pretty bad day today I think, and I want that person to know they rock and to call if they need anything. It sucks that assholes sometimes sneak into our lives.... keep the faith that not all people suck. That keeps me getting out of bed in the afternoon.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

if you hold tight to what you think is your thing, you may find your missing all the rest

K, it's starting to get a little chilly out in the mornings for my tastes. Some one please return the thermostat to September! Thanx. Or i'll just continue to wake up at noon.

I met JR for some tennis this morning, and I think its fair to say we both enjoy the misery of the other that comes from being run across the court chasing volleys. Really, what good would it do to just hit the bacl back and forth where your standing? The downside is it was cold this morning, and I think I remember something my mother tried to teach me about it being bad to be all sweaty out in the cold.

Last night I spent some real quality time with Grace. It was good and we enjoyed ourselves immensely, or at least think she did. She did of course have to fight off a bunch of older guys in town for "business meetings", and it kills me that they still go for anything with a heartbeat and not bother to remove the wedding rings. It also amuses me that they find girls to play with. And while these are not the quality of ladies I'm looking for in my life, I do still feel a bit let down I'm not scoring.

Could have something to do with not trying though.

Grace and Amie gave a thumbs up to the surprise fun for the night, and I think we may have to do it again sometime. Grace and I continued on to the Tavern afterwards and met Elise. Thats twice this week I've seen Elise... there must be something going on.

I also learned that Walmart is much more amusing at 3 am and intoxicated. Good to know.

That's it, I have a headache and I'm going try and relieve myself of it.

Monday, October 23, 2006

My bags are packed, and no place to go...

First, I'm tired. Secind, I'm inebriated. Third, I'm aggravated. And I'm not proofreading this.

The Kuwait trip is officially cancelled. Due to re routes and schedule changes at work, there no plane for me to get on. I'm not happy about this. I was so looking forward to going. Now I have to amuse myself here for a week. I'm not happy.

But yet, I am. I spent the day with Jersey and her friends, Jersey 2, 3, and 4. It was good and much beer was consumed. Some how it ended up with just me and 5 hot girls tonight. ON the upside i did get to spank one fo them (and she loved it), the price paid... well. we won't talk about it.

Otherwise, nothing new other than the week of boredome I face now. At least Grace will be in town, and I think I may be able to get Elise out for some fun times. We'll see how the week goes.

I really hate when my plans go sour. Even though theres nothign I can do to change things, I just feel like I have been screwed by fate. ANd as much as I need tog et screwed, that is not what I planned. Lets hope the other plans I have work out better,

At least I met some cool new people over the weekend. I wish I could have spent more time with them. I hope to see more of Michelle, Beth, and Karen (with a Y) in the future.

SO now, its only looking forward to vegas. I hope it all works out. Ifanyone is bored aorund town this week... call me I'm sitting around the place watching the paint dry. I do have a suitcase packed already, if anyone feels like having a house guest... i'm available.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


OK, second one today. But this one is more of a social commentary. Let me expound:

I read a news article where a school system in Massachusetts has banned the game of "tag" among children. Apparently the likelihood of some child getting a scrape or bruise is just too much to risk. And some parent could possibly file a lawsuit. This ban also extends to other such games and TOUCH football and dodge ball.

Now people, parents.. I know you love little johnny and little susie, but they are children. Children run and jump and play and get hurt. Its the natural order of things. Thats why they are so resiliant to injuries, and they heal quicker. Hell, you can break a bone, and they cry for a few minutes, give them some candy, and all better.

But no, apparently we want our children to grow up in a bubble of hyper protectiveness where they can't possible be injured. You're banning touch football?? I remember playing tackle at school, touch was for when the girls played (and at that age we didn't want to touch them anyways). No dodgeball??? Thats a right of passage, who hasn't been bruised by a 40 mph rubber ball??

There's generations of children that lived through this roughness (and worse), and the next generation will manage too. Lets not just plant our kids infront of the playstation all afternoon. And we wonder why physical fitness has declined so much. That's how children get exercise... the play. They don't go to a gym and get on a treadmill, they chase each other. It's more fun. Hell I only get exercise now if theres a ball involved!

