Thursday, February 28, 2008

This too shall pass.

o its occurred to me that I'e been really slack about keeping touch with almost everyone who is not Susan, Grace, or some one I live with. I even noticed the other day I forgot 2 peoples birthdays this month. Ironically the only 2 people I know who have birthdays this month. It seems I've become overly reliant on myspace to remind me when to send out greetings.

So to all my pals who are like family and family who are great pals, apologies for being sort of out of it. Things ar ebeing unnecessarily hectic and stressful. i forgot how much a pain in the ass moving can be, and its only been a year since I last did it. Granted the last move was across the parking lot, so there as much less packing involved.

And I look around the new place and realize theres tons of suff I need to do to make it right. Blinds and/or curtains to purchase. Decor, and ust simple things like getting a TV in here... followed by cable. Unfortunately, the finaces seem to be lacking. hopefully that will change shortly. Not paying 2 rents will help. ANd on that note, when did food become so damn expensive??? I spent $150 at Kroger yesterday, and feel like I got very little. Granted I'm not buying food in its raw material form, but I'm also working with limited cooking utensils for the moment (which I discovered tonight when I went to make grilled cheeses and noticed a lack of frying pan).

At least all these issues are temporary in nature, and It just takes time and patience. Neither of which I have an abundance of at the moment. I seem to be in a position where I have 2 homes, and neither of them really feel like a "home" at the moment.

Again, in time.

Otherwise, work is fine, we're taking a break from training for a few weeks while the assistants rotate through vacations. The first couple days this week were fairl busy, getting everything caught up that had been neglected while we were in training. But today, nothing! Boring. The most excitement I had was discovering a new version of an online Jepp viewer. Yes, it's sad that was the excitement of the day for me.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The candy man can

Current mood: happy
The weekend is coming to a close, and I'm chilling at the PTC locale with G-money. Susan has gone, and that makes me a little sad. But we had a good weekend together, as they all are. We finally made it to the High Museum for the Louvre exhibit. They're currently showing art of ancient civilizations, and its really astonishing how detailed and intricate some of those pieces are. And at 6000 years old. It makes you wonder if any of our day to day crap is going to be found in a few thousand years and put on display. Actually, it makes me wonder if our day to day crap will last 3000 years.

At any rate, after our Saturday afternoon brunch with Cha's and David and subsequent dose of culture and art, we returned to the homestead for the evening and had friends over for dinner. And in true adult fashion, dinner consisted of a delightful mixture of Starburst Jelly Beans, Cadbury mini chocolate eggs, Mike and Ike's, and Twizzlers.

And wash it down with various liquors and soda, and you have a mature group of adults discussing the issues of the day. Actually, we pretty much just discussed J's completeiong of "How to be an airline captain" training. Good for him!

Well, thats about it for now, as I've just been informed I'm leaving and going out.

Oh, and Susan makes a fine biker babe!


Friday, February 22, 2008

I can live and breathe and see the sun in wintertime

It amazes me sometimes how a few hundred miles separation can cause such drastic weather changes. For example, while the fine people of Atlanta were basking in springlike temperatures last week, I watched 5 inches of snow pile up on my car. And just yesterday, while the inch thick shell of ice was forming on my car, the PTC weather was 60's and not too horrible. though there was some rain. At least the rain didn't cause one to beat on the door of the car to crack the ice enough to open it.

In all fairness, its nice to have snow, doesn't bother me. And while the schools were closed and lots of people didn't go to work, the city didn't shut down and there wasn't a run on grocery stores for milk and bread. The ice however, just plain sucks. Not only does it make driving a bitch it really snarls air traffic. hence my 4 hours of airport appreciation time at SDF last night. I did however get a free muffin out of Starbucks so it wasn't all bad. And considering 3/4ths of the passengers on the flight down were looking forward to a slumber party at the airport on arrival to ATL. I've slept in airports, so I have some sympathy for them. Well, except for the obnoxious guy in front of me who knew everything about airplanes and airlines ince her flew to MIA every week. He was annoying, and needed to be thumped.

And one of the drawbacks of free flying, especially as a jumpseater, it reflects poorly on you and your airline sometimes if you go around thumping the paying passengers. And I'd hate to lose my privelages. That would suck.

At any rate, I have a nic long weekend in PTC. That makes me happy. However, I' broke. That makes me unhappy. But Susan will be up, so that pretty much fixes all that.

Theres pretty much nothing else happening, I'm in training at the brown palace. And it's reminded me how much I just don't enjoy aircraft systems training, an how much my former roommate is annoying. For some one who seems to have soooooo much experience and soooooo much knowledge, he asks a lot of questions.

