Saturday, July 28, 2007

Attention Atlanta drivers

Heres a hint that most of the rest of the free world has figured out. Unless you are in part of the British COmmonweath, it is wrong to be passed on the right. If you are on a multi lane road, and people are zooming by on your right side, you are in the wrong lane! Yes I know, there are signs on most the tinerstates that advise the slower traffic to stay in the right lane... that means you.

And if you are by chance driving at the same speed as the person (or persons) beside you while behind you there is an armada of people that seem slightly pissed off... please, on of you get behind your neighbor and end the rolling roadblock. Also, theres a reason that your vehicle manufacturer put those flashing amber and red lights on the sides of your vehicle. They communicate your intentions to alter your current course. So use them! Its not just a good idea, its the law!

Sorry for the rant, but I've been spedning a lot of time on the roads of late (and will continue to do so) and these things have been aggrevating me. Most of the observations above come from a recent expedition to meet Gracie for lunch. Of course being in a bit of a rush, i encounterd the worst drivers the city seems to hold. And well, they suck.

Also this week, I learned my laptop is in need of some serious help. The geek who was working on it told me I need reformat my hard drive and reinstall windows. YAY!!! That means every thing I've saved on the drive is gone. And being my normal irresponsible self, I've lost most my pictures over the last 3 years. Not to mention a ton of DMB live shows I had downloaded. And with the loss and theft my CD folders over the last couple years... I got them no more!
ANd tonight, I'm just kind of bored sitting at home. I got most my laundry done (thanx to Jersey) and shortly the dishes should be finished. I suppose I could vacuum, but I'm not feeling that inspired.

I also should probably apologize for being overly out of touch of late, things just seem to be going in so many directions and so fast. And now that the harem has broken apart and gone their seperate ways (unfortunatley mostly to be with their fiancees and husbands and all.. whats with that?), I have no second home to go spend my time at. Some times, no matter how nice it is to be home, you get tired of being there. And thats Ironic since I spent four days this week somewhere else.

I'm not so sure of the living situation up in SDF, it will suffice for the short term but I don't know how long. And the idea I may not make it home some weekends is not very cheerful. Hopefully soon I'll be able to get my flying benefits in order and can stop the driving. That wouldn't suck. Of course, the getting another car to park up there and buying a new computer, all while taking a pay cut..that does suck.

Dishwasher is done, amazing how many glasses I dirty while not being here. I seem to drink a lot of wine

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I cannot forget where it is that I come from...

O today was day two of job number 4. Yes, I've only been legally employeed 4 times. A record in the airline business at my age. Also, today was nto as overwhelming as day one. I have accpeted I'm no going to have an ID or a password to anything by the end of the week. I'm probably not even going to have jumpseat privilages by then end of next week, and thats kind of a downer. No free flying.

But on the upside. I'm deciding how I plan to work the whole housing situation. And at least for the moment I have options. The other dispatcher I'm crashing with is up for taking in a roommate. And at least until I get of probationary and assistant status, thats what I'm most likely going to do. I'm thinking of keeping the PTC home for now, but possibly not coming home every weekend. I supose I need to adjust to my new surroundings and get a lay of the land.. when I find her :-)

Otherwise, todays big news.. well theres multiple items. First of all, I found out today that once again I am the youngest person in the office. IN my airline career that always seems to be a trend. At FedEx I a the baby ramp agent (until JR showed up). At Transmeridian and World I was the youngest dispatcher. So lets here it for the boy. ANd now, I'm about a year or so below the next youngest dispatch type person here.

Also at lunch,I was told the dispatcher interview test questions here at Uniform Papa Sierra ae going to be changing. My manager feels now that some one got a 100% on them they need to change them. I was then thanked for causing him more work. So, apparently I do know what I'm doing.

And most importantly today, I found this nearby joint, the Fox and Hound pub and Grill. They have a commendable beer selection, though no comparison to the old Taco Mac. But the food was better and, best of all, tuesday every draft beer is $2. And bike night! And the bartender was cute!!! I may just move in. SO thats a definite plus.

Today, as you may be able to tell, I'm feeling more positive. There was no tears in my mac and cheese. But there was some doubts about coming here. The doubts are fading and now I really just want to do something, even if it is bitch work.

