Thursday, April 26, 2007

Reading Departure signs in some big airport reminds of the places I've been

For Chapter 3 of "Thing Jamie Bitches About", see Charles' most recent blogs. I must say I agree with most of the sentiments expressed there.

Now, for something more positive. I'm about 2 shots of tequila away from running away to the beach, and being a bum. For those who don't know, I went to a Jimmy buffett concert last night. Its quite an interesting audience, a pretty good mix of all ages and all walks fo life. And for a few hours, we all cast off the rigors of day to day life and cruised to Margaritaville and soaked up the sun.

Well, the lights, it was an indoor concert. This was the second JB concert I've been too. Didn't have the best seats, but they were great and I had a great time. I didn't really drink much (this is where Jackie doesn't say anything to contradict me) since I had to work early this morning.

Of course, the Caribbean flavor of the music has me dreaming of beaches and steel drums. And i think a cruise to the Bahamas would be fabulous to get a good fill of salt air and beach drinks. I may just get "left" in the islands.

So, now I'm back in the office and working on very little sleep, and in an uncharacteristically good mood. Even for being at work. With the departure of one of the dispatch types, hopefully I'll be able to score some ample OT money and pay off some bills and make a few acquisitions I've been eyeing. And more importantly, get the hell outta town.

And with all that said... I love me some Jackie!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chapter 2... Forgive for I have sinned, given the chance I'll do it again.

Chapter 2... Forgive for I have sinned, given the chance I'll do it again.
Current mood: sore
Chapter 2 of "Things Jamie Bitches About"... Responsibility.

I read an article on Yahoo! news about the founder of the Girls Gone Wild and his latest exploits. Apparently he was busted for yelling at plaintiffs in a court settlement meeting. ANd well, tht is unexcusable. Thats not the part of the article that got to me.

It was the part about the plaintiffs, who apparently were in Panama CIty Beach, Florida and at the time underage. However, it seems they were filmed by the GGW crew baring their goodies for all to see. When they found themselves on the video (or their dad/brother/uncle/cousin/boyfriends/etc..) they were upset and filed charges.

Now, girls... I know a few things about being in bars and watching women flash the audience. It's not uncommon in some of the circles i run to spend an entire day in such situations. Against my will of course. And you really think some one is not taking a picture or video?? In the world of miniature cameras and cell phone video, chances ar eyou'r egoing to end up in some one's private porn collection (at best) or splashed across the internet (at worst).

And ladies, the Girls Gone Wild film crew isnt using your mini cell phone camera for video, or even a small hand held. They have a freaking camara thats huge! ANd these girls got busted. They must have been given alcohol (or something stronger) by the film crew to do what they did. Right...

S, heres a trend that concerns me. I obviously didn't do that. I must have been taken advantage. I would never have done anything like that. ANd you see it all over, co workers, on TV, people filing lawsuits because they smoked for 50 years and (surprise) developed lung cancer. It's sad! You did it, you need to deal with the consequences.

One or the DXrs is leaving. I just got an email about it. And while I can say I'm not hearbroken, I hate that someone who shuns responsibility (see a common motif) gets the new job. I can't wait till he tries some his stuff with the the people in Louisville.

Ok... the end of todays rant. I again had another productive day. Washed my car for the year. Played tennis with JR, and he beat me. But i have to say its one of the better games I've played in a longtime. JR just played better. Thats not too bad, I can only get better playing against better opponents Other than that, its Jimmy Buffett tomorrow night... I wanna get wasted away in Margaritaville... damn working at 3 AM.

OK, its naptime. I'm still waiting for comments from prospect single girls... I seem to be inline to get married next since it's apparently the in thing to do these days.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Chapter 1..

I think I ate too much. COUlda been the mint cookies and cream milkshake. It was so yummy though. Now I'm just trying to stay awake. I know if i go to sleep right now, it will not only be lame, but I will wake up at some ridiculous hour of the night and be awake until I fall asleep again.

