Sunday, October 21, 2007

Looking for greener grass

What a great weekend. I really do miss living full time in the Atlanta area. Something that hit me this weekend. And to be air, I haven't given Louisville a chance to shine, but I can't imagine it being the great place that the ATL has the potential to be. Not that its the city so much, but that I have the coolest friends here. Unfortunately I'm not around much to be in contact with everyone.

For instance, life in the bachelor pad here is like party every weekend. Weekends theres always people here and always seems to be a social event. Again, I haven' given Louisville a chance. But the job isn't making it easy. I'm very bored there and my glimmer of hope that I would start the process to become a qualified brown dispatcher has been extinguished. Thank you TWU. And now I just feel I'm wasting my time. And while some of you may feel that sitting around all day doing nothing and getting paid for it is a dream job. And I admit, its not bad in the beginning. However after the third month of mostly staring at screens and reading the same manuals for the third time.. its kind of miserable. I can only surf so much internet (they monitor it) and I can't bring a book to read.

Then again, maybe they will give me something to do if I start reading books in the office.

Oh well... we'll see what comes about. I suppose f I have to I can grin and bare it nd just live for the weekends, when Susan visits and the impromptu cocktail parties happen. How much time do you have to give a situation to improve before u exercise escape options?

Anyways, I had a great weekend. Th Tanjoe wedding was fun, Everyone all dressed up is nice to see. And spending some time showing Susan the "big city" was great. Hanging out with the doomed.. i mean groom, was fun.

OK, well, enough groaning, I'm off to star packing for the return to Kentuckiana. Joyous Joyous Yay!

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