Sunday, March 30, 2008

It’s the size that counts

I normally don’t brag, but I just feel everyone should know... It’s big, i mean really big. I hadn’t noticed that much until today, but damn. I mean Susan told me that it was of a good size and she seems to really enjoy it. Seriously, my bedroom is huge.

I really hadn’t noticed how much space is in there before today. Before moving my furniture in i had no real reference to the size, and up till today there has been boxes and stuff cluttering the space. But I made some headway into arranging and organizing today, and theres is an incredible amount of space in there. It’s roughly the size of my first apartment in The Highlands in Atlanta. OK, maybe not that spacious, but even with all my stuff in there, it seems empty.

Otherwise, I went out Friday night with a couple coworkers, and it was a good time. A nice little bar, and liv band that didn’t suck. They weren’t overly loud so we could still converse. After imbibing an excessive amount and I had a horrible hangover headache all Saturday. I managed tog et a cople things done, but mostly I napped until it was time to go out again.

Yes, I fought through the headache to go out drinking again, though this time there was much less involved. The same group, plus some extras, met to watch some March madness. Unfortunately U of L lost to UNC. But we still had a good time, and then went out to another place afterwards.

I’m also noticing that some of these real shabby hole in the wall looking places are really quite nice on the inside. There’s lots of potential for a fun time here. And speaking of, the big airshow is coming up soon!

I really don’t have much else to comment on, I have laundry to finish up and dinner to go foraging for. Even after tossing so much stuff before moving up here, I’m still throwing crap away. It’s hard to detach myself from some things, lot of them gifts or they were gathered in various journeys. I’m working on new displaying ideas too.

I have a wee of training coming up, it’s starting to get kind of old, but I’m almost out of airplane types. Friday is OT and I’m looking forward to meeting the new people, and hope they don’t suck. Then the weekend... hrrrmm, I’m not sure how I’m going to make it work.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Above the planet on a wing and a prayer

For the first time in months, I’m not travelling this weekend. I’m staying "home" in Louisville, and its still weird to consider this town home. It’s not like there’ anything horrible about the town, actually its much the opposite. It’s a lot like Atlanta 14-20 years ago. Less traffic, less hassle. More grounded.

So, I had planned to attend a gathering tomorrow night, but due to family issues with the host, the vent has been cancelled. I do however think there will be an outing. SO this should be interesting at least.

Otherwise, this week has been fairly mundane. More training classes, and in a break from the normal study of a particular type of aircraft’s systems, I had a class in Longe Range Navigation. This is somewhat odd for the initial training, since we are all going into a domestic seat (allegedly). And this is a class designed for pilots flying international trips, and what to do in the event of most contingencies that would make life miserable. For example, sudden loss of your GPS and inertial nav systems. ANd suddenly your flying like Lindbergh did, with a watch and a compass.

And while, in my job this is mostly trivil knowledge, we all really seemed to get into the class. And then it was back to classes on how the DC-8 works. It’s a unique plane, mainly because it was designed in the 1950’s, as opposed to planes that were designed in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s really easy to see how much we have learned in 30 years. And in some cases how much more complicated we’ve made things.

Now that I’ve bored everyone with techno-babble, I have a lot I want to get accomplished around the apartment this weekend. I want to have everything unboxed and in some sort of place. This will requirea couple of furniture purchases, mostly on the cheap Target side for the time being. I have a vision, I just need to spend the time, effort, and money to get there.

And hopefully, by the time people come up for Thunder (the airshow on the 12th of April) or for Derby (which is allegedly a Kentuckianan equivalent of Mardi Gras), the place will be in good shape, and clean! Reserve your room now!

And since I’m making this home, lets hear it for the U of Louisville and their defeat fo the UT Vols to move to the Elite Eight.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

This is where we used to live...

I suppose, it’s time for another one of those big steps in life. Last year was a marked change in my life, nd today is another one of those times I’m feeling very reflective. I spent the day with Jonathon and Grace, mostly J, cleaning and disposing of "stufF" This is the last weekend that I’ll have a residence in Georgia. And that’s a little sad. Sure I love the place in Louisville, but it’s currently missing something. Actually a lot of somethings.

So, Its a year ago I took a plunge and gave up residential independence and took on some roommates. Specifically Jonathon and Joe. I’d known them for a while and I was sure they would be fine roommates, namely since they are pilots and never home. I thought it would be great. I pay a significantly reduced rent and they’re almost never here. And when they were, they usually had Grace and Tanya in tow. SO essentially it was a party every random day we were home at once. Then the weird thing happened, I kind of started looking forward to seeing them around. I mean, Joe and I have that special relationship, the kind that only be properly expressed by twirling in the aisles of Kroger and Publix.