The weekend, what can I say. I went out a lot last week and I'm plannign to not do as much of that this week, mainly because money should be conserved for the big break coming up. I'm more and more looking forwar to the boat ride. If only to smell fresh salt air and lounge about in the sun. Of course today I lounged about in the sun, but it's just not the same with out the sea air. Though I did have a hot threesome by the pool.

Well, I did, but I don't think Grace or Elise knew what hit them... or really what was going on. Or course, it was my imagination and I suppose me laying on the chair between the 2 hot, scantily clad girls doesn't exactly qualify as a threesome. But i can have my dirty thoughts right?

Thats about all I did today. Lay by the pool sunning myself (because tan fat guys look better than pasty white fat guys). Oh i did manage to do laundry and wash the motorcycle.

OK, before I get into mundane things... lets talk about things that get under my nerves. People who talk alot about things they don't know. A co-worker is an embodiment of this. His opinion on everything is almost exactly wrong. I know that may be a nit too severe, but what really gets on my nerves is the ability to totally beleive anything on Fox News is the gospel, without question.

I'm not saying that his staunch republicanism is wrong, but bindly following any idealogy is something that I don't understand. I can see him pushing Jews into a train cart in 1943 and not question where they were going or why, because Adolf said it was the way to do things.

The part that got under my skin this week was the discussion of the tragic events at Virginia Tech, and how everyone could have done something to stop it. ANd of cours ehis thoughts on the subject were, less than well informed. Essentially in the end, if you followed his logic, we should all lock ourselves in our homes and not get out... we might get hurt.

Again, I'm not always right, I've made a few bad calls in my life (no one feel they need to point out these), but at least I think I have a fairly open mind on many issues today. Perhaps, if we all tried to understand each tohers point of view and way of life, we'll learn to allg et along in the end. Thats my Cumbya (or however its spelled) moment.

Thas one thing that's been annoying me of late, and we'll tackle the rest in a succession blogs called "Things Jamie Bitches About". Perhaps that will be the name of the book.

However, a voice from the west is telling me to think more positive and it will help. I'm really trying to try such things, but its just not working for me. I'm working on it though. And I may try and follow Grace's recommendation... and slow down the alcohol intake leading up to the cruise. Which, my intake is signifacntly lower than it was a couple years back.

OH and lastly I should tell everyone about my new lawn ornament. Apparenly on sunny days, one of the residents down stairs come sout in his lawn chair an gets a little sunlight. I know I'm not by any means an ideal physical speciment, but really... why does the 70+ years feel the need to sit in front of my apartment building in his speedo. UGh.

Thats it for tonight, stay tuned for chapter two of the big book of bitching. ANd sorry for the typing errors, I'm not proofreading tonight. ANd if of you readers are looking for a fun date, I'm available!! Leave comments!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I throw my faith to next good thing that comes my way.

I have so many great ideas to rant about at exactly the times I'm not able to sit down and put the words down on the electronic version of paper. And now, when I have the "free time" to do so, can't think of a damn thing. I suppose its been a weekend of drama. But luyckily it mostly doesn't concern me. There's some family issues I need to take up with a sibling, and a friend who had a bit of a personal issue that had me very conerned, but everything is going to work out.

Let's start what what I did. Well, there was the jaunt to Anniston for lunch at the Longhorn. Yes, I know that may seem like a long way to go for a Longhorn burger but since we had nothing better to do, and the weather was nice, Charles and I took the bikes over. It worked out to about 200 miles for the day. Our waitress had the most intense southern accent I've heard in quite a while, it was almost comical. You know how some people exaggerate the southern accent to be funny? Well... that's what she sounded like.

The rest of the weekend consisted of outings and social activites. I did have a lovely evening Sunday with my neice. oddly enough, she's the only immediate family I connect with. Maybe its because we're both sort of the more liberal thinking types.

I'm really disturbed by the Virginia Tech events. While I don't know anyone personally involved, the entire episode is troubling. It's not the first time a derranged student went over the edge and senselessly murdered a bunch of innocent people, but it't disturbing. What is it that made this guy crack and think that mass murder was a good idea?