Today we took a tour of the hub ramp, and a couple of offices at air cargo tracking. And while the air carog stuff wa sneat, and gave me a new impression of some aspects of the business, i mostly enjoyed being back out on the ramp. We had the oppprtunity to climb on the newest UPS aircraft and sort of play aorund. And it had that new plane smell. Although while the gentleman was driving us around out there and hilightting facts and stastics and numbers about people and boxes and planes, all I could think was... I've seen bigger. So, to my old fedex cohorts, you still got a bigger hub.

All I need to know now is where the parties are. And then I will be fine. In due time... and y'all can come visit!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Play some funky blugrass white boy

So, lets make this one quick before the person who own the wireless network I've hopped on notices I'm here.

Big thanx go out for all the encouragement sent my way today. ANd yes, it was the first day. And I feel like i've been trying to drink water from a firehose. There are three assitants total, and I'm the bottom guy in seniority. The tohers have been here for one month and two months. SO, they have a little bit of a clue whats happening. Me.. I got nothing. Apparently its soon to be my job to be the dispatch bitch.

And I can deal with this, its buying time till I get on a desk and start doing my own releases. The big thing is soooo much was thrown at me today. I do have some faith that in due time I'll find out how things work. Its really quite a surrpise how this place runs, and I won't get into it as it would just bore most of ya. I guess I expected more organization in some aspects.

Other than that, my car made it, though theres a new squeak in the undercarraige. And hopefully in the next couple weeks I'll be all good for jumpseating. Though it is a scenic drive (at times) and I'll probably take a weekend and ride my bike up the backroads when I do finally move it all up here.

But i did survive the first day intact, and didn't get fired yet. I should be home thursday night if all goes well. We'll see if day 2 goes any better and the flow of information is more metered.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

You've been hit by a smooth criminal

About five years ago, while i was peacefully slumbering some crackhead decided that they needed the radio out of my car more than I needed it in my car. And all my change from the cup holder and nice Oakley's. And I know its judgemental of me to insinuate this person was a crackhead. But, he did screw up the handle on the drivers side of my car while trying to break in to the unlocked car. And this, in my opnion, justifies the title of crakhead.

At any rate, I wasn;t sad to see the radio gone, It wasn't a particularly nice one and I was about 2 months from replacing it anyways. I was however pissed about the loss of the Dave Matthews CD and the inability to open the drivers door from the outside. Within in 2 weeks though I had replaced the radio and the CD. But I've been living with the annoyance of opening the drivers door from the back seat... until now.

Yes, finally, after 5 years, I had the door repaired! This makes me happy. I also don't have that metallic grinding sound coming from my brakes any longer. Excitement abounds.

Otherwise, today I retreived Ryan from the airport, and possibly throught he contact within have caught a rare and exotic African ailment. God knows what this boy is a carroer of, and seeing how he barely escaped intact from the Dubai duty free shop (gifts in hand i might add) and was spared an agonizing death from a ferocious prehistoric bug in Chad.. he's lucky to be back.

I think I should elaborate on this Chadian bug. The mere picture of it made me want to run shreiking like a little girl. The damn thing could seriously carry off a small child. And according to Ryan, cannot be killed.

Otherwise, I got a call today to confirm I as officially offered a position at UPS. I have fooled yet a ntoher company and come way with a clean background and drug test (obviously they didn't test for alocohol that day). So, apparently I'm not criminal. Seems to be coming together nicely.

I also have to say Grace has me jealous, I wanted to sit on a beach yesterday in EYW but no such luck. Even with the... views, she seemed to be enduring, I would have preferred it to work.

Thats about all for now, I'm still enjoying the memories of the weekend and the new DCI DVDs I picked up. I hope everyone mad eit home safely and I'llsee all y'all again soon!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Where do we go now?

What a day! it was a good time. Nay, a great time. First of all I've had the pleaure of good company over the last few days. Heather Leather from MCO made an unscheduled appearance and we celebrated in the standard fashion, beer. It did give me the tie to drool over Fallon and her feminine ways. And remember, nothing good comes from the Tavern.