And then Joe abandoned us for a woman... a WOMAN!!! Fortunately it was Tanya, we all love her so we had to let him go. And some how, through the miracle of Craig’s List, Adam came knocking on the door. We all met him one day, and by "we all" I mean the entire judging panel of Grace, Tanya, Jon, Joe, and I. Of course it was like 3 pm on a Wednesday or something and we were all well into a 12 pack of something cold and delicious. I don’t think Adam knew what kind of group he was getting associated with, or he probably would have paid us for the privilege of moving in. And again, we had a triumvirate again. Now I don’t think I’m the cleanest person to live with, but I’m not slob (I hope), but J and Adam were the neatest, cleanest guys I can imagine. Add to that they cook. I scored big time.

MY only previous roommate experience was living with Chandra, which was great and I didn’t think I’d ever find a roommate situation that was as fun as her. Jon, Joe, and then Adam were almost there. Chandra had few extra benefits that the guys couldn’t provide for me. Thankfully.

But I digress...

So, here we are. Adam brought free coffee and gourmet meals, and in return we introduced him to our version of a "pool party". And we were living happily ever after. Unfortunately good turns of life conspired to split us up. I took the job with Brown, Adam had plans to see the world, an J decided to become Captain Lewis (which is what he makes his call him as we salute him when he enters the room now... is that weird?)

We still continued to have fun gatherings, rarely an organized party. We just all sort of ended up here with adult beverages in tow. Somewhere along the way I became closer friends with some people, met new friends, and fell madly in love. I also found out how wonderful the people I surrounded myself with are. I’ve always had great taste in the people I choose to keep around me as friends, even if sometimes I tend to choose badly in the love interest department. (That curse has been cured though).

So it’s really bumming me out that I won’t have them with me in Kentuckiana. And while I know I’m only a flight away, it makes things that much more complicated, and the "on a whim" gathering for Grey’s Anatomy night or Trivia won’t be happening. That’s kind of saddening.

But I guess this is the next phase of life. At least I’m not going it alone. I have Susan who makes me incredibly happy. I’ll have Grace and Jon adn TanJoe and Cha’s who all fly free, and damn well better come visit. I do expect to continue to be on invite lists for the infamous halloween parties and other gatherings at Jay and Amie’s new house. I know where Jersey lives and she’s has been gracious enough to offer me space at the inn when I’m town. There will be an excursion to visit Adam in his next job (and Susan may join me if she will ever get her passport). JR will still be occasionally picking me up at 6 am for rides, whether he knows it or not. And he better keep inviting me to the Brauss House for NASCAR parties (though I have no idea who drives anymore).

I will miss the apartment here, it was nothing spectacular structurally, and the furniture left something to be desired at times. But it was fun living here with great people. Even Ryan would put in th occasional appearance when not living in the shithole of the month. Too bad I never got to keep the BMW, I would have take great care of it!

There are a lot of memories in the walls, and stains in the carpet. I can only hope the next place will be as much fun. I’ll be seeing everyone at random times. Now, for some sleep for the last time at 1037.

See ya, I’m off to Louisville in the morning, where theres beer in the fridge, bourbon on the shelf, vodka in the freezer, and sushi at the corner. I expect people to come partake!

And lastly, I think everyone should check out my hot girlfriend and her new haircut. She doesn’t believe me when I tell her I think it looks great. I’m a very lucky man.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

this is the end, my only friend, the end.

I’m back i Louisville, though this time it’s not nearly as wonderful as the last time. Though I do have furniture now, which is a nice change. However, it was a bit of a trying time getting here. After waking up with a headache and stomach that wanted to kill me, Jersey ran me up to the airport to catch a flight home, or so I had hoped. I didn’t make the first one, and the second one wasn’t looking to good either, as I was the third jumpseater on the list. So I went with plan B and launched up to Cincinnati. ANd fro there a quick flight over to Louisville.

And then the plan fell apart. Apparently the Brazilians can’ build and aiplane that can cary all 50 passengers and their luggage from CVG to SDF. Now, while I could understand if this was some long trans oceanic journey, but its an hour drive by car. Did the Brazilians not envision these planes would actually fly full?? Perhaps they should stick to developing waxing techniques and leave plane building to the professionals.