Now, for something more cheerful... I'm sooo looking forward to going away for a week next month. I need a vacation. Its way overdue and I have too much vacation time accrued. I also found out we're possibly doing trips to Santiago, Chile soon. I'm looking forward to that, as it will definitely be on my travel agenda. Maybe look at a side trip to Easter Island to see the big giant heads. hrrrmmm...

And on the subject of travel, programming note. On Thursday, the travel channel runs a show called "1000 places to See Before You Die." This week they're heading down under. Everyone surely knows my love for all things Aussie, and the preview commercial caught my eye as they were at the place where I went bungee jumping. Or as I like to put it, hurled my self of an 150 tower with a rubber and attached to my ankles. Exciting. I've put pictures up from that momentous occasion. I'm working on getting my bridge climbing pictures scanned next. I really need to get back down there. It was such a happy place.

Not that last week was bad, but it had moments of extreme unhappiness. Hopefully this week will be better.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Afraid of change, afraid of staying the same.

Afraid of change, afraid of staying the same.
Current mood: lazy
Isn't theres an old Chinese proverb about living in interesting times? Well, seems I've managed to do that. While living my normal humdrum life of late, there have been moments of excitement. Yes work is still the same old crap, except add the slim possibilty of the new owners moving the company or just firing us all. And don't think some of the more easily excitable employees aren't panicking. I do however find some amusement.

Of interest, I've been talking to some people of late that had seemingly dropped of the face of the earth, for one reason or another. And its been nice catching up with their lives. It's kind of amusing to take note of how they have had things change in their world, or not change as the case may be.

After a while of not speaking, for reaosns I won't get into, I've restarted conversations with my friend in Australia. Gaylene (or Gaie now as she goes by) has become a tarot card reader, and in my case a fairly accurate one. She still has the same troubl finding good men as before, and the same affinity for good wine or a bottle of Bailey's. But my conversations with her tend to make me want to use better grammar and actually proofread (since our conversations are essentially all emailed for economical reasons). And since she seems have had much better grammatical education than I, I don't want to look like an idiot.

And then last week, and again this morning, I received an out of nowhere call from California Jennie. The reason we refer to her as "California Jennie" are obvious, and since I know way to many Jennie's (or Jenn's or Jenny's or Jennee's) I have to have some way for my feeble mind to keep them seperate. But I digress..

I haven't heard from California Jenn since last year around this time, when she dropped of the face of the planet. We talked for about 30 minutes or so and just generally caught up on the last year. And while she's moved and gotten engaged and a real job, I'm still doing the same things. Except i moved. She seems to be doing well and I hope the trend continues for her.

I also talked to Jodimarie for the first time in months. She's the only ex -- whatever I still have an open dialogue with. Apparently I broke up with her in a way that I did come off as an ass... or that I wasn't an ass. She's such a sweet girl and now a mommy. And thats so good for her. It was nice talking to her and I always come away fwith a smile.

So, thats whats going on. Appaerntly we're dogsitting here this weekend. I suddenly feel we should name the apartment something clever and catching, something like Xanadu but completely different. So, Emma (or as Grace refers to her... the Devil in Canine form) and I are watching The Girls Next Door. I'm sure Emma's mom would be quite disappointed at her watching this show, but we're bonding. And Emma's mom isn't here to stop us. I would even offer her a beer if I had an extra one. I'm such the corrupter.

Joe asked me the other day how I as getting along having roommates. With these 2, its more like I just have visitors who drop by at random. Since we all seem to have schedules that don;t ever have us home at the same time. ANd looks like Jon is off to LAX for the month of May... I wonder if I can sublease his room for some extra cash.

Otherwise, I have some social commentaries that have been rolling around in my head, but I'll save them for later when I'm really in a mood for ranting. I've been feeling more nostalgic of late, looking back and thinking about some of the really kewl things I've done, and the kewl people I've met, and why it is I spell kewl in the annoying way I do. I blame Brook for that.

