Thursday, November 29, 2007

This is real -- this is now, This is a freak show baby anyhow

hings that have happened that make me happy:

I was invited to a birthday gathering at the TanJoe Mansion. I ordered the CD and DVD of the Atlanta DMB concert, and should come in a week or so... with bonus disc! The challenge will be watching it a trying to find our little blanket party that was happening. I had a yummy Peppermint Mocha... always good for Christmas time and cold weather. Susan emphatically relays that she loves me and misses me... while I'm not happy that she is missing me (ie I'm not there with her).. but its nice to be missed and loved (you can vomit now Grace). And I finally found DM ringtones for my phone. I've been thinking about a new ringtone and this is great timing, and half the prices of those ghetto fabulous ones on T-Mobile. Though I wouldn't mind hearing "I'm gonna make it rain (make it rain), they say you the man (you the man)" everytime my phone rings.

And i found some old tunes from the apst i vaguely remember but have had the lyrics stuck in my head for over a decade. From the time when my girlfriend was in kindergarten. Then the horns kicked in, and my shoes started to squeak.

Otherwise, looks like I'm spending this weekend in Kentuckiana. I've been very industrious in looking for places to live come March. The decision looks like tis boiling down to do I want to live outside of town for cheaper or in town for slightly more in a place with slightly more character.

Thats about it. I haven't had many good ranty blogs lately, is this what happens when you get happy? I'm thinking of taking a venture to the dueling piano bar in Lullvull this weekend... hrmmm. WIsh I had some company... anyone?

I've also started reading a book by the people who started the Lonely Planet series of guidebooks. It's interesting to think some one could set off from London to Sydney with only $500 or so (it was 1972). And they were driving! Well, most the way. It brings back memories of my youth when I thought quitting the job, running away, traveling the world living out of a backpack, and leaving it all behind was the life I wanted.

Ok, so I still want that sometimes. Have I grown to old and comfortable and set in my life to try that?? I hope not. Maybe I should refrain from travel books. Or if Susan would get a passport we could do it, and free load in Ryan's company paid hotel rooms around th world. I may be on to something... even though Ryan seems to be going native in AUH... he may try to suicide bomb me. Praise be to Allah, the streets will run red with the blood of the infidels... and all that crap.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

See, you and me have a better time than most can dream, have it better than the best

Words words words...

I hope everyone out there in blogland had a lovely thanxgiving. I did! Though plans didn't work out as initially envisioned, I did get to see the family, and I brought Grace along to share in my misery. She made quite the astute observation that my mother is trying to kill me with food. The sheer abundance of culinary delights was ridiculous. So much so a good amount of it is chilling in my fridge in PTC. Hopefully the roommates are killing it.

And then Susan came! Just in time to finish helping me supervise Grace cleaning her room. I almost feel guilty about my near total lack of help. Almost. But I feel I as an inspiration to her to organize her room. Then again I tend to be delusional.

At any rate, I had a lovely weekend with Susan, doing a whole lot of nothing much. We did manage to venture to Taco Mac... and no my jacket isn't in yet. I mean seriously, $2000 and I can't get a jacket by winter? We also took the tour of IKEA, complete with cinnamon rolls at the finish. Those swedes really know how to organize 273 square feet of space. They also know how to herd people through a store full of furniture and crap thats slightly amusing. And the last kick to the wallet, the aroma of fresh cinnamon rolls wafting from just beyond the checkout area.

And they are yummy!

And then I had thanxgiving part duex at the home of the fabulous Holby Family. Grace decided to repay me for dragging her to my family. Unfortunately there was nearly the underlying drama, and thus entertainment, that comes with family dinners at the Dees family manor. But it was delicious and Grace does have quite a fun family. I find it funny, that for years and years I've referred to her parents as "Mom" and "Dad", a long running joke that a former coworker and I had running... vying for Grace's hand in marriage. Of course neither of us had actually met her, and since meeting her we've reconsidered. (I love you Grace!)

Now, I've gone and fallen for her cousin, and have to re-adjust to the Aunt Mary and Uncle Frank nomenclature. Easy enough.