That being said, after being bumped from the 4:50 flight, I was unwilling to wait and chance it on the next one, which leaves a mere 3 hours later. Did I mention it’s an hour drive? SO, I found a fellow UPSer ho was trying to jump to SDF also, and we split the costs on a rental.

Ok, i must point out once again how great the last week has been. Spending so much time with Susan was awesome, and being total tourists here rocked. Then this weekend, I put alot of stuff away and the apartment in PTC is a shell of it former self. This weekend is the last weekend of our residence there. Saturday, there was a small group of us, sitting on the floor and lawn chairs (no other furniture was left intact) drinking ourselves silly. And we were silly. Some mroe than others. I’m really going to miss that.

Well, tomorrow its back to work and training, lets see if I can remember what goes on there.

Friday, March 14, 2008

This way became my journey, this day ends together, far and away

A brief synopsis of the last few days. In a word, wonderful!! Having Susan up here has been great, and we’ve had a nice vacation in the Louisville area. Some of the highlights:

We stopped a comedy club, which is apparently a few blocks away, and of course we were sat fairl close to the front. As we were late arrivals, there was little choice. It was great and very funny. The headliner was some one (Jim McCall) who hs been on TV. Nice. And I was called out and ased various questions, and of course, I blew it.

However earlier in the day, we experienced some local culture at the Frazier International History Museum. Which is some what of a misnomer. It should be called the Frazier Armory. It was essentially a history of weaponry. Still very neat, and there was an exhibit from the Henrietta Marie, a sunken slave ship. Very dark time in history, and it was very interesting to see.

After that, we took a walk across the street, and learned the history and intricacies of baseball bat production. Apparently, they make Louisville Slugger bats here in Louisville. So it’s not just a clever name after all! Now i’m not much of a hero worship kind of guy, but I was kind of giddy about touching the source bats for Andruw Jones and Jeff Francour (The source bat is the the bat the players specified, and all the other bats they order are lathed from that model). There were a few others there, but those are the ones I remember.

Today, Susan and I ventured out toward Lexington. We toured the Woodford Reserve Bourbon Distillery. We all know what a fan of whiskey (or in the case of Scotch, Whisky) I am, and it was very interesting to see the step by step production of a bourbon, even discovering what is required for a whiskey to be called, by law, ’bourbon’. And the distillery itself is located down some back roads that wind through some thoroughbred farms. I half think that was the best part for Susan, stopping and watching the foals run in the pastures.

After the distillery tour, capped with a sample shot of the product, we headed to the Kentucky Horse Park. This was of course all Susan’s expedition. It;s the off season there, but there were lots of animals for seeing and petting. And I honestly wouldn’t mind goin to see some more there. Could be fun.

Unfortunately, tomorrow is the beginning of the end. We’re heading out to the ATL, and return to check the apartment for the remains of the year there. And clean sme I think.

Of course, I won’t be seeing Grace since she ditched me for a free trip to PVR. But I’ll spend some time with my BFF and probably aggrevate Ryan at some point. (That’s Ryan’s gratuitous mention, it does wonders for his slouching self esteem if he thinks others are interested in him).

I have to say, Louisville isn’t all bad, and I hope everyone comes up to visit, maybe a party is in order during the summer. Or derby time!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where the heart is

Greetings from Northen Kentucky. Yes, there is still snow on the ground. Even though its50 degrees out and sunny, this stuff just won’t melt. Well, most of it has disappeared considering there was a foot or so Saturday. I’m happy it’s still here though, Susan can’t seem to walk by a pile without jumping in it. It’s very cute and endearing.

SPeaking of Susan, she’s visiting and been incredibly helpful at etting up the new place. Apparently I didn;t know what all I needed, but she has been helpful in pointing it out. it’s good though, it’s the normal stuff that I would do ithout and just improvise around, but this does make things much easier. There are some things I till need, and ideas about how to improve things. Mostlye little tweaks here and there.

But it’s starting to feel more like home, and that’s good. I realized that this is the first time I’ve actually been ehre during the day. I’ve only been sleeping and going to work, and not fully appreciating having my own place again. I am going to miss have kewl kickass roommates, but this is going to be a nice change.

Oh, and there’s a kickass Sushi/Japanese place around the corner. Its very good, better (IMHO) that Mr. Fuji. Well, its time that we go exploring the kentuckiana area. I look forward to having all my friends come and visit.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

anyone for boat drinks?