And occasionally they fall down, it will be OK. They will heal. But in the long run, it will make them better people.

OK, thats it, I'm getting off my soapbox. Tomorrow is marathon drinking. yay! Monday, i'm heading to the sandbox where it's suppose to be 100 all week. Yay! For now, back to work! I have my 3 flight plans just waiting to go

Press the any key... where the hell is the any key?

So, last night I wrote this wonderful, uplifting literary masterpeice. And while I was proofreading, I some how deleted the whole damn thing with a press of one key. So, here are the highlights:

I was in a foul mood yesterday, my Kuwait trip was momentarily canceled. Its back on now. And I didn't get the pancakes I craved.

Leslie is back at work, YAY! And then I dumped some flight plans on her to leave early. I felt guilty until I got the first beer.

I met Jersey (who recently returned from... well Jersey) and her friends. Yay, more potential harem candidates. Unfortunately I'm horrible with names, so they are to be known as Jersey 1, 2, 3, and 4 until I remember their names, or assign them new ones.

Thats it, I know its not nearly the prolific work that my loyal followers expect. But expect something later while I'm at work.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Once again, boredom rears its ugly head

Well, everyone will be relieved to learn I did not sit home last night and drink alone. "Goody" came out and we attempted to set a new personal best for consumption of adult beverages. We had a good time being out and about here in metro PTC. We ran into some ladies celebrating a birthday and the party cranked up. If you didn't come out and play, you missed it!

For some reason, when I'm around the old drum corps buddies my personality seems to get more... boisterous. That's a good word. I'm not the usual shy quiet type when I get out around these people. For those of you who haven't been around when I've been out with the drum corps buddies, imagine my personality only more outgoing and with a lot ease at saying anything to anyone. Frightening huh?

And in other news, I've found some one else here on myspace that I haven't heard from in a while. Its really neat to reconnect with some people, and Jenn was always an interesting person. Its good to hear from her again.

Otherwise, tomorrow is Monday for me, but its only a 2 day work week, which rocks my face off. I've spent the last couple days (between the binge drinking and hangover recovery) doing laundry and hopefully getting some things organized for my excursion to the other side of the planet.

But first, Jersey and friends are coming into town tomorrow. Its good to have her back and then apparently I'm binging again with them on sunday... awesome! So i can think of Kuwait as a detox and drying out event. The we start over again when i get back. Its nice to have a social calendar again.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

If you can't say something nice, say it really loud

Yesterday, I was fairly annoyed at some one. And that put me in a substantially rotten mood. I don't like being in that sort of mood, but I seem to be good at it. We'll just leave it at I was stood up by some one. And I would understand if something came up or things changed, but let me know! And since the outing was her idea... i'm just confused.

Well, next on the list... I played tennis with JR this morning. It was sufficiently humid out to give the impression of playing in a sauna. I was drenched with sweat, and then JR didn't help byt having me run all over the court. And then again, I had him doing the same so it worked out. I think if I could have gotten a consistant serve, I would have taken him. I blame the wet courts, with a downhill slope, and wet tennis balls. Anything but my tennis playing abilities! Still it was good to get out and sweat out some ill feelings and frustration.

Some of you will be sad to learn I got my hair cut. It went shorter than I had planned, but it will grow back right? Also yesterday I had my emissions checked on the honda, and yay it passed. I'm gonna be pissed if it ever fails. It may be time to give it up at that point. All I need now is to throw down the money for the tag. Otherwise, things are... well, things. Nothing to exciting to report. Still looking forward to next weeks trip, should be tineresting and I'm always up for a trip somewhere. Especially out of the country.

Then Vegas, and now Jersey has determined we need a vacation, so I'm working on that. And next... the idea of China is being thrown around. So much to see, so little time.

I"m off to try and find somethig to do tonight that doesn't involve me sitting t home drinking alone. Wish me luck

Sunday, October 15, 2006


'm not really sure how to go with this today. I had a lovely afternoon at the PTC airshow, and saw some nifty airplanes. It was nice out and I was fed by ASA employees (thanx J and grace!). I hated to leave and come to work. But i did get to see some of the F-16 demo driving back. And as I watched this nimble little fighter come speeding across the tree tops, and do all sorts of manuevures that are just amazing, the first thought I had was, it must suck to live in a war zone where these things come raining in missiles and bombs... it would scare the hell out of me.

