Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Is it wrong to use some one elses wireless without their knowledge?

I've been trying to come up with something to write about for a couple days now. unfortunately nothing really comes to mind. My best blogs tend to come as rants or jut results of being in a foul mood And fortunately, I've been in a really good mood of late. Even the things that have been aggravating me of late, which I can sum up into three letters - ASA, hasn't had the normal effect. Wok is going as well as ca be expected given my status as office bitch. This week is apparently manual revision week, which beats the normal busy work.

And I do occasionally get to do some training, that helps. I had a good weekend with the pals down in PTC. And I'm looking forward to this weekend so much its about to kill me Doesn't it suck how slow time seems to creep when your ready for the weekend to come? Should be more fun for the holiday.

And then the following weekend, its even better, I'm getting company again, and a DMB concert. Things are grand. And a few of you know what, actually who, is keeping my smiling.

Did I mention I'm really looking forward to this weekend?

OK, I don't want Grace throwing up a little in her mouth so I'll change the subject. I think Ryan should be smite for spreading horrible lies. But then again, I thought I saw him riding with Witty the other day, they make a cute couple on the bike. I'm not gonna tell you which one rode bitch...

I also don;t know how long this commuting thing is going to work. Especially with the previously mentioned issues with Argyle Sillystring Argyle (I like Graces phonetic alphabet a lot better than the real one). Its very annoying. But I'm enduring for the time being.

OK, thas it for now, I'm going to explore Borders and worry about Susan ( a troubling text just cam through). I'll be home this weekend, and theres a good chance of an outing (or an inning at the apartment maybe) if anyones up for a gathering.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

fly me to the moon... or just Atlanta would be a good start.

Is it a sure sign our getting older hen you just wake up before 10 on a weekend for no apparent reason? I always remember my parents and grandparents being people who thought for some reason you needed to be up by 8 on your day off to do.... well usually nothing. But here I am, on a Sunday morning wide awake at 9:30. I don't know why, its not as if I went to bed early last night.

Anyways, good times. I've picked up some items over the past week that have made me happy. The new computer is up and running. And while I'm still getting used to the differences between Mac and PC, i'm very much enjoying it. No more typing on the lame keyboard of my roommates computer in Kentuckiana. Ironically, my typing only improved by a small margin. But its nice and light and small and easy for traveling with.

Also I picked up the newest Dave Matthews/Tim Reynolds CD and DVD. Theres some new songs, some old songs done new, and just a lot of random chatter that makes me smile. But its good music and I of course recommend it.

Now, that was the good part of the last week.. well theres more good parts but I wanted to move on to complaining fr jsut a minute.

Once again, ASA managed to cancel my flight from SDF to ATL. Now, this is the third week in a row and it's really started to piss me off. I mean, why doesn't have to be my flight? So, after that, I tried flying a different airline home via MEM. Nope, their plane had weight and balance problems, which to me means some one doesn't do very well at math. Finally, I rented a car (at a premium rate) and drove the hour and a half to Cincinnati. Luckily, we made it in time to run through the airport (which is possibly the most stupid airport layout ever) and make the flight.

And then we got to sit for an hour on the taxiway because of weather... and because the baggage throwers decided to not load our plane to make our first wheels-up time. In the end, I made it to the ATL around midnight and home shortly there after.

I'm looking into new options for flying home, as the Delta/ASA team seems to have issues flying that particular routing. And next week, being a holiday weekend, I'm thinking they'll cancel 2 flights just for good measure. And I have plans next weekend and I must be in the Atlanta/PTC area.

On the upside, I kept a pretty good attitude through the bouncing around. Well, more accurately, someone kept me in good spirits (it wasn't Marty, I know what your thinking Ryan). Its nice to have some one that brings a smile to your face on days that just, for lack of a better word, suck.

Ok, I'm off to begin my Sunday of slacking, later.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lets forget about the world and hang out in my room

This is going to be a short one.. the space bar on this computer doesn't work so well. But I'm currently in Louisville. Things are going well. Work is going ok, theres some tedium but I'm managing Theres a new laptop coming to me. Both mine are dead now. I tookthe plunge and bought an Apple this time. I'm a littleexcited about getting it in.

And last but definitely not least, theres some one out there thats making me smile alot. And been very helpfull in this time of transition in my life. I'mincredibly lucky to have her around. She makesme smile. Alot.

