Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some men like fishin, some men like fowlin, some like to hear a cannon ball roarin'

Current mood:energetic

Me, I like sleeping.

Sorry, couldn;t get the full subject the space provided.

It's been a long time since i've wrote anything here. I've kind of shunned MySpace for the world of Facebook. Not to say a lot hasn't happened, both in my little world in the great big one. Let's sit shiva and chat.

FIrst off, I would like to thank Fox News, the fair and balanced network for consrvative American values, for spending the pat week or so running Miss California strutting in a string bikini every five mnutes. And thank god for her expressing an opinion, or else we'd still be in the middle of a Swine Flu pandemic. WHatever happened to that?? Oh yeah it wasn't a big deal and was blown completely out of proportion by the major news networks.

So yes, some one of little influence on anyone expressed an opinion based on her religioud beleifs in a country based on freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Let's persecute! Whatever happened to the old pageants where they asked about world peace and other stuff they had no power to change? But at least there smore eye candy on the news, should be good for ratings.

Enough of that. So, I just pickd up an OT shift for next week, woohoo, cha-ching. MOr actully, mor bank time to use later for an extended weekend. There is talk about voyages to Eastern Europe... hrrmm. I'm defintiely getting the travel bug again. Next month will be 2 years without a new stamp in my passport. And accoridng to Tanjoy I have to hit three countries this year.

Speaking of TanJoe, I hosted the lovely couple for the Kentucky Derby. I had a lot of fun having them here, whether they enjoyed it or not. It wa sa long week, starting with a quick trip to Atlanta for a Brave's game, followed by Dave Matthews Band, and a visit to the Sweetwater Brewery. All were fun times and I wanna get back to do it all again. Thanx to Grace and JoHnathOn for putting me up and shuttling me about.. again! They do rock! That thursday, the Joe half of TanJoe flew back with me on a big brown plane, and we went to Oaks day on Friday.

Let's talk Derby for a second. FIrst of all, everyone needs to come for this, it's the kind of thing people should do once. It's a bg party with ridiculous hats and the town is just fun. Now, I'm willing to provide housing for a number of people. Second, while Derby is on Saturday, you should really plane to be here for Friday, which is the Kentucky Oaks race (among 10 other races) which is for the phillies. It's ike mini derby in that people dress up, big hats are worn, and theres a lot of fun. But the crowds a lower and grandstand seats are affordable.

Other than that, I've been here for the most part. WOrking, school, and gym. That's my life in Louisvlle. But summer is coming, and I'm looking forward to getting out, and having visitors... so come!

That's about it really, nothing else of much intrest to report. I think I'm off to go read a book, later!