Then friday, I went to work. That wa ssort fo a downer. But on the upside, after skidding out 2 hours early (with management permission) I had a tasty dinner with the family and The Old Spaghetti Factory downtown. Now, the selection of dining establishments was quite a surprise, as family dinners are normally of late held at Logans Roadhouse in McDonough. So venturing up to such a classy establishment quite a change. And things worke dout well, as we had a special guest. The always lovely and ever gracious Ms Linda joine dus. And while she not only served as a very pleasent date, she deflected most of the marriage and kids questions that normally accompany family gatherings.

After dinner, we headed up Peachtree to Cafe Intermezzo. It's sort of becoming "place" for Linda and I. I do enjoy the atmosphere, sitting outside in the city, enjoying cocktails and cheesecake, accompanied with great comversation. And a suggestion, don't order the bourbon, appricot brandy and fruit martini. not so good. Yes, I found a drink i do not care for. But the cappucino with butterscothc schnapps was tasty.

But the best part was spending time with Linda, and she did manage to find some intersting colorguard props out back. Then we headed down to PTC for sleep.

THen Saturday... the best. Drum corps, great friends around, and voerpriced food. Next time I'll find some better dining options I promise, but this was a bit short notice. I'm thinking next year we'll just secure about 10 tables in the courtyard and have fast food fun. At any rate, I had the company of Linda and Brian gor the day, along with Jenn, Jeff, and Shelley who all trekked up from Orlando. But wait theres more... CHad put in an appearance (and fine performance I'm told) plus Jeremy and wife, Austin and Girlfriend, Scott and "mama" Beth Johnson, Phillip, and some new friends.

I love drum corps becaus eof this, the people who I've met and connected with and enjoy being around (even you Charles). Unfortunately our lives have taken us many directions since we all departed from that last busride home, but these times we get together are all very valued. And its always great to see everyone. It goes with out saying it doesn't happen enough.

The most poignant comment of the day came from Philip, who when i was around was an staff member and thus a "responsible adult". While looking at Brian and I, he commented how how he only remembers us and boys and how odd it is to see us as gorwn men. And while we're all gotten older and taken on more responsibilities with life, I'm always impressed at how well we seem to have done for ourselves. WHo would have thought that motley bunch of teenagers would ended up still hanging out on occasion 15 years later? man i'm old.

In a similar note, I learned that some one I often think about and wonder where she is seems to have a myspace account. I hoping to get a message from her soon.

Well, the day is done and I'm back at work. I'm abot to nod off any moment now. And I have hours left to go.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

When it Rains...

I was rudely awaken by a crack of lightening outside my window this afternoon. And judging from the volume of the thunder, it was RIGHT outside my window. Not the way I enjoy waking up. And then the process repeated.. this time being slightly more coherent I almost lept through the wall. But apparently that is the sort of earshattering sound I need to wake up, since my alarm clock failed me and I recieved a co workers phone call at 0330. Keep in mind I should have been at work 30 minutes before that.

Otherwise, I'll apologize to those I haven't call back today. I am just getting caught up. My normal slack work day was not and I was quite unable to do the normal sluffing off and personal stuff. But today should be back to normal.

On the sort of exciting news, I jsut did a phone interview for another job. And yes I know, I'm just starting a new on in less than 2 weeks. But I couldn't resist this one, at least the possibility of being flown to the inteview. Basically I got a call from an international number yesterday morning. I was unable to answer, thinking it was some trivial phone call from Ryan (who is perilously exploring, without any regards to his personal safety, the duty free stores at the Dubai airport). At anyrate, i went home slept, woke up, and re examined the numbers of the people who called yesterday and realized it weren't NoTAC. Then in a stroke of pure genius, i checked the house answering machine (with the flashin new message light) and the mystery was solved.

Enough dramatic buildup. So, I did the phone interview this morning with Etihad Airways of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Now, as much emotion as my impending relocation to Lousiville has caused, imagine a move to the Middle East.

But I couldn't resist the chance to at least go for an interview, or as I think of it a free weekend in the desert.

Exciting weeks ahead maybe. Then again if the money si right, I could buy a new camel and ride to work every morning.

Otherwise, i'm working on ideas for the Drum Corps show, and looking forward to that this weekend. It will be good to see some of the old gang, the ones I grew up with (as much as I've grown up anyway). And best of all, today is friday, even though I'm working some extra days this week its about time.