Well, i'll stop now before i get madand this damn computer and its lack of a fully operablespacebar. Hope everyone is doing well... I'll be home this weekend... hopefully Friday night if ASA can manage ti find a working airplane.

later :-)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cheers to big rears.

Hello from Kentuckiana. Thats really how they refer to this area. If I turn into one of "they," will some one smite me? Thanx.

So, this week is sort of moving along swiftly. Work has been ok, with the exception of the phone audit I'm doing. Basically we have about 4000 numbers stored in our telephone system, and the assitant dispatchers (aka bitches) have been tasked with checking each one to make sure we still work and we want them stored. Yay. Basically, I feel like I'm crank calling everyone. I wonder if I call Dubai and ask if their refrigerator is running thay'll laugh?

Otherwise, today I actually got some actual dispatch traing, and got to work up a few flight plans. Pretty simple stuff. WHy I'll have to go through 6 months of training??

So, if you didn't know, the new Real World season is out. This season they are inhabitng Sydney. And I've caught the first episode (the second starts in about 15 minutes) and I can pick out a few landmarks that trigger some memories. Namely topless girls on Bondi beach. The characters on the season are stereotypical real worlders. Hot girls, with slutty tendencies, and guys with 6 packs. Of course theres the token Georgian, complete with ridiculous accent. Now I know why everyone asks where my accent is. There however is no angry gay black man, some one in casting dropped the ball. I see me watching about 5 more episodes before I lose complete interest.

Otherwise, I'm still in the adjustment period. I'd be feeling lonely, if not for a torrid relationship I'm carrying on via text messages. I'm sure when she gets her texting bill, I'm cut off. I must enjoy her "company" while it continues. She does well at keeping my mood on the positive side.

I sort of started looking around online for apartments, now that I have the access to employ discounts. That should help. Hell yeah fo 10% off.

This weekend I'm making a triumphant return to Joeja, hopefully friday night. That all depends on ASA and Delta's ability to operate a flight. After last week, confidence is low. There has been a lot on my mind over the past weekend, and most of it is moving toward resolution. I've either gotten over the things that were bothering me, or I've just repressed the feelings.

At any rate, the roommate here has discovered the thermostat and I've also invested in a fan, so i'm not sweating all night. That helps my mood.

So, if anyone wants to get together over the weekend, give me a ring. I'll probably be free. Just need a ride, or maybe my personal driver Ryan will be able to cart me around.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Taming the Perilous Skies

Apparently, I worte a blog that was similar to this one but forgot to post it? Or the internet elves just ate it. Whatever. It was actually pretty interesting. A detailed account of my journey from Louisville to Atlanta. Boring you think? Nay. Let me recount that trying day...

Basically, I had decided to come home this weekend, and I was hoping to use my newfound flying abiliies. So, after leaving work, I rolled over to the hub parking lot, and UPS has this handy service where they will shuttle you to the passenger terminal. I love free airport parking. I'm planning to head home on a 6 pm flight on ASA. Thanx to a wonderful friend, I know there are about 20 seats open, and the flight after that at 645 has 15. So I'm golden right? NAY!!

Basically, the 6 pm flight was delayed. The 645 flight was on time. And the 445pm flight was now scheduled out at 730. So all the revenue passneger are up in arms to swap flight. All trying to get on the first one out. Meanwhile, the planes are just getting more and more delayed... and the times keep changing so the first flight out keeps changing. Then around 7 pm, with one plane on the ground (the original 645 departure), my flight is canelled. YAY!!!

So, I take it in stride and head to the next gate. The flight there is now running over 3 hours late. But has plenty of seats. So I wait. The plane leaves Atlanta to fly up. There was much rejoicing (yay). The plane arrives, people start gathering their belongings (they've sprawled out over the last 4 hours) and gettign ready to board. Thats when I see it.

The captain comes off and starts conversing with the gate agent. The captain has a very serious look about him. The gate agent just sort of deflates. The PACK on the plane is inop. That means no air conditioning, and apparntly it was over 100 degrees in the cabin, and the captain is not taking that plane anywhere. After my package car (Yes Susan, I said Package Car) ride on Monday, I was all for getting ont he hot box and going. A couple of bottles of water and a Jack on the rocks I would have been fine for the 45 minutes. Well, after 20 minutes or so of waiting, Delta cancels the flight. If I was paying for a ticket I would have been pissed.

