Tuesday, February 10, 2009


SO, I just flew into BHM and I'm waiting on Suzie to come get here after her school open house, and I thought I would share some opinions and observations:

1. Are flight attendants checking to see if my seatbelt is buckled or are they doing a crotch check of the particular cross section fo the public that's on their plane today? I know I could ask Grace personally this question, but I thought the public forum for the inquiry and response would be much more amusing.

2. Why do people lose their ability to drive when water is thrown into the mix? Louisville traffic was horrible today, and all from just a little rain. We just finished with snow catastophe and you would think we would have learned a little about inclement driving from it... wrong!

3. Why is every bar at the BHM airport closed before 8 pm? My alcohol low light is illuminated and it's annoying.

4. An interesting observation. You know how lot of places have the the three recycle bins for your refuse, one for plastic, on for paper, and one for aluminum? I just wached the gentleman here empty the three (which looked to have been well separated and containing the correct types of items) into one bag. Why bother with the recycling cans if you're just throwing them away?? or why the need to separate if you just mix it and thens end to recycling centers? Makes me wonde how many other shams are out there being purported on us unwitting people who just try to do the right thing.

5. I'm unimpressed with my Sham-wow. I have yet to say "wow!" at all. It's a towel. BFD! It absorbs water at the smae rate as any other towel in my house. But lets say it does have some super German absorbing technology involved and its machine washable. Last I checked, a washing machine poured water into it, wouldn't the Shamwow jut absorb all the water until being saturated and becoming a 60 lb lump of wetness thumping around in the washer?

6. I was wrong, there is one open bar. Time to go talk to Jack. Later!

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