Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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Current mood:cold

Snow has fallen yet again. luckily this time i wasn't proceeded and followed by ice. But on the down side, after a couple days a warmish weather (meaning above freezing) the snow and ice has only melted and frozen again in a nice solid ice sheet. I have enough issues walking, lets throw ice into the mix! yay!

There's not a lot going on really. I'm feeling a little lonely and bored here. For some reaons I've become quite miserly over the last few weeks. Apparently that makes me part of the problem since I'm not wildly spending on things. I did just buy a TV a few weeks ago, so I'm thinking I'm up for the year.

I'm becoming fascinated by HGTV lately. I almost want to go out and buy a house. Unfortunately I tend to gravitate to House Hunters International, so the house (or flat in some cases) is either in Paris, on a beach in Belize, or down under in Oz. I like Louisville, but I'll always haver Paris. ANyways, one of the non international shows ealier focused a famliy house shopping in Fayetteville and PTC. A wave of homesickness rushed over me. But in all fairness, I really didn't like any of the subdivision houses. I think I'm more a urban neighborhood and old house with character type.

Of course, since I feel guilty for buying a martini (don't worry, the guilt is gone by the time I eat the second olive) I doubt a $250,000 house is on the books for a while. Holy crap, this little apartment is going for $300,000... but it is in Paris. All about location I suppose.

It's a short weekend for me, I have recurrent on Thursday and Friday, which means I have to not only get up early, but have to stay awake for the whole time. No offense to the instrutors, but it can get kind of tedious.

I'm waiting to hear the result of some work stuff, which has direct bearing on my life. The vote on our new contract is on Friday, and the results will determine my pay for the next 12 months. And on Saturday, Jimmy Buffett tickets go on sale. I would liekt o see a show this year, and revive my urge to live my life like a character in a Buffett song. You know, drinking margaritas on a beach all day. It's not that I don't like my job, but who would pass up a well funded beach bum lifestyle?

I feel like I should say somehting inspiring or motivating or even thought provoking, but I'm just not feeling ranty at the moment. Maybe I'll pour another drink and that will help. Stay tuned for great political debates. I will say this, thanx to Susan for recommending Netflix. I've become a fan. I just watched Charlie WIlson's War... it made me laugh.

Well, as I'm now having an online conversation with 2 ifferent people, I can no longer focus on this. Hope everyone is well. Come visit!

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