Monday, October 8, 2007

I want to run, I want to hide, I want to tear down the walls that hold me inside

I don't have much of anything interesting to say. I'm all about getting through week. I'm halfway through the work week, and it's been pretty good. Of course having a half a day on Monday doesn't suck. I am going to need to take a new look at my budgeting as things are running tight this month, but thats mostly due to one time expenses with the car... damn emissions tests and tags!

Otherwise, life is great. The weather has turned slightly fall-ish here in Kentuckiana, and the its a lovely clear day. I'm chilling at the Starbucks enjoying a coffee drink and watching the sun go down. If only I had some company. So, i think its decided that we're getting the first house in SAV. SO, come one and all for the festivities! SO anyone who's interested let me know It promises to be fun times.

I don't know if I put this out last week, but I was actually sluffing around at work last Friday... well, I was actually busy most the day. However at the point that this story happens, I had just began sluffing. At any rate, one of the senior brown dispatchers was having an issue with Russia and we all know the Russians are real assholes when it comes to overfly rights. And Mike.. we'll call him Mike as that is his name, was dealing with that. Mike is also the training guy for international desks and has been letting me do a few of his releases when I'm bored. Very kind of him. Anyways, next thing I know Mike walks over and is like "Hey, can you do these 3 flight plans for me real quick?" Woo hoo, validation of my existence at UPS. That made me happy Friday.

No one, however, can relate that story to my roommate. It seems that no one is really wanting to train him because of an attitude conflict. And I feel almost bad that I've been shown all these neat features and tricks with different systems and he hasn't. And I've been asked not to tell him that people are training me. Oops. Let this be a lesson, personality counts.

Theres a proposed training schdule for us, hopefully it will work out and I can get some interesting stuff to do. Is it sad I think learning aircraft systems interesting?

Well, thats enough rambling for the evening. I've accomplished my goals at the Starbucks... and time for $2 pint night.

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