Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nowhere is the dreamer or the misfit so alone

Current mood:contemplative

Well, I't been a while since I've wrote anything on here. I seem to have a lot of things going on right now, and most them ae costing more than I want to pay. At least there's some fun time in the near future. Or that's the plan.

I've been on a bit of roll lately. Been to Vegas, Atlanta for a Braves game, and up ti Minneapolis to see Chandra. ALl had their high and low points, and it was good to see some old friends and hang out. I'm getting to be some what of a shut in up here, and for no apparent reason other than I'm either working or out of town. A trend I'm probablygoig to conitnue over the month of July, if everything goes well.

The latest problem to arise is my car. At just under 190,000 miles it needs some maintenance. And should I elect to fixe everything (mechanical) that's wrong with it, we're talking over $2000. That's not going to happen, at least right now. But focusing on the important items, such as the ones that keep the engine running smoothly, is going to cost be enough. On the other hand, it's cheaper than a new car.

I think next year i'll be in the new car market, as right now the money that I would pay for a new car with is allocated to improving my health. The whole excercise bit is gong well, and I'm really surprised where I'm at sometimes. And i didn't even have to order something of late night TV to do it. I guess the dieting and excercise thing really works. I have discovered that I have to go to the gym when I firt wake up in the afternoon, or I lose focus and say the hell with it.

ON the horizon, I'm leaving the country. I'm thinking about committing a crime first to make it a little more exciting at Customs. But I'm off to Melbourne and Sydney next week. So if you call me between the 9th and 17th of July, don't be surprised if I don't answer. That trip is already set up and mostly paid for. I'm having a moment of indecision about where to stay in Sydney. I'm leaning towards hostelling it for money reasons, but kind of feel like I'm getting to old for that stuff. ON the other hand, I'm not real big on growing up anyways. I'm thinking a little adventure will do me some good. ANd the Holiday Inn isn't what I call adventurous. The thing I'm dreading the most is the 15 hour non-stop flight fro LAX to SYD. I actually bought a ticket on Delta (I know, a payin passenger... i can where sweat pants and drink!!!) sine it was ridiculously cheap. CHeaper than a roud trip ticket on Delta from Louisville to Atlanta.

AFter that I'm tring to work out a trip to Prague while Ryan and woman are going to be there. That's proving a little more difficult to allocate funds for (due to unexpected car maintenance) but I think I can make it work out. Probably hostelling it there too. We'll see.

And after that, who knows what I'll do in August. probably stay home and eat ramen to repay the international forays.

I've gotten in the cleaning mood, maybe its in memorial to BIll Mays. It needed to be done. I was starting to see foot prints in the dust. Later this week I'll tackle my bedroom, the biggest disaster of them all.

I got a lot of other things on my mind, a lot of forward looking stuff. I guess you can say I'm setting goals and making plans. All I need to really make it all work out is some winning lotto numbers. Keep your fingers crossed.

I'll probably be writing more of these things, and I'm thinking of copying Grace and getting a blogspot sight and moving my random thoughts there. I don't spend much time on Myspace these days, as everyone has seemed to migrate to FaceBook.

On a side note, why does FB keep insisting I should be friends with A?

Oh, and work is going OK, had an "exciting" night a fews days back. Yes I know that sentence makes no sense. We had a massive thunderstrom roll slowly into Louisville about the time all the flights were due for taking off. A few brave souls made it out before it hit. And if you ever get the chance, watch a large jet take off with a massive storm a couple miles of the end of the runway. The planes were banking hard right before they got over the airport perimeter fence. Impressive. Good thing boxes don't frighten or vomit.

Well, back for a little more cleaning and then off to work. Later!