Saturday, April 20, 2013

Movin's on up to a deluxe apartment in the ... Highlands

Every now and again I need to take inventory of the things I've accumulated over time, then throw all that shit out.  This usually happens when one of two events happen; the clutter in my life has reached suffocating levels or I move residences. This past couple of weeks it's been the latter.  It was time for a change.

As many of you are aware, I had been recently attempting to purchase a place in Atlanta and have a sort of commuting life. Through a multitude of reasons my attempts were continually thwarted. Feeling frustrated with the whole process and continuing set backs, I threw in the towel and took my money and ran...  All the way to the bank where I paid off most of the debt I have accumulated. Which, as it turns out, was probably a smarter thing to do anyway.

But it didn't solve my problem, the need to shake somethings up and find a new abode.  My current louisville residence has been adequate for the past 5 years, and the price was right.  But as anyone who's visited knows, the place had issues... Or "character" as I preferred to say. These are things that come with a century old house that hasn't really been brought into the modern world.  I can't fault my landlords (a couple of twin brothers named Nick and Mick... I never could tell which was which). They bought the house while I was living there, and then proceeded to gut and remodel the unoccupied downstairs apartment.  And any issue I ever had with the residence (leaking roof, non functioning AC during the hottest parts of the year, sudden lack of electricity, etc..) has been resolved much quicker than I would have expected.  They even cut me breaks on rent when I thought I was taking a pay cut. (Apparently renters who pay on time and don't get complaints form the neighbors are rare these days).

When I sent the notice, we had what amounted to an exit interview.  They acknowledge that since I came with the house, they never really went through the upstairs apartment to see what was needed and asked what I kind of work needs to be done.  It was a long list.  I the end I expect they will remodel the place and double the rent.

My search for a new home in town started with Craigslist, and I found a couple possibilities.  The problem, none would be available before Derby.  I wanted to be in and mostly settled before receiving guests (Yinyer will be the first guest in a couple weeks). I found a condo for rent (and had actually thought of buying one in this complex at one point) just down the road from where I was currently residing.  The rent was significantly higher, but I expected that to get the kind of place I wanted.

I set up a viewing and asked about getting the rent down a little (since the place had been listed for a while it couldn't hurt right? ). It worked, they dropped it enough to get me to sign on the line.  I had a month to prepare for the move.

I hate moving, it's one of the most annoying and pain in the arse events of modern life. But it's also a great time to throw shit out.  And I had a ton of stuff to unload. Clothes that no longer fit (which makes me a little sad) or just never make it into the wardrobe rotation.  Some stuff that's just been sitting around providing no function other dust collecting.  So my burden was lightened with three trips to goodwill and several bags to the garbage. The hardest stuff to get rid of are those items people have given me.  Gifts from long long ago from people I really never talk to any more.  But there's an emotional reminder of good times in the past.  Do you toss it or keep lugging it form place to place?  Sometimes the answer is easier that you may think.  Some little trinket that's in the back of the closet the ex-significan other gave is a no brainer.  The card on the mantle your best friend sent that always brings a smile to your face is a keeper... Doesn't take up much space anyways.

After a few days of purging and packing, I had everything I could boxed up or taken out to the garbage.  This move, I decided to spend money on the luxury of movers.   Best.  Move.  Ever!  My previous moves have always been supported by friends in return for pizza and beer.  And I have supported friends moving for payment in the firm of pizza and beer.  But here, not many pizza and beer friends are about and it was just easier to let some one else do all the work.  In what in the past was an all day event was reduced to two hours before lunch.  They managed to get the couch out (anyone familiar with my old apartment knows this is an accomplishment...  the narrow stair case with a 90 degree turn in the middle required a multi-angular feat of strength) and since i bought the couch already in the place, I was a little worried about that. 

That was Monday.  By Friday, almost everything is in the new apartment (i have 2 weeks overlap of residing in two places) and arranged to my satisfaction.  Well for the moment.  There's still "art" to be assigned to a wall, but that will come in due time.  I was a little disappointed that the built in shelves were too small to accommodate the TV, but I'm managing.  Most of all, I'm ecstatic to have an efficient heating and cooling system and a dishwasher.  Oh the modern conveniences!!!!  I'm thinking this will encourage more eating at home, if only to dirty dishes and not feel guilty about the water waste that comes with running a half full (or half empty) dishwasher. 

The place isn't "there" yet, but 90% is done.  Some new furniture is being delivered tomorrow, and Ikea will be providing some cheap lighting soon.  And I've yet to figure out the gas fireplace, given one attempt.  But I suppose that can wait till winter returns.  But once again, the move has both lightened my burden of "stuff" but required the acquisition of more "stuff".  At least the new "stuff" is dust free... for now. 

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