Second thing of impact in the last 24 hours is I found some one here on myspace I was not expecting. Even though I went searching, I didn't expect results. Even worse, it only took me 15 minutes to find her on here.

So, now there's a whole list of things running through my head. I wonder if... she knows I'm on here? I wonder if she cares? I wonder if she reads these blogs? She could be one of my mystery readers... hrrmm. And most of all I wonder if she still hates me. It's been years since the break up, and I'll admit I probably could have ended things better, or maybe not dumped her and had a talk with her about the issues. But no. In my defense, I was REALLY young. And honestly, she was the first girlfriend ever... virgin territory for me.

She does have the distinction of being my only real relationship I would say, and by far the longest. And that is really kinda sad when I think about it. One could say its a result of a massive fear of committment????

Its brought back a lot of memories, good and bad, and I was really shocked to see her appearance hasn't changed. I thought I would have a hard time recognizing her, but nope... still as cute as the first day I met saw her. I suppose we all have a girl or guy like that, the first one for many things, and many mistakes. I hope I've learned a little since then.

I don't know yet if I'm going to write her or say hi. We'll see.

Now its time to get back to work, its friday for me. Four days off and no real plans. Unfortunately that gives me a lot of time to just dwell on things, though it may be a good thing.

I suddenly feel the need for a conversation with Jack... 6 more hours to go.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

As I get on the MD-11, Ridin' high I got tears in my eyes

What a day. So, those of you who may have read Gracie's blog will already know this, but... here's today's activities. I woke up early... but was already running late because I'm a dumbass. But I managed to rush and pick up Grace in a timely manner and make to the Airport ontime!!!

We took a nice little flight around the city. It's not everyday you get to up for a joy ride in a widebody jet, but today was that day. As one of the sponsors of the Great Georgia Airshow, World Airways agreed to do a few low fly passes over the field down here in Peachtree City. The company agreed to let employees and family and friends ride. Which is just kinda cool in itself.

But the company went beyond what I was expecting. Everyone parked over at a local hotel and were bussed over to North Cargo facility. We were issued tickets (of the commemorative type) for flight World 001. Once on board, we were given a snack (cheese nips) and sodas. And the best, hats! The crew did a real good job telling everyone about the aircraft and what was going on. And given that of the 150+ people on board, only about 20 of us had been on a company plane, and about 25 or have never been on a plane. You could hear oohs and aaahhs from the people when the Assistant Chief Pilot read of statistics of the plane. Me, I just kinda sat in the back (row 55, the last one!!).

So we took off, meandered around the southern side of the city. It was a nice bumpy ride. And then three low (500 feet off the ground) passes, a couple of tight turns (30 degree plus banks) and then 2 low passes over the office building, and we're heading back. The best part, some people lost their breakfast. I got a bit queasy myself. But it was a good time and a unique oppurtunity.

I do have to give props the management here for setting this up, it was really good to let some of the employees see what we do here. I think sometimes the office staff do not know we actually have airplanes and our job is to move them from point A to point B. Plus it's a lot of fun to see the ground going by at about 300 mph at 500 feet up.... kewl.

It was a good day. Wait, Grace was with me... it was a great day! She's the best fake girlfriend a guy could ask for. May have to propse to her and make her my fake wife... ok, no.. too much of a committment.

If you guys are interested, theres some pictures of the trip today on my photobucket.com, seach for mellodees.

Other than that, all I can say is War DAMN Eagle kickin some Gator ass and How bout them Dawgs losing to Vandy!!!

I know there's somehting else I want to write out, but I've forgotten what it is. And i'll remember about 4 am. I do know its official now, I'm the last single desperate person in the state. And I apologize for the horrendous grammar, I wasn't up to my literary best tonight.

