Sunday, September 12, 2010

The first leaves are starting to fall... that means Football!

This is my third blog posting of the week. Yet, the is the first I've written. I've taken on the roll of publisher for the Lewii, since the interwebs in Vietnam seem to be finicky. For this position of great importance, I'm sure I'll be nicely compensated... perhaps with a place to sleep and a bowl of pho.... again.

And that really has been the most interesting part of the past week. It's been a little slow around here. Except at work, it seems we've jumped right into the dreaded peak season. I was fortunate enough to work a domestic desk this past Thursday after a long stretch of international desks. I forgeet how much annoyance comes with people who can easily dial you up and speak (for the most part) the same language. The Chinese use the internal IM system mostly, so the phone doesn't ring and and you don't have deal with the language barrier. And of course, there's the amusement of getting a message from Jet Ding or his brother Whisper Ding.

But this past week, the domestic side has been kind of nuts, for whatever reason. Maybe it's the sort of heightened sense of what may go wrong, some hyper cautiousness on everyone's part (occasionally unreasonably) on top of the already stressed relationshp between work groups and management. But, at any rate, there seems to be a lot of planes flying air around... which is a hassle because those are the ones they like to F___ with the most. We need t leave later, but now go to Wichita, nevermind on Wichita, send it to Phoenix... wait, not yet, do you have fuel for Denver? And if you say no, the question of why not usually follows... Because geographically Denver is not usually between Miami and Newark... just saying.

Seriously it happens.

But they pay me a lot to tell them they're dumb sometimes... what better can you ask for?

This weekend has brought the return of football season. Hooray! 12 hours of college football yesterday, and 12 hours or so of NFL today. Nothing against baseball season... we all know I love some Braves watching at the Ted. But on TV, it get's kind of dull. Then again, the last Brave's game I went to I may have watched 4 batters. it was mostly about hanging with my hot friends. But I digress... So, today, I think I'll find some place with a nice outdoor area where I can catch some rays of sunshine, have a cold drink, and watch the Niners start a triumpahant championship season.

Is it wrong that I really enjoy most the Victoria's Secret email adds i get?? It's like a little bright spot of my day getting emails hotties in lingerie. But I digress...

Here's to a happy week. I need to make plans... plans to go go go. I am taking in a Cubs game in a few weeks with Jersey (Woohoo!), and deciding now on the possible purchase of some DMB tickets. Money is kind of tight right now due to some unforeseen budget changes, but I think I can squeeze in a show :-).

Well, that's as much rambling as I think I can handle. I need to go and remind myself I don't need an iPad or a new macBook. Later.

Oh, and Ryan.. we all hat eyou and your approaching vacation to Tahiti. I thought you should know that you're still a No Talent Ass Clown, even in a hut over the water.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Eyes closed, we're gonna spin through the stars. Our arms wide as the sky, we gonna ride the blue all the way to the end of the world

Let's start with the not so happy stuff so we can end on a happy note:

Friday about 11 AM i arrived at the Tanjoe manor, cracked a cold beer, and realxed talking to J and Grace. BY noon, I was out cold on the couch, and stayed that way until a dog licked the back of my neck. I relocated to the spare bed upstairs and slept a drooling sleep till about four. Meanwhile, about 11 AM, N571UP was rotating off a runway in Dubai to operate UPS6 to Cologne. Around noon, the airplane crashed into the desert outside Dubai while attempting an emergency landing. Both crewmembers were killed.

The aviaion industry is large in scope and breadth, but quite small people wise. I started working in the industry at age 18, and after 15 years it seems that 75% of the people I'm in contact with are involved in the industry. When a plane goes down, we all hold are breath a little bit to see which carrier, and if we may have known some one operating on the flight. The odds are slim really, but they're is still a chance. After so long, I've worked with quality aviation professionals that, due to the volitality of the industry, who have spread from carrier to carrier.

