Sunday, November 29, 2009

Neither down or out, there's nothing you have that I need. I can breathe

I've been working a lot. Since I returned home from my birthday it feels like I've done little else but work and sleep. I guess if I want days off I have to eventually pay them back. But that doesn't make me happy. And add on top of that a large measure of uncertainty with the job, it does make for a happy camper. SO, in the spirit of the "F" word being thrown about, I'm making plans on what to do. Unfortunately all them require a pay cut, but maybe there will be some silver lining... We'll see. I guess it really annoys me not being given any sort of definitive word on the next year. That and no matter how good I may be at my job, I'm likely to still get screwed. I know times are tough in the economy, what with UPS only pulling in a couple billion (yes with a B) in profit for the year and the CEO cruising for a 600% raise. We all have to make sacrifices.

Having watched an airline struggle for survival and not make it, these people have no clue what tough times are like. Again, I'm hopeful on some things may work out...

Otherwise, the end of the long Thanksgiving weekend is upon us. I was able to fly home for a few days and spend some time with family and friends. Got in Tuesday morning after working all night (I'm convinced that "peak" season is forever going to catch brown off guard... like they didn't know it was coming). I lucked into a first class seat on the trip down, and caught a little nap. Once I got my rental car, I was headed to mom's. Unfortunately the rental car had a slight issue with the temperature controller... it was stuck on hot. I reversed course to the airport and promptly traded it in. And while the second car was new and a better vehicle, I'm so glad I didn't buy a corolla. Just doesn't have enough pick up for me.

Mom was nice enough to cook me some food while I slept a couple hours, unfortunately she chose fried chicken... not on the diet. I had a small piece and was off to resuscitate my motorcycle. I stopped and spent a ridiculous amount on a new battery and headed to y brothers house where my bike lives now. Poor thing is soooo dirty. But thanx to some help from Brian, we got the girl fired up. Apparently and engine will not run if u have the gas feed turned to off. Who knew?? After getting some work done on the bike, I headed up to visit the hobbled Grace. She was very nice and let me break into her new roommates liquor while she whipped up a tasty dinner. Her cooking skills amaze me, I can't throw together random things and it all work out so well. Fte hanging around for a few hours, I cruised back home to the house.

Now, Mom has decided to move out of the house I grew up in and relocate to somewhere just past civilization. Th old house is still there, and she has yet to move most of the stuff out of it. But I'm not so sure I like the idea of her getting rid of it (in time). It's still home, no matter how weird it may feel to stay back in my old room.

Wednesday I got the bike out on the road. It was a little cool, but warm enough to have a pleasant trip. And everything worked great. Love it. So, after 144 miles and lunch with Jersey, I headed back to Newnan to meet TanJoe and Jersey (and the mysterious imaginary Genevieve.. this person does not really exist, and I base that on the number of times we've almost met, but never quite made it.. she didn't make it this time either... hrrrmmm). After Taco mac, it swung by the TanJoe manor to sample the latest brewed concoction. They make pretty good beer there. Soon, I'm thinking Joe will retire from aviation and go into being a brewmaster.

Thursday was thanxgiving with the family. Much food was eaten. I was stuffed. om made her famous fried apple pies, I'll be running the dozen of so I ate off for a few weeks.

Unfortunately, it all came to an end on Friday morning when reality set in,a dn I flew back to Louisville. Though the highlight of that airport experience was the Delta RedCoat announcing the couple have their 61st wedding anniversary that day. That's amazing?? First of all, living long enough have been with come one for 61 years. And then living with some one for 61 years... a remarkable, and definitely applausable, accomplishment. After that, an even more rousing round of applause for some military folks traveling.

And then I'm back to the grind. I'm searching for some Christmas cheer at the moment, but falling short. Maybe I should put up some decorations.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another trip around the sun

I got a lot of birthday wishes yesterday. A Lot!! Makes me feel special. So, I guess 33 down, and a lot more to go I hope. SO, as is customary on such occasions, we look back.

Let's see what happened during 32... um. A lot. I put at least a million miles in. OK, maybe not that much, but when you add in a round trip to Australia, a little expedition to circle the earth, and the ridiculous amount of Louisville to Atlanta and Birmingham trips... it's gotta be close. Throw in Vegas, Minneapolis, and COlorado Springs and I should be over it. SO yeah, I got some time in, stepped on 4 continents, and met some new people. Not too bad.

There were of course low points, but they've been taken in stride and moved on. I'm still gainfully employed. I had the thought on the recent drive down to Atlanta about how much of a leisurely life I live. Incredibly lucky.

As evidence by the amount of birthday wishes I received (seriously, thanx!), I have a lot of good friends. Too many, unfortunately, I haven't seen in a long time. But they seem to all have turned out well. Then of course there re those who tend to keep me sane.. and then go crazy a little with me.

ANd of course there's the 78 lbs (as of today) that I've lost. It would probably be more ecept I went off the diet for the birthday. But it was good to have a pizza, chinese, an insane amount of beer, and copious amounts of whiskey (which I'm now a huge fan of Jameson)... oh and cheesecake.

So, to celebrate, the day, I took off to Atlanta when I was graciously sheltered byt Jerssey (again!). I spent Thursday with Grace and JoHnathan around Atlanta for lunch (Margarita pitcher at noon rocks) and then shopping.

That night, Ed(the former bossman) and I closed down the PTC Taco Mac with our waitress, Cupcake. The next morning I woke up with a slight hangover, but took in a half gallon of water and small coffee and was good to go. Ventured to the National Museum of Commercial Aviation... which is a bit grandiose to call the place now, but they have big plans to expand from the office park location. Lots of old airline crap and history stuff, and nice diversion for the day. Then it was back to the Southside for a gathering at the Tanjoe Manor. I love how Tanya and Joe just accept that we're going to throw parties at their house with little prior notice.

Somewhere between a 1/4 and 1/2 bottle of Jack (which I purchased from the distillery on the way down... everyone should go there and ask for William to be your guide.. he's very southern and very funny), we decided Jamie should give a stirring rendition of Crazy Bitch Karaoke.

I spent Saturday with Jersey, and most of the afternoon we sat and conversed at the PTC Starbuck's. There was a time when that was a favorite pastime with Sean and JR on occasion. Being very trendy at the coffee house watching the Delta Wives. Saturday evening I was treated to dinner by my family. Very nice as always, and the younger nieces are growing much too fast. Nothing makes you feel old like seeing the niece or nephew you think is still in diapers walking and talking and talking about school. Doesn't help also that one of the nieces can legally order alcohol now.

I spent the rest of Saturday night with Nolan at Fado's. We had a few and caught up on life. Haven't seen her in a couple years and she's come a long way since I taught her in bad years ago. Yeah, gettin old!

Sunday, Jersey and I went off to see the Falcons at the dome. The second NFL game I've ever been to, and a lot of fun. The only down side was that the Redskin's pretty much didn't show for the game. But good fun was had, and then we went off to Park Tavern for dinner. A stroll around the park while waiting on a table made me realize that I do miss Atlanta.

And now, I'm back to real life. Which really ain't that bad, just a few annoyances from time to time. I'll be back in Atlanta for Thanksgiving, ad then.. who knows where I'll be. Look me up!