So i've had a pretty kickin good time for the most part, and I need to focus on that mroe, and having more kickin good times. Last night was one of them, and it was just a venture for free liquor. But i had good company. And thats the most I can ask for these days. Well, no I can ask for more... and I should get it all.

Theres some changes I want to make... more than just putitng the stripper pole in the dining room. So we'll focus on that, and maybe a new hobby. My boss has taken an interest in home beer brewing. Thats sort of got my interest... making my own beer at home. Theres a certain potential there for fun. And it's kind of like cooking. I still need to buy that guitar... since the last one I ordered never materialized... at least i never was charged for it.

And lastly, I really like the new apartment because i can leave the blacony door open and listen to the rain without having the annoynace of cars coming by ever 5 minutes and peering in. Of course I do have to resist the urge to throw things off and see what happens when they hit the ground.

That's enough rambling... later kids.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

The snow is falling and friends are calling yoo-hoo!

Odd things and strange days... that the last few days for me. Where to start? Lets go with work,

We at Whiskey Oscar Alfa have been acquired by some big company that acquires companies. So we have new owners. They say nothing is planned to change in how we operate, which can be seen as good and bad news. The good is that I'll still be continues to be employed and located in beautiful Metropolitan Peachtree CIty for the foreseeable future. The bad is there are some ways the company should be run better. Alas, people are still ina low level of panic about their futures... I had a beer and am ignoring it. I like my way.

Last night, we had snow in midtown Atlanta. Yes I said snow. And not small little flurries, it was big flakes. The snowing only lasted a brief perion, but it was unusual and the first snow fall I've seen this season. Ironically its way after the winter weather season should have been long gone. It's freakin April,where that global warming Al Gore is promising me? But I liked the snow..

And you may ask why I was in midtown Atlanta last night. Well, let me blame Grace. Because it was all her idea. She had a pal in town visiting and thought we should go up to meet and hang out with his friends. The started by dinner and drinks set to traditonal Irish music at Limerick's in the Highlands. We met Graces lovely friend Jessica there and waited to be told when to meet Grace's boys.

So we met them at Blakes by Piedmont park. This is where the weirdness and fun really started. If you're not familiar with Blake's, it is probably one of the more well know bars for members of the alternative sexes... a gay bar if you will. And a gay time was had (ha ha ha.. puns). So, we walked in and immediately were handed shots. That doesn't suck.

Now some of you may ask how I felt being a straight man in a gay bar. Well, I felt like a peice of meat in a den of hungry dogs who were just salivating over me. I felt objectified and leered at. I would also tell you thats all a lie.

I did feel a little awkward and out of place, but that was a result of being terribly out of shape and out of style compared to the rest of the males in there. And i think I may have been hit on once or twice.. and thats re-assuring that I could always have an option. But one I don't see me excercising. I like girls, too much. Grace's friends and their friends were all very nice and we had a blast. The drag queen show was most amusing, if not a little disturbing at times. Again, this is a family blog and I wontt move into the details. If you wanna know, ask me.

After a few shots, a few beers, and a few drag queen routines the group decided to head to IHOP for yummy pancakes. It was a fun night. More fun than I've had in a while, and despite the occasion guy rubbing a little too much on me... no harm was done. I think this is as close as I can experience to what girls feel when they get molested in bars by us straight types. Oh, and just to be fair, there were a fair number of hotty girls in there... and they weren't together.

Today me and Jersye ventured to the Ted for a baseball game. And after a ittle bit of annoyance with the parking and traffic situation, we found a nice perch at the 755 club and watched the game. It was too cold for baseball in April, froze my extremeties. But I did expereince the 755 Club which was great, waitresses and a full bar... with baseball to watch. Good times. Thanx to Jersey for allowing me accompany her. And the braves won!!

