Friday, May 30, 2008

Never seem to find the time, plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines

I'm not sur ewhere to go, but its nto all working according to the grand plan. I had hoped to head south for the weekend. My nephew, Devin, is graduating from high school, Chrissie is getting married, Adam is leaving the country, and I haven't seen Susan in what seems like forever. And I hoped to partake in all of these events over this weekend but it doesn't look like it is going to work out. The plan fell apart. Well, not just on plan A, but B, C, and D seem to have developed flaws.

The last month seems to be alot of that. Granted there have been some great hi-lights, but its also been tasking. Work is progressing, I'm coming into the last week of my training. Tomorrow, I'm working with one of the lead dispatchers, the guys who handle the ATC conference calls, manage the delays, and keep the masses informed of whats going on. It being my only opportunity tog et this training for the foreseeable future, its strongly encouraged I be there for it. So, no Friday flight. Bu on the upside, looks like big Brown (the company) is going to find some new volume to fly, which increases my potential to upgrade. So that's a plus.

Adam has decided to take a job teaching English in Thailand and leaves on the 4th. He ma never be seen again once he is surrounded by young Thai girls who he can make his personal love slaves and live like a king on Pattaya Beach for mere dollars. Of course, I best get invitations to visit. I do love Thai food.

The last few months of relationship time has been trying, I haven't seen enarly enough of Susan, and the meetings seem to be harder to arrange. And the time we are together is like a tease, knowing that within 24 ours I'll be whisked away by a jet plane (or a prop plane that nearly makes me nauseous). Hopefully this all changes soon, and it should. I've never been good at waiting for things, usually when I see it and I want it, I go get it. But, I know she's worth the time and effort, more than worth it.

On the upside, I do have a long weekend next weekend, and I'll be int he ATL area for at least a short time. I'm not completel sure what the schedule is going to look like. I'm getting to the point where it feels like my weekends there are more stressful than they should be, with the crashing in Jersey's house (thanx BFF), hitching rides, and trying to fit in time with everyone i want to see. I feel like quite a mooch sometimes but I also feel I'm shorting lots of people in there requests for quality time with me! Theres neevr enough time when you need, and then it drags on when you're alone or at work.

Oh well, enough complaining, I does look like I'll get a chance to hang out with Marianne, who's passing through the Ville, and crashing here. SO that could provide the distraction from wising I was somewhere else

Friday, May 23, 2008

Lift my days, light up my nights

I was told by a faithful reader that I've been leting him down with my blogs. Basically I'm not providing enough reading material for said individual to waste his day with. Mind you he's never written blog himself, but apparently I'm supposed to keep him enraptured with my literary musings. Is that all I'm here for? Is this what you wanted?? Are you not amused???

In truth, I've been fairly slack with these things of late. Every now and then during the day I have great ideas about things to write about, but I'm conveniently no where near a computer (at least one with Myspace access) when these strokes of brilliance occur. That and being mostly happy keeps the bitching down. Though I'm fairly pissed off at a couple of entities out there, and I'm working through that. Note for anyone who may be using DirecTV, should you decide to end your service (and in my opinion everyone should because they are the devil in cable tv form to paraphrase Grace) make sure you hold on to that receiver. They may tell you 10 times they don't want it back, but 2 months later they'll change there position and demand payment.

This weekend is a far cry from last, looks to be slow and quiet. I think i like the fast and loud weekends better. I was contemplating a getaway for the holiday, but since I'm financially lacking and didn't feel like visiting a fabulous location alone, I've decided to stay in and count the number of individual boards that comprise my hardwood floor.

Apparently theres some sort of election thing going on. Anyone else seen this? Haven't we already picked the next president that's going to raise my taxes? I could have swore we did. Oh well, I'm sick of elections. I know now why theres such voter apathy in this country. By the time the election actually roles around, we're so tired of hearing the crap being spewed at us that we don't care and just want it over. I can only hope we have some dispute in November so the election can be dragged on and on until we the people decided to secede and form individual fifedoms in our homes.

Well, I would au I have things to go do, but that would be a lie. I am getting hungry and I don;t feel much like cooking. I've obtained a Foreman grill and for those bachelor (or bachelorette) types out there, its pretty spiffy. I think they say it's also suppose to be healthy in some way but I don't really concern myself with that part. And it beats a real grill outside, though it lacks the "I'm chancing a conflagration and burning down the house" excitement.

I have 2 more weeks of training at work, but as the missing girl has decided to return to work, I'm not going to end up with the upgrade I had hoped for. Turns out though the work Susan came back with a better, more cheery attitude. It seems the disability leave was to remove the stick from her ass. But at least I'll have OT opportunities. My trainer this week pretty much just let me do what I wanted. SO essentially I was working the desk, he was surfing the internet and there for questions. I took the time wednesday night to send the flights on routes around this large solid line of trailer park killing thunderstorms, just so the pilots could take off, disregard and fly directly toward them. SO instead of flying over Witchita and through nice clean air, the ende dup going the long way around to South Dakota and flying in crap. The next night, similar thing, and this time I only had one do it. Its fun to watch thm fly toward the storms, and about 100 miles or so from it seem them turn suddenly and go the way I told them to. Silly pilots

I was also accused of being a "superstar," so much for my low profile. Apparently I have a bsic understanding of geography that one of the trainees lack... who knew Tulsa and Toledo were so far apart? He didn't. But I won't brag, I occasionally do something stupid. I'm just better at recovering and covering it up.