Now, I'm back in Lull-Vull. A pleasant-ish flight on a browntail, arriving just in time for winter. its cold. Seriously, I don't like cold. I'm a tropical type of guy. And for those of u still interested, there are new cell phone pictures from the Boeing 767 cockpit area. And it's back to work after almost 6 days off. I'm feeling very much out of the groove and disjointed topped with an extreme lack of enthusiasm. I'm very much missing Susan, missing all my friends, and missing leaves on trees. And even my family a little bit. It's getting harder and harder to squeeze everything and everyone into the 2 days I'm home. I'm sure I'll adjust in due time, but after the long weekend, its not going easily.

And one more thing, I have great roommates in PTC. Living with an annoying person makes me appreciate them that much more. Its kinda like when you go to visit some one and you're not quite completely comfortable in their house, surrounded by their stuff. It's much like that, only add that the person is not much for conversation and doesn't know it, thus continuous to converse with you way beyond the point where you've started the number of times he says "dude" in one sentence (12 I think is the record).

I know i'm not perfect, I just hope I'm not as annoying to others as he is to me. And if I am, please tell me!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I’ve been a wild rover for many a year, And I spent all my money on whiskey and beer

I decided to spend this weekend up her ein Louisville. With the thinking that since I'm coming in a homeward direction on Wednesday I could just hang up here and relax. I was very much happy to find out the roommate here was going out of town for the weekend. So I'm luckily "home" alone. Let me tell you I have made the most of it. I was asleep at 6 pm on friday after work. And after a brief interlude of consciousness and flritation with the idea of going out for food and drink, I realized that more sleep was a better idea.

Yes I know, I'm old and lame all the sudden.

But Saturday sort of made up for Friday's lameness. I decided it was about time I find out where things to do in Louisville are. That took about an hour. Most of the time I spent riding around the downtown area and a small foray into Indiana. I cn say I located a few places that have potential for outings, should anyone ever come visit. I also took in the Hard Rock and picked up the required pin. And fulfilled a request for a friend, which involved me drinking a Hurricane for breakfast. Yum, just what a growing boy needs.

The real interesting part of the evening started with union meeting (which on the way to I had to make a quick stop at an Irish pub here in Lull-vull, continuing my Irish Pub tour of the world), The meeting was held at a bar (nice) and the unon was gracious enough to provide an open bar for the members (very nice). Afterwards, I was invited to go out with some of "the guys" and have food and drink.

And thats where I learned a lot about the co workers. It was interesting just observing the people. Kinda like watching monkeys interact at the zoo. There seems to be some romantic interests between a couple of fellow dispatchers. And one at least is married to some one else. Yay of office flings. And in the midst of a heated game of darts, one persons inner angry drunk came out. Resulting in most of the group being asked to leave the premises. That should make work more interesting as the object of his assault was another dispatcher. So it seems I've walked into a fairly dysfunctional groups of closet alcoholics and adulterers. Apparently I'm going to do well here as I can at least keep up beer for beer, but I've given up adultery. And its been long time since I went on a 12 hour drinking binge, and I felt the effects. SO I suppose I'm jut going to have to do it more often.

At least I got out and I'm making friends. It seems that a lot of people have a lot of opinions about the roommate here. None of them seem to be positive. No that I was trying to buy love, but I did treat a few of them to a round at the second bar of the evening. In the past when walking into a new working environment, the FNG was always looked upon favoaby if he at least offered to buy a round or pitcher. Well, goofball missed his opportunity. And then his attitude when he came him sealed the impression.

I luckily seem to have made a positive impression with a few of the people who will be instrumental in my training. And that makes me happy.

Otherwise, the rest of the weekend has been daydreaming about Susan (and thats where Vrace throws up in her mouth a little). I can't wait til Wednesday, and the Thanxgiving excitement to follow. And I'm doing something I know is insane and not very bright... I'm attempting to non-rev over thanxgiving weekend. Wish me luck!

Hope everyone is doing well and I'll be back in the ATL area on Thursday. I can feel the travel bug sneaking up on me again. A need to see a foreign culture and try their beer. And now I have some one I really want to take with me... if only she had her passport :-P.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

They got a place down Kentucky, Right down near Ohio, Where you can watch the planes at night

First let me thank everyone for the birthday wishes. It's nice to hear from everyone, and a special thanx to everyone that came over or went out to celebrate with me. Granted we didn;t have oe o the legendary wild nights I'm known for, but it was fun to revisit the Tavern or have everyone just come by the apartment. I did get treated o several meals, one of which was Grace and Jersey slaved over a hot stove for minutes to prepare for me!

It was a great long weekend with great company. I hated to see it end. But alas, I'm back in Lull-vull slaving away. Well, not at the moment but tomorrow I will be. And by slaivng I mean sitting there bored.

At any rate, its been so wonderful having Susan up in ATL the past couple weekends. She eems very much into visiting the sprawling metropolis that is Atlanta. Well, comparative to the gump, it is a sprawling metropolis. It's very nice to have a fresh set of eyes to explore the city with, and we've visited a few places that I've never been or its been years since Ive been to. Seriously, the last time anyone went to Fernbank was probably on a field trip in elementary school. We even took the standard field trip stop at the varsity for a FO.

Kinda sucks I'm moving away from there soon. I'm just starting to enjoy living in Atlanta again. Though I was disheartened to find Buckhead has ceased to exist, at least in the form we all knew and loved. The main thoroughfare of bars and clubs have all been leveled, ostensibly o make way for condo's that no one I know an afford. Why do they have to tear down my youth? Its sad to see the Makos and Tongue and Groove missing, and worst of all.. No more Fado's!! They took my CU first, now they've taken it all... bastards!!!!!

I suppose I'll have to find new places to go partying in the city now. Or since I've seem to relocated, find places here period. And that being said, I'm sorta thinking a CU trip may be in order for the new year, hopefully when money is a little more readily available. And maybe we'll let Susan see drunk party guy Jamie that walks into walls

I'm not sure if I'm making it to Georgia for this weekend, may stay up here and look around for cheap beer. Should be exciting. We'll see what turns up.

So can it be my birthday again this weekend?

Friday, November 9, 2007

I’m too tired to think of clever subjects

So, here I am sitting in the brown cafeteria in Lull-vull waiting for a 4 AM plane ride to the ATL. And since I have some time to kill and a wireless network link, I thought I'd bust out a blog. ANd I had a great idea about some subjects to cover earlier.. and as usual lost it.

Maybe if I ramble for a bit they'll come back to me. I'm feeling a bit under the weather today. I think it may be a cold trying to take root. The drungs I bought earleir seem to be helping out. And I'm partially happy that fall has arrived in force. I like the color change and the cooler weather.

I did get a nice surprise at work, one of my coworkers and fellow Manual Revision Specialists brought me a gift bag of candy. A completely unexpected and pleasant surprise.

All of you remember the roommate I keep complaining about up here? Well, turns out it seems the people he normally works with don't much care for him either. We switched shifts for a couple weeks and it seems most the people I speak to want it to be a permanent swap. Which works for me, well after the holidays it will work better. Maybe we'll swapp afer New Years if he's up for it.

SO these last souple of weeks have been more bearable and pleasant. And today being my birthday I expect to be showered with gifts when I return home. Or not.

But at any rate I'm just happy to have a seat home.

In the great realm of coincidi (thanx for the word Grace), theres been a lot of random reminders of LT Hines. You can search some recent blogs for more info on the man, the myth and the legend that is named LT. He was always ready to offer his most inspirational quote... "Adapt, Improvise, Overcome". Of course he stole that from a Clint Eastwood movie.

Well, the other day I was reading an article in a company newsletter about some recent issues at the hub caused by severe weather moving through. And one of the operations managers attributed the success in dealing with the delayed operatiosn to the ability of the people to "adapt, improvise, and overcome". I laughed out loud. The people next to me stared. It's a wonder a drug test didn't follow.

Well, as if that wasn't odd enough, guess what movie was on this morning when i turned on the tv? Yup... the one with Clint in his gruffest voice spouting "Adapt, Improvise, overcome Marine". Again, a smile crossed my face. Maybe some one is trying to tell me to listen to him.

Well, That pretty much covers everything I can think of for the moment. Except I feel like annoying Ryan.. who's suffering in a 4-star hotel in germany, with his rented BMW. I'm still waiting on my sheet and towel outfit...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This is the time, this is the place, so we look for the future

I went to a gathering Sunday and while here had a nice conversation with thegreat LT Hines. ANd amongst the other conversation, some of qhich was disturbing, he asked me about the job. And he made some rather insightful observations, especially for some one wih a 6th grade education.

Essentially he asked about the job, and my contentedness. And he asked a rather simple question... is this what you want to do? Well, not forever. ANd then his advice, look around the room an see if theres anyone you want to take their job... and wher eyou want to go upwardly. And I sorta did that yesterday. I found nothing. I'm gonna keep looking.

But I also know this position is temporary, a means tog et some where else. And like another wise one said, its when a person stops wanting to grow and learn is when they become uninteresting. I'm paraphrasing, but I think that was the gist. And if not, its still a good view.

SO now, as always.. the question is what do I want to do with my life? I find that being contented for the most part with the other aspects of life has made my insightful and angry rants less frequent. But its a great change.

Back to my point, I'm off to be brown for the afternoon. Let's see whom i want to get fired and replace.

And then party like a rockstar this weekend!

Yes indeed, anything you need for about $500

Yes indeed, anything you need for about $500
Current mood: optimistic
OK, due to scheduling conflicts and a familiar obligation, looks like there's going to be a gathering t the Casa Del Tres Hombres on Saturday night. I suppose its a quasi birthday experience for me. But no feel the need to bring gifts, just whatever you may want to drink. Depending on the desires of those atttending a feild trip may be undertaken. We'll see.

SO everyone free your calendar and come on over.

Otherwise, I'm back up in the 'ville. And apparently theres a rap song about the place. I heard it on the radio coming home (and its not the one I stole the subject line from) Not very inspired. But I suppose its a start.

I'm sure many of you have observed some of the pictures from the weekend. Yes, thats me in my priest get up. And no one was struck by lightning. Though I was momentarily worried driving to work in a thunderstorm this afternoon. I must say I saw the hottest little maid. Gorgeous!

Well, thats it. I hope everyone is having a good time. later!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Emanicpate yourselves from mental slavery

OK, just to make the queen happy. I had a greta time saturday taking the bikes out with Cha's. We stopped by Sheri's place and visited and then onward to Warm Springs and a ride through the FDR State Park. It Was agorgeous day, and its the right weather for biking. You can weather all the leather gear and not die of heat.

Happy now? :-P

I don;t really have much to talk about. I did earlier but I forgot what the great blog subjects I thought of last night and this morning. And that really bugs me. Today is friday for me and I was thinking of busting out of work tonight at 1 am and heading to the ATL. But in the name of preservation of life (mine mainly), I think I'm going to come home and get a little sleep and leave early in the AM.

Plus in day light i can see all the pretty leaves.

Otherwise, nothing much is going on in my world, I'm very much looking forward to the weekend, an theres potential for a FedEx party on sunday, we'll see. And thats about all I know. I don't have strange dreams or moral quandries. Life seems to be going very well. And for that I'm thankful. I am enjoying the fall weather. THe lack of repressing heat is very nice.

And i've been listening to a bot of Bob Marley lately, so I'm very much in the mood for running away to the beach and smoking the ganja (like i have ever done that). And programming note, the Amazin Race comes back on Sunday, so look for new vacation ideas. And the Atlanta DMB concert is being released as a DVD and CD.. buy it! Maybe you'll see me!

I do apologize f I leave anyone out of my blog entires. I find its hard t fit my social life in Joeja into the 2 or 3 days I'm in state, and it hard trying to do everything I want to do with everybody. I'm trying, and if I seem rushed or have double booked an evening, please understand.