Friday, October 13, 2006

The only thing a gambler needs is a suitcase and a trunk

So, its official... I have reserved a room in Las Vegas. We're staying the Tropicana. There was a change in locations, as they dropped the price and the toher places raised theirs... go figure. It works out after taxes and what nots to about $100 a night. Only one room reserved now, but if more people show.. we'll get another one right! So everybody come.

Played tennis today, and it was aboslutely beautiful. I love this weather. Clear blue skies, light winds, crisp cool mornings!! Awwwwwhhhh And then JR went and crushed me by schooling me on the courts. At least we made it (cough cough RAY). I was paid today, which is good. I need that. And I have a bag of twizzlers on my desk. Life is good.

The seats for my impending trip to Kuwait have been requested. And if not, just means I gotta ride in the cokpit for... ugh.. 30 hours. Each way. But it should be interesting and I've been jonesing for an international travel fix.

So I went to get my dinner today before work, and I decided to buy the twizzlers at publix.. and I find it almost inhumane that they put all the weight watchers products on the candy and chips aisle. Who came up with that?? Thats just mean! Other things that amuse me, I got an email at work from the Sales department saying they are providing a barbecue lunch for all employees as appreciation for a "successful" September. Apparently we flew more hours in that month than ever before. At any rate, the next email was about the new weight watchers meetings at HDQ the next day.

Way to help with the weight loss people!!

Well, thats about it, I'm happy the vegas trip is starting to come together, (and really who's planning on sleeping alot anyways) and the Kuwait trip may work out pretty well. I am worried about the timing, I'm cutting it real close to getting back for the party.

Its nice to have things to look forward to.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Leaving, on a jet plane...

Hello world! Well, not the world really, i don't there are people in every country reading my blogs. But i could be wrong.

So today, I found out me and my fake girlfriend are going to get to ride the low fly pass of a company jet over PTC Saturday. I'm very excited, and I hope she is. I could be a jerk and leave her in the back and try and go ride in the cockpit. The view would be much better, but I would be afraid to leave her alone with some of the people in the back. They would kill her with pointless talk.

So, I'm thinking I can manage the trip to Kuwait the last week. While it would be much easier on me if I blew off the parties, but I am a man who stands by my committments. (Really, a saturdya night Halloween party would be so much better for me girls... I would have essentially a plane with just me on it home). Plus, I need really get my drink on before and after, since Kuwait is a dry country. I can't imagine living in a dry country, without women who show a little skin when they go out. No wonder those people are so pissed off.

(Yes, I know thats a stereotype, but I thought it funny so I went with it)

I'll be reserving the hotel for vegas this weekend. I think we may have to change the place we're staying, but I'll get back with you on that. We will manage and have a great time nonetheless. Also, since I'm now going to be home for the 9th, any idea son how to celelbrate my actual birthday? I would love to party like last year, or well, not quite as much as last year because I never need to be that drunk again. But you get the picture? I got a 14 year old bottle of Scotch I think we may have to open.

The last couple days I did hear from some people I haven't heard from in a while. I hate it when I don't talk to people often enough to actually keep in touch, or how we just fall out of contact. And it's not a one way street, we all do it. There's a few I'd like to hear form. Call me up.

Busy weeks ahead, some one want to come clean my apartment for me?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

the mundane days of a Peachtree City Pimp

ts been an unproductive day. Well.. not so much. I'm completely lacking any inspiration to vacuum or otherwixe clean up my apartment. I did manage to take the garbage out, so the day was not all lost. And I got out the bike for the first time in a month and went for a little spin. It was a nice mind clearer.

I don't know if you have ever seen those commercials or TV shows where guys are riding motorcycles through the falling leaves in autumn, but thats a load of crap. A leaf kinda stings at 30 miles per hour, and just hurts at 65. Keep that in mind if you ever see those ads again. But I do wanna take a ride up to the mountains sometime this month, I have to get the oil change and service done, I've been putting it off for monetary reasons.

Otherwise, it was a farily boring day around metro PTC. I made it to the grocery store and bought some snack food... i know I should have bought healthy food, but I didn't I did buy $1 worht of Ramen noodles, so I got meals for a week. If anyone is interested in a gourmet pizza rolls and ramen noodle dinner, I'm your man!