Well, time for food... I hope Ryan is happy now... the little bitch is flying to Australia this weekend and complains about not having my blog to read. Mixed up priorities I think. :-)


Sunday, May 18, 2008

I was dreaming when I wrote this

I started writing this blog earlier, and lost interest. It was jsut recapping the event s of the weekend, and really came to the realization that most my recent postings have been all about what i've been doing. So, I'll just say this about the weekend, it was an incredible amount of fun and I hope I get more visitors soon.

We took in some advance Louisville culture, and enjoyed it immensely. I mostly enjoyed having the company. Grace and TanJoe were the best guests, and I think the had a good time, even if we were kind of late every where we tried to go. It was a great reminder of how wonderful my friends are, and how luck I am to have great friends.

Unfortunately I do get kind of slack about keeping in touch with some old friends, and I do hate that. It sucks that the real world and trying to live life has got in the way of keeping in touch. But since none of us are all independently wealthy, it's a necessary evil. SO it's these times I really enoy and I long for, now more than ever. And I'm also trying to convince people to move to Louisville to make me happier. I think I made a convincing sales pitch to Tanjoe and Grace, and previously to Susan.

This weekend did seem to be wedding themed. Not jsut that that Grace and Tanya played outstandingly at a friends wedding (I base the music critique on the ractice session I observed, me and Joe went off searching for beer and adventure wile the ceremony was going on. We found Ft Knox and for a short moment thought about pulling a heist. Then we decided beer was a better idea). After the wedding, we must have observed about 20 bachelorette parties and remains of wedding parties out that night. And a close friend of mine became engaged. Seems to be something in the air.

Kind of makes you think.

And for the more mundane stuff, seems I'm not getting upgraded in the near future at work, since the missing lady came back to work. Oh well, in time.

Back to the more mundane, seems the upgrade at work is pushed further back. At least I'm getting to do some training and will eb qualified when it come sup, assuming I pass the three day test. Ugh! Not looking forward to that.

Otherwise, without getting into specifics, a good time was ad in the Ville. Everyone should com check it out, and soon! Well, its off to laundry to get ready for the coming week. Later kids

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lost in a land of confusion, or the Czech Republic

It seems I've been neglectful of late. It's been oer a week since I wrote a blog for my loving fans to read, and I know you're all wondering what I've been doing with myself.

As much as I don't really like writing the "this is what I did and what I had for lunch" blogs, that's mostly what I've been doing of late. So why stop now. When we last spoke, I I had jsut finished my first Kentucky Derby experience. The following week was just me being trained some more. Apparently I have a lot to learn. But I have to say it's nice to be doing something besides pull a page/put a page all day. I sort of miss doing dispatch stuff and it's nice to be back in the saddle as it were. I'm still waiting to see what happens when I'm done training. The person who was supposed to quit so I can get a line has yet to do so, instead going out on disability leave. She's suppose to come back next week, but we'll see. Hopefully she will decide to move on and let me have her spot, even though it's kind of crappy hours. But oh well.

After a week of slaving away, I headed south. I flew down to Montgomery and spend some time with Susan. It's been way too long since I had seen her, and unfortunately it was way to short of a visit. Besides, she seems to need a break from her world down there. So, we spent the friday evening watching a band play on an outside patio at my hotel. The weather was close to perfect. Not very hot, a nice breeze, and the music was good. Oh, and the drinks were strong. The only thing that could have made it better would be a beach.

The next day we had breakfast and spent the day together before I was shipped off to Atlanta. Initially I had planned to accompany the lovely Jersey to a free concert in the PTC area, but the rain and general weather funk persuaded us to not go. Plus I was late. SO, we hung around to Grace got off her catering gig and decided to head out to show Isreal (Grace's Brother) some quality Atlanta fun. ANd since we neeed to live the PTC/Newnan area, but didn't much feel like venturing all the way into the ATL, we decided on Irish Bred (or th bar formerly known as B-52's). Much to our surprise, we were like strangers in a strange land. The normal airline workers meets ghetto fabulous atmosphere was not there, instead replaced by an odd atmosphere of differently dressed Caucasians, strange music, and odd smells.

The answer was that it was Czech night. As we learned via Grace, the owner of said bar is Czech, and apparently invited all his friends and imported some actual Czechs for the night. It was quite amusing. Especially as Isreal and I were serenaded by a very large, very sweaty, and slighty odoriferous Czech. It did bring back some interesting memories of my youth and clubbing in Europe. The music and dance styles back in the old countries are significantly different than those of the Dirty Dirty.