Now I'm down to 2 choices, I can just drive the 7 hours or wait for the early AM browntail to Atlanta. After some quick math, I realized thayt driving would get me in about 5 AM, by which time I would have been awake for almost 24 hours. So, the browntail it is. Plus I would get in earlier. And now since I have a few hours to spare, I head back to the apartment, grab a nap, a shower, and some food. And pretty much just "chill". After i knocked the AC down to a reasonable temperature, something my roommate doesn't seem to get. Yes i know that its more expensive, but I don't like being all sweaty in bed... especially when I'm alone.

I must give major thanx to Cha's, Jersey, nd Grace for keeping me amused while I sat at the airport. It was kind of hard to get to annoyed with them making me smile.

On the upside, I was able to take my first ride on a Uniform Papa Sierra plane. For those who care, it was a DC-8-73. And thanx to Leslie for skipping out of work at 4 am to come pick me up. I owe her!!

And now I'm home. Friday I did a lot of sleeping and hanging out. Dinner with Jersye, drinks with everyone later. I did have a brilliant idea to take the bike out. For those who may be wondering what its like to ride a motorcycle in 100 degree weather, find a restroom with the hand dryers, put your face in front of the outflow, and turn it on. Thats about as close as I can think of. Good times.

Well, I have an exciting day of doing nothing much planned. Until later.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

everyday things change, and everyday they stay the same.

I don't particularly have anything interesting to say. Its a million degrees here. Well, it hit 102 today. Apparently a new record for Kentuckiana (Thats seriously what they call the area). And really, the people at work were montioring the offical temp all day, and heat index to go with it. I say once you hit 3 digits, it just doesn't matter anymore. Its too damn hot. Thats pretty much what the thermometer should say.

If I had to deal with this heat all the time, I would probbaly go insane. I guess that sorta explains the Arabs... and Ryan.

So i'm doing some laundrying. Well, the machines are. I'm pretty much just sitting here in the air. And thats another thing, the roommate here and I have a difference of opinion on the meaning of room temperature. He thinks it means some where aroun 82. I say he's off by at least 10. Other reasons to find my own place, he seems to come off as a know it all in the office, and after a month or employment, has earned quite a negative reputation. And I don't need to be guilty by association.

Otherwise, I'm looking forward to being back in the PTC this weekend. I never thought I would say that. But I am. And today, wiht my newfound access to the brown computer system, I was checking out some of the places I could take off for the weekend... lots of possibilites. Who knows where i ma show up. Be afraid.

Thats about all I have to say, another 30 minutes to hang out till the laundry is done, then its dinner and maybe an early night. Probably not, but I think I should at least try. Anyways, I hope see everyone this weekend. Keep cool if u can.

Monday, August 6, 2007

It’s hot! Damn Hot!! Africa Hot!! I saw a little guy in a brown uniform burst into flames!

I made it through Monday, and have lived to tell the tale. Today was my opportunity to spend the day witha packgae car driver. YOU know those big brown trucks that deliver stuff to your house? They're not called trucks, they are call Package Cars. Good to know stuff.

And I've now taken that career option of the list. While in some ways I miss the outdoors job and sweating and doing physical labor, I don't miss it that much. ANd today in Louisville it was very near 100 degrees. And every one seemed to want to point out that it was hot to us, as if we couldn't figure such climatic extremes on our own.

But at any rate, I do have my yeas of drum corps tot hank for preparing me for one more hurdle in life. Tha being you can survive in the heat wiht proper care and hydration. I think the liter of water to ebign the day, and the occaisonal water fountain stops along wiht a mix of Powerade and Gatorade kept me from dying. So, I managed to stay alive, and actually kind of enjoyed it. We did have a slow day so that helped.

Now the roommate on the other hand here... much complaining. Of course it started this morning with a less than cheery attitude. Mine was more peppier apparently, which meant I got sent on the cushier downtown routing. Which also afforded the opportunity to get to know about 4 square blocks of the city, and the type of women work in them.