This is the first time that my airline has experienced a deadly accident. And yeah, while my direct involvement is minimal, it's still a little weird to think that I was in the office when the flight was planned, I know the dispatchers who took the calls, I've been on the airplane involved, or that I may have spoken with the crewmembers. It's a little sombering, and a reminder that aviation is still unpredictable and can be dangerous, and life in general is much more so. As I heard on a TV show the other day, you're only guaranteed today... everything else is gift.

Life at work will be a bit more complicated for a while, the magnifying glass will be out. But in the end, the two pilots who gave their lives will hopefully make the skies safer for all of us.

Moving on...

Also a little bit of a sad time had earlier, it's always hard to say good by to dear friends. EVen though you know that, thanks to the modern conveniences, you'll be able to get in touch with them with only a little more effort; it's still a little sad knowing you're not going to be in their presence for some time to come. The reason I'm down here in ATL was to say Bon Voyage to Grace and JoHnathan. They're off to Vietnam for 13 months or so. We spent Friday night at DragonCon (more later) amongst friends and freaks and today Tanya and I watched Grace pack their worldly possessions in 4 gigantuous bags.

LIke I said, while I'll still be able to email, chat, IM, and Skype with them while they're away. BUT, I'll miss the "hey, come down for the weekend and hang out" option. I hope to get over before New Years, but going three or four months with our Grace Face time... could be a tough one.

Luckily, I've got some friends willing to step up and try and fill the time. Still, they'll be missed.

Now, happy thoughts! I'm spending the weekend here in the ATL. We went out to DragonCon Friday night to watch the people. This is my second year going up to the Marriott Marquis, camping out at the lobby bar, and watching the show. It's amazing how much thought an effort have gone into the costumes andhow much they really get into it. Imagine all the nerds, geeks, punks, etc you ever knew gathering in one place. Being one of those myself, it's nice to feel like, wow... other people do this. I'm thinking we're dressing up next year. This year, our group expanded a little and everyone loved it. It's like a hidden jem of free entertainment, with the occasional hottie walking about in tight clothes (or almost no clothes). The girls get a show too, it's not just half naked girls. I think this year, they had 70,000 people show.

On a side note, I'm watching a show on DragonCon on PBS here in GA, and I just spotted Tanya, Joe, and I from last year! ANd I know what more of the costumes are about now... Steampunk?

OK, so yeah, we had a great time. The pictures will give you a small sample, and in all fairness there were a few people who revealed too much... but good for them! I'm very much looking forward to DragonCon 2011. And I can only imagine the people in town for football or some other reason being totally shocked at seeing a platoon of Storm Troopers being led by Darth Vader marching down the street. Or how the poor LSU fan from nowhere Louisiana feels about seeing the big city and it's overrun by girls in spandex and guys in less. I would love to hear that conversation to his buddies or family back home... in the finest cajun accent.

Today, Georgia apparently entered fall. The temps dropped to very comfortable levels outside and the sun was shining through clear skies. Tanya and I ventured out for lunch and some shopping. This is a small part of our scandalous affair we seem to be having. Of course, I'm waiting to hear back from Tanya that some one has come up to mention that they saw her strolling the Avenue in PTC with a strange man, where they were seen shopping at Victoria Secrets together. Or how the neighbors spotted a man who's not her husband coming in the house at 11PM carrying 2 bottles of wine and Victoria's Secret bad. I admit, it could be misconstrued. That being said, I would have much rather had Joe here to share in the fun... not in a kinky way (well, maybe a little :-P). But apparently one of our little group has to work.

After the strolling about PTC, we headed over to the Holby house to spend a little time with the voyagers. The Holby's have become a bit of a second family to me, and always so gracious in having me around. Grace and J have become the greatest of friends, and I wouldn't dare let them leave without harassing them. So, while they packed and stressed a little, Tanya and I camped on the couch and spurred them on, or picked on them. We had a great dinner with more friends and said a few goodbyes. I'm jealous they're getting to go on such an adventure, and they better stay safe and have their asses back in 13 months.

Tomorrow I'm flying back to work. Feeling a little down, but also a little more appreciative of the life I have. I'm thinking of some changes... we'll see.