Saturday, July 26, 2008

hold on so nervously, to me and my drink, I wish was cooling me

Its a fine Saturday in the ville, and being almost 5 pm I've decided to venture out and find some amusement. That and my apartment was ridiculously hot, so amusement has to be air conditioned. I don't know why it's hot. The thermostat is set to the normal 72 degrees, but it was flashing that the batteries need replacing (who knew it had batteries?). So I've done that, and hopefully it will be cooling when I return home. I also discovered whenever I move the switch to off, the power in the place trips off. Hrrrmm. It comes back on shortly, but I have to reset all the clocks.

Yesterday, being true friday at work, was kind of slow. Not alot going down, planes flying. I did have a couple moments of busyness due to poor planning and planes that weren't functioning at 100%. I muddled my way through things, and we passed the day. My trainer seemed overly bored with training me. Not in a rude way, but he was of the "just do what you want" mindset. I think we would have all rather been some where else.

After a nap that afternoon, and a rousing debate with myself as to whether I wanted to venture out, I managed to come to an agreement that it would be beneficial to head out and not infirm myself completely this weekend. So, off to 4th Street for dinner, drinks, and a free concert. I'm finding that my will to go out and go it alone isn't what it once was. Also my will to do tequila shots also isn't what it once was.

A any rate, down to 4th Street Live I went. For those who don't know about Louisville and all it's entertainment opportunities, 4th Street is similar to Underground Atlanta, except its fun, its safe, and there's actually things to do. OK, so it's exactly not like Underground. But there are fun clubs and restaurants (and a bowling alley should Jersey ever come to visit). The street is closed and the whole block is covered by a glass roof. Oh and you can walk around with open containers.

On Fridays, it seems there's been free concerts going on. I wish I had noticed earlier, and I could have caught the Velcro Pygmies a couple weeks ago. But I managed to see Finger 11 last night. It was surprisingly uncrowded, and I had a nice perch up stairs on the patio of one of the bars/clubs (Saddle Ridge, where Grace, TanJoe, and I get our dance on). The upstairs was over 21 only, so that probably expained the lack of crowding. The band put on a pretty good show, though the encore is the only song I knew, and they really rocked that. If the rest of the show had been that high energy, they would be much better. After the band, I stuck around the bar for a minute until I realized that its hard for me to do a full (or double I think) shot of Patron these days, and that if I had one more beer, I probably would have stayed all night and dropped over $100. I tapped out with a $20 tab and headed home.

But I also noticed, I'm overdue for an all night bender of dancing, partying, and shooting. It's not nearly as fun doing it by yourself. I also discovered that hanging out in bars is a lot different when you're not looking for Ms Right Now. There's not so much flirting, or oggling, or being charming. The goals have changed. Instead of trying to meet some one I'm more interested in getting back to Susan. So this is what a relationship is like.

Doesn't mean I'm not gonna give up partying, I just have new goals. I'll let you know what they are when i figure them out.

I still have an open ticket to DMB Friday, seems if you wait to the last minute, people have to work or have some silly excuse like they don't live in your state. Maybe I'll just sell it and make some money. We'll see.

And a technical question, is anyone else not getting blog post alerts anymore? Or am I special?

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