I think the schooling resulted in a bizarre dream the other night (or it could have been the sleeping on the red couch). I was taking an AP Calculus exam again. And all I can remember was I didn't study, and I was worried about flunking, and other people were crying and running out.

Yes, I have odd dreams.

I'm looking forwrd very much to the next couple days. Anyone in the metro atlanta area wanna get together, drop me a note, we'll try to accommodate. No promises.

One more thing, for the politically minded readers, there is a measure before the Georgia State assembly to allow alcohol sales in stores on Sunday. The bill seems to be stalled by the more... lets say overly conservative to be nice... members. Go to the link below to sign a petition to support buying beer on Sunday.

Thats my political spiel for the day. Happy weekend to everyone out there!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Broke into the old apartment. this is where we’re gonna live

First of all, lets get the depressing part out of the way. It's always so sad when the snow starts melting. Little patches here and there remain, looking all scaggly and pathetic on what used to b a nice soft white lawn. And soo, all thats left is the piles on the road side and the ends of the parking lots. All dirty and icky. Its very depressing.

Ok, the good parts. Here I sit munching on Kroger sushi in the new location for JD's bar and Grill. There are new pictures for anyone who is interested in seeing them There's some issues that the landlord tpes need to rectify, mostly cosmetic and really no big deal. The new sofa and chaise lounge so far are working in the comfort and not cracking or breaking an ass bone categories. The previous tenants, from whom I bought the sitting utensils, lso left random other things.. coffee maker, small art and a candle.

SO, after a hectic day of training and traffic, I'm home. And this time, a place that doesn't quie have the feel of home, but the potential is there, and its mine. And I hope everyone comes to visit, especially after I get the rest of my stuff in here. Oh, and besides the 1200 sq feet of apartment, theres about 600 sq feet of attic i can use to store stuff, or make it a "man cave" and the Mrs. Landlord said. Hrrrmm.

So I'm here at 1949 Duker Ave Apt 2, Louisville, KY 40205 if u need me.

Time to start making this place more mine, or ours. Happy Valentines day to all!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

f you pour cherry syrup on the lawn you’d have a 30 sq ft cherry slushy.. yum

So, it snowed here last night. And not the sort of wimpy dusting snow I'm used to, but a full on 6 inches of frosty whiteness covered the land. And then, we threw some ice and freezing rain on top of that. YAY! SO i have 6 inches of snow piled on the car and a quarter inch of ice shielding it on the car. And boy is that fun to clean of at 7 AM. Not to mention the freezing rain was still falling. But my innate winter driving skills passed on from the CHicago side of the family kicked in, and I managed to make it safely to work. I only slid once, and I sort of expected it.

So I may be survive this winter weather. of course, tonight its supposed to freeze again. And we've had rain and melting snow all day. Yeah it could be a sporting trip to work in the morning.

At any rate, training is proceeding along, and is pretty much boring me to tears. The only fun that we seem to be having is pointing out when the instructor is blatantly wrong. At least tomorrow's class is with some one more knowledgable. Yay.

Looks like a road trip south this weekend, to pick up some apartment stuff and bring up here. I get the new place thursday after work. Hopefully I'll put some pictures up, to go along with the recent snow scenes.

And speaking of new things, there's a Lufthansa geography game I was sent the other day. It's kinda fun in a nerdy airline sort of way. Theres a link and icon from my main myspace page for those who think they can beat my score!

Otherwise, there's been no changes in life. So, we're just marking time until some news comes my way. I am very much looking forward to seeing SUsan for an all to short period this weekend! That makes me happy.

Friday, February 8, 2008

I don’t need absolution, just a simple solution will do.

I have to say, I'm feeling much better than when I wrote the last diatribe. I was very much on edge that day, and for no good reason. Well, maybe the reasons were good, but still I don't like it. I personally don't enjoy the feeling that I'm going to snap on the next person that looks at me in a manner I don't deem appropriate.

That being said, I'm back in beautiful metropolitan PTC. It's amazing how much more comfortable I feel here. f course, it is my bed. It is my stuff (some of it anyway). And i actually enjoy the time I spend with the roommates here. I have the complete opposite issues up in SDF at the moment. But only till friday.

Today I started the packing up process. Theres a few boxes stuffed here already. And really, most everything is put up except some books and the kitchenware. I seem to have accumulated a significant collection of pint glasses. Thanx as always to Taco Mac. So, tomorrow I'll spend some time putting them in a box and getting it all sorted out. While theres a sense of excitement around getting the new place, theres a lingering sense of dread about moving all the stuff. ANd even more a sense that I'm going to miss this place when I'm gone.

Not like I won't make frequent tips back to Georgia, but without my apartment and and stuff here, and I will be a visitor, instead of a resident. SUch is life and change.

The idea is being tossed around of a potential Kentucky gathering around mid April for the big airshow up that way, Thunder over the River or something. So anyone who si up for it is welcome.