So, the adventure turned out much more interesting than any of us imagined. It was good to see Isreal again, on his temporary visit to the US. And we were even graced by Adam's presence. The first time we had been able to get together since the PTC party pad was disbanded. A good tie was had by all, especially the Czechers.

Sunday, My host and I decided to venture out for lunch. We initially planned to trek to Newnan, but some how ended up at Neighbors in the Highlands. It was really nice out, and we enjoyed the patio seating and breeze (by breeze i mean gusty wind that had Jersey convinced the tree was about to be blown over on us). J met us there after he got off work and we enjoyed the sun for a while. We all decided that the Highlands are much more interesting and fun than PTC and we should spend more time there. Unfortunately I live in a different Highlands in a different state.

Monday, I spent time with Grace and Amie, first discussing the intricacies of wax over Starbuck's, and followed by a retail adventure to Ross, where my keen fashion sense was put to the test. Then a quick light home on a Big Brown Jet and I was back in the ville. I made it home just in time to get a couple hours sleep and then head to work. I am convinced the idea of a 4 AM start time for work was the product of some sadist with a horrible sense of math. No one should have to start work at that time of day.

So, this week it's back to training. And other than the horrible shift, it's not so bad. I do get a bonus this weekend with the visit of Grace, TanJoe, and possibly Amie. And then we're going to tear up this town. I'm trying to convince Susan that she should just blow off all this end of school year work and finding a new job crap and fly up. I'm not what you call a positive influence on people's sense of responsibility. Though if she did come up, it could be awkward with my mistress and man crush all being in the same apartment. I would be worn out.

I think it's time to make something for dinner and maybe get another nap in before work. I managed to assemble my vacuum (and it worked) and do some cleaning in preparation for guests. I've also given in to peer pressure and set up a facebook account. Everyone is welcome to drop by and say hi. I don;t think I'll keep it as picturesque and fun as my Myspace, but I have found a couple people who I haven;t heard from in years on there. So I suppose its all worth it.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

And there off....

So I'm a little buzzed. I spent the day drinking from about noon until a few hours ago. Add to that I was out side, and seemingly a little sunburned. let's recap the last couple days.

Eric (aka Pepe aka Tommy Bahama) was in town with some friends from Jersey for the race. Oh yeah, it was Kentucky Derby weekend. It seems to be a big thing around here. Anyways, I met up with Eric on Friday to catch the kentucky oaks race at Churchill Downs. We met at "Tiny's", which essentially is a parking area behind a reformed crack house. Tiny is the master BBQ-er and has a space for parking, eating, and drinking. It's also a block from the gates. SO we hung out, got our drink on, and then went in for a few races. Unfortunately it rained almost all afternoon. We spent most the day under the grandstands and out of the weather.

Friday night I was called about 10 pm and told the gang was going downtown to 4th Street Live, an entertainement/club area of town. I decided to cruise down and check out the festivities. I unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) missed the free Goo Goo Dolls concert. I did however get to there intime to meet the Jersey boys at one fo the bars. It was a good time and very amusing.

Let me stop here and interject some wardrobe observations. There are an incredible amount of hats being paraded about. Hats no self respecting woman would normally wear. And in turn, theres some wonderful light colored, often pinstriped, suites on the boys. I must get one for future endeavors of this sort, though the only other time I would possibly wear it is if I joined a barber shop quartet. And then theres the after race wardrobe While out at 4th Street, the boys wore (for the most part) the standard wardrobe of a long sleeve buttone down shirt, untucked, and jeans. Some accented he standard outfit with a jacket. The girls however wore a variety of interesting fashions. Varying from the standard jeans and "cute" top (that usually accentuates the breastestess) to something you expect a hooker to be wearing. I've been out a fari amount in the Atlant area, but here, for Derby week, the girls entered a new level of.. lets say risque.

OK, back to 4th Street. I left the aprty early at 2 am to get some sleep. Apparently, this weekend the town is open till 6 AM. Seriously! Thats ridiculous.

This morning I wrestled with staying home and saving money or going to theKentucky Derby and spending money. Well, at first I had planned to stay in, bu then, after a couple hours of sleep, I decided to go and have some fun. And I'm glad I did. It was a good time and quite the little party. I got a ride from the Jersey boys' hotel to Tiny's, hung out and had a few drinks and Brats, and then inside.

I did manage to finally win a wager. I bet on Big Brown to place, and he won. So I was up a whopping $6 (I'm a big gambler). The other ponies i put money on.. Holy Grace, Grace and Power, and Sharp Susan (guess what I based my betting on) didn't come in. Oh well. I had fun. I was sad to hear that a horse was put down after the Derby. I hate seeing that. Everyone knows I'm not a horse fan, but they are beautiful animals and I'm glad I didn't have to see that.

So, now I'm home. There's a chance I may be caled to go out tonight. Again the town is closing at 6 am. But I may just stay home and relax.

For the future, everyone should think about coming and seeing this Derby thing. it's really a good party.

OK, thats all for now. I posted pics from today and yesterday. Enjoy!