The next couple weeks should be eventful, I may or may not make it down to Shelley's. MOney is tight and so are seats on flights back. And i really don;t get how fligths down can be wide open and flights back be full. It's like theres a mass exodus from Orlando. And its always like that when I go down there. That is the only place i've ever been bumped from fligths so many times i just gave up and rented a car to make it home. ANd its not like theres one flight from Orlando to Atlanta, theres like 25 a day or somehting ridiculous. It boggles the mind. Yet no airlines are making money.

Other than that, theres a trip to Kuwait I'm working on, I need to figure out how to make that work. I'm hoping it works out well, between party committments I've made. Its gonna blow being on a plane for the better part of 24 hours each way... but i think it's a worthwhile endeavor.

And then Vegas. We'll dwell on that later.

The other productive thing I did... well, its sort of productive. I applied for a Senior Flight Dispatcher position with Qatar (prounced Ka-TAR unless your British, then its Kotter) Airways in Doha. If you don't know where Doha is... well. it's way over there. Google it. We'll see what happens.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been

It's again been a quiet day here, I met Sean at 11 (well, I was there at 11, he was late) for a couple games of tennis. My game today was really off. I think I was still suffering some soreness in my muscles from the 4 hour marathon matches on Sunday. But afier coming home and relazxng, I feel a lot better. I think the activity loosened me up some. Nevermind i lost both matches miserably.

I finished reading a book today, Continental Drifter by Elliot.. somebody. Thanx to Ryan for giving me the book. Basically this guy writes of some of his adventures during a year long trip around the world. And while its not best "around the world" book I've read, the he did hit it right in the epilogue. "Stay single, stay liquid, keep traveling as long as you can."

In one sense, he hit it on the head. I don't think you have to stay single, but find some one who compliments your travel style. I know I've been on trips with people that made the journey send like an endless death march, but there are also those who really made the trip fun. One doesn't necessarily have to be single, but don't rush out get yourself married and settled with kids in a suburban neighborhood with a white picket fence. Find that person and take her or him with you. Yes solo traveling will give you the oppurtunity to learn about yourself, but some things are best experienced with some one else.

Syaying liquid... we all have this desire to have everything. And I have succumbed to it more than I want to admit, but Visa knows exactly how much I really need to have all th new stuff. But I think I've hit a plateau. I haven't been computer shopping in over a year. I'm perfectly content with the one I have. I'm not looking for a new HDTV, or stereo system, or playstation 3... or any of that. The last purchase of any significance was my motrocycle. And while I do sacrifice some fun for the payments, I love my two wheeled baby. But I think I've realised that the material stuff is nice to have, but if you have nice stuff thats paid for, its even better. And it doesn't have to be the latest thing out there!

And I personally plan to keep traveling as log as I can. And that being said, I thumbed through the 1000 Places to See before I Die. And well, it seems I have 970 or so left to go. And the author left some good ones out, in my opinion. But then there are some places I had never sceen before or heard of. And they look interesting.

So, I'm off.. a quiet night aone at home with a Heineken mini keg. I'm still looking for some one to go traveling. I'm trying to make it to Orlando next week to see Shelley and Daniel. I love me some Shelley, she always makes me happy! And then the next week... Kuwait!

Oh, and I'm still using song lyrics for subjects... am I stumping everyone with them?

The indescribable musings of a demented man who watches too much Discovery Channel

onight, I had a good time. With the exception of an unattractive braless woman simulating sexual acts with her equally unactractive male companion who felt sunglasses were required in the building. Did I mention it was night? To people who wear sunglasses at dark, you're not cool. You're not coming off as mysterious. You look like a dumbass. And your both grossing us out!

Enough of that. I would have been fine if my hot date wouldn't have kept pointing it out. It was like a car wreck, horrible but you have to look.

I got an email fro my boss today. I know, I shouldn't be checking work email at home, but I do get personal stuff there. And there was a joking statement about favoritism in our work group. Mostly made in jest, but with underpinnings of some issues that some seem to feel in our work group. (Ryan you can't be spreading this around BTW, or I'll make you short stay in the sand box miserable). It made me think back to my days with Fedex...