The highlight of the day was a delivery to a gentlemans club. And of course, we had to wait for a manager to come out and sign for the letter. All the while a young lady was disrobing on stage. SO there are perks to the job. Just not enough to make me want to do it fulltime.

otherwise, I'm looking forward to being back in PTC over the weekend. Perhaps some of u may come out and play? But for now, I'm off to dreamland to frolic in a world where I am king. I won't go into anymore detail, because there may be children reading.

Oh, and World finally sent me money... about damn time!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Theres no room, no space for rent in this town.

I'm resolving myself o the fact that the neighbors her ein Kentucky hate me and thats why they password protect their wireless networks. Hence to do any meaningful internet work I have to pack up my laptop (not the sleek silver ligthweight one, but the 15 lbs behemoth that I thought was never leaving my desk) and head to the nearest Borders (my current location) or STarbucks to make use of the hotspot there. But on the upside it does justify the money i spend to keep that access.

I'm spending the weekend here in Louisville. My schedule next week was changed to a Monday thru Thursday rotation so it was econmically unfeasable to drive home, jsut to drive back. I'm still missing an ID and Jumpseat privileges. ANd thanx to the fine accounting department at World Airways, I didn't get paid this week. So i couldn't pay the gas to get home.

hopefully all this will be resolved in due time and I'll be a much happier camper. I'm realizing more and more I'm not a big fan of the living situation. Its more tolerable during the week when the roommate here is working opposite schedules and I can prett much roam free. But on the weekends, I find that i miss having my own stuff and own retreats. It really does make a difference to my comfort level not having my own stuff around. And for the first time ever, I'm living with a complete stranger, and thats adding some anxiety to the mix.

So I'm feeling the need to find my own place here. WHich will in turn mean I'll be leaving my place in PTC. ANd theres a whole new set of issues with that.

I had planned to explore some of the Louisville area this weekend, but with the funding shortfalls, I'm putting that off. Otherwise, Monday I get to be a UPS guy. Complete with brown uniform and boxes in hand. SO that should be exhausting. Its like a million degrees up here and they don't put AC in the package cars (don't call them vans.. ). So, hopefully I'll get through it without completely embarrassing myself. Though the chances are slim. I do very little with out completely embarrassing myself.

SO for anyone out there, I'll be back in PTC next weekend. I'm not sure which place to call home now. but I'll be around this weekend if anyone wants to come play. CHances are I'll need a ride if we do hang out.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The good ole days weren'talways good, and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems

The good ole days weren'talways good, and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems
Current mood: listless
Facing the possibilty I'll have to spend the weekend here in Louisville has me kind of down. I was looking forward tog etting home, plus I have things to do down there. Namely get my last paycheck from Whiskey Oscar Alfa... oh wait, I don't work there anymore... from World. THeres a slim chance it will be direct deposited, which would be great seeing how I kind of need the money in my account.

Otherwise, I'm getting inot the groove a tthe new place, as much as I can. THeres some kind of screw up getting my information from the background check computer to the people who need it to give me an ID and network login. SO basically, all I'm doing is watchign toher people work or doing manual revisions. Such is life. There is talk of possibly being trained to dispatch in the next few months, which would be wonderful. Ironically I've been doing this for years, I get to be trained to do it again.

Oh well, new planes new rules.

Nohting much else is happening, it seems to be hoter than hell up here, Hell being PTC. I thought it was suppose tog et cooler the farther you head form the equator. Wrong. And its not even a dry heat.

I've worke dout to keep staying where I am, for a minor rent. Basically I'm now paying for 2 apartments. THis is going to suck, Hopefully soon I can get jumpseat privelages soon and give up the gas bills to drive back and forth. Hopefully.

Anyways, I managed to get the Taco Mac jacket, I reached the 325 number. I know longer need to pay for expensive beers to add to my list. No more prizes come my way. Now it would just be bragging rights. ANd again, money is tight so... it'll be cheap beer.

Otherwise, I'm currently using my hot spot account to access the internet, which means a drive to Borders or STarbucks. The network I was stealing internet from has be come p[assword protected... I suppose they noticed me.

I guess I should starting looking for a permant place here and/or a new person to replace me in the PTC apartment. Which sucks, that where all my stuff is, and I don't want to move it again. But I suppose soon enough I'm going to have to realize that I am relocating, and I'll have a new home soon. Hopefully things will settle in soon enough...

Thats it for today, no rants or revelations. Maybe next time.