Monday, October 8, 2007

no catchy subjects tonight..

Random thing:

I had a great weekend. It was awesome and exciting and fun. I got to spend time with Susan, hang out with the remainders of my former harem, visit Taco mac, and have a lovely lunch with Jersey. ALl in 2 days. It does suck that I had to fly to Orlando to get to Atlanta, but I made it and was greeted at the airport by a hot young thing that I'm crazy about.

I manage dto get half a day off today and took care of some much eneded, although slightly expensive, errands I'd been putting off. The oil changed, new windhsield wiper blades, screen cleaner for the laptop, and I reported a credit card lost (long story, don't ask). The stupid question fo the day goes to the card company, who after asking what state i lost th card in, I was aksed where I lost it. I so much wanted to say if I knew where I lost it, it wouldn't be lost. But it seems everything is in order.

I also went to check out a couple of apartment type places around Kentuckiana. And while one was very nice and AMLI-esque (the pool had a water fall built in, and plenty or potential to keep the drunken, naked swimming tradition alive), the other ws some lofts in the downtown area. By downtown area I mean projects. Yeah, i didn;t even go talk to the people. On the upside, there was a Long John Silver's right in front. That's a major perk. SO the house hunt continues here. In due time.

Well, it's off to relax, I've been lacking in the sleep department of late and I hope to remedy that... though I'm not complaining. I've been kept up for very good reasons.

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