Time out, I have to digress here. I just heard a commercial for a Hummer (the SUV) and its the same music as the Captain Morgan commercial. I find that humorous, and I expected some one to get out of the H2 and strike the Captain Morgan pose.

OK, back to the favoritism. Back at FedEx, that was always an issue on the SFA (management evaluations). And more often than not, I never claimed that as a big issue (only once I think i put it down as an issue). Mainly because I think I was on the good side of favoritism. But no more so than those who did their jobs and went above and beyond. In such cases, the people who seemed to cry "favoritism" the loudest are those who do the least, or work the hardest at avoiding doing actual work.

I think a similar situation has developed here at Whiskey Oscar Alfa. By chosing individuals who in management's evaluation is the best for the task, we now opened the door to favoritism. I, when I first started here, was sneered at ebcause my first familiarization trip includes 3 days in Hawaii and a day in Vegas. Why did I get that?? I asked if I could do it and was told yes... shocking I know! When others woud bring it up, I often asked if they had requested such a trip... well, no.

Moving on, Grace made a suggestion tonight to me. And on the drive home, I was kind of rolling it around in my head. Basically it involves calling up a girl who I haven't talked to in a while and maybe seeing how things progress. (Don't worry, its not A). I'm not sure how that will go. She was a nice girl at a bad time... and I was sort of obsessed with some one else at the time. But i don't know if I can swalllow my pride and call... or even what to say. More pondering is required.

I've had 16 views and nothing written over the last couple days. Y'all can say hi!! I only seem get messages from annoying girls with porn sites lately. And I really do prefer people with more substance to talk to. Now if you have substance and a fabulous ass, I really want to meet you! I'll probably fall madly in lust, but thats ok.

Saturday, October 7, 2006

n the bars, with the men who play guitars; singin', drinkin' and rememberin' the times.

Some of you may have noticed I have changed up the myspace area. I felt it was time for a change and didn't feel the purple anymore. And the new background picture is one I took way back when and I really like it, unfortunately it makes almost any color text hard to read. But, you more color coordinate people should make suggestions for a possible text color.

I also added a slide show (WOAH!!) of some pictures I've taken. To see more, head over to photobucket.com and look for mellodees. I'm planning to add more as i go, but I started at work tonight and i only had a few I could access from here. Keep in mind, I am not a professional photographer.

And it all ties in to my I wanna get out and travel theme. And I think its nicely and tastefully done. Plus, I needed somthing to do at work to keep me occupied. Tonight was much less stressful than last night (we only diverted one plane, thank you US Customs).

Didn't accomplish much today, except one load of laundry and buying beer. We did get to watch UGA lose on the big screen here.. woot. Tomorrow is tennis!!! I'm very much looking forward to that. And last night I reached a personal milestone, 100 beers at Taco Mac!!! Yes, triple digits baby!

I had something very profound I want to write about earlier, but heck, I seem to have forgot it. Heck, I hate it when that happens. It is Friday and I have a Heineken mini keg in the fridge, it should be a good weekend! I have a hot date planned on Monday, she better be up for it, or all heck will break loose.

later everyone.

Friday, October 6, 2006

Off the beaten path I reign; rover, wanderer, nomad, vagabond; call me what you will

I don't see the big picture. I was just told that by a maintenance controller. To be fair, it was said with no small amount of sarcasm and jest. Thats often what we peons are told when we question our leadership. Its something thats followed me since the days of LT Hines. Although, I did believe at one time that there was a big picture, but now days... not so much.

Thats totally not what i wanted to write about in this particular blog, but it was said as I started typing... and like the single minded person I am, I typed it right out.

Anyways, so i went to BAM today, and after complaining about a lack funds in the last blog, I went ahead a bought a couple books. So, no more money complaints will be coming from me. There were two books purchased. The first; 1000 Places to See before You Die. I thought this should be amusing and I keep looking through it every time (literally) I go into a book store. And it seems like a good goal to set. I mean after finishing the beer list at Taco Mac of course. I'm sure I've already seen a few of them, so it's probably more like 932 Places to See Before You Die. I should go through and check them off.