So its Saturday night, and it looks like a night at home chilling. Which is good because money is on the tight side for the moment. Thats about it. Its been quite an eventful weekend. I hope everyone has an enjoyable Easter Holiday. Later

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sleeping with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight

I suppose I should just accept that on the days I work, I should expect to sleep no more than 5 hours in a continuous manner. SO far I'm up to 2 hours, 5 hours, and 4 hours in the last three days. And last night a mosquito decided to move in my room with me and use me as a buffet. And the little bugger didn't even pay rent. So I killed him. It had to be done, and I have no remorse.

My attempts to have the positive work attitude are ongoing, though more often than not the I'm not maintaining the attitude more than a couple hours. My boss suggested i work harder on the attitude, or find a new job. I neglected to say I've been trying on both fronts. And I find it funny, that we both have less than positive attitudes.

And other things i think are on my mind, between other work stuff and other personal stuff. Rumors still flying of a buy out of our company, and issues with the apartment are sucking. The apartment ones should be the easier to deal with, Just bring the MX guys in and set them lose on doorknobs and dishwashers. And the work thing, I guess if we get bought out, i'll go where they offer me a job... which the thought of having to move for a job i don't so much like kinda blows.

Hopefuly the cruise will be a relaxing experience and some fun. I need to get away for a while and I think that may help. At least its something fun to look forward to. And after this month I should really start reaping the financial benefits of the roommate situation, and I can start really paying off the debt.

Thats about it really, i'm off to vegetate a little before work. Later

Sunday, April 1, 2007

"To some it's a six-pack, to me it's a Support Group. Salvation in a can!" - Dave Howell

I wish I had known this morning it was April Fools day, I would have probably played a fabulous joke on some one. As it is now, I'm not really in the mood and there's no one around to screw with.

Some how I've managed to not write anything in a while. Its not that nothing is going on, more the opposite. I just don't know what to say about it. I seem to have moved all my stuff (with great help) and we have actually got most of the apartment put together. I'm trying to remember what its like to actually live with some one again. So far, nothing insurmountable has come up, but I still kind of feel that I've just got a couple visitors. Maybe it helps that Joe and John tend to disappear for days at a time. No offense to the guys, but my last roommate had a much more fabulous ass than either one of my current ones.

Otherwise, I'm still a little bitter at a certain airline for not hiring me, perhaps I should get over it... maybe later. And now there are rumors and indications that Whiskey Oscar Alfa may be up for sale and interested parties have been in town. I don't what frightens me more, the prospect of being out of a job because the execs took their millions and ran, or the idea of having to work in a new city, and not a fabulous one. Currently Indianapolis is the leading candidate with a close second being Tulsa. Neither one of those give me warm fuzzy feelings. (To those of you who may be reading this in Indianopolis or Tulsa, I'm sure your towns are wonderful, but the fact you're reading my blog should be an indication theres not much happening there).

So, other than that the weather here has been pretty good. It's only marred by the insane amount of pollen. It rained a little today so maybe that will help. Though its nice that everyhting outside is covered in a most dull shade of yellow. I did manage to take a ride on the bike yesterday, just around the area. It was a nice therapy session, even though I was nice and bleary eyed form the pollen when I made it home.

It seems this month will be the month of me working more than I want to. But I need some money to pay for some of my play time coming up. Though it looks like my trip to BRU and ADD may be in doubt, since people seem to actually want to pay to fly there. I'm have this urge to leave the country, as if I just robbed a bank and need to get away from the law. I haven't done this, but it sounds like a good idea.

And on the good news front, I've started talking to my friend in Australia again, and se makes me smile. I'm going on a cruise, and that's going to be fun. Hopefully I won't fall off the boat. Seems to be happening alot. Though the last couple the fell off seemed to be doing something very naughty... and that may just make it worth it. That has to be a great story to tell your kids... "I met your mother on a cruise ship, and about 3 hours and 4 shots of Jeiger after we met, we started working practicing to start a family.. and well we were on the balcony and the deck was slippery and I got a little carried away and next thing you know... oops.. over we went!". How much more romantic can you get?

Well, I think I'm gonna try and get a nap in befor ei have to head to work tonight. woohoo. I really would like to have a positive attitude tonight. I wonder how long it will last.