Thats about it to speak of, there's still a lack of information coming my way from work. and there's still a hope (I think) of getting the upgrade. I can hope and dram right? Though if I don't go to training with the other two assistants (one being my soon to be former roommate, who ill from here on be referred to as "Dumbass" or "the Dumbass") it may be better for may sanity... de to the aforementioned Dumbass. But I would feel bad for the other assistant, Julie, who I recently leaned is a former guard girl from a small drum corps in the Pacific Northwest. And that alone tells me volumes about her.

SO, tomorrow, more packing, more boxing, and a trip to goodwill and the Ebay store.

Thanx to Jersey for picking me up and keeping me company on my arrival to Atlanta, and to Grace for loaning me her car for a couple days. And for all you who seem to be blaming my darling love Susan and me for your illnesses, all I can say is... WTF! I haven't seen you people!! Ryan probably caught something from a baboon or African "Beotch" Syndrome in Namibia. And Tanya is working a far roe remote place than Ryan, Greenville GA, and probably caught some yet undiscovered redneck ailment.

Well, thats all for tonight. later kids

Thursday, February 7, 2008

memoirs of a control freak

so I hear i sit once again at the beautiful and functional Louisville Int'l Airport. I've started training, and today, we were released a tiny bit early (1130 instead of 5 pm). SO hear I sit waiting on the next flight to the ATL.

I very much in a quasi dazed state. Work is weird, theres the inklings of upgrades, followed by the "well, we're not sure yet", only to be put in holding until further notice. Today, it looks like it is not actually happening, but thats only hearsay. And as I didn't hang out long enough at the GOC after class to do more than send on email, no actual facts are known.

ANd thats what annoys me, the not knowing. It's my control freakishness apparently.

In addition to that, I've been a little sick. Not so much to keep me from functioning, but just enough to make me feel really blah ish. Very much havig a tough time focusing on much of anything, and with an upcoming move.. I need to be motivated to do something.

SO maybe by next week, some issues will be ironed out and I'll be out of the living situation here in SDF I don't enjoy. Worse this week since U actually had to see and talk all day in class. Oy.

Thats about for the week, I got another hour and half to burn before my flight. Mmmhm Nachos

Sunday, February 3, 2008

no pithy subjects today

There's only one more big decision to be made today. Do I go and watch the superbowl ina bar/pub/restaurant or do I stay in and watch here, drinking the beer I just bought? I'm leabing toward staying in now that I'm here. But I wouldn't mind being out and, more importantly, have some one cook me food.

ON the toher hand, it seems that our freidns at the Treasury department are on the ball, my refund has been deposited. I filed on Saturday, and alreayd got my money back. I got to gets paid! Now I gots to pay rent with it next month! Woohoo, i miss the days when I just got a refund and could blow it on.. whatever.

Lets talk about th weeekend, eerything worked out very well. I was able to score a ride home (thanx JR), spend some quality time with my old boss and Sheri on friday, and then I was graced with a surprise visit from... Grace and J and Jay and Amie. We also discovered that The Girls Next Door on DVD is not blurred. Score! And my mommy gave p here car for the weekend, and was even nice enough to come pick me up and dropme off at the airport this morning. I'v been really lucky with all my great family and friends who have put up with carting my ass around when I'm down for weekends. I can't tell Susan, Darci, Mom, Grace, Jersey, and J how appreciative I am for the plethora of rides and even loaning me cars.

Saturday, I was able to see my lovely girlfriend. She, did scare me a bit that morning calling up and sayin I may should not come. Apparently she was a bit under the weather. Well, I didn't drag my ass to oeja and work out rides and transport to not see her. So, I went down, and dragged her to lunch, and she dragged me chocolate shopping. And the cap of the day was the Monte Carlo night at her school. And I love gambling with play money, it so much fun. I also learned, finally, how to play craps. There is about 1000 different way to bet ona roll of the dice, and i think I have the basics down. And who else can say they learned to gamble from a priest?

As always, I hate so much leaving Susan behind. Especially an unwell SUsan. But I had to make it out early this morning to get back to Louisville for work.

ANd on the work front I was informed I may be upgraded this bid instead of having to wait another year. Apparently one of the uber senior dispatchers decided she doesn't want to work here anymore.

OK, intermission, I'm watching Girls Next door on TV, and the girl who is testing to be playmate of the month just said "religion is really a big thing for me".... Hrrrmm, what church does she belong to? I find that funny. And she has a squeaky annoying voice to boot.

Anyways, i think i'm gonna hve a beer and get my Superbowl party for one started. HOpefully good news will be coming this week. There may be a need for a celebratory trip to Vegas to test my Craps (er Crapping???) skills?.