The other book i bought is First Time Around the World, A Guide for the Ultimate Vacation. Do you see a theme here?? Its a book with ideas and recommendations for traveling... well around the world. I'll figure that will be helpful in seeing all those places before I die. Again, its another book I constantly peruse at the store. And well, I've been contemplating a long round the world trip since I got back from Europe the first time. Then A brought it up a few months back that we should take some time off next year and do an around the world trip. And while I thought it was a great idea, I didn't want to do it with her. Besides, she always had an issue following through with such things so I never thought I was in any danger of actually spending 2 months traveling with her. But I still want to do the trip.

So thats a goal. Get in shape, get out fo debt, run up a whole new debt seeing the world. Oh yeah. and finish the Taco Mac beer list. Oh I just had a stroke of genius. I can go to all the countries on the Taco Mac beer list and drink the beers in a local setting! I should run a travel agency!

Tonight at work thus far has been entertaining. So far, a plane almost grounded for a "burning smell in the cockpit", which is never good. And while that was going on, another with a fuel indication problem who thought he was going to run out of gas before he got to where he was suppose to be. Also, not good. Both issues seemed to have resolved themselves, but the excitement was overwhelming for a minute. Oh and then we couldn't get stairs to a plane in Kuwait because the ground people are overwhelmed. The Air Force has given the handler 30 days to fix the situation. Its a wonder we win any wars.

Tonights goal however is to be done by 1 to make it to the Mac with the guys. Wish me luck.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

I just keep trying to get a little better, a little better than before

I'm always surprised when I see blog views on days I haven't written anything. I'm flattered and honored people take time to read these things.

I don't really have anything important to say. I spent most the day with Grace, she dragged me out to Target with the lure of playing tennis. And heck, next thing I know I'm meandering around the sale racks while she peruses EVERYTHING they have. Heck, I did get the tennis balls, and we did play on the apartment courts. I must say, we're both some highly skilled tennis players!! Heck, we only managed to knock one ball out of the fence. I'm getting better!

But the afternoon was most enjoyable, and I may have been slightly exagerrating the hellishness of the trip to Target.

Yesterday was tennis day also, with the gang. And I think I'm getting better. Sean has this wicked serve about 30% of the time. The rest of the time its somwhere out of bounds. JR is mastering the "dirty" shots (ie make me run my fat ass all over the court) and Ray is getting better at cheating. So we're all improving!

I do however feel, um.. something in my knees. its not pain, just a new sensation. I guess since it's not hurting thats a good thing, and I can still walk.

I did get an early birthday card from the state a couple days ago, and they want me to pay for tags again. I just did that last year. I'm really having an issue coming up with funds for my birthday. I'm thinking of just cutting back to Natural Light and Ramen noodles for a the rest of month. Any donations will be accepted!

Work is still the same. Maybe I'm not as acutely aware of the stupidity as I was. Maybe my senses are dulling. But everyday, theres something new. I had a discussion with my boss today, and he seems more frustrated than normal with my department. Lots of petty little shit about who's doing more work and why does he get this... blah. People need worry more about themselves. I'm not saying i'm a great employee (but I am), but I try not to complain about such things. Its kind of random how our workload falls, someday I may have alot to do, some days I don't. Usually on slow nights, I'll pick up some extra flights to keep me entertained. Of course, with some people I won't do that with because I know they're the ones complaining loudest about workloads. So I let them suffer.

Why is it those with good work ethics always seem to get screwed? It sucks being the nice guy who does his job well, and then some... not only do I not get the girl, I don't get the raises and promotions!

Bitter, table of one!

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

This way became my journey, this day ends together, Far and Away.

I must say I had a wonderful date with a beautiful person tonight. I can't classify it as a "non-date" because some one may get the wrong idea... you know who you are.

The lady I was lucky enough to spend the evening with was Ms. Linda. I still call her Ms. Linda for reasons that go way back to my youth when she tried to make me bend in ways the body wasn't designed to do. OK, after reading that statement, one may get the wrong idea. Linda is one of my drum corps pals, and she was at one time responsible for morning calisthenics and stretching.

