Monday, October 1, 2007

She made us drinks to drink, we drunk ’em... got drunk.

Its Monday, abot 1800 local time in Kentuckiana. And my hangover headache has finally disappeared. Again, not s young as I used to be. This was from Saturday nights festivities at Adri's. And it was a great time. I met lots of interesting people from interesting places. Seriously its like the United Nations at her place. It was kind of nice to be one of the token Americans. The only damper on the weekend was that some low life scum apparently walked off with one od Adri's birthday presents. This asshole just happened to take the thin of beauty that I had given so selflessly to her... a 2 liter bottle of Grey Goose. I like to ive gifts that keep on giving.

But otherwise, it as a blast. there was dancing, there was beer funneling, there was jello shots (which I happy to say the quality control department started sampling at 5 pm to ensure they were up to standards). And this being the first real time I've spent in upstate Mass, I kinda dig the place. Amherst is a funky little college town and the area is very pretty. Maybe a return visit is in order. And its the inspiration for the Scooby Doo cartoons. good to know.

Now I'm back in the real world. And it kind of blows. I had tot ake my car in to see why the check engine light is on. I really got pissed off when I showed up for my 9:15 AM appointment at the Honda dealership only to be told they couldn't get to it until 3 pm. Then why did I make this early ss appointment? I could have stayed in bed! And in the end I found out a few things... the secondary O2 sensor has failed, they don't have one on site, but could order one and replace it maybe tomorrow or the next day, and it will cost over $400 to do that. No thanx. I'll get it done some other time.

Unfortunately I have to get it done soon so my car will pass Joeja emissions test. Even though the car doesn't live there anymore. What a pain in the ass this is.

ON a lighter note, after explaining (to mostly blank stares) where it is I sit on UPS planes (this came righ after the "what do u do?" conversation), I decided to actually take some pictures on the way home of the area I sit. This ill be of some interest o a few of you airplane types, as well I hope to a few of the non airplane types.

So if you go to my pictures and check the 'Airplanes" album, you should see 2 pictures. I flew home on an UPS Airbus A300. Its a European made widebody, twin engine airplane. Its a little similar to a Boeing 767, only wider (and slower, and mostly French... FIRE THE MISSILES!). One pictures is looking in through the L1 door (the mane boarding door in the front of the plane on the left side). You can see on the right the "jumpseats." The fold down into a regualrish seat, and on this plane there are 4. I would say they are wider than your average coach seat, and theres no leg room issues. On the left is stowage compartments for food, coffee maker and convection oven, and just random equipment (oxygen, fire extinguishers, life vest..etc..). The other picture is from the area of the left mot jumpseat looking forward.. and you can see into the cockpit (no door.. no reason for it) and the back of the captains head. On the left is the door for the lav. Theres another jumpseat in the cockpit (or technically the "observers" seat) we can ride in if the captain is kosher with it.

Now, on the airplane I flew up to BDL on (UPS B-767), it was very similar except there was only 3 wall mounted seats and there were in the cockpit. There was no wall separating us from the crew, and one can see everything thats going on and out the windows. it's a much cooler view. If i ca manage it, I'll get some more pictures for people.

So does that clarify the "do you sit on the boxes" question? Its actually a great ay to fly, plus it makes me feel better about myself as the seatbelts are not nearly as tight as on a regular pax seat. And the only whining children on board are the pilots.

Well, thats it.. I'm pretty much vented and ranted enough for the day. I did have a great weekend, though I as missing my sweetheart the whole time. But I wasn't too nauseating i hope. Now its time to forage for dinner. Oh and I've had no interested but from Susan, Grace, and Darci about going to Savannah... hello people??? Anyone out there!!

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