Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh, my life is changing everyday, in every possible way

I'm apparently not clinically insane. Or maybe I am and that's what "they" are looking for. I received my confirmed ticket, so I guess we'll see what happens next. But first...

BIG CONGRATS!!!!! to Grace and Jonathan. It seems that along with a move to Vietnam they've decided to get married. I don't know when yet, but this allegedly happening very soon. Just some more of the storm of change that seems to be sweeping through my world. I have a feeling they're going to be insufferably happy and lovey for a long long time. :-)

Now, the big question on my mind, do I need to find a new fake girlfriend??? Grace has been my long time fake girlfriend, and I've made the resolution to not date married women anymore (I know, seems like something one wouldn't need to have a resolution for, but it happens). And I'm not sure if fake dating is covered. Of course there is the fact that Grace is going to be in Vietnam for a year or so.

So, at least on a temporary basis, I'm accepting applications for "fake girlfriend". The job is pretty tough. You have to be available for random concerts, live within the local area (in this case, "local" means within a 2 hour plane ride, though exceptions can be made if applicant can show reason to expand the "local" area). There also have to be random days shopping, fashion consulting, and general "arm charm" duties. No salary is included, but there are several perks to the job, which may include but are not limited to: free meals, all expense paid outings, the occasional bottle of premium alcohol, and Christmas and birthday gifts. Please contact the author of this blog to relay your interest.

Now, the complication to this is my life is currently in flux. I suppose I should lift the veil on the big mystery. Most everyone knows anyways, but I will ask no one mention this to my current employer or (more importantly) my mother. Seems I've been shortlisted for a position with an airline in Dubai. I fly over for an interview (and assessments... two days worth apparently) on the 4th of July. Honestly I was sort of luke warm about the idea when I first applied, but the more I've thought about it the more interesting it sounds. Plus there's the tax free salary, housing allowance, and flight benefits to place US carriers can't even spell. All money will need to be negotiated, and we'll see how the whole thing goes. It's all a bit exciting...

And overwhelming. The idea of up and moving to another country and setting up shop is a pretty big undertaking. I've been checking out places online, and reading internet message board posts by current employees. I'm trying to get a feel for the pitfalls as well as the pluses. Unfortunately most the input on the internet is from pilots. And man do they whine a lot. I was sort of taken back by a lot of their issues. Almost to the point of being discouraged from even pushing forward. But then I sat back and thought... they have the same complaints as pilots from my current airline... and few others.. for the most part. There are some more specific issues, but mostly boil down to not being able to afford the lifestyle they had hoped. Keep in mind though, they are there with a family and paying for schools and what not. I'm not planning for that to be an issue. I also have had some correspondence with some non pilot types, and they seem to be saying that for a single guy, it's easily doable and can be a real experience. But they have also been very helpful in pointing out some things that can get you in trouble... nothing unmanagable.

On top of that, I was made aware of another employment opportunity that may be out there in the next couple weeks. It wouldn't require as long of a move, but the location is sketchier by most accounts. Elvis lived there, so it can't be all bad. We'll see what happens with that, and if the rumors are true.

No for some "what I had for lunch" blogging, I spent last weekend in the Washington DC area. I felt it was a good idea to get out of town ans see some friends, and the long time adopted little sister formerly known as Jennie Mills graciously hosted me. It was nice to get out, and just relax. It was a very laid back weekend, and I thank Jennie and Aaron for being such great hosts, considering they've had little time without guests of late.

I had the time to venture into Washington for some sight seeing. It's a great town and there's so much you can do for free. I of course hit the Air & Space museum on the mall, being the aerosexual I am. Much of what's there hasn't changed since I first went as a child, but there are some new and interesting exhibits. Interesting to me anyways. I do love my airplanes. After that, I strolled across the mall to the National Gallery of Art. I did a quick walk through, mainly for the air conditioning. I would like to get back and see more in the future, but I wanted to check out the National Archives.