At any rate, she was in town for a work conference, and we met up tonight and went out on the town. I honestly can't remember when I had a better "date", both in the case of what we did and who I was with. It was nice to sit and chat for a few hours about the old days and look forward to our futures. And I managed to not do the normal stupid things I do in the company of beautiful women, like say stupid things (though she really expects that from me I think so I can get away with it) or spill food on my shirt. I think I managed to find something fun and completely unexpected that she enjoyed.

It was fun, thanx Linda. Lets do it again sometime, and maybe not wait a year. She's gonna make a wonderful girl for a lucky boy someday.

Well, its bedtime. Tennis tomorrow and then work.

Monday, October 2, 2006

I'm having musical plagarism block!!

I've decided i need to do more things that involve getting a bit dressed up, beyond jeans. I don't mean every day, but say more than once a year or at a funeral or wedding.

So if you noticed my picture changed, thats my cousin Kate. She's one of the three sisters (the oldest was the bride and all my pictures of her didn't come out, suck ). Oh well.

The wedding was nice, very lovely outdoor ceremony with a nice reception to follow. And most importantly, and open bar!! At Uncle Donald's explicit instructions I was to drink as much as reasonable, since it's already paid for. So I did, and while I don't think I emptied the Crown Royal on my own, I will claim responsibilty for most of it.

It was really nice to see the family. Most I haven't seen in years. And i mean years. My cousin William has a son (i knew that) who was the ring bearer. This is the first time i ever met the kid. And it was really weird to hear about one now driving and others legally drinking. There were lots of people I remember from my childhood, friends of the family that seem to have always been there. And people I remember by names I called them as a child (I couldn't pronounce Bridget, so she was forever called Biscuit). So uncle Donald's oldest is married now (trivia, i was the ring bearer at Uncle Donald's wedding 26 years ago), and shes all grown up and not the annoying little brat i remembered. Its nice to see us all growing up, and luckily, most of us are doing well in the world!

It was really good. I want to make a better effort to keep in touch with them.

All in all, it was good times. I think Kristin will do well in the marraige, and it started well (with the exception of a 30 minute delay waiting on the groom's and ring bearer's pants to get there... ooops). Anyways, thats about it for the weekend. I'm really glad i didn't skip out on the wedding!!

PS. The live band was good, but they were no DMB!!

Sunday, October 1, 2006

no nifty song lyrics tonight

Hi from beautiful Lincolnshire, Il... Home of... well nothinq special. I'm chillin here at the Holi.. no the Courtyard. Nice place. Thanx to MB for the rocking rate. I'm also lucky to be here, mainly because the rest of the family is scattered across the northern Chicagoland area. Finally, around 2130 everyone made it in to uncle Donald's. It's been a very long time since I've seen some of the people, like.. 5 or 6 years. Its weird seeing some of the kids driving, or walking around with an alcoholic beverage in hand.. well, not so much. Uncle Donald use to give us beers starting at age 7 or so. Some people might see an issue with this... but I turned out fine.

The wedding is tomorrow, and the schedule is something like this... the family is driving up to the hotel near the wedding /reception site. Checking in, and changing. Pre-wedding drinks are served beginning at 1430 or so in Gary's room. The wedding is at 1600 at a nature preserve here. Its allegedly a beautiful place. We'll see tomorrow. Its an outdoor wedding and the weather forecast, sunny and 75 degrees. Looks like God has blessed this union.

So, reception immediately follows the ceremony at the same preserve. And yes... there's an open bar!!!! All you can drink 1600-until (does it sound like I'm participating in covert military operations with the military time?). And yes, I'm dateless. You got till noon to get here. I still have an open meal (which apparently is provided at a cost of $160... this better be the best damn chicken ever). So, bring it on girls. If you choose to come, you have to dress as equally as hot as myself!

OH and theres a live ochestral/band thing... and apparently the choice of musicians was based on Kristen's (the bride and my lovely cousin) musical preferences. And Kristen being a rocking relative of mine chose some one who not only knows DMB tunes, but sounds strikingly like him! Rock on!!

So thats all for today, its been a long one and i'm going to hit the bed. Should be a lot of drinking tomorrow... wish me luck!