Saturday, October 13, 2007

And some have sailed form a distant shore, and the company takes what the company wants

This is a quick one. But lets cover the important events. I'm thoroughly disenchanted with my union, who has held up my training, thusly pushed back any raise i would get by 6 months. Thanx for looking out for me!

But, I really can't bothered with that crap, since Susan is near and we're enjoying the weekend, even though she feels a little under the weather. But i'm doing my best to take her mind off it and make her have fun.

Thirdly, the house I had picked for Savannah was booked (damn them). So, we're looking at these now... this one and this one. I'm kinda leaning toward the second one for economic reasons, but the first one seems to be convenienter (yes i made that up) to everything. But we'll see what comes back from my inquiries.

Otherwise, Ryan is trying to still convince I should move to Abu Dhabi (he wants me around between his weekend trips to Malabo and Katmandu... he's really getting away from it all), Charles is leaving for a cruise and I hate him for that, and its freaking cold in this starbucks. So I'm off. Oh, and I put wedding pictures from last weekend if anyone's interested.

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