OK, first off, for those who may be remaining in the ATL, Jimmy Buffett tickets go on sale monday at 10 AM for a June show at Lakewood. I'm thinking of getting some lawn seats and just chilling at the party. Perhaps with a pretty girl (that's you Susan) and a few cocktails. SO, anyone interested??

looks like the cheap seat are going for under $40.

And thats really all I had to say, I am debating whether I should go to the beer night down the road or stay home and not spend the money. FIrst 50 people get a free glass. And we know how much I need another pint glass! Being responsible is not fun.

So we're spose tog et 2-4 inches of snow friday, that should make flying home sporting. I'll manage. And really, thats about it. Its a nice day out here, though a little cold, but the sun is out and it's good to be off work.

I'm very much looking forward to being moved in here, though not so much looking forward to the actual moving part. Or the part where I'm not where all the friends are. SO, I think everyone should move here! Problem solved.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Everywhere you go, take the weather with you.

Ok, this is going to be a bumpy ride. Like my flight back to Louisville. I left Atlanta in a pleasant, albeit about soon to end, spring-like state. We flew into Louisville and landed in the driving rain and cold. I was also less than enthused by the pilots arguing over foot positions. it made for a little tension. But, I landed safe and sound. And then was soaked getting to the van. Boohoo.

And while we're on the weather, it was reported on FoxNews that currently the northern hemisphere has more snow coverage than in the last however many years and the temperatures are .0725 or something of a degree cooler than recent years. So obviously, according to the well dressed people on the screen, the Global Warming thing is a farce and this is proof. Nevermind a decade of research and evidence and a Oscar winning performance by Al Gore (which also irritates me a little but thats for another time), this temperature decrease proves it all wrong! Has anyone not noticed the weatehrs become slightly more screwy of late and significantly more severe?

Continuing with the weather theme, lets talk about the positives of the alleged liberal plot known as global warming. (I seriously need to stop watching FoxNews 10 hours a day at work). This past weekend Spring popped out in Atlanta. People were outside, families played in the yards (or apartment parking lots), pasty white legs were exposed to sunlight for the first time in months. I truly enjoy the first inklings of winter's demise. Everyone seems so much happier when they can be outside and leave the doors open to let fresh air in without pneumonia fallowing closely. And then theres the benefit of being able to ride a motorcycle without sheathing yourself in a entire cows worth of leather for warmth.

The weekend before last was slightly cooler, but you could see everyone itching to be outside. And it seems slightly forced sometimes. It's warm enough for shorts and shirt sleeves in direct sunlight, and we'll suffer through the chills to convince ourselves winter is over.

And then you get snow 2 days later just so old man Winer can get one last "screw you" in.

I think I've got most all the addresses on bills and stuff like that changed. Though It would be nice if i could just move and leave the debt in Georia Apparently i doesn't work that way. And now I'm an official Kentuckianan. I took a break from "work" today and went and turned in the Georgia driver's license for a new picturesque Kentucky one, complete with a damn horse outline on it. I also ave registered to vote here. An unlike Georgia, they make you declare a party. I didn't really like the options I was presented in that area, and seriously thought for a moment of marking the "Other" block and writing in Whigs or Labour or Jedi. But instead, I'm now a registered Democrat. I'm not sure how I feel about that honestly.

On the way home, I visited a bank and opened a checking account. While we were doing that, he offered me a credit card since I qualified. And it realy makes me wonder, how much debt do you have to have to make them say "Hey, maybe we shouldn't let this guy have any more new credit cards"? So I applied, it should be here by next week.

So, now armed with my new license; which I wish i had planned ahead for, I'm a big fan of my hair and wardrobe the picture; and my new checking account I shall go forth and conquer the world.

In other news, had a nice weekend at home, dinner made of J's food prepared by Grace, with Jersey providing a good bit of the entertainment for the meal. And then random outings with random people, and even some time was spent just sitting outside at Starbuck's with J sipping iced coffee creations. There was a long motorcycle ride that ended at mom's house, were the bike has taken up residence for a few months.

This coming weekend promises to be better, by the virtue that I get to be with Susan for an entire week! Unless she gets tired of me and decides to use her Southwest gift certificate to fly home. The only downside is I have to move furniture. But that is far outweighed by the pluses. Well, that's all. Theres discussion of one last gathering at the old apartment before giving it up. Of course it will be BYOB, and BYO food, and BO chairs, and BYO cups, and BYO plates.

Hope all are good, and I really didn't apply for a new credit card. I'm not looking for more debt. AMF!