We'll see where I end up.

Friday, July 6, 2007

The liver is evil and must be punished!

And you can call me the punisher. The last few days have been a bit over the top with the partying. With the holiday and accompanying parties, the days by the pool, the nights out and about, and the meeting new friends and seeing old ones, its been a great week. Then there's the celebratory events that accompanied the new job announcement. And of course keeping a good friend happy and well lubricated for a couple days.

So, other than that, It was great to see my friend Nolan. First ime in 6 years. And for all the crap some of the guys u to give me for keeping contact with a young lady like herself... all I can say is HAHAHAHAHA cause she's hot now! And well, still too young for me, and still very much a little sister type person. But she's now interning in Atlanta for the summer and I'm hoping we can get together before I have to start making the journeys to Lousiville. Its nice to her all grown up and very determined young lady. She's gonna go a long way.

Also met a new and interesting person. Grace's cousin, Susan, came up and graced us with her presence. What is so funny, is she is good friends with my good friends Brooke and CHrissie (AKA Bopsy and Flopsy) of Southwind fame. It can be a very small world. Add to that Nolan and Susan knw many of the same people also.

At any rate Susan was a lot of fun and I hope to see more of her in the future.

I'm thinking the initial housing dilemma for the Louisville job is solved. FOrmer Co-worker from world has a 2 bedroom apartment I can crash at until I figure out what I want to do about the living/moving situation. Thats a releif for the moment. I do need to look for a second car maybe to base in SDF.

At any rate, this will be probably be the alst of the big partying for me for a while, as I need to conserve money and budget.

And I know i've been kinda slack about getting back to some people about making plans to hange out. I do apologize and as soon as I get a schedule I'll make sure theres some hanging out time. But until my life comes out of the flux its in, please be patient.

Alright, it seems to be movie night at the Casa de Tres Hombres... so i'm off to watch it and allow my body to dry out. I had my pre-employment pee in a cup test this moring. I'm kind of wondeirng what proof it will come out as. Hope everyone is well, and I'll be seeing everyone as much as can in the near future.


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The gig is up, the news is out, they finally found me!

The gig is up, the news is out, they finally found me!
Current mood: excited
DO you think Brown is my color?

Yesterday afternoon, I as offered a position with UPS (conditional on passing a background screening and drug test)! And while the prospects are exciting and I'm very thankful I wasoffered the job, I have a lot of nervousness. Mostly the living situation and getting to work thing, but I'm sure it will work all these things out.

I'm planning right now to try and, in true airline employee fashion, be a commuter. Meaning i live in beautiful metropolitan PTC and on the days I work I'll be crashing up in Louisville. And we'll see how that goes. At any rate, I'm going to be physically around a lot less, but I'll still be one text message away.

So, its back to the bottom of the list and being the new guy again. And while thats a little bit stressful, I'm looking forward to new challenges and new people. And then I get to show them I'm better than them. OK, thats a little bit egotistical. But you get the point. So, the stagnation in my career seems to be clearing up.

However, I have this left over FeEx wear that prolly won't get much use anymore. But I'm not getting rid of it! I appreciate all the support from everyone more than you know. So on that note, let the party start.

And we'll see what Brown can do for me! (Yeah thats cheesy but deal with).

IN other news, Transformers comes out today, and I'm thinking I'm heading out to the first showing this mornin. Since I'm awake and all. I have been eagerly awaiting the return of my childhood heroes. And I'm almost tempted to run to moms house and retreive all my bots from the attic. Yes, I still have all my transformers (or most of them). They're in boxes next to my GI Joes, Hot wheels, and He-man stuff. We could really turn the apartment here into a child of the 80's dream romper room.

I don;t often discuss politics, but I just read the news that GW commuted the sentence of "Scooter", sitine that eh thought the punishment was too harsh. Now, its was 30 months (not years) in jail. And he only obstrusted justice and due process in a criminal investigation. Oh and compromised a CIA operative,who very well could have been killed. Yeah, 30 months is way to much. I despise corruption, and I do beleive this is just another reaosn GW should be looked at for impeachment. Whats another abuse of executive powers now though??

THen again, I have no faith in democrats either.

So, thats it. My political rant for the week. Later kids!