So much is said about this or that being "unconstitutional" and how the founding fathers would be so disheartened at the course the country has taken. While I believe there may be some credence some of that (and not to pick on anyone one side, both political parties are, in my opinion, F'ed up). Anyway, I stood in a 45 minute line to check out the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. It's impressive to think of what these documents have spurred. And even more impressive that they're still being used as a basis for our government. Consider that England is still working on a "constitution" of it's own, and several countries tend to rewrite there's as often as they change regimes. SO yes, the founding fathers got something right... they created a very fluid document that can change with the times. I recommend you check it out... and i recommend you read them before telling me what things are "unconstitutional".

We also took a trip to Baltimore and meandered around the harbour for a short time, mainly to get my HRC pin. But it was nice to just hang out with Jennie. She's still awesome after all these years, and looks the same. I saw a quote yesterday, "Friendship is when people know all about you but still like you anyway." Luckily, I have a lot of those. And they let me stay at their houses on short notice :-).

And now I'm back in Louisville, and thanx to a displacement call this morning I'm off work until the 12th of July. Should be a busy couple weeks though. I'm looking forward to it... except I come back and work 13 of the next 15 days. I guess you gotta pay for the playing. Later

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rocking the casbah???

There's an old Chinese proverb, May you live in interesting times. OK, I'm so sure it's Chinese but it is a proverb. Now are interesting times. There's lots of change going around, and I don't mean nickels , dimes, and pennies. Many of you know of what I'm referring, and if you don't well ask me. I'm not at liberty to make announcements concerning other people and their lives, but still.. it's exciting.

And scary. Change can be fun, but it can be a little disconcerting. Giant upheavals tend to leave lasting effects. Sometimes, I wouldn't mind it being about 4 years ago. Those were some fun times. Living in the apartments (i say apartments because my time was seemingly equally split between mine, the boys' apartment, and the girls' apartment) in the metropolitan PTC area. Random Thursday night Grey Goose and Grey's Anatomy gatherings, occasionally with Zaxby's and late night swimming. or even better, B-52 trivia night. Who remembers the old hippy-ish couple and their dancing displays?

But oh well, it seems all good things must end, but it's not the end of good things. I have a lot of hope and excitement for the coming month or so.

So, now that all the mysterious crap is over, hopefully some full out announcements will be coming soon... people moving, marriages, TanJoe having a baby... basic stuff.

Otherwise, this week has been pretty uneventful. It amuses me that "uneventful" week at work si when only have to deal with one or two emergencies. I don't mean the "I gotta get this TPS report done by noon or my boss will have my ass" emergencies, but the kind where fire trucks meet the plane on landing. Perhaps I've become a little to blasee (or however it's spelled) about such things.

But this week should be different. Brian is flying up for a few days and some DMB. Since DMB isn't touring next year (and there's a chance I won't be near anywhere they would tour if they change their mind) I better enjoy it. I'm thinking we may need to hit some of the bourbon trail in the meanwhile.

And it's world cup time. For a country that supposedly doesn't get into soccer, the bar was packed yesterday at 1 for the US/England match. I haven't been in a place that into one particular sporting event in a while. It was 5 deep at the bar for the entire game. I don't much about soccer, but I know that we were expected to be soundly beaten, and it came out a tie. So go US!

And for all you people who say a game is considered high scoring at 3-1 one is lame, think of it this way.. when was the last time you complained that a football game ended at 21-7??? Same thing. So today, once Brian is fetched, I'm thinking maybe the Australia/Germany match. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OYE OYE OYE! I even have a nice Aussie Cricket jersey (best I could do) on.

And by the way, the Spain/Morocco trip has been called off due to some new committments to be some where not in Spain or Morocco. But, I still have almost 2 weeks off, and with the exception of 4 days I have nothing planned. So, I'm looking for some suggestions on vacation ideas, and keep it cheap.. I have to buy a new suit this week... unexpected expenses suck.

Well, ASA (excuse me, Atlantic Southeast Airlines... apparently they're no longer ASA... sorry Acey friends) finally got Brian aloft... late. C'ya