Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sulfer smoke up in the sky, pretty soon we learn to fly

Current mood:tired

I tired writing some stuff the last few ays, and it all pretty much came out crap. SO, let's try again:

Susan was up a couple weeks abck to celebrate her sping break. We had lots of fun in spite of me working a few of the days. It was nice to have a guest, and even better to have her here. We ventured out and explored some more of Kentuckiana, including Churchill Downs, the Four Roses Distillery (they give you 140 proof liquor to taste), and a Shaker village (sans Shakers).

Then she left and that sucked.

This blog might be bit disjointed, Coyote Ugly is on and distracting me.

So, back to work. the new schedule year starts April 1, and I official become a domestic dispatcher. Which blows, I'd much rather be an international guy but the stars aligned against me. Anyways, a lovel mountain up near Anchorage sarted spewing ash all over the place. Our world was thrown into chaos. But we had a plan.. the mountain had been rumbling for a while. But when it blew up, there was no plan to be found. So we worke dand made up our own plans.

Then the plan showd up, and things go worse. CLose ANC, reroute all the flights. Well, grand idea.. except all the pilots are in Anchorage. Ooops. But oh well, we muddled through, I relearned how to use the Pacific Organized Tracks (PACOTS), basically highways in the sky that are opened certain hours of the day depending on the direction you're going. The fun part is the re-route the road daily... and remember which way you can go at what time.

Basically, all the little "canned" routes we normally use are no good... so I actually had to do work. it was fun and tiring. And stressful since "they" kept changing things every few minutes. Good times

I"m still playing gym, and I started lcass last Wednesday. It's going ok, what with only one class done. We'll see how it works out.

Otherwise, life is fairly normal. And kind of boring. I'm opening my house for anyone who may be interested in coming to clean. let me know and I'll schedule a time.

Well, it's my Friday but I'm working 2 extra days this week, so I essentially have no Friday. That's sad.

OK, i'm going to tear myself away fom Coyote Ugly and get some sleep. Hope everyone is well! I've been really missing a lot of people and hope to see everyone soon

Friday, March 13, 2009

Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash

Current mood:awake

It's quiet, too quiet.

I was hoping to be back asleep by now, but no such luck. Instead I'm wide awake with a tinge of soreness and hint of restlessness. I need to the clean the kitchen and mop the floors. I have a very important guess coming tomorrow, but I really am enjoyig the warmth and comfort of my bed at the moment. And since I can type this from that warm cozy spot, I decided to catch up.

Let's see, what's been going on? Well, the economy is still faltering, people are panicked and worried. We're all going to lose our jobs. We're becoming socialists. Blah blah blah. It's not that bad. Yes, unemployment is up to 8% or so.. thats 92% still working. And 92% is an A. Home foreclosures are up towhat.. 5 or 6%. I guess the big deal is the stock market is way down. The economy is slowing or stalled. Which when I hear that the economy grew or shrank, I always wonder what the hell they are talking about. No one ever gives me a quantitative measure. It's just grew or shrank (shrunk?). Like the economy is some random blob of stuff that is just sitting around expanding and contracting... kind of like Oprah.

SOrry, I just wathed The Daily Show where Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer went at it... which really was more Jon lecturing to Jim. I like Jon Stewart, he makes me laugh and gts some seriouspoints across. I'm not a fan of Jim Cramersince I don't like people to be all "in your face" and yelling. Though I respect his knowledge. But, I still go back to something I was told years ago... the stock market is like Vegas, only with higher limits. And like me in Vegas, after drinking for free at the roulette table for a few hours... seems we bet it all on 13. Ooops, we lost. Luckily I only had $40. Not $4 Bajillion the bankers and financial wizards lost... but hey, it wasn't there money. I'd bet big with other people's money too.

I guess my mother is still smarter than 99% of the population... she put her retirement money in plain savings and stuff. And only works now to pay for the horses.

OK, enough serious crap, lets talk about me. I've been back and froth to BHM a couple times since last I wrote (or maybe not, I can't remember how long ago I last pontificated). But Susan is coming up here this weekend (woohoo!) and we're gonna party it up in an effort to exorcise the demons of her job. That and it's St. Pattie's day. Which presents a quandry.

I don't think massive quantities of beer are on my diet. Yes I said diet. Seems I've lost my mind an joined a gym and hired a personal trainer. He's actually pretty cool eventhough he would have made a great torturer. BUt there's a diet involved, which involves me eating alot. Seems counter intuitive, but they say it works. The problem is, healthy food doesn't have nearly the calories that the yummy crap I used to eat has and it's hard to make the goals.

SO, there is that. I am amused by the support of the friends, who seemed surprised I actually walked into the gym. Who knows, maybe next I'll join a church. More likely I'll start a cult.

So now, who knows the nutritional value of Guinness?? That's the important number I need. I'm pretty sure I have it online somewhere. SInce everything is online somewhere.

I seem to be moving my oepration more and more over to Facebook. And random people from my past seem to keep finding me there. Which is pretty cool to see what people are doign with themselves these days. TUurns out a girl I went to high school with worked at World right before I got there, and she's now married to a pilot. Small World (pun intended).

Yesterday seemed to be "Australia" day for me, I watched the movie "Austalia", and then turned on an episode of American Chopper (now in HD so you can seethe spit flying when they yell at each other) and they were down under. And lastly, I watched a s how on the World's Sexiest Beaches with one for the former Girls Next Door chicks, and she was gown by Surfer's Paradise. I thought it was amusing that while ths show was about sexy beaches, I never actually saw her on a beach. The were at a Koala Preserve (been there), there were snorkelling (done that), and then they weresliding down a massive sand hill (somehow I seemed to have missed that).

The result of all that was thinking back to the fun times I had down there, and I would like to get back. In reality, I'd like to get to any warm beach location at the moment. We had a tease of 60-70 degree weatehr here last week, but now it's back to the 30's. That sucks.

Well, I think that does it on the updates